Monday, February 6, 2017

It's 16 below, yo!

Hey-oh, friends and fam! This week has been pretty good...just really really REALLY cold. Like, colder than I thought I could even be. Is that dramatic? All I know is that many are cold but few are frozen...

And we're definitely frozen up here in the great North Dakota Bismarck mission. Man oh man! This week has been full of icy roads and office babysitting and exchanges and teaching the coolest eight year old known to man- and trying, all the while, to not freeze to death. It's only been 16 below in the morn times, but it's still pretty ridiculous. Goodness gracious, North Dakota is chilly!

But anyway, other than the intense winter descending, life in Bismarck is pretty beautiful. We've partied hard this week and seen the hand of God on this frozen plain...I am just so grateful to be a missionary. Even in the colder than cold state of North Dakota, haha. Somehow, even when my toes are crazy cold, I adore this amazing work. God is good and life is beautiful! 

Alright, let's chat about the week. It's been a good one!! We kicked it off with the usual pday shenanigans, full of Christmas shopping and general tomfoolery...and Sis. Andrus and I totally bought ourselves some "Uffda!" beanies, haha!  Best purchase EVERRR!!! I've been wearing it all through studies lately, because gotta maintain dignity whilst out and about...but it's the greatest hat. So obsessed!! 


On Tuesday, we got uber snowed in was rough. We attempted to leave and almost got stuck- and then our dear and beloved ward told us that Bismarck sent out another no travel advisory because of the zero good. We ended up collage-ing and calling the masses and planning...I'm becoming quite the expert at collages, haha.  My recent fave is to make 'em in the state of North Dakota- I even made one for Sis. Andrus, haha. Snow days aren't all bad...just mostly, man oh man. Way annoying. 

But THEN, we got to leave on Wednesday and return to doing the Lord's work- such a dream!!  We tried the masses and took a media hour and taught our dear homie Jeremiah- I seriously adore that squirt. He's the best!! We went over the gospel and changed his date to January 14th- so excitable!!!! AHHHHHH!!!  Jeremiah is just the best- most prepared eight year old EVERRR. I'm in total awe of him. It's funny that teaching him makes life meaningful- even when the work is a bit slow, meeting with Jeremiah makes me feel successful. Goodness, I love that Jeremiah!!

We also went on an epic less active hunt on Wednesday to find some peeps to teach...with no luck. Little disheartening- but I think we'll find 'em soon. 

On Thursday, we did some weekly planning and then exchanged away with the Dickinson sisters- such a party! We met up at the Beulah exit and brought Sis. Luker back to Bismarck with us...she's just the best. I adore her!!

We taught Aiyana and Chris on Thursday night, and stopped by the Hales as well- such good people. We finished up our night by seeing Sis. Stucki, who we thought was less such luck, haha.  We ended up sharing the Christmas video with her and chatting about her less active hubby and daughter...she's such a strong lady! We're definitely gonna hang more with her in the coming weeks. She's a gem!!  Stuckis are always just the best, I'm learning! 

And then, it was Friday. We had district meeting in the morn, went out to lunch with the adorable Youngs, a senior couple, and then babysat the mission office for a couple hours- such a party. The office missionaries went to zone conference for the day, so we answered phones and checked the mail- such a dream!!  Dang, I love checking the mail. Few things bring me more joy!

We exchanged back next thing and spent the rest of our day trying peeps and eating with the too cool Bowers and trying to track down address led us to a creepy shed on the outskirts of town. It was troubling. Needless to say, we didn't end up trying...freaky! 

On Saturday, we woke up to a 16 below winter wonderland...bad mojo, man oh man! Sister Larson may have licked a pole- I can't confirm or deny, lol. Way too cold to be alive! 

But, even with the extreme cold, we had a pretty rad Saturday- we helped prep for the Christmas party, we taught our number one homie Jeremiah about praying, studying the scriptures, the sabbath day, and obedience...and the Gardners totally came along!!  First member present of Bismarck times!! It was such a lovely visit, and Jeremiah was just the coolest- as per usual, dontcha know. Goodness, I love that kid! We even convinced him (it didn't take much, haha) to come to the Christmas party- AHHHHHH!!!  Jeremiah is such a dream! He loved the party and made oodles of friends and it was just the greatest day- I love Jeremiah! The only bummer is that he didn't make it to church yesterday...but we went by and taught him about the temple (and he taught us about Solomon's temple, man oh man!)- our current game plan is to gift him one of our old alarm clocks, haha. He's the best!! The ward is super supportive and everyone is just about as obsessed with him as we are- Bismarck is truly the promised land. I'm in love!!

love this kid!!

And then, it was Sunday! Yahoo!!  Nothing too crazy happened, just church times and tracting and dindin with the lovely Gardners- way delightful times all around. We finished up our night by seeing the Hales and chatting with them about the Atonement- total faves. Man oh man! Bismarck is just full of the loveliest people- bless the Lord, I am satisfied! 

And ALSO, I got a random Sabbath day package from my beloved Orozcos- BEST DAY EVERRRRRR!!!! Goodness gracious, I love those people of mine. The best!! 
such a dream!!

Welp, that was our week...such a good one. Life is just so good these days! Yahoo for Bismarck and crazy weather and Jeremiah!! And the Orozcos!! 

I love you all so much- thank you for all you! Have the greatest week ever, my dear friends! I adore you!! 

Love ya!
Sister Robinson

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