Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Like a Dream in the Night

Oh man. OH MAN. 

Hey, team. I don't even know what to say in this most dramatic and final email...goodness gracious, I just don't even know where the time went!  Before I even left for the great and beloved North Dakota, my older and wiser sister Em told me that missions go like a dream in the night, that I needed to enjoy every last second I have...and she was so right. Man oh man!  I'm getting to this weird point where it feels like a total dream, like I've made all up...weirdest feeling in the whole world. I keep having these strange vision-y dreams of my mission, of teaching Linda and Henry and Sister is so strange, my friends. I just have loved these past 18 months, every single second of it...I am so grateful that I decided to serve. And, as I sit in this dinky little family history center in Bismarck, North Dakota, surrounded by some of my all time favorite missionaries and friends, waiting for President to call with transfer news, my heart is just so full. My mission has meant everything to me, and I have been changed by the sweet land of North Dakota. Life is just so good, my friends!! 

And also, my fam reported this morning with buckets of snow back home in Seattle- the tender mercies of the Lord are all over those who He hath chosen!  It looks even like my beloved North Dakota out there...such a happy time. God is just so good!! 

Alright, I'll stop being dramatic for a sec. Haha. This week has been AMAZING- one of the best weeks of all my mission life. Hollah!! 

First thing first, JESS GOT BAPTIZED. AHHHHHH!!!!!  It was the greatest thing ever and my heart is still full unto bursting because it all- she's just amazing. She even bore her testimony yesterday and AHHH, I am just so humbled to know her. Whatta dream!! 

Somehow, it actually happened- best day ever!! Jess is seriously my favorite person ever. Even if I look mildly drunk in this picture, haha.

We taught her every night this past week, making sure she knew everything she needed was just so awesome. The perfect way to end a mission.  Just look how cute she is!!

Ahhhh, I love this lady. She makes my whole life!! 

Here's some more pictures of all the goodness- she's so lovely. AHHHH!! 
Jess and Bro. Johnson, who introduced her to the church

Ah man, Jess is the best. Love her!!

So, with all that going down, this week was pure perfection. Somehow, everything just came together for Jess' baptism and it was pretty amazing- I am consistently in awe of the goodness of God. We even got a random musical number of "Amazing Grace" with a violin involved all worked was the greatest. God is amazing, my friends. Life is so beautiful!! 

We also this week finished making our skirts with Sister Barnett- such a party!! We spent out pday morn cranking those suckers out- pure bliss, man oh man.

We actually made skirts- yahooooo!!! 

We went to FHE on Monday as well- always such a party. The best!!

So, on Tuesday, we taught Julie in the morn and helped the Hales do some grocery shopping- they're the best, haha. Donita made us pick out all kinds of treats and it was just so delightful- I love that woman so much. She's a dream. 

Us and our treats- haha. I love those Hales!! 

And THEN, we went to Emily's for dinner and Jess and Jenny came too- such a dream! Jess just about died when we walked in with our mega rice krispie and it was so adorable- I love her so much, haha. Such a good dinner group!! 

AHHH, I love these ladies so much. Such a dream!! 

We also taught Jess about the temple on Tuesday- she adored it, of course. She's so awesome. Emily helped us to make sense and it was just so lovely- I love members so much!! And also Jess!! 

On Wednesday, we taught a crazy less active that had us get her some iced coffee...and we totally did it, lol. She was just so sad- Jess thought it was the funniest thing ever when we told her about it later that night, haha. It's a pretty good story.

We also on Wednesday went out teaching with the adorable young women, taught Sis. Gunn (such a homie!), and ate dinner with the Hafens- love them!! 

And then, we headed out to good ol' Menoken to teach out #1 homie Jess- she's the best!!  We filled out her baptismal record and chatted about following the prophet...and took this lovely selfie. Haha.  

She's my fave!! (take note of the rice krispie in her hand, haha- that mega treat sustained us through many a lesson!)

On Thursday, we saw Julie in the morn and reset her date for February 25- and we're feeling way good about it. She's such a good lady!!  We also weekly planned eternally and ate dinner with Jess and the gang (at Bro. Johnson's, dontcha know- it was there that our musical number came together, hollah!) and then taught Marsha and Kimberly- such a dream!  We went over the Ten Commandments and generally had a lovely time...I love those two so much!! 

And then, it was Friday. We had district meeting in the morn and went out to lunch with the Sisters afterwards- I love them a lot. We went and saw Sis. Gray next thing- she's the dream!! We chatted about her Book of Mormon reading and about Jess- and she totally came to church on Sunday!!  I also took this lovely picture with her, because she's the best...I'm totally going to add this homie on facebook eventually. Such a dream!! 

We taught Jess again on Friday night, just the last few lessons...and her dirt bag roommate totally tried to talk her out of getting baptized. I was freaking but Jess stood her ground and testified- she's just amazing. I love her so much!! 

On Saturday, Jess got baptized. 

Here's another picture just to prove it, haha. Gotta convince myself that it actually happened!! 

Such a lovely day. She's just amazing and we just floated for the entirety of our Saturday- even as we tracted out the town and taught Julie. We are so lucky to be missionaries- my heart is so full!! 

AND, we were strutting outta of Jess' baptism, I ran into Sis. Cook, a fave from the beloved Fargo- such a dream!!!  So many tender mercies this week.

(lately, my camera has been fighting back and been mega blurry- so unpleasant.)

And then, it was Sunday. Jess got confirmed in the morn and it was so gorgeous- and then, she got up and bore her testimony! AHHHHH!!!!  She just testified that the church is true, that God is good, and that she knows God meant her to join the church. 

She's seriously so incredible. 

We went to the break the fast afterwards and took oodles of selfies whilst eating breakfast for dinner- such a dream!!  I love Jess the most!! 

AHHH, it was just the best week ever- God is so good, my friends. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for supporting me over these past 18 months, for sharing my joys and sorrows, for helping me to become the person I was meant to be. My mission means everything to me, and I am so grateful that I've been able to share it with you. 

And also, President called this morn and told us that Sister Larson will be training next transfer- exciting things are coming to the beloved land of Bismarck!! I am so proud of my sweet baby! 

I love you so much. Have the greatest week!! 

Love ya!
Sister Robinson 


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