Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Goodness gracious, this week has been a CRAZZZZZZY one. Man oh man! The biggest news of the week is that winter has come- it's been madness over here in Bismarck. Even now, as we speak, it's all blizzardy out and there's no sign of stopping. North Dakota is a crazy place- and it has been a crazy week!!  We were snowed in for a minute, I got to see some of my all time faves from good ol' Beulah, we got our wee investigator Jeremiah on date, we casually crashed a wedding, and I learned more perfectly that the Lord is in the details of our lives- even the random ones, haha! He is truly aware of each of us, and I've come to such a sure knowledge of that while on my mission- we truly are loved. We are remembered- God will never abandon us...even during the crazy winter months, haha. 

But anyway, it's been a way good week. So many miracles and tender mercies to report! We started it off with the usual pday times, running errands and eating Taco Bell and watching "Johnny Lingo"...and THEN, the Assistants texted and told us that, until Wednesday, we weren't allowed to leave our apartment unless to go to scheduled appointments-. I was pretty vexed by the situation, thinking the weather wasn't even that bad...but by the time we got back from dinner (and from exploring the perfectly named "Christmas Corner", a home crazily decorated for Christmas, complete with a ski lift of stuffed animals) the snow was already knee deep and still coming. Yikes!!  By the time we woke up on Tuesday, the drifts were six feet high in some places and we had to shovel our way out of our sliding door and our was crazy. Turns out, North Dakota really is as cold as everyone's been telling me for 16 months. Haha.   It was bonkers, man oh man! We spent our Tuesday and Wednesday shovelling our neighbors out and calling oodles of people and running off all precariously to a couple scheduled appointments- it was seriously nuts. On Wednesday, the city of Bismarck issued a no travel advisory and we found some gems by tracting out our apartment building...but the real learning lesson here is that snow storms are not fun to endure as a missionary. It was a rough time! At least we had the new Christmas initative to share with the masses...check it out, my friends!
crazy snow!

We did, though, teach the super cool Jeremiah on Wednesday amid all the crazy- such a party, man oh man!!  He's one of the most prepared people I've ever taught, even though he's but a wee eight year old...he's a total prophet. We had planned on teaching him the Restoration but he actually just taught us the whole thing and then rebuked us for not starting with a prayer- such a gem!!  Man oh man, Jeremiah is the greatest. I adore him!! 

We also on Wednesday ate the greatest lasagna of all time with the Giffords (random detail but pretty joyful, haha) and indulged in waffle cone Wednesday at TCBY as we did some 12 week- it turned out to be a way good day, even though a bit crazy. Yahoo for Jeremiah and ice cream!!

On Thursday, we were given permission to travel about once more and it was just the greatest- I never thought I would be so jazzed to leave the apartment and do random junk, haha. Such a dream!! 

We started our Thursday off by helping Sis. Hess decorate her Christmas tree in the mission home and then grabbing some lunch with her- so delightful! I love her so much!! 

We did some family history next thing and then commenced our weekly planning- ugh. It eventually came to an end and we ate some dinner before heading off to teach Aiyana and Chris- such gems!! Man oh man!  We read 1 Nephi 4 with them and acted all that drama out- they loved it, haha. Such a party. As we were gearing up to leave, the Hales threw some pie and Coke our way and we ended up teaching them, too...I love those Hales a ton. Such good people!!  We chatted about going to the temple and doing baptisms for the dead and it was just the best. Jim got all real about the priesthood and Donita got all real about bearing her was perfection all around. Such lovely people!!

And then it was Friday- such a party! We had district meeting in the morn and then taught good ol' Patience and Jeremiah. The best!!  We chatted with them about baptism and got Jeremiah on date for December 19th- YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We were so dang jazzed, but then he didn't show to we'll have to move his date back a bit. BUTTT, still way exciting. Man oh man. Jeremiah is just the coolest kid around!! He told us that he has his own choices to make in this life, and that he knows that baptism is part of that path- such a profound eight year old. Like, it's unreal. I could seriously chat with that Jeremiah all day and it'd probably get deep- he probably would be able to answer all the questions of my soul. He's the best!! 

We also ate dinner with Brianne and Kevin on Friday, such a dream, and then taught Aiyana and Chris about the Plan of Salvation...and their Catholic foster mom Tami got a bit heated about it all. Man oh man...thank goodness for Sis. Andrus and consistently saving the day, haha! 

On Saturday, we tried some peeps in the morn and landed ourselves some return appointments...and met some more gems in our building! Such a party!! 
(we also climbed this snow mountain after shoveling our car out. good times. :))

And then, after eating lunch and doing some 12 week, we raced off to Irene's wedding- SUCH a party, man oh man!!!  It was a tad awko, because Irene showed up thirty minutes late to her own shindig and we were left to contact all of her groom's peeps as we waited...haha, the life of a missionary. Never a dull moment!  The good news is that Irene eventually showed and the wedding was great...and we all left with stomachs full of fancy wedding food and a newfound appreciation for the Restoration and the temple- the apostasy was so strong in that ceremony, my friends. SO strong. We are so blessed to have the restored gospel and the power of God on the earth today- it's heartbreaking to think that so many people have no idea what they're missing! We got to tell a few of them though, so it all worked out. Haha.  Such a party!

Parties at an apostate wedding! :)

We tried some peeps after that crazy adventure and then ate some dinner before running off to the Christmas concert- such a party! The Bismarck Stake put it on and and bunches of other denominations contributed and it was such a gorgeous time for all- and my beloved Sister Roundy performed in it!! AHHHHHHH!!!  She was perfect, of course, and seeing the Roundy clan was just the sweetest joy of all time- I love them so much!! AHHHHH. I could've hung ten in that chapel for eons longer, but it was so good to see them for a minute and chat about life. They're just the greatest people I know- thank goodness for missions!! And unexpected family reunions!!  


And then, it was Sunday. Such a good day! We chatted with Patience and Jeremiah and went over the Plan of Salvation (and Jeremiah adorably asked where we could ride horses and unicorns and get free food, haha ), ate more food than we probably should've, and watched the Christmas Devotional- way good night. Way good week!!  God is just so good, my friends...and so is North Dakota. Goodness gracious, I am so blessed to be right where I am. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, how I thought I would never even like it here and now it breaks my heart to think about leaving...I think North Dakota will always feel like home. Even when buried in more snow than my brain knows how to comprehend, haha.  In this perfect little place, I have come to know Christ and my Heavenly Father, I've been transformed and refined, and I've become converted to the restored gospel...and there's still more miracles to experience. My heart is just so full! God is so good!! 

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do! Have the greatest week ever- stay warm, haha!! 

Love ya!
Sister Robinson 

A Most Magical Week

Oh man OH MAN, this week has been such a magical one. Goodness gracious.  Bless the Lord, I am satisfied!! I'm still moderately achey for the blessed land of Grand Forks, but we're meeting such amazing people here...I know this is where I'm meant to be. With these two crazy comps of mine, haha. It's a party! I think, above all else this week, I've been reminded of the infinite goodness of God, His matchless love and compassion...God is just so good. So many times this week, right when I was ready to give up, we experienced miracles beyond belief and the most unexpected of tender mercies- it's been a good week. The church is true and the work is magical! 

Oh, and's officially winter up here in Bismarck. AHHHH!!  So excitable. We got a good ten inches or so in the night...goodness, I love winter. Such a lovely time!! 


So anyway, let me tell you about our week. SO good!! We started it all off with glorious p-day times, full of eating burritos and shopping at Walmart and napping for a season...such good times. Goodness, I love burritos. 

After p-day came to an end, we dined with the Shrubbs, a delightful couple who work at the temple and converted to the gospel when they were newlyweds- amazing people! The Spirit in their home was unreal, and it was so magical to hang with them for a minute. AHHH, so much goodness in their souls!! 

We tracted for a season next thing, scheduled a few appointments, and finished up our Monday by teaching the Hales- man oh man, I just adore them. Such lovely recent converts!! Donita was working away on her granddaughter's pow wow moccasins when we came by, and Jim was cranking out necklaces for the upcoming craft show- so much talent! I'm just in absolute awe of those two, man oh man. It's amazing! 

And then, it was Tuesday. We tried some peeps in the morn, took a media hour, and did some contacting at the mall...where we met Tez, a way cool new investigator! It was sweet!! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, taught him about the Restoration, and scheduled a return appointment...goodness, such a tender mercy. Yeehaw!! 

We ran off after that to an appointment with a potential named Eric...and ended up teaching Honorine instead, yahoooo!! It was kind of random, because we went to Eric's apartment and Honorine is who actually lives there- and she already had a Book of Mormon! Turns out, Honorine's husband Soshi got a BoM from their member neighbor and have been praying for months for someone to come and teach them about it- amazing! Honorine is from Rwanda and Soshi is from the Congo, and they are just so prepared to receive the gospel. The best!! We taught Honorine about the BoM on Tuesday and then went back on Thursday to teach her and Soshi the Restoration- it was just the best. The Spirit was so strong and they asked gorgeous questions...baptism is inevitable, my friends. Stay tuned for more Honorine and Soshi updates in the coming weeks!! 

After that most gorgeous lesson, we ate some dinner with the Gunns (and took pictures with their adorable daughter, cute!!) and spent our evening trying the masses and doing some 12 week- such a party! Greatest Tuesday!!
cute Tofu!

On Wednesday, we lost our keys for a minute and spent our morn trying to find them...and eventually found them at the Gunn's. Haha. It was a bit of a rough start, but we taught Patience and Jeremiah in the afternoon- and it was amazing!! Patience is from Liberia and Jeremiah is her eight year old prepared! We chatted with them (and Patience's recent convert mom Doris, who's visiting from Rhode Island for a minute) while Patience cut some okra- we totally bonded over my love of fufu and Liberians, haha.  The best!! We found out that Patience was about to be baptized back in the day but wasn't quite ready...but she's ready to learn more and be baptized! Yahooooo!! Jeremiah is super anxious to be baptized as well- so exciting. He's the cutest! AND, Patience also has a four month old baby named Ava...I just about die everytime I see her. AHHHHH!!!  Cutest baby in the whole world. 

We ate dinner with the Southams on Wednesday night- such good people! Love them!! We had waffles and it was just such a magical time...I adore Bismarck. So many good people!! 

We finished up our day by teaching Aiyana and Chris, the Hales' grandkids...such a party! Aiyana is 12 and Chris is 9- such adorable munchkins. Man oh man. We've taught them a couple times now, just BoM reading and general shenanigans. They're great!!

After we taught Aiyana and Chris, we decided on a whim to try some less actives on our list...and we ended up meeting Brianne and her nonmember boyfriend Kevin, yahooooo!!! Such a blessed time. They're pretty much the cutest couple ever, and we chatted with them about personal revelation- such good stuff. They're incredible- so excited to be working with them!! AHHHH!! 

And THEN, it was Thanksgiving!! Yeehawwww!!!  We seriously had the greatest day- my heart is still so full about it all!  We started off by studying away and then running off to Mandan for some service- it was the best. Last week, we tracted into Joe, who sponsors a free Thanksgiving dinner every year and invited us to help out- and it was the greatest!! He was pretty shocked that we actually came, but we learned how to use a fancy dishwasher and served food and chatted with all of Joe's homies about the gospel...such a beautiful time!! Man oh man!  It was just such a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving...and Joe even gave me the recipe for his killer lemon tarts. The best!!  I think I made more lifelong friends through that random service than I ever have before...we even took a big ol' group picture and hugged before leaving. Such a magical time!!

the best!

We weekly planned for a season after that and then ate more Thanksgiving with the Gardners- such a lovely time. They're great!! 

We finished up our Thursday by teaching Honorine and Soshi- the best! I adore those two so completely!!  Soshi translated for us and it was amazing to watch them both come to understand the Restoration...I just adore Africans. Greatest people on earth!! 

On Friday, we ate breakfast with adorable members and went to district meeting and finished up planning away- such good times. We also taught Aiyana and Chris and ate some pizza for dinner...nothing too crazy to report. It was a good day. 

On Saturday, things got real and we got super lost all over Bismarck- haha, it was pretty bad. We managed to teach some lessons in between and Sis. Andrus taught us some family history (I found a name for the temple, yahoooo!!!!) and I ran into Sis. White and Sis. Richards as they walked about the temple- SUCH a tender mercy!!! AHHHHH!!!  Running into faves from the past is truly the greatest part of being a missionary...or at least one of them, haha. I think serving in Bismarck is going to provide lots of blasts from the past- so exciting!! I adore Sis. White and Sis. Richards!!!

And then, it was Sunday. Such a good day!! We went to church and tried the masses and ended up getting back in with Irene- such a lovely lady!! She's moving to Michigan next week and is getting married this Saturday- we all lamented the fact that we met too late in the game. Such a tragedy!!  But alas, we were able to teach her more about the Book of Mormon and answer her questions about marriage and families- and she totally believed and bore her testimony of eternal families! It was amazing!! We're totally going to her wedding on Saturday (she even showed us her dress, yahooooo!!) and then referring her to the missionaries in Michigan...she even asked if we have a branch out there!! Goodness gracious, she is so prepared. Yahoo for Irene!! 

So, all in all, it's been a totally magical week- we're figuring out how to Bismarck! It's the best!! 

I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful for all you do- keep being amazing!  Have the greatest week ever, my dear friends!! 

Love ya!

Sister Robinson 

Training and Stretching

Hey-oh, team! This week has been a crazy, way crazier than I ever anticipated. Way crazier than my last week email let on...

Because I'm currently hanging ten in Bismarck. In a trio. Training a little bambino. Life is bonkers! 


So I guess, with all that in mind, this email is the story all about how my life got twisted turned upside down...and I'd like to take a minute (just sit right there) and tell ya 'bout how I became a trainer in a town called Bismarck.  (I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with that in the shower the other day. Good times.) 

It's actually not too crazy of a story, just that President called early Tuesday morn and sassed me a bit and then we hightailed it to Bismarck on Wednesday. And now, I'm attempting to raise up a wee Robinson seed right before I peace out and it's just the best. The craziest thing, for sure, but totally the best. I'm with Sis. Andrus (who dies/heads home in a mere four weeks) and Sis. Larson (the cutest greenie you've ever seen ) and we're "slaying"...Sister Larson word, not mine. Haha. She's seriously the cutest. Just wait 'til you see the pictures!  It's funny, because this whole situation is the last thing I ever expected or wanted- but Heavenly Father totally knows what I needed. Ahhh, life remains beautiful! God is still good, even in Bismarck! 

But anyway, let me tell you about the week. It's been a crazy one, man oh man! We started it off with normal pday shenanigans, full of Audrey movie watching and finding in the night and trying the masses...and freaking out about transfers over dinner with the Orozcos. GAHH, I love them so much!!  I think it was during the bleak pday night that transfers starting getting real- I just felt so uninspired and so out of place...but I was still pretty shocked when President called with the news. Man oh man.  I wept for a minute, frantically wrote cute cards to all my favorite people, and packed like a crazy was a rough Tuesday. We spent the day running around like hooligans and teaching the masses and saying goodbye- we had an early morn lesson with Rollie and it was pretty beautiful. That man is such a good one. We retaught the Restoration and he told us he knows it's all true...and that he wants to be baptized! AHHH!!  Dang flab, I adore that Rollie. It was way hard to say goodbye- he'll definitely be on the wall in due time. 

And Rollie! :)

We also hung ten with the Africans for a season- goodness gracious, the greatest people in the world live in Grand Forks! I'm convinced! Henry scared me on the stairs and made me laugh so hard that I cried...and then I wept outta pure despair.  That Henry means the world to me- I am so grateful that I was able to meet him! He truly changed my life! Sis. Ramirez promised that she would take care of that dear friend, and AJ as well, and Henry told me that he would write oodles...Henry is just the best. AHHHH, I adore that sweet Liberian! 
the best! (he made us switch sides to keep it fresh, lol)

We ate dinner on Tuesday with the beloved Orozcos- AHHH, best people I know!! AHHHHH!!  They're totally family these days, and it felt like leaving home all over again...transfers are seriously the worst. Like, they're way bad. Leaving Grand Forks was one of the hardest things I've done in all my life...but then, I got to hightail it to Bismarck and start a new adventure. And, so far, it's been pretty beautiful. I'm loving the Bismarck life!

I adore Audrey! And the Orozcos!

So, on Wednesday, we said goodbye to Cheska and the Elders and headed out...and we spent the day in oodles of training meetings and then tracting with the newbies and THEN finding out who our new comp was such a party! Sister Larson is my sweet baby, and I am totally obsessed. I'm her momma, we decided, and Sis. Andrus is her dad- kinda weird but super real.  But anyway, Sis. Larson is seriously the cutest thing ever. She's from Mona, UT and she brings my heart oodles of joy- I'm way excited to be a momma again!  I kinda thought this part of my life was over, but it's a good way to finish up...yikes! 
such a cutie! :)

On Thursday, we went to transfer times and I got to see all my faves- it was a lovely time. Sis. Luker is in Dickinson these days, which means she's my STL- yahooooooo!!!!  I am so jazzed. And also, Sis. Boyack replaced me in Grand Forks! Goodness, such good stuff. She's the best.

I love Sister Luker!! :)

So anyway, we got our poop all in a group on Thursday and started making our way through the area book...the joys of washing, man oh man! It's been a bit stressful, but the work here seems prime...and the ward is amazing. Like, one of the best out here. We haven't met too many people yet, just a super cool Liberian lady named Irene who invited us to her wedding, a creepy dude named Dennis, and Nascar loving man named Joe who invited us to his Thanksgiving dinner...and I think we're going to go.  It's going to be a party! We've also met a couple really awesome less active families that both came to church- Bismarck is a good place. I'm still a little tender, a little homesick for Grand Forks and Henry and the Orozcos...but I know I'm where I'm meant to be. Bismarck is a good place!  

So...that's been my week. I still can't really believe that I'm here, so close again to my dear Beulah and hanging ten by President...but it's way good. Life is beautiful and God is good! Sis. Larson is just so green and so excited that everything is just exciting again, even planning and trying and tracting. It's the dream!  I love being a missionary- and a trainer! Life is crazy but good...I think Bismarck is going to be a party. I'm jazzed! Tender but jazzed! 

At an especially rough bit of our planning and trying, we got ourselves some Taco Bell...goodness, I love my companions. They get me. 

Alright, I love you all a ton! My new address is 3103 E Calgary Ave #113, Bismarck, ND 58503...send mail my way, friends and fam!! 

Welp, have the greatest week ever! Thank you for all you do!! I adore you! 

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Sister Robinson 



The Kauffmans!


The Reality of the Atonement

AH man, it has been a crazy week! Dropped investigators, general lack of progress, and more finding than ever...we are determined to fear no man and to find the elect in our section of the vineyard! It's been a wee bit rough, a wee bit discouraging...but life is still beautiful and God is still good. I'm feeling a little beaten and more humbled than ever- it's funny how missions do that to you. I'm learning all over again that you can always be better, and that the Atonement of Jesus Christ provides the way for us to overcome ourselves. During sacrament meeting yesterday, someone bore their testimony and said that we all think we will become better if you do more, but the only way we can truly become better is if you tag team it with Christ. And it's the truth!  When life gets hard, when all of your favorite investigators suddenly disappear and the white board is emptier than it's been in a long while, Christ gives you the strength to move forward and overcome all obstacles. I'm learning it all over again! And, ultimately, life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured...and I know that there is so much joy to be found, even in the darkest of hours. Even during a rather bleak mission week. 

But alas, let me tell you about our week!  We kicked it all off with a pretty normal pday, full of emailing and shopping and cleaning...and THEN, we raced off to base and ate dinner with the adorable Chavez clan! Yahoo!! They're pretty much the cutest family ever, with three boys and Spiderman talk through the whole of dinner. Such a happy time.  Nathaniel, their four year old son, became my bestie over the course of dinner and it was such a party- and he totally recognized me at church yesterday!!  Tender mercies, haha. 

 Anyway, we taught Joe and it was the best. I seriously adore that man. Such faith! He was a bit sleepy today, but we talked about prayer and it was a good time. He's a fave. 

We did some trying and finding next thing, and then ran off to dinner with the Kauffmans- the BESSSSST!!!! We laughed oodles and ate fried chicken and it was such a happy time for all involved. The best! My favorite part was when Sis. Kauffman let us know that orange is the new black and I seriously busted a gut laughing. Too funny! It's kind of weird to be so detached from the world, so unaware of what's going's nice, though. Apparently, orange is the new black!  I was pretty tempted to make that the subject of my email but I refrained...haha, it's never not going to be funny. I'm even laughing now! 

But anyway, we next thing taught Henry- such perfection!! Bro. Smith and Audrey came along, and we taught about studying the scriptures...and AJ sat in, too!! Such a dream.  At the end of our Henry lesson, AJ asked oodles of questions about the Book of Mormon and the temple and it was just the best. I love that AJ! He's still not sold on going to church but we're working on it- he is seriously the best. He and Henry give me the strength to get up in the morning, haha! 

On Thursday, we had a most beautiful day- happy birthday, Em!! We weekly planned away for most of the day and then ate dinner with our beloved Orozcos at Pizza Ranch- it was the besttttt!!!!  I think pizza may be my favorite food- it's just so good! We ate and chatted and prepped up for Ruby's lesson...such a lovely time. I adore the Orozcos with all the energy of my young soul! 

the best! :)

We hung ten with Audrey for a minute next thing and tried some peeps and taught Safee- it was a good time. We chatted with him about baptism and he promised to be a more reliable individual...and then he missed his appointment the next day.  I was vexed once more and THEN, he totally dropped us yesterday and told us that he likes his African church more and would never convert because he doesn't like Henry- it was a lot of drama, to say the least. Man. I've been a bit iffy about Safee from the get-go, but I retained a perfect brightness of hope nevertheless- totally misguided, I learned this week. Dang flab.  It was so discouraging, because Safee, although unreliable and generally flakey, is a total gem and a total fave- and it feels like a complete break up! I know it'll be okay, but I'm a bit heartbroken about it all. 

But alas, after our Safee lesson we ran off to the Orozco's and taught Ruby- and it was the GREATESTTTTT!!! Opposition in all things, right?  We taught her the Restoration and she told us that she felt the Spirit when we first met her a couple weeks ago and knew that what we said was true- AHHHHHH!!!! Such a miracle!!  Ruby is just amazing- one of those investigators you dream of and pray for and hope actually exists. It's incredible! We left her with a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and we scheduled a return appointment for next Friday- I am so SO SOOOO jazzed to be teaching her. She's the coolest!! Such a blessing to be teaching her! 

And then, it was Friday! Yahoo!! We had district meeting in the morn and tried oodles of potentials in the afternoon time and taught Cheska- it was wee bit rough. We talked about the sabbath day and the sacrament and there was all kinds of awkward tension in the air...all of which we're still analzying at great length. Weird, weird. She committed to come to church and then didn't show- rough stuff! 

We finished up our Friday by teaching Safee, who narrowly dodged our six o'clock appointment- the worst. He begged our forgiveness and we scheduled anther appointment...which he also missed. Rough stuff with that Safee! 

On Saturday, we did oodles of finding and ate dinner with the too cute Smiths out in Buxton- and their non-member friend Tasha came along, too! Such a blessed time.  We reviewed the Restoration and then hightailed it back to Grand Forks...when Henry called and told us to come to dinner at his place. Oh man.  We ran to his place, because his friendship means more to us than comfort or sensibility...and we ate the spiciest African food I've had since my Juliana days. It was rough. Bro. Smith and his fam came too, and I ended up eating so much homemade cheesecake just to extinguish the soul fire of casava leaves- man oh man, it was so unpleasant. We did teach Henry afterwards and all was well in Zion...but MAN, I don't know how we managed to eat so much food. By the grace of God, probably! 

On Sunday, we went to church (dying all the while because of our overly expanded stomachs right before fast Sunday) and partied so hard- such a good day! Henry called just as we were gearing up to leave the parking lot and bossily told us to come over...and we ate leftovers from our dinner. Oh man, it was rough! It was a bit less spicy and we managed to make a good dent in it...goodness, I don't know how much more Henry food I can eat. It's not good. Buster has been teaching him to cook but it's just so bad- his efforts are admirable, though. He's still a good person, even if he can't cook for squat. And, he's straight up adorable. He asked, as we ate, what we call it when the food sleeps- AHHH, I just adore him! We taught him about leftovers but I think saying that the food was sleeping is way more cute...ahhh, Henry. Love him!! 

We ate actual dinner with the Deems on Sunday- oh my goodness, it was the greatest thing EVER. The Deems are probably the classiest people I know, complete with a carpeted dining room and homemade raspberry jam...such a lovely dinner. I adore them!!

We finished up our Sabbath by teaching Joe (love him!!) and trying the masses...and chatting with Bro. Orozco about all the new move-ins over hot chocolate. The best!! 

Welp, that was our week- it was a good one! And, just so we're all on the same page, transfer calls are coming in hot tomorrow...I don't think anything is going to change, but I don't want to freak you out too completely if something yeah, they'll be a thing tomorrow. I'll tell you all about it next time! 

I love you all so much! Have the greatest week!!

Sister Robinson 

being silly. :)