Sunday, September 18, 2016

Being Made Mighty

Oh man OH MAN, it's been another crazy week in the land of Grand Forks...but hey, life is still beautiful and God is still good. I feel like my time in Grand Forks has taught me so much about the true goodness of God- He loves us so much. He's so aware of us, and He's been blessing us Grand Forks sisters with more miracles and tender mercies then I can even comprehend- it's been a gorgeous week!! I was pondering this morn, whilst in the shower (my fave place to ponder, dontcha know), how truly good this past week has been, and how real 1 Nephi 1:20 is- "But behold, I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are all over those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance". This week, I have felt mighty, even unto the power of deliverance, because of the tender mercies of the Lord- it's been amazing. I never felt more exhausted or more like a missionary in all my days, and I am becoming so aware of the power the gospel brings into our lives. This is the truth! We have the ability to be mighty in every circumstance in life! 

And on that note, I've got the tragic car update of this very morn- our dear Bertha, the beloved and faithful swag van, had been laid down to rest- the third day came and went and Bertha doth now stinketh, haha.  Although my heart is rather heavy, the lovely Zone Leaders let us borrow their bikes earlier in the week and the mission is getting new cars on it'll all work out. Our butts are going to be pretty sore by the time we get a car, lol...independence is painful, we're learning! 

But anyway, other then the recent car news, this has been one of the greatest weeks of all time- life is just so good these days!! We kicked off the week with a gorgeous pday, full of carpooling with the Elders around town and bowling with the whole gang- such a party! Elder Madsen gave me bowling tips throughout the whole experience, because he's a seasoned professional and I can barely manage to avoid the sides...BUT, by the end, I got a strike- YAHOOOOOOO!!!  I'm well on my way to joining a bowling league or something, haha! 


In the evening of Monday, we stopped by Joe's and read some Book of Mormon with them and ate dinner with the beloved Ah Pucks- I love them so much! We ate delish Hawaiian food, including beef oh man, it was SO good!  The best part of dinner, though, was that the lovely Ah Pucks invited three of their nonmember friends over for dinner and we were able to teach them about the gospel- the best!! Such a tender mercy!! 

And then, it was Tuesday. We walked around town in the morn and tried our people...and THEN, we raced over to Bismarck for MLC, huzzzzzah!! It was such a lovely time! We laughed and chatted on the way over with Elder Trejo and Elder Madsen and hugged all my favorite people once there- man oh man, the best!! I got to see Sis. Clark and Sis. D'vaz and Sis. Haubner and all my Fargo faves...such blessed reunions all around. I also chatted oodles with Sis. Brown, who is serving in Williston...and teaching my favorite, Scott Dittel!! AHHHHHHH!!! I love that man so much! It's going really well, and it was such a tender mercy to get that blessed news. I never expected it, but it was so lovely to find out that he's progressing and coming to church...ah, I love being a missionary. It's the greatest thing of all time!
Scott's missionaries- the best!!

On Tuesday night, we went to the temple- it was the best. The Spirit was so strong and I felt so comfortable there- something I never thought would happen. When we left, I felt so full and so invincible- I love the opportunity the temple affords us to forgot the world absolutely and think of our potential- think of Heavenly Father's plan for us. It was the best temple trip I've had yet, and I got to sit by my dear and fave Sis. Clark afterwards- she's the best!! 

On Wednesday, we hung ten in Bismarck and MLC'd away- such a party! I sat between Elder T and Sister Wright through it all, and they made the drama and craziness of MLC so delightful- I adore them! We laughed the whole time and it was the best. Good friends make MLC so much fun! 
I love Sister Wright!

I sat by some Fargo faves from my past life during lunch, including Elder Guymon, Elder Ashe, and Elder oh man, I miss Fargo. I sometimes wish I could get my hands on a time machine and hang ten with all those delightful homies once more- and be with Sis. Clark! Maybe one day, haha. I adore all my Fargo friends. They're the best!

We spent the remainder of our Wednesday driving back to our beloved Grand was such an adventure! We ended up stopping in Fargo for some Taco Bell (the Lord's fast food restaurant, it's been decided.), and Michael, an investigator I taught while in Fargo, just happened to be working- it was so crazy!! Total tender mercy. We were both so jazzed to see each other, and he promised he would start meeting with the missionaries oh man, God is so good!! 

And then, it was Thursday. We spent our morn planning away for ZTM, and we ran off after lunch to see Rodeen- I love her SO much!! Sherah came along and we taught the Plan of Salvation...and she committed to be baptized on October 13, AHHHHHHHH!!!!! RODEEN IS THE BESSSSSSSSSST!! She committed to pray oodles and read as well, and she told us that she wants to be sure when she's oh man, she's the greatest woman I know. Sherah testified like a pro through it all and Rodeen made us cupcakes and banana bread to eat as we chatted- such a lovely lesson. I adore Rodeen!! 

We walked around town for a season after that delightful lesson, contacted at the mall for a sec, and met up with the Zone Leaders to eat some Minnesota grown sugar beets that a member gave them- such a party, haha! Turns out, sugar beets are pretty delish. Like, I could probably live off those suckers if I had to. 
Sugar beet party!

AND THEN, we bummed a ride over to the Anderson's...who drove us to Fargo for Kayla's baptism, AHHHHHHHH!!!!  It was perhaps the greatest day of my young life- the car ride with the gorgeous Andersons was pure perfection, Kayla's baptism was the loveliest event of all time, and the ride back to Grand Forks was full of sugar free donuts and the exchange of crazy medical stories- best night ever!!! We got permission from President to go, because Sis. Tucker and I both taught that gorgeous Kayla of ours, but we had to find a ride oh man, the Andersons were such a tender mercy! Everything worked out perfectly and it was so lovely...I just love Kayla the most. I am so grateful that I was able to play a little role in helping her be baptized- she has changed my life for good. She's the most amazing 18 year old I have ever known, and I know she's going to change the world...she's already doing it! 

And the very end of the baptism, Kayla got up and made each of us missionaries who had taught her stand up- she talked about how much we helped her, how much she loves us, and how much she knows this church is true...and I just wept. Kayla is the greatest! I am so lucky to know her!! We left the Fargo building with hugs all around and shouts of "love you!"- it was just the greatest. Such a tender mercy!! 

On Friday, we planned a bit more for ZTM and then met up with our lovely zone and ZTM'd away- such a lovely time! 
good ol' ZTM

We ate dinner that night at the Jex's, such a lovely family, and taught Pat afterwards- it was so sweet. I love Pat! We read a bit in the Book of Mormon with her and helped her make her was such a blessed time. Pat's the greatest!! 

We tracted for a bit afterwards, met the nicest Catholics of all time and learned a bit about the organization of the Catholic church, and ended our night by reading the story of Abinadi with our dear Joe- love him!!  Once back to homebase, the Zone Leaders brought their bikes over for us to borrow for the time being- they're the best! So, we're officially biking missionaries these oh man, such an adventure!! I've never felt more diligent in all my life- in our first day of biking around town, we taught five lessons and found two new investigators...and basically lit our legs on fire, haha.  Biking is such a party!

So, we kicked off our biking Saturday by meticulously planning our day as to bike effeciently and then running off to try Teddy and Almaz- love them! Only Teddy was home, so we scheduled another appointment for next's going to be great! As we left their building, we spotted two men on their porch smoking, so we casually approached and started chatting with them- so sweet! We ended up teaching them the Restoration and scheduling a return appointment for next week- it was awesome! They both started off kind of hesitant, but both accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon by the end- such a tender mercy! Yahoo for Justin and Adam!! 
biking fools!

(what you feel like after biking around town. lol.)
We ate lunch at Grand Junction and had a wee meeting with the Elders to figure our lives out- it was announced at MLC that missionaries sharing a ward no longer have areas- that their boundaries are the ward boundaries, yahoooooo!!! It's going to be crazy but cool, and we're pretty jazzed- I'll keep you updated!

After our meeting, we raced off to try a less active in the area, who we invited to church, and we ended up teaching her neighbor Linda about the Plan of Salvation- it was so sweet!! We biked on over to our Africans after that and got our bikes all locked up when Harry pops outta no where- such a tender mercy! We were able to teach that dear recent convert of ours about the temple and committed him to come to oh man, I love that Harry! 

We took a brief water and food break after all that biking around town and then raced back off to teach Henry- it was pure perfection! Harry sat in and testified like a pro as we taught about tithing- so lovely!! As we were finishing up, we told Henry that we had to move his baptismal date again because he hasn't been to church in a couple of weeks...and he was so distraught. He even said that if we keep moving it back it'll never happen, and that he doesn't want to move his date because he knows he's ready- and as he said all that, the Spirit poured into the room and testified to both of us that Sept. 17th is the right date...AHHHHHHH!!!!!  So, we're going to meet with Henry every day this upcoming week and help him to be baptized on Saturday- life just got a bit crazier, haha! It's going to be a party!! Henry, Harry, and Sundayma all came to church yesterday, which pretty much just melted by young oh man, I love them so much!! HENRY'S GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY, AHHHHHH!!!!! 

We also taught Rolly about the Book of Mormon on Saturday- I love him, too!! He bought us pizza and asked beautiful questions and made us promise that we would call next time we see Joe...Rolly's the best!! We tried to convince him to date Rodeen while we were there, haha...he wasn't having it. Maybe one day! 

And then, it was Sunday. All of our Africans came to church, along with Sue and a rogue new investigator named Cheska who just moved here from Dickinson- such a tender mercy!! Bro. Orozco introduced himself like a pro and invited her and her member boyfriend over for dinner- so we got a beautiful member home lesson and new investigator yesterday, huzzzzzah!! It was the greatest!!!! Cheska is probably the coolest person ever, and I am so jazzed to teach her. We shared the Gospel over dinner (of the world's greatest lasagna- I love the Orozcos so much!!!) and she wept as we testified- it was amazing. I've never felt more like a missionary, man oh man! We scheduled an appointment with her for Tuesday and she told us that she wants to be baptized- AHHHHHH!!! Life is so beautiful and God is so good!! 

Welp, that was my week! Such a gorgeous one!! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do- have the greatest week ever!!

Sister Robinson 

Lessons and Exchanges and Swamping- OH MY!

Hey-oh, my dear friends!! It has been a CRAZZZZZZY week, the culmination of which was a crazy flood and the death of our dear van...yup. On the Sabbath.  I'll get to the finer deets in due time, but the basics are that I never knew "swamping" was a thing and now it's a consistent part of my vocab and Heavenly Father truly protects His missionaries. It's been a wild ride!! We're super okay, no worries...but our sweet minivan has seen better days. It's hanging ten at the car place as we speak, and the gracious Elders of Grand Forks have been chauffeuring us around town today- but I am confident in the Lord's ability to resurrect Bertha, haha.  I tell you all about it the crazy adventure of last night in the weekly report...but it's just too good to wait out, haha!! Had to give ya a sneak peak! 

Other than the craziness of the flood (#neverforget), the craziness of the week was the glorious kind, not the gut wrenching kind- full of lovely mail and beautiful lessons and new investigators and exchanges- such a lovely week!! 

We started it all off with Monday, dontcha know...nothing too crazy to report. We did the usual shenanigans, browsed Hobby Lobby for a minute (the bessssst!!), found my new journal (the constant struggle of my life, it seems), and made a beautiful CD of all the good "Nashville Tribute" to cap it all off- such a good day! 

Our fancy CD- thanks to Dale. :)

We dined after all our adventuring, chilled with Joe and taught him the Word of Wisdom (love that man!!), and ended our night by trying some investigators- it was a party! We went to this rogue apartment building where a few of our peeps live, and no one was we walked out all forlornly and thought the night was over- when AJ, who I taught my first day in Grand Forks and haven't seen since, just happens to pull up next to us after we cross the street, yahoooooo!!! It was seriously bonkers- we are always where we need to be. We ended up scheduling an appointment with him for later in the week- tender mercies of the Lord!!

And then, it was Tuesday. We updated the area book for a season, attempted to stalk our main man Travis at work, took a media hour...and THEN, we met the Orozcos for lunch- the best!!! We ate at Grand Junction, the greatest place on earth, and we chatted about life and the gospel and they gave us a referral- I love the Orozcos with all the energy of my soul!!! They even brought Sis. Tucker a package from her family- they recently vacayed to Utah and hung ten with the Tucker clan, those lovely Orozcos. Momma Tucker sent ravioli and chapstick and owl mugs and loads of goodness- it was a lovely time. Yahoo for the Orozcos!!!  
The best! :)

We taught Tanisha after the world's greatest lunch date, just followed up with church and chatted about life- love her! We were on our way to contact at the mall following that lovely lesson when we got a rogue media referral- huzzah for Israel!! So, we grabbed a Bible and headed off...and it was crazy. We met Aiyana Luke, a Pentecostal lady who saw on ad on facebook for a free Bible- she was so full of soul I thought her soul might burst outta her body, man oh man! She was super confused at first by our presence, because she thought they would mail the Bible to her...but then, she was SO jazzed that we came by once we explained ourselves, haha. Such a party! We chatted with her for quite a while, explained what we believe- she had met with Elders in Minnesota but was still pretty confused. It was awesome! We ended up teaching that Aiyana about the Restoration, which she was super not having...but it was still pretty fun to meet her, haha. Missions are the best!! 

We ate dinner at the Kauffman's on Tuesday night and tried the masses...and randomly ran into our good friend Kristian, yahoooo!! We were headed back to the swag van after walking around town and talking to everyone...when Kristian blades in our direction with his dog- it was bonkers, haha! We've been trying to get in touch with that man for eons now, and there he was, casually blading with his husky- exactly where we needed to be! He ended up tenderly dropping us, Kevin Kady style (for you faithful blog readers, haha), and my heart was absolutely Sis. Tucker bought me a frostie, haha. That's what companions are for! Kind of rough but ultimately inspired- I knew it was coming bu didn't want to accept it, ya know? He's just the best! 

On Wednesday, we strutted around town to preserve our miles- last day of the month, dontcha know!  It ended up being SUCH a lovely day- I love being a missionary! It's the greatest thing around!! We first thing walked on over to Joe's, love him, and then ate some lunch before heading back out. We taught our dear friend Travis at Dale's, such a party- he's just the best!! We reviewed the gospel and focused on endure to the end- it was perfection!! Travis is the coolest! He's already changed so much since we've known him, and it's so gorgeous to see the Atonement working in his life- it's my fave! He's still working towards Oct. 8th for baptism, but we're trying to help him quit smoking...stress-FUL! I think it's all going to work out- he's so solid. I just adore him!! 

We grabbed Sherah after that lovely lesson and taught AJ about the Gospel- so gorgeous!! AJ said he would be baptized once he knows it's true, huzzzzzah!!!, and we landed another appointment for next week- so awesome! 

We ate some dinner and headed on over to Pat's- love her!! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she immediately knew it's true...she is just so prepared. She even told us that she's down to her last pack of cigarettes and that she's not going to buy anymore- THE BESSSSSST!!!  I love when people change their lives without us having to boss them around about it- it makes my heart so full!! Pat is the greatest!! I even made us take a picture together, haha- my heart was full to bursting! 

We finished up our night by trying the usuals, nothing too crazy- such a lovely Wednesday!!

On Thursday, we weekly planned-. But, we also managed to bust out lovely lessons all over the place- tender mercies of the Lord!! We saw Lora at Joe's in the morning, Tanisha in the afternoon, and we met a super cool lady named Julie at the mall in the evening was pretty awesome. Successful Thursday!! 

And then, it was Friday- such a magical day!!! We had district meeting in the morn and we exchanged away right after with the Devil's Lake sisters- such a party!! I hung ten in Grand Forks with Sis. Steiner and we saw SO many miracles- it was amazing! Sis. Steiner is just the coolest cat around!!

We first thing ate some lunch, like you do, and we ran off to see everyone- so good! Our first stop was Joe, who we read 1 Nephi 4 with and he kept telling me that he wasn't asleep...even though his eyes were totally closed, haha. Joe is the best!! 

We tried Henry after that, who randomly went to Minnesota for the we ate some more food and grabbed my fave Audry Orozco- and we proceeded to have the greatest evening of all time, yahooooo!! We first thing contacted a rogue media referral and taught David, a super sweet man from Liberia- it was so cool! We went over the Restoration and he just soaked it all up- it was gorgeous! I love Africans!! His friend Jacob sat in, too, and they both scheduled return appointments for next week- the bessssst!!! Such cool cats!
I love hanging ten with Audrey- and Sis. Steiner. :)

We ran over to Harry's after that, where we ended up teaching Sundayma about the Book of Mormon- so sweeeeet!! On our way out of her place, we got a call from Joe, inviting us over for pizza- the best!! We ran over there AND ROLLY WAS THERE, YAHOOOOOO!!!! Rolly is Joe's super hip and fly older brother who we've been trying to teach forEVER...and we managed somehow (by the combined power of Sis. Steiner and Audry, I think) to teach him the Restoration- and he became a new investigator, yahooooo!!! We totally bonded over that combo pizza and he saw into our souls- and Audry testified so beautifully of the Restoration and Joseph Smith. It was incredible!! Exchange miracles!! 

On Saturday, we exchanged back in the morn (I adore Sis. Steiner!!), and ran off to teach Travis- the best!! We went over tithing and fasting, and he committed to come to church- AND HE TOTALLY CAME, AHHHHH!!!!  So proud of that hooligan!! He even invited us over for dinner on Saturday night- we're besties!! In between teaching him and eating with him and his fam in the night, we taught Pat and Joe and hung ten with Sherah- it was a beautiful time. And THEN, we ate pizza with Travis and Dale and life was beautiful!! Pizza is the best!  I think pizza may actually be my favorite food- it is so delish!! 
Travis, our resident hooligan. :)

And then, it was Sunday. We finished up weekly planning in the morn and ran off to church- such a lovely time!! I just felt so full by the end of it all, and my heart was near to bursting with Grand Forks adoration- it's the greatest place on earth!!! 

We tried our peeps after church and taught Tanisha with Sherah- such goodness! We read in the Book of Mormon with her and the Spirit was just so strong- I adore Tanisha!! We ate some dinner after that, nothing too crazy, and then tried more of our peeps...and the rains were coming down all the while. I didn't really think twice about it, because #seattlegirl...but the water started pooling up in the evening and the roads were getting pretty full...kinda scary! We tried Misti and were on our way over to Sundayma's when the waters did reach unto the base of the swag van and we were sore afraid...and then, while thus wadding through the tumultuous flood waters of Grand Forks, the van did cease to move. Sis. Tucker was filming the whole thing, so we have this lovely little clip where I freak out because the van won't go...AHHHHHH!!  Sis. Tucker immediately ditched her shoes and jumped from the car, only to realize that the flood water was actually knee oh man, it was a crazy time. She was determined to push us to safety, but we noticed a rogue man down the road from us trying to push his wee car all by his we both ditched our shoes and abandoned the van to help, like the good Christian women we are, giggling all the while at the craziness of this situation- it was crazy!  But alas, oodles of people ended up helping us move the wee car to safety and our swag van- God is good! The people of North Dakota are good!!   All is still well in Zion, although Bertha didn't really want to start once we got her to dry land...she's since been towed to the car place to await her resurrection, haha. The Zone leaders ended up picking us up, such good men, and driving us home- such a crazy end to a crazy week!! We're safe and dry now, thank heavens...and we have another great story to tell our kiddos one day, haha. Pray for Bertha, my friends! 

All my nightmares in two photos. Man oh man. 

Oh man, whatta week!! This next one is going to be crazy as well...but hopefully not too crazy, haha. I love you all so much- thank you for all you do!! Have the greatest weeks ever!!


Sister Robinson 

A Fullness of Grand Forks Joy

Oh man OH MAAAAAAN, it has been another lovely week in the land of Grand Forks- life is just beautiful!! We're experiencing miracles and understanding the Atonement and teaching the coolest people ever...I am so perfectly content. The gospel is true, my dear friends! As we live the teaching of Jesus Christ, we are able to be truly happy in every circumstance. We are able to experience a fullness of joy!!  No matter what is going on in our lives, no matter how dark our days seems, the Atonement of Jesus Christ allows us to be happy. To know our purpose. To push fear and self doubt and inadequacy outta our life for good. I'm still trying to understand it all, but I do know that my personal conversion is what allows me to continue pressing forward in this great work I'm about- it's hard but beautiful! I'm happy despite all the hard moments!! 

And also, special shoutout to the September Ensign for contributing to my stupid amounts of happiness as of late- everyone needs to read that puppy! It's the greatest thing ever! I've been studying away in the Book of Mormon, of course, and pouring over the Ensign during every spare moment...I highly recommend it. It'll change your life, my peeps!! 

Alright, let's do this thing.  We kicked off this gorgeous week with the regular p-day sheninghans, full of emailing and grocery shopping and watching "Once I was a Beehive" at the church...on the foyer couch we dragged into the Relief Society room, haha. The best!! We dined with Sherah, our fave, following our day of adventuring, and headed out to take on the world- and teach two glorious pday lessons, yahoooooo!!!

We started at Rodeen's, the love of my young life- it was the greatest!! We just stopped by to see how she liked church...and she told us that she wants to be baptized, AHHHHHH!!!! We answered some of her questions about the process, explaining that we've got five lessons to teach and weekly visits to set up, and that we would love to help her in the process- goodness, Rodeen is the greatest woman I know!!!! We got a return appointment for Wednesday and chatted a bit about church and personal was just the best. I adore Rodeen so completely!!

We also contacted at the park a bit to finish up or Monday...and we met a mildly unpleasant Baptist lady who invited us to come to church with her, man oh man. We were able to testify of the Savior, though, and explain that Mormons do believe in Christ- it ended up being pretty cool, haha! 

And then, it was Tuesday. We started off with studies and calls and then ran off to lunch at Dairy Queen with Elder Madsen and Elder Frisby- one last lunch date before Elder Frisby goes off to Poplar, Montana! He's the best!! We swapped crazy stories, chatted about Rodeen for a sec, and generally rejoiced in the goodness of missionary work- it's the best!! 
Love them!

We took a media hour, chatted with our dear bestie Sis. Buttars (a too cool RM who I just adore) about some referrals she gave us, and contacted at the mall for a season...and met a super attractive potential, haha. He's name is Josh, and we're praying he lives in the Elders's area- I can't handle that! So much sweat and word stumbling!!  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and got his phone number...but he's a student at UND and life is kind of crazy right now. It was sweet!!

We tried our peeps, ate some food, and met a rogue less active named Robert as we went around town- it was pretty awesome. We finished up at night by contacting away and giving out a Book of Mormon- it's the little things! 

On Wednesday, we got up bright and early (or just at the normal time, haha), studied away, and ran off to help the Streges move- such a party! We loaded up their UHaul (and marvelled at how good Bro. Smith is at loading UHauls, man oh man), ate some pizza, and ran off to baptize the world...such a good morning! 

And THEN, we taught Travis and it was just the greatest. I love that hooligan!! We taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, intense but beauitful, and Dale testified like a pro was lovely!!  We're teaching the best people ever!! 

We taught the beloved Rodeen right after Travis...and casually crossed paths with my Fargo fave, Sister Bighetty- love her so much!! She was in town for the day, so she gave us some coupons for free Frosties and we hugged for a sec- she's the best!! 

But anyway, haha, we went over the Restoration with our dear Rodeen and chatted about reading the Book of Mormon- her mind is sorta blown by the concept of receiving personal revelation and acting on it. And she's already receiving it!! So cool to be a missionary, man oh man. It's my fave! We talked a lot about baptism, and she's just the best. I really feel like we're going to see that lovely lady baptized- all my dreams are coming true! 

We contacted for a season at the park after all that loveliness, chatted with our main man Dale, ate some dinner, and read the Book of Mormon with Harry- such a good day! We finished up our Wednesday by teaching the too cool Jackie Berry, the girlfriend of a, it was perfection!! Jackie's 17 and pretty much the coolest person around- I adore her! We reviewed the Restoration, taught the Plan of Salvation, and found out that she wants to be baptized...YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Love her!! Everyone around here wants to get baptized these days- it's the best!! 

On Thursday, we weekly planned for a season and met a Pakistani man named Shamoo at the mall (yeah, like the whale. It was pretty awesome.)...and taught our main man Chalis in the evening times with Sherah! It was lovely!! Chalis is just the best- coolest less active I know. Love him! We taught the Plan of Salvation but he really taught was such perfection. Chalis is the cooooooolest!! 

We also taught Ed on Thursday, a potential we've been trying to get in with for eons- it was awesome! We went over the Restoration and left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet to read over...and then, we hightailed it to ward coorelation. Such a good Thursday!!

And then it was Friday!! Promptly after studies, we ran off to teach Pat, who we met hanging ten outside the Travelodge a few days ago- it was awesome! We chatted about the Restoration and she grabbed that Book of Mormon outta my hands- she's so prepared!! I adore Pat!!  Such a perfect way to start the day!

We had district meeting after that, ate some lunch, and then headed over to the mall to do some contacting- it was sweet! We wandered for a sec and were about to leave...when this random preacher man starts waving his Bible at us on our way out and we realized that we're about to be outdone- no way Jose!  So, we strutted back in there and taught a sweet Catholic man named Tom and few others- it was sweet! 

We ate some dinner after that adventure, haha, and taught Henry afterwards about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom- love that man!! We decided together to push his date back to Sept. 17, just to make sure he's prepared and all's going to be awesome! He's so ready!! 

We ended our Friday by teaching Tanisha, one of Sherah's neighbor's- it was sweet! We chatted about church and the Atonement, and she committed to come on Sunday- and she totally did!! Hallelujah!!!!  Nothing makes me happier than people keeping their commitments, I'm telling ya! It's the greatest thing ever!! 
or at least tied for the greatest thing with Sherah. Hehe. :)

We started our Saturday off by teaching our dear Teddy and Almaz- the bestttttt!!!! Bro. Malopo came along, and it was just perfection. Bro. Malopo testified like a pro and answered Teddy's questions so perfectly- exactly who we needed, man oh man!! We taught the Restoration, and Teddy agreed with everything, committed to pray and read from the Book of Mormon, and scheduled another appointment for next Saturday- it was the coooooolest!! I'm absolutely convinced that having Bro. Malopo there made all the difference- he's just the best! He's coming again next weekend, and it's going to be so lovely. Teddy and Almaz are the greatest! We're the luckiest missionaries in all the world!!! 

We also taught Travis on Saturday, our fave, about the Sabbath day and baptism...AND HE COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED ON OCTOBER 8, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am SO JAZZZZZZZZZZZED!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Travis is just the best, and he's so ready for the gospel- love him!! He committed to come on Sunday but ended up sleeping late...BUT, he was super remorseful  and repentant about it- next week for sure! He's the best!! 

We finished up our Saturday by visiting Joe, our BFF- love him! We got to take him on a walk, such a party, and we chatted with his brother Rollie for a sec about tamales and tacos- he's going to teach us how to cook one day, yahoooooo!! It was such a lovely time!
We love Joe! :)

And then, it was Sunday! Such a delightful Sabbath!! All our people came to church and we asat by Rodeen, the was pure perfection all around. Grand Forks is the greatest place!! We also taught Henry yesterday, just read the Book of Mormon with that lovely bestie of ours- such a beautiful day! Such a beautiful week!! 

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do- thank you for being so awesome! Have the greatest week!!


Sister Robinson