Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nonstop Miracles and Humility

Hello, my dear friends! I can't quite believe it's Monday again, and that we've had another most glorious week here in the beloved Grand Forks- this truly is the promised land!! It's been another week full of miracles, full of marveling at the goodness of our Heavenly Father...and, ultimately, full of humility for the incredible blessings we have been given. I'm learning that every blessing we are given is a result of God's perfect love, His infinite mercy- blessings come as we are obedient, of course, but the very existence of blessings is a testament to Heavenly Father's total love for us. And really, during this week of nonstop miracles, I've been beaten with the humble stick. I alone am not deserving, I alone am nothing- but through Christ I am a missionary. I am a representative of Him and His perfect, infallible gospel...and for that, I am so grateful. God is good, my friends!! As we humble ourselves before Him, we will be blessed beyond measure- and then, the secret is to continually humble ourselves, haha! 

I've been reading in Ether lately, which I think is tied with Alma for the greatest book in the Book of Mormon, and thinking oodles about humility and miracles- it's been the best! Everyone needs to study some Ether!!  Seriously the best. Humility has kind of been the focus of my life as of late, and it's making all the difference. Humility allows us to access the powers of heaven and notice the true goodness and mercy of God! It's a beautiful thing!! 

Oh man, it has been such a lovely week. You know it's been a good one when I get to pondering life in the email intro, haha. The best!! My heart is just so full and I feel so blessed- and when your heart feels that full, you've gotta take a sec to appreciate it!

But anyway, haha, let me tell you about the loveliest of lovely weeks we've had. It's truly been the greatest!! We kicked it off with a rather chill pday of doing the normal errands and trying the masses- nothing too crazy. I did buy some new shoes, which I'm wearing as we yeah, pretty chill. We wandered for a minute around downtown Grand Forks, one of my favorite places in the world, and rejoiced in the glory that is pday- the dream!! 

found this gem during our wandering- so applicable! :)

On Tuesday, the crazy begun.  We started off by seeing Joe, who remains the greatest man I know, and reading some scriptures with him- the best!! He was eating a fish sandwich as we chatted, and he looked over to me at one point and said, "My hamburger tastes funny...I think it might be a fish sandwich."...and I just died laughing, haha!! People chilling in nursing homes are forever the greatest!!! 

We headed over to the mall after our season chilling with Joe to find some people to teach...and just as our hope was departing we met Jerry- it was the cooooooolest!! We were walking out with heavy hearts and I spotted him hanging ten outside the door, rocking a ponytail and a backpack- and I knew we needed to talk to him. We started up a casual convo and taught him the Restoration ashe waited for the bus- so sweet!! He ended up sharing a super spiritual experience he had while in prison (a bit scary but ultimately awesome, haha) and we gave him our number...AND THEN, the bus pulled up and Jerry was gone for good. Tragic! We walked to the van (yeah, we drive a minivan. It's pretty swag.) and thought Jerry was outta out lives for good...when we looked down at the phone and saw that we missed a call- FROM JERRRRRRY!!!!  We've got an appointment for the coming week and we're totally going to teach that man- such an amazing experience!! 

We found two other crazily prepared peeps during our Tuesday adventuring, Sharon and Larry, in the same crazy way...we are truly led to those who have been prepared! Sharon even gave us a referral for a sweet little Ethiopian family who hang at the park on the regular...goodness, such a lovely week!! 

And then, it was Wednesday. We kicked it all off my teaching Sherah's neighbor Tanisha with Sherah there as back up- it was the coolest thing!! Tanisha probably would never listen to us without Sherah, and I found myself so in awe of the goodness of Sherah through the whole lesson- she's just the greatest!! We just set expectations with Tanisha and invited her to church...and, Sherah found us all magic see through Pepsi to drink as we chatted, yahooooo!! Sis. Tucker and I call it alien juice, because it's the weirdest thing ever...but pretty cool nonetheless. The future is now, my friends!! 

alien juice.

We tried oodles of peeps in the afternoon times of Wednesday and dined with the lovely Orozcos- they're the besssssst!!!! Favorite people eveeeeeeeeeeer!!!!! We ate pizza and hot wings and told them the epic story of the time we met Jerry and shared the Restoration with their lovely fam- it was just the best. I adore the Orozcos!!! 

We ended our day by running by Joe's and teaching his brother Rolly- it was so sweet! Rolly is the coolest! He's not officially an investigator yet...yet being the key word, haha...we're totally going to teach that man!! 

Onto Thursday!  We studied away in the morn and were weekly planning away when we got a call from a rogue number...a recent convert in Minot with a referral for his mom, yahoooooo!!! We ended up calling her right away and scheduled an appointment for later that day- and, after weekly planning for an appropriate amount of time, we sprinted off to meet Rodeen Sien- she is the greatest woman I have ever met!!!!!  She's the essence of North Dakota, she wants to learn more about the gospel, and she's the spunkiest 61 year old of all time- it was the best!! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and invited her to church on Sunday- AND SHE TOTALLY CAME, AHHHHHH!!!!  RODEEEEEEEN!!! I am absolutely obsessed with her, and she told us that she wants to be baptized...gah, such a tender mercy! The Lord is so good to us!!

Rodeen was the highlight of our Thursday (and my life, dontcha know)- but we also weekly planned, went to Nick Rippe's baptism, the Zone Leaders' investigator, and contacted for a spell at the park- such a lovely day!! 

Friday was also lovely. We had district meeting and we taught Joe's friend Lora again and taught our dear Henry about praying and reading...and THEN, just when we thought we were maxed out for miracles, we got in with our most elusive less active, Misti Feather, and found the COOLEST family of all time, yahooooo!!! We were just wandering around the park after reading the Book of Mormon with Misti and marveling at her coolness when we saw them- the family that Sharon had referred us to on Tuesday!! We started walking and talking with them about the gospel, and we taught them the Restoration as we walked along- it was the coolest thing! We talked mostly with Teddy, and he translated for his wife Alma was we talked- the best!! We learned a lot about their religion, Ethiopian Orthodox, and Teddy told us he would love to learn more about our we scheduled a return appointment for next Saturday and asked if we could leave them with a prayer. Alma was a bit confused, as you would be if these two rogue church ladies asked they could pray with you on the sidewalk, so she invited us to their apartment to pray- it was amazing!! We taught them a bit more in their apartment and prayed with their sweet was one of the coolest experiences of my whole mission. So beautiful!! I felt so humbled to meet them, and so humbled that they invited us into their home- and so humbled to be teaching them, yahoooooo!!!! 
the pure shock of Teddy and Alma- what the WHAT!

Goodness, such a lovely Friday!! On Saturday, we taught our BFF Travis (he's my fave!!)- it was the best!! We just talked about prayer, and he had such real intent in his eyes...gah, that's my favorite thing of all time. I love when you can see people changing their lives, when you know the Atonement is working on them- the best!! 

We spent the bulk of our Saturday, though, driving out to Mayville and trying some people out there before going to dinner at the Smith's- with their friend Tasha, yahoooo!! We ate homemade pizza and taught Tasha the Plan of Salvation- it was incredible. One of the most spiritual lessons of all my days!! Tasha is just so prepared, and we were able to bear powerful testimony of the reality of God's love and His plan- it was just the coolest. I love being a missionary!! 
cute Mayville!

And then, it was Sunday! Such a good day!! Rodeen and Harry both came to church, we ate dinner with the too cool Willis clan, and we met Pat outside of Misti's place- we taught her the Restoration and scheduled a return appointment, yahoooooooo!!!! It was so cool- just when we thought the miracles were over, Pat wanders in and approaches US- amazing!! We also taught Sofi, Henry's roommate, on Sunday about the Plan of Salvation- so many good things are happening as of late!! Heavenly Father is blessing us beyond comprehension!!

Man oh man, it has been the greatest week- and this coming week is going to be a great one, too! Yahooooo!!!  I am just so grateful to be a missionary, so blessed to be about this great work- this truly is the work of Heavenly Father. I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do- have the greatest week!!


Sister Robinson
I love ND!! 

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