Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter is HERE.

Helllllllo, my dear peeps! We're chilling in the library on this crazily cold Tuesday because of MLK day yesterday- gotta love mid-week pdays! They're the dream.

Oh man, I bet you're all anxiously awaiting my transfer news...having major anxiety about what could be happening to dear ol' Sister Robinson....where in the world she could be going...but the wait is over! I'm actually staying in Beulah one last transfer and we're getting a third sister to hang with- yahoooo!! Her name is Sister Boyack, and she's coming up from Valentine, Nebraska- it's going to be a party! We don't know too much more about her, but we think she's been out the same amount of time as Sister Luker, and that she just finished getting trained...we'll meet her on Thursday and find out for sure! We're crazy excited to party with her, and I'm super excited to be sticking around in this perfect area. Pres. Hess made it pretty clear that this is my last transfer in beautiful Beulah, and that'll put our total time here at seven and a half months- almost half my mission! Crazy, crazy. I'm just so jazzed to be sticking around, because (as per usual) crazyyyyy things are happening here and I'm not ready to go!

And now, let's take a moment to decipher that subject. It's been so crazily cold here lately- highs in the negatives, generally frozen nose hairs, and two layers of fleece lined tights. Man oh man, I'm chilly! The good news is that the natives have stopped teasing me about being cold- everyone is cold now! We hit -30* on Saturday with wind chill, and I thought I might die. Turns out, it takes a little more than that to take down this missionary! Thank heavens for fur-lined snow boots and wool skirts! I'm officially retired my flats for the season-. It's for the best- I'd rather wear nerdy huge boots than not have toes!

But anyway, we've had a really amazing week! Transfer news hit us a little hard, but we're redoubling our efforts and making the best of an unexpected situation. It's truly a tender mercy, because there are so many incredible things happening in Beulah right now! It was just the best!

Monday was rock solid- I love a chill p-day! We emailed and thrifted (and found my spirit wall clock- it's a cross stitched teapot!) and browsed and giggled all day- I just love my sweet comp! She, at one point during our crazy day, bought a huge box of clearance Christmas chocolates and later realized what a ridiculous purchase that was, haha. Gotta love her! We even cleaned the apartment (which is truly the highlight of my pday, dontcha know) and had time to take a wee nap- such a nice pday!
Me and my new spirit clock (if only there were a wrist watch like this, man oh man)    
my In-N-Out hat    

We dined solo in our apartment and sprinted off to see Barb- who invited us to a random jewelry party at her church! We were both crazy nervous (justifiably so, I think) to go...but it ended up being a really nice time! Barb introduced us to all her church-going friends and we browsed the crazily expensive jewelry- good times all around! Barb offered to buy us some jewelry, but we politely declined- ain't no missionary got money for that! It was a tad awko, these two lone missionaries that attend jewelry parties and don't buy anything...but it was nice to meet some of Barb's friends and hear her weirdly praise us. I don't fully understand it, but we've somehow become Barb's besties- all my mission dreams are coming true!

After our jewelry party shenanighans, we ran by Jeff, who we tracted into a few weeks ago. He let us right in, and we taught him the Restoration- it was amazing! He knows a Mormon from work and has actually talked to him about Joseph Smith, and it was super sweet to answer all his cray cray questions. We left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and we're going to try him again in the coming week- yahoo for meeting prepared people!

On a random Monday sidenote, I got an In-N-Out hat from my dear Jeannie and Clint- man, I love those goons! I spent the remainder of our p-day cleaning the apartment with it on- sometimes, a random In-N-Out hat makes all the difference!

But anyway, Tuesday was aaaaaaaamazing! Such a good day! We kicked it off with the morning routine and Subway for lunch- used up the last of our Kim Jensen gift card, such a good time. Sis. Luker expanded her horizons and tried roast beef and lettuce- she normally goes for the ham and olive sammie, so I was super proud. She's growing up!

We headed to Hazen after lunch and tried the usual people...with no luck. We both were feeling like we should run by the Lee's, even though we knew our dear Bro. Lee was out of town for the week...but it ended up being exactly where we needed to be! We chatted for a sec about cameras and told the sad tale of Sister Luker's broken camera (that I don't think I've mentioned here, but the lens refuses to close and we've come to rely on my pro picture taking skillz)...and Sis. Lee whipped out an old camera that she doesn't use anymore! Whatta tender mercy! We did some dishes for our beloved Sister Lee, and we left her place with a couple people to try- what a rockstar!
Piper being adorable... 

...and trying on my boots    
We tried Bobby and the Cranes before sprinting over to Tiffany and having a totally amazing lesson with her- it was so sweet! We chatted with her crazy kidlets about everything and suddenly, Falicity comes running out with the Restoration pamphlet, telling us that their family doesn't believe in Joseph Smith!  It was the perfect segway into prayer and personal revelation, and we committed Tiffany to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith- and we're going over today to follow that sucker up! It's going to be great!

We dined at the Cline's and celebrated a beautiful taco Tuesday- I love that Sister Cline!!- before racing over to the Rice's for dessert. They were headed out of town for the week and we had to take precautionary transfers measures just in case everything went wrong, ya know. It was such perfection, and I'm glad that I can chill with them more! I adore that sweet fam!

Wednesday was also crazy town- we started the day off with studies and then raced over to Sis. Lee's house for a delish lunch of BLTs. Man, I adore that lady. We studied Alma 30 together and it was pure bliss. Oh man, I wish we could go to the Lee's on the daily! Two days in a row was truly the dream, man oh man. We ran by Bobby's and scheduled and appointment with him before running over to Barb's. Golly wolly, I love that Barb! We listened to our fave song, "It Passes all my Understanding", and pondered with her its true meaning. She's so amazing, oh my goodness. She got two Stampin' Up packages while we were visiting with her, and she made us hang around when she perused. I just love that she loves us as much as we love her.

After our delightful Barb visit, we were feeling a Wes and Maria stop by...and MARIA WAS TOTALLLLLY HOME AND SHE LET US INNNNNNN!! We've been trying to get in with her for eons- probs about five months, in all honesty, and she let us in on a random Wednesday!! It was pure bliss- she even apologized for avoiding us for all these months and thanked us for being so persistent- NO PROBLEM, MARIA!!! She let us know that she really wants to learn more, and that she's never felt God's love more than when she went to the branch. Man, it's going to be an adventure! We're going to meet with her this week, and I am SO JAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZED to see what happens! She's just ready, and I'm excited that Wes is going to be all reactivated as Maria begins to accept the gospel! What pure bliss!

We dined at the Koehler's, and had late night visit with our dear Gayle...during which we found out that he has had dentures since he was 26! AHHHHHHHH!!  He also showed us a picture of him in his youthful prime, which I snapped a picture of (of course, that's just how I roll). It was such a good end to such a good day!

Gayle and Gayle    
Thursday was SO good! We had perhaps the greatest weekly planning session eva (like, legitimately. It was amazing!) and headed out into the world...and taught three amazing lessons!

We started in Zap, where we tried Katie but ended up teaching her younger brother Ben about the Book of Mormon- it was sweet! We then ran over to Cale's, who is a less active member that we tracted into about two months ago. He was miracuously home, and we were able to chat with him about the gospel and his testimony- incredible! He told us about how trek changed his life, and how hard it has been to live in North Dakota...and we reminded him that church makes all the difference. He gave us his number and told us to call when we're in the area, so he cna vacuum his carpet and make us cookies. Yahoooo!!

We ran over to Halliday after that, and had an amazzzzing visit with our dear Faye- I love that sweet woman! She offered to cut our hair (and I might take her up on it- only time will tell!) and we chatted about the Book of Mormon- it was perfect!

We dined at the Istilart's (man oh man, how I adore them!) and got an ominous call from Sis. Hess on the way back to Beulah regarding the possibility of a trio- the thought hadn't even crossed my mind! But really, we're the perfect trio candidates- we're chilling in a huge two bedroom apartment, we're mega chill, and this area is full of love. No better place to recuperate in a trio! We texted to confirm on Saturday, and found out her name and everything- man, it's going to be a party!

Friday was so good- we had our district meeting in the morn, and we raced back to Beulah afterwards to jump in the Roundy's car and head off to Bismarck! We got permission to split our pday and go to the temple with our fave fam on Friday- it was pure bliss! We went to Walmart with them, dined at Taco Bell (I got a Crunchwrap Supreme and could've cried- the Roundy's are totally my people!), and did a sealing session. Man, it was the perfect day. I so needed to just sit in the temple and know that it is all going to be okay- that even in a trio, Beulah is going to be amazing. The peace that the temple brings is just unparalleled- and I am so jazzed to be staying close to it for a little bit longer! I'm hoping there's more temple trips in my future- only time will tell!
That time we went to Mickey D's after the temple because Sis. Roundy got a hankering for some ice cream (man, I love her!) 

Our Saturday and Sunday were amazing as well, with glorious mail (shoutout to my dear Sis. Phillips- she sent the most beautiful Jamberries I've ever seen- I'm in love!!) and crazy lessons (Gordy and the Parsons and the Billmans, oh my!) and a perfect Sabbath (complete with a Johnsons dinner and ukelele performance- I love them so much!). It was the perfect end to our amazing week!

Gordy (my main man!)    
us and the Billmans (I love Sister Luker!!)    
I'm excited to see what adventures this new week bring- it's going to be a cray cray email! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for your constant support and love!

Have the greatest week, my friends!

Sister Robinson

using the tripod to document our cute companionship (we're pretty cute- Sis. Luker straightened my hair!)