Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loving the 2k16 Life

Hey-oh, my dear fam! 

Merry 2016!! Happy New Year!! I can't believe we're chilling in January these days, and that we're still hanging out in Beulah. Month six of the mish is treating me well so far- the work is picking back up, we're only minorly freezing our booties off, and we're loving the 2k16 life. It's a dream! This morning we ran our errands and browsed the Hazen drug store- and Sister Luker and I bought each other adorable ornaments...we're so in sync. She got me a little strawberry one and I got her an "Inside Out" one- pure bliss!  So, if you couldn't already tell, we're adoring the post Christmas life! Strangely enough, Christmas miracles keep on coming...but we'll get to all that! We've got a lot of ground to cover this week- let's jump into it!

As we chatted about last email, last Monday was crazy town. We spent the day with the Rice’s, taking impromptu trips to Bismarck to pick up phones and go to Wal-Mart (where I used some of my Christmas money to buy $3 flats- such a steal! They're white and pointed and perfect...and I may have worn them a couple times this week. I'm already freezing...gotta rock the cute flats!!) and eat Chinese food- it was perfection! We emailed once back to Beulah and went back to the Rice's to finish up our laundry...during which, our dinner appointment cancelled- the flu has been taking Beulah down! Sister Rice told us to just stay over for dinner, and it was perfection. I love the Rice’s!! 
Tripod adventures with the Rices (oh man, I love them so much!) 

We ate philly cheese steaks with them and watched "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" (it's our new favorite Mormon message- so amazing)...and took some requisite tripod pictures, of course. Loving the tripod life! We sprinted over to Gayle's after dinner and shared a scripture with him- it was perfect! I love that man so much. He even gave a pack of cough drops and said that we better not get sick, haha. The man loves us, too!

Tuesday was blissful as well. We started with the morning routine and spent our dear lunch hour speed cleaning the apartment- gotta have a clean home base. It's a necessity. Sister Luker probably thinks I'm a crazy loon, but nothing brings me more joy than an empty sink and vacuumed carpet and the general scent of lavender. We headed out of the apartment as the happiest of campers, and started trying all the people.

We ended up teaching Martha, a 97 year old (seriously, not even a joke) that we tracted into a couple weeks ago. Her nephew is a member, so she's kinda sorta interested...and we chatted for a long time about the Book of Mormon. She's a pretty devout Lutheran, and not super looking for anything...but she did have a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon! It was pretty sweet. I'm not sure that Martha will become a permanent fixture in our Beulah lives, but she is a pretty rad lady. I'll keep you updated, of course. 

We ran over to Cynthia's after that, our recent fave less active wise. She's doing well, and we finally got more of the story about her Church experience- yahooo!! It was productive and I think she's finally getting to a place of actually trusting us. Man, nothing beats that! Hopefully, as we continue to work with dear ol' Cynthia, she'll warm up to the idea of coming back to church. We'll see, we'll see! 

We spent the rest of our day sprinting around and trying everyone with not a lot of luck...until we tried Christine and Renee in Halliday! Yahooo!! They're former investigators we tried eons ago, when we first got in the area, and were super not interested...but Sister Thueson told us to give them another chance. Man, I am so grateful we did! They are the sweetest people ever! Christine is 89 and from Switzerland, and Renee is 90 and from the Czech Republic- and they're the cutest little couple in human existence. Christine was a little hesitant when we knocked on their door, but Renee (in all his perfect 90 year old-ness) let us right in, made up a plate of cookies, and chatted with us about religion. About midway through our conversation, Renee abruptly got up, grabbed a book called "Rediscovering Jesus", and told me that I need to read it. Apparently, crazily old Catholic men from Europe can smell that I'm still figuring it all out, haha.It was just the sweetest lesson!

We shared a quote from "A Summer with Great Aunt Rose" with those two cuties, and Christine LOVED Pres. Uchtdorf, of course. I should've seen it coming! We got the exclusive invite to Renee's 90th birthday party, and the even more exclusive return appointment- I'm excited to see what happens!

We ate dinner at the Black's on Tuesday night- it was the best! I hadn't really met them before dinner, but they are just the greatest. Their first names are Lamont and Rosemary- could you just die!? They rival Christine and Renee for Tuesday's cutest couple, for sure. We chatted about Bro. Black's conversion over lasagna, and it was just amazing. I love them! We shared a Conference quote and swapped our favorite apostles...and we left their place with oodles of brownies and such profound love for this sweet family I've never even met. Amazing!

We ended our day at Barb's, where we shared a quote from Elder Renlund's talk (to explain my Christmas card, lolol) and chatted about prayer. It was perfect! Barb gave us this huge bag of shoes to go through because her and Sister Luker are the same size (dang fairy feet) and it was simply joyous. We tried them all on after nightly planning, and I totally felt like one of the ugly stepsisters. No one should have sevens! That is so small! But alas, some of the pairs had cute detachable bows...so I stole a few of those for my own personal use. Yahoo for shoe bows!!

Wednesday was another crazy day, filled to the brim with trying everyone and tracting our Hazen. Not a fave, man oh man. But, I did have killer personal studies that morning, so not all was lost! We did scheduled a couple of rad appointments for the coming week (that hopefully won't fall though, yikes!) during comp study, and we both had the acute awareness that our day was going to be a little bit weird. It was still magical and wonderful...just a little weird. 

We sprinted over to Hazen after lunch and tried all the potentials we had written down...little bit disheartening, haha. We did end up seeing Bro. Crane and chatting with him about Christ and his profound love of food storage and front loading laundry machines- ya know, just the basics of the gospel. It was a really good chat, and I think Bro. Crane is getting closer and closer to wanting to be active. Man, I hoooooope so! I feel confident!

We ran over to the Lee's after that, and had a really nice meeting with our fave, Bro. Lee. We shared a Conference talk and talked about our relationship with Heavenly Father- it was sweet! He has such a strong testimony of prayer, but he's not really doing anything about it...I dunno know. We'll see what happens! 

We dined at the Whitley's and ate yummy soup with their fam before heading back out into our dreary Wednesday. We tried all the people, and ended the night with our spirits pretty low...until we got a call from Dickinson with a referral in Hebron! Yahoo! Not all hope is lost! AND, Sis. Billman called us up with Hebron referrals as well! Such a tender mercy after a longer than usual Wednesday. 

Thursday was SO good, man oh man! We spent a good chunk of our day planning away, and we ran over to Barb's the second we were done. Scott left her all alone on New Years, so she gave us a call early Thursday morning and asked us to come by - yahoooo!!  Barb loves us!! We shared Alma 24 and chatted about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies- it's our new fave New Years message! Bury your swords, people! Barb really enjoyed it, and we all got to thinking about what our swords could be. I've got a lot more swords than I really want to manage, haha, We've been brainstorming...I think pride is a definite sword I want to ditch, but I might need to start a little smaller. I'm still ponderizing. But, it was a great visit!

We met the Dunkleys after that and carpooled over to their place for dinner- Chinese food and apple cider, of course! It was so much fun. We played Uno with their fam and chatted about New Years Resolutions...perfection all around. Really, I just adore those Dunkleys! It was such a party, and I felt so grateful to be right where I am and meeting people like the Dunkleys. The true take away from my Thursday is that Beulah is amazing and everything is awesome- especially my fave Dunkleys!
my cute New Years Eve outfit (I made Sis. Luker take a picture because I was pretty proud, haha)    
 a cute picture snapped by Tabitha (the best pictures are always taken by three year olds, dontcha know), 
a backseat party in the Dunkley car    

Friday was also awesome, of course. It was a great week! We did the morning routine before heading over to Hebron, where we ate lunch with the Coots and hightailed it to Dickinson. We had an amazingly inspired district meeting, and a speed round Wal-Mart trip before heading back to Beulah to dine with the Rice's. They're totally my fave, guys. I adore them! 

We ate collared greens and roast and beans and mashed potatoes- so delish! After dinner (while playing Head's Up, haha), my beloved watch broke and, although my pro watch fixer Macey tried to revive it, died for good. Luckily, it all went down at the Rice's, and they gave me two watches to tide me over until I can get a new one. I love them so much!! One of them is pretty much my spirit watch- it's burgundy and has Minnie Mouse on the inside- and I'm in love. The Rice’s just win all the awards! I adore them! We shared a Conference quote with their fam and talked about the Savior- nothing beats an amazing family with solid testimonies. I love it so much! 

We tried all the people after dinner and ended up doing a late night session of 12-week...not a fave. We nightly planned like pros and ended our day feeling perfectly content and at ease- such a magical Friday! 

Saturday was amazing, complete with helping Sister Humphreys paint her new house(and wearing our new Bismarck North Dakota t-shirts, dontcha know!), an impromptu lesson with Gayle, tracting all around, and a lovely Lee dinner appointment. Pure bliss! Sister Lee surprised us with a late Christmas present- perfect sister missionary stockings!!- and we talked with Bro. Lee about doing 12-step- such a good night!! The Towes and the Clines came over as well, and it was such a party. I love Beulah! 

our cuter than cute mission shirts (I'm in love!)    
our adorable stockings!    
Our Sabbath was delightful, of course of course. We got late presents from the Wielands and Roundys (because the flu totally wiped out the branch, oh man. Such drama!)- oh my goodness, they were perfect. The Wielands got us cute scarves and the Roundys got us CDs...and Liberty got me my spirit t-shirt, complete with a button that says, "Butts". The pictures will explain better, haha. I just love that girl so much! Somehow, she found a shirt that totally describes our friendship and me as an individual- it's perfection! Gah, love that girl. 
Liberty's perfect Christmas present (seriously, isn't it PERFECT!?! I'm dying!)   

We also randomly saw Faye yesterday- it was amazing! We tried her on a whim before our dinner with the Thueson's, and she let us right in! We played with her puppies and talked about the New Year- and we're going to get lunch with her on Tuesday! YAHOOOOO!!  It was crazy town- I am SO excited! My fave Faye is investigating once more- what a tender mercy!
living the tripod life with the Thuesons    
Sis. Luker and Faye (being adorable)    

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do! Have the greatest week!


Sister Robinson

and my updated stocking- the "butts" pin really makes it me, haha!     

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