Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beautiful Lessons, Impromptu Exchanges, and Reunions in Minot: The Craziest of all the Crazy Weeks!!

OH MAN oh man, what a crazy week it has been!!! So much went down, my dear friends. SO MUCH. I feel like my head is juts exploding with so much information just waiting to unload on all you beautiful people...AHHHH!!! Such a crazy week!!

Okay, for starters, we got transfer calls on Saturday...my new comp is Sister Clark!! She's serving in Pierre, South Dakota right now, and I've met her a couple times at MLC- she seems way cool! I'm super excited!! Our whole zone was super hit by transfers this time around- two areas are getting closed and washed!! AHHHHH!! Jamestown is getting closed, with Sis. House headed home and Sis. Stephens going to Dickinson, and Moorhead is getting white washed, with Sis. Richins headed to Rapid City to live the STL life and Sis. Haubner going to BEULLLLLLAH!!! I screamed for a while outta pure joy upon finding that out, haha. I was so happy!! The happiest of all time!!!! She's going to be so happy and amazing over there- all my dear Beulah homies are obligated to adore her!! She is absolutely wonderful!!

Detroit Lakes also got all shaken up- Sis. Baadsgaard is headed to Minot to live the STL life and....you ready?!? Sis. Baadsgaard is getting replaced by SISTER LUKERRRRRR, my dear greenie!!!!!  I'M SISTER LUKER'S STLLLL!!!! I'm endlessly jazzed, because it's going to be crazy fun- hallelujah for inspired transfers!!!

OH MAN, so that's most of the crazy to which I have been referring. So much is changing with this new transfer! It'll all be so great, but it'll definitely be different...I'll keep you posted on how it all is!

But anyway, this week has been SUCH a good one. We started it off with a beautiful p-day, full of a ferris wheel ride in the world's biggest Scheel's, lunch at Chipotle, random errand running, and hanging with our dear Sis. Richins and Sis. Haubner. It was perfection! We played some Phase Ten with our faves in their apartment while eating popcorn and gabbing away- that's how sisters roll! We FHE'd and dined at the Gray's on Monday night, who are one of the cutest fams known to man- it was a party! Yahoo for FHE!!

We've got that time we rode the ferris wheel (seriously the greatest- perhaps the best thing I've ever done on a pday!!!)    
Tuesday was absolutely crazy- one of the busiest days of all time! We started off the day by doing some service (after weekly planning away- it's a constant!) at our fave Senior Center and passing out all the salad and apples- pure bliss!! We ate lunch with Sis. Disher, and she fed us the most delish baked potato soup and we chatted about the gospel...and Sis. Broberg casually asked for a picture and said goodbye. Something I'm learning from my dear comp is how to be a pro at goodbyes- she's such a rockstar! Total pro!

We ran over to Sis. Billings after all that adventuring and helped her pack of some of her house- she's moving to Arizona in June for cancer treatment and MAN oh man, she's my fave. Such a spunky lady! She cracks me up to no end- I love her loads!

AND THEN, we took a media hour. Nothing too crazy, haha. BUUUUT, after our media hour, we ran off and taught Sis. Lien- it was a beautiful time!! We brought Sis. Wright along and chatted about the gospel- pure bliss!! She told us about how her husband is having a hard time with her learning more, about how much she knows this is the true church, and how she wants to get baptized- AHHHHHHH!!!! No date quite yet, but she's praying away about sometime in May- she's the COOOOOLEST!!! I am so sincerely obsessed with her- it's ridiculous!! AHHHH!!! I just love that investigator of ours so much, and Sis. Wright was the perfect fellowshipper- ah man, we are just so blessed to be working with that Sis. Lien. I adore her!!

We ran off the dinner at the Larsen's after that perfect lesson and then sprinted our way over to the Mitchell's so we could carpool to Enderlin...oh man, such craziness!! We taught Bro. Friederichs about personal revelation and watched "Patterns of Light" with him...it was great!

AND THEN, after all that running around, we ran over to the church once back to Fargo and exchanged away with our sweet Moorhead sisters- I hung out with Beulah's new fave, Sis. Haubner!! It was such a blissful time, mostly because Sis. Haubner and I realized that we are one in the same...I love her the most!! We taught a couple really sweet lessons together, including Bro. Kranto, and ultimately decided that Qdoba will always be better than Chipotle. Turns out, I've betrayed my family ties and everything I hold dear- AHHHHH!!!  But, I've sincerely repented and have again come to the conclusion that Qdoba is forever better than Chipotle- they put queso in their burritos!! How could I forget about that?!
eating Qdoba with Sis. Haubner    

We ended our Wednesday night by having a super sweet lesson with our dear Sis. Dresser, all about the Word of Wisdom...and she loved it! AHHHH!! I'm always nervous to teach the Word of Wisdom, even to less actives, but she's just so ready to live the gospel again. I love her so much!! She even met with Bishop Cook on Sunday to get everything in order for the temple- AHHHH!!!  She's the best!!

Thursday was bonkers as well- it was just the craziest week, I'm telling you!! We had planned on planning all the day long, but our day somehow got highjacked by everything else...one of these Thursdays we'll actually plan all day, haha! We did plan until our lesson with Sis. White, an investigator we haven't taught since I've been around- it was sweet!! She's a really nice lady, and we taught her and her less active sister about the gospel- partay!! I realized/remembered how much I simply adore old ladies- they're truly the greatest!!

We dined with the Zollingers on Thursday night, who are officially my new faves- I adore them!! We ate chicken salad and laughed about everything- mostly about how they're planning on retiring in Portland and how legitimately rainy it is there. They were totally distraught when I told them that, haha. Man, they are just the cutest!!! We chatted about the Restoration with them and it was just the greatest- I love them a lot!! Hopefully, they'll become a more regular part of Fargo times- I'm obsessed!!

We ended our Thursday by going to the Relief Society activity...with SISTER LIEEEEEN!!!!  AHHHHH!!! It was the greatest, naturally, and Sis. Lien brings such profound joy to my heart- I just love her the most!!! She became friends with all the sisters, of course, and we watched her bond while we ate cute desserts and drank fancy lemonades- what a wonderful time!! Sister Lien is the GREATEST!!!!

And then it was Friday, the craziest of ALL the crazy days this week. MAN oh man!!! We woke up and did the morning routine before sprinting our way off to the church to carpool to MINOOOOOT!!! We stopped for a season in Grand Forks to eat lunch and got to Minot with just enough time...and then, we casually went to a Nashville Tribute concert. 
Excitedly driving! 

a cute water tower in Grand Forks    

YUUUUUP. It was the most beautiful of all the beautiful times, and our whole mission came- AHHHHH!!! It was all about being unified as Christian faiths and it was just the cooooolest.

At four, the band put on a special missionary only concert and I just died the whole time- AHHHHH!!! NASHVILLE TRIBUTTTTTTE!!!!  I'm pretty sure I maxed out joy wise somewhere during the night- probs between seeing all my dear companions again and jamming out to "Redeemer"!! So, spoiler alert, after our missionary only concert and our quick dinner run, they put on a beautiful "Redeemer" performance- perfection!! Between our missionary concert and the real life one, we had time to mingle...oh man, that was my favorite part!! I got to see Sis. Finlinson one last time before she leaves, and my dear Sis. Luker and Sis. Boyack, and oodles of rogue Elders that I adore, and Sis. Shutt, and all my favorite people. MAN oh man, it was just the greatest time!!

Beulah reuniooooon!!! 
seeing my sweet trainer!!    
Sis. Clark and I (don't you love Sis. Finlinson in the back- she kills me!!)    
Sis. Finlinson casually singing with Nashville Tirbute (I have the coolest trainer, dontcha know)    

Remember when I first got that CD, when I was a brand new missionary and life was just so crazy?! Yeah, me too. AND now, I've been out almost half my mission and it was making me all self-reflecty and sentimental...something about Nashville Tribute just sounds like my mission!! It was pure perfection- everyone should go and buy the "Redeemer" CD ASAPPPP!! I feel like I told you that eons ago (but I did try to find it in my emails and couldn't...so maybe I haven't, haha)...so just do it. Your life will be changed for good!

But anyway, it was SUCH a good night. I sat by Sis. Harrington and Sis. Baadsgaard, my Detroit Lakes faves, and we jammed out the whole time- best night evaaaa!!! We took oodles of pictures and laughed and just had the best time- yahoo for rogue mission reunions in Minot!!
the Fargo Zone sisters and Jason Deere  (I totally made him sign the back of my nametag- I'm obsesssssssed!!!)

We sprinted our way to Grands Forks after the concert, where we had a giant Sister sleepover before hightailing it back to Fargo early Saturday morning- what a crazy time! We studied at Moorhead's apartment with all the Fargo Zone sisters, and we all got our transfer calls together- solidarity!!  We ate lasagna (courtesy of Sis. Richins- she's the besssst!!!) together for lunch and hugged all around- I love our Zone sisters so much!!
our last Sisters date and serious faces    

The rest of our Saturday was spent having a glorious church tour with SIIIIIISTER LIEN, AHHHH, and trying the masses before having dinner with the Wright's.Our church tour was such a beautiful time- we taught keeping the Sabbath day holy and gave her a Word of Wisdom pamphlet to read over before out next visit...which will be over Olive Garden!!! She wants to take us out to lunch before Sis. Broberg leaves- yahoooo!!!

Such a good day- the Wrights fed us the fanciest dinner ever of pork and mashed potatoes and homemade apple sauce and homemade maple syrup ice cream for dessert!! It was just the greatest! Yahooooo for wonderful Saturdays!!

Our Sunday was also wonderful, full of the requisite goodbyes and a crazy random lesson with Sis. Johnson, the less active we taught when I first got to Fargo. It was sweet!!

Welp, that's my week! It's been a good one- I'm excited to tell you all about the crazy changes coming up!! It'll be so fun!

Have the greatest week, my dear friends! I love you so much!


Sister Robinson