Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Beautiful Lessons and General Conference: Oodles of Fargo Joy!!

Hello, my beautiful friends!! OH MAN oh man, what a beautiful weeeeek!! I think somewhere between teaching gorgeous lessons and getting the world's greatest mail and watching beautiful sessions of General Conference and getting Bro. Jallah ON DATTTTTE for baptism!!!!!!, I maxed out in the joy department. It's been the perfect week! Life is just so good these days!! AND, the best bit of this last crazy week is that our upcoming week is going to be even more insane- MLC and my dear Sister Finlinson! The temple!! ZTM! Exchanges! So much good is happening in Fargo as of late! My heart is truly full of sunshine and love and my mission love is reaching unprecedented proportions- it's just been the greatest!!

Before we all bounce into this email, I've gotta take a brief moment to tell you all how much I ADOOOOOORED Conference. GUYS, it was amazing!! So much so that it's part of our subject today- the true mark of a big deal!! I came with the nice chunky list of questions (nothing too crazy, just general thoughts of my heart)...and they all got answered within the first session. This church is truly run by Christ, though a living prophet, and we can receive direct revelation from him! AHHHH!! The gospel is just so cooooool!! I wish I had taken Conference SO much more seriously as a kidlet- it's life changing! And edifying! And all around beautiful! This church is just SO SO true, and I am so grateful that I have that knowledge now...even if I had to go through years of not fully understanding. Consistently living the gospel each and every day is making me KNOW things I only ever believed, and it's incredible. Missions and Conference and this church are the best!!

But anyway, haha, onto the week at hand. We kicked it off with an absolutely beautiful Monday, full of p-day adventuring and playing Phase Ten at the church- such a party! I just adore chilling in Fargo and working with so many wonderful missionaries...and playing Phase Ten with them, lol! It's the best! Gotta love Fargo!

We dined at the Merrill's on Monday night, and it was such a blissful time- Sis. Merrill is from Puyallup!! Whatta small world!! We chatted about our shared adoration of Washington over a dinner of lamb with mint jelly (totally delish, and totally fancy. I was in heaven!), and it was just perfection- I adore those Merrills!! Such a lovely dinner! We also FHE'd with their fam, just a little message about Christ and Easter- so sweet!

We went hunting down a referral we got from church headquarters after dinner and ended up doing some finding in a desperate attempt to find him, haha. We met a couple way cool people, including Dylan, but nothing too crazy to report. Just a nice Monday!

Tuesday was absolutely BONKKKKERS- my favorite kind of day!! We started off our day with the morning routine and headed out to schedule some appointments- we ended up running into Sis. West from the ward and setting up FHE for the next week, yahooooo! We ran off to do some adorable senior center service after that little adventure, where we passed out dessert and chatted away with the sweet people there...and then we went over to Sis. Koon's! Busy morning!!

Sis. Koon is doing so good these days- we helped her build a crib (yup, seriously. It was crazy, haha!) and taught her about the law of chastity and missionary work, so sweet! She's just the greatest! She gave us orange juice for the road to say thank you, and it was just so perfect. I love that sweet Sis. Koon!

We've got the crib we built with Sis. Koon (and her too cute granddaughters, Jamie and Favor)    
my breakfast of champs with delish Sis. Koon orange juice    
We ate lunch with Sis. Robideau and spent a good chunk of our afternoon hanging with our new fave, Sis. Totten, who came back from her mission in Argentina about a month ago- she's the coolest!! We tried oodles of people with her, and ended up teaching a super sweet lesson to Sis. Cudney, a less active we've been trying to get in with for a while. It was awesome! We taught her and her two daughters about following the prophet and committed them to watch Conference together...it was super cool! Yahoo for Sis. Totten!!

We dined at the church with the Institute class (because our dear senior missionaries, the Raleighs, cook everyone dinner on Tuesday nights and they invited us along- it was so sweet!)...during which, there was a random phone call from Keith Stebleton...who wants to meet with us! YAHOOOO!! It was crazy, and he just happens to live in our area- not a coincidence!! We're teaching him next Wednesday, and I am just SO jazzed. It's going to be awesome!!

We tracted for a spell after dinner and ended our night with a gorgeous lesson with Sis. Dresser- I love her so much!! She's the best!! We hadn't seen her in forever because she went to Cabo...but she's back and better than ever, haha!! We taught her about Ether 12:27 and the Atonement, and committed her to watch Conference- it was the sweetest!! I simply adore her!

Wednesday was a cray cray day, man oh man. We went on a little baby exchange with Moorhead and taught a couple lessons...but it was generally just kind of weird, haha. We also randomly got a new car on Wednesday, because our dear car hit 50,000 miles and peaked in mission life. So, we now have a sweet Jeep Compass for the time being and balance is restored- hallah!!

The highlight of our weird Wednesday was teaching Bro. Jallah in the Parker's home- YAHOOOO!! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and chatted oodles about baptism.......AND HE COMMITTED TO APRIL 30TH!!!! AHHHHHH!!! It was perhaps the single greatest moment of my life....AHHHHHHH!!!!! YAHOOOOO!!! Bro. Jallah is just the coolest and my heart is just so full of love- whatta a beautiful time!! I think our Wednesday was generally weird because we needed to fully appreciate the miracle and majesty of that lesson- such a gorgeous time!

We spent our Thursday weekly planning away...and we went out with Sis. Raleigh in the evening hours to try oodles of people, yahoo!! It was a total party, and I just adore Sis. Raleigh so much- she reminds me completely of Grandma and it makes my heart so happy! We got in with Sis. Juliana and taught her about following the prophet and General Conference- it was so sweet! Huzzah for Sis. Raleigh and random Thursday miracles!

hanging with Sis. Raleigh on Thursday, and a beautiful (Beulah-ful?) throwback to my Beulah days in downtown Fargo!!

Friday was SUCH a good day, man oh man! We started off with gorgeous studies and ran off to see Sis. Michael, who is actually Sis. Koon's daughter- it was a party! She works at Justice, in the mall, so we taught her a quick lesson about Conference and following the prophet on some fancy couches outside Justice. Whatta party!

We lunched away with our dear sisters after that, hanging out in Moorhead's apartment today- it was so blissful! I love those sisters of ours! We ate pasta and crazy good crockpot chicken sauce- Sis. Baadsgaard and Sis. Harrington are total pros!

District meeting was also a total party, all about using the scriptures more in our teaching, and we sprinted off after that to try and tract. It was sweet! We met a new investigator, Demetri, who we taught about the Book of Mormon. It was so cool!! We also met a couple way amazing people as we tracted, including Angie...who we are both convinced was an angel. Like, legitimately. It was bonkers! We chatted for a while in her garage and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon...to which she responded by hugging us both and saying, "Onward, Christian soldiers!" - AHHHHH!!!  She also shouted a "love you, Sisters!" on her way back into her house...total angel. Craziest tracting experience of all my days!!

Onto Saturday, huzzzzah!! We made it! We Conference'd away with the Cooks on Saturday, which was a totally blissful time. I love them so much! My faves of Saturday were Elder Bednar and Elder Renlund (obvs, haha)...both of which I feel like 90% of went over my head. SO much goodness!! I need to hard core study those puppies!! Both sessions were just so so good, and my personal highlight was some "Come Thou Fount" at the end of Saturday Afternoon- forever my fave!

We taught a KILLLLLER in between sessions lesson with our dear Sis. Lien- AHHHHH!!!!! It was perfection! We brought Sis. Robinson along and just focused on the Book of Mormon...and Sis. Lien totally baked us cookies and has already read to 1 Nephi 16. WHATTA DREAMMMMM!!!!!  She's seriously the investigator I hoped I'd one day work with- we asked if she would be baptized once she knew these things are true, and she said, "Yes. Absolutely." without any hesitation...I JUST ADORE HERRRR!!!! AHHHHH!!! I can picture her in white like I've never been able to with anyone else, and she is forever my fave. I'm obsessed!!!!!!  She even told us about how she's moving to Park Rapids (about two hours away) in a few years, and wanted to know where the closest meetinghouse is there- AHHHHH!!!!! AHHHH!!! YAHOOOOO!!!! It was such a gorgeous lesson, man oh man! I love that Sis. Lien of ours!!!! She's been telling everyone she knows about us, and told us during our lesson that she wants us to teach her friends- I seriously could've crawled into a little ball and started sobbing out of pure joy. I feel so blessed!!

We also had a GOOOORGEOUS Bro. Jallah lesson on Saturday with Sis. Dorsey- he is just the cooooolest!! I was stressing after our Wednesday lesson, because I wasn't sure if he knew the importance of getting baptized in THIS church...but Saturday silenced all my fears, yahoo!! We taught him follow the prophet and pray often, and he offered the most tender and adorable of all prayers- it was magicallllll!!!!  He just gets it so completely, in a way I've never seen before, and the gospel makes total sense to him. It's incredible to teach him and work with him- we're such lucky ducks!! AHHHH!! We still have a little more praying to do about April 30th specifically, but I am SO JAZZZZZED!!!! Fargo is truly the promised land!!!  

Oh man OH MAN, almost outta time! Sunday was another beautiful day, full of gorgeous Conference festivities and teaching Sis. Dresser and Sis. Koon- such a party!!! What a wonderful weeeeeek!!

Welp, I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do- you mean everything to me! Have the greatest week!

Sister Robinson

legitimate and crazy traffic in Fargo    

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