Monday, June 27, 2016

There is Sunshine in my Soul Toooooday!

Hey-oh, team! It's been another crazy and blissful week in the land of Fargo- I seriously can't believe it's already pday again!! Gooooodness, that's the true sign of a busy and beautiful week. We had gorgeous lessons and two exchanges and lovely dinners and AHHH, so much goodness. My soul is truly full of sunshine!! I thought there might be a cute little smiley sunshine emoji to stick at this part, but all I found was this kind of creepy seems a little biffed! There goes the dream, man oh man! I am getting a little antsy, in all honesty, about the upcoming reality of transfers because life is just so dang good lately...stress-FUL!  But alas, we've still got a good two weeks until anything goes down for real, so I'll ignore it all for the time being...yikes!

But really, other than the upcoming and consistently dreadful transfers, life is perfection as of late. We're finding new people to teach and working hard with the lovely members of the Fargo 2nd ward and life is just beautiful. This gospel is true!! The work we're doing is of the Lord!! It's been amazing to recognize that once again this week, and to feel so completely that I am doing the will of my Heavenly Father. He is watching out for each of us, loving us absolutely, guiding and directing our path- He is simply the greatest.  I have seen the His hand so much this past week, and it's when I acknowledge with astonishment His guidance that my soul is able to be filled with such sweet sunshine. I was reading in 3 Nephi 2 this morn, and I found myself pondering away verse one- that "the people began to forget the signs and wonders which they had heard, and began to be less and less astonished at a sign or wonder from heaven, insomuch that they began to be blind in their minds, and began to disbelieve all which they had seen and heard". It's so easy in life- even as a missionary!- to be less and less astonished...but I am determined to be joyful and grateful everyday for the tender mercies of the Lord. It makes all the difference!! It makes life meaningful and sunshine enters our soul. It's just the truth! This week was full of moments like that, of noticing and choosing the happiness and allowing Christ to cover the rest. I think that's the secret to good missionary work- allow yourself to be happy! It's the secret to life!!

Goodness, it's just been such a good one. My testimony is growing and I love my mission. I am exactly where I need to be!

Alright, haha, let me tell you about this most lovely week. We kicked it off with a blissful pday spent at the Cook's, where we ziplined (in their backyard, so cool!!), made freezer jam, jumped, played four square and volleyball, and drank pink lemonade while chatting away about life. It was such a perfect day!! 
Yahoo for trampolines!

I also got this perfect mail flip flop from Aunt Jeannie with musical jokes- the best! :)

We ate dinner at the beloved Zollinger's following that adventure, and Bro. Z cooked a menagerie of various foods (Sis. Z was running late, haha), which we enjoyed while getting the scoop about how our two faves met. It was precious! They told us about how they were immediate best friends and knew it was right...gah, it was too tender. I adore those Zollingers!!

We planned away for a spell, got Sis. Lien's appointment for the morrow all scheduled up, tried a few less actives, and ended our glorious Monday with a glorious Bro. Kranto lesson- tender mercy of the Lord!! It was so good to see him again, and we taught him about the Sabbath day and the sacrament- it was perfection!  Such a good Monday!!
We taught Sis. Moore and Sis. Koon Tuesday morn, and ran off in the afternoon to teach Sis. Lien at Sis. Billings'- it was so sweet!!!! I'm always a tad nervous to introduce our dear investigators to new friends, but they immediately adored each other and life was so good. We taught Sis. Lien about missionary work and obeying and honoring the law...AND WE'RE OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THE LESSONS, AHHHHHH!!!  No baptism date yet, BUTTT her son Cody came to institute on Thuesday night and LOOOOOVED I think and hope and pray that good things are coming for our beloved Lien family. Church remains the biggest setback, and we're working hard to figure out how to make it happen...we're fasting and praying oft! Sis. Lien remains the greatest woman on earth, of course, and I just adore her- and, on a totally unrelated note, Sis. Dresser cut her hair!!! OUR BESTIES ARE BECOMING BESTIES, YAHOOOOOO!!!!

We also ate at the Cook's on Tuesday, tried oodles of peeps, and went to institute with our dear Cody...and were able to give him a church tour afterwards, yeehaw!!! It was such a beautiful time! Cody is a total gem, and he even participated in class- it was so sweet!!

And then it was Wednesday- HAPPY ELEVEN MONTHS, AHHHHHH!!!!  I still can't believe I've been out on my mission for eleven whole months, and that my time is winding makes me anxious! I handled it all pretty well day off, but we saw Sis. Billings on Thursday and she told me to start praying for the strength to pray about my future and what I should do with my life- GAH, Sis. Billings has a knack for seeing into my soul and stressing me out beyond recognition! I'm officially praying to be able to pray (just like back in the day when I was praying about praying to be serve a mission, lol) and generally feeling stressed- Sis. Clark calls it my mid mission crisis. It's so problematic! But, as the beloved Preach My Gospel says, the only thing that helps you to overcome the general anxiety of life is work- so we've been working hard and seeing miracles and trying not to freak out. It's great, haha!

But, other than the grippling despair of being out eleven months and eventually not being a missionary anymore, Wednesday was such a good day. We taught Sis. Dresser in her salon in the morn and chatted with her about her friend Sandy who's been going through a hard time lately AND THEN WE VISITED HER FRIEND SANDY WITH HER IN THE NIGHT AND AHHHHH, IT WAS THE COOOOOLEST!!!!!  I am absolutely obsessed with Sis. Dressssssser!!!! She's the best missionary around because she loves everyone around her with an unobstructed passion- she's the dream! I think if everyone in the world were like unto Sis. Dresser, we'd all be Mormon. It's just the truth! That was the definitely the highlight of our Wednesday and the highlight of life, probably. Yahoo for rogue new investigators found for you by your favorite members!!! LIFE IS SO GOOOOOOD!!!!

We also visited and ate lunch with our dear Sis. White and Sis. Richards on Wednesday, tried the masses and planned away, had Qdoba for dinner to celebrate being an old missionary, and spent our evening teaching Sis. Dresser and Sandy- such a gorgeous day!!


We planned forever on Thursday, as per usual, and ate dinner with my newfound faves, the Neutebooms- I simply adore them!!! They're pretty much the greatest people known to man, so excited to do missionary work and be awesome- my favorite kind of people!! We ate crazy delish food and shared the Restoration with them...and it was just beautiful. I love the members in Fargo so completely!! And also, Neuteboom is the world's greatest name, I've decided. It's perfection!

We also, on a total whim, tried the elusive and uncontactable Bro. Jallah following our Neuteboom dinner...AND SAM WAS THERE, AHHHHH!! We taught Sam about three months ago or so, he sat in on a lesson with Bro. Jallah and came to church and then fell off the face of the earth- BUT HE'S BACK AND HE WANTS TO MEET WITH US, AHHHHHH!!! He taught him the Restoration at his doorstep and scheduled a return appointment for today- whatta tender mercy!!

Friday was such a crazy day- we district meeting'd away following a morning of weekly planning, and then I headed off to Detroit Lakes with my beloved Sis. Luker!! It was such a blissful time! Gah, I adore Sis. Luker. She's just the fave! She's my soul sista and we chatted about absolutely everything while driving about DL and teaching the masses. The highlight of exchanges was going to OTTERTAIL, my literal spirit town that I've dreamed of visiting since I got to Fargo- SISTER LUKER MAKES MY DREAMS A REALITY!!!  We taught a super cool less active out there and took oodles of pictures- Sis. Luker is my dream woman, man oh man!!! She loves me, people!
The best!

Also, look at this magical view. I love Minnesota! :)

Goodness, such a beautiful exchange. Another highlight was meeting the Ripplingers, a totally adorable part member fam that I'm now obsessed with- Detroit Lakes is just the best!! I love it! It was just so fun to be back with Sis. Luker for a season, and to see how much we've both truly changed in such a sort amount of time- missions are just the coolest!!

Once back to my beloved Fargo on Saturday, we tried away and taught Bro. Klamm and Bro. Daudier and AHHH, it was such goodness. I adore Fargo! This is my place!!

And then it was Sunday- such a beautiful time!! We went on exchanges with the West Fargo sisters (I chilled with the gorgeous Sis. Bennett) and all the miracles happened- JULIANA CAME TO CHURCH, AHHHHHHH!!!! We stopped by her place before church and taught her about the priesthood and priesthood blessings, and then SHE CAME AND BRO. NEUTEBOOM AND BRO. LARSEN GAVE HER A BLESSING AFTERWARDS AND IT WAS JUST PERFECTION!!! My joy was maxed out full, ahhhh! Life is just so good in Fargo!! Bro. Daudier also came, so sweet, and all of our dear missionary friends had their people at church as well- it was just such a good day! Juliana sat by me and I just smiled through it all and AHHHH, Heavenly Father is so good to us.

Juliana and Sis. Bennett- such a miraculous Sunday! :)
We also taught the beloved Sis. Koon yesterday, always the best, and ran by Bro. Daudier's, and ate African food with our too cool Juliana- it was just a gorgeous day. I love being a missionary!!! I love this gospel!!!!

Welp, that's my week! It's been a beautiful one, even though I'm nervous about both the upcoming transfer news and the inevitable future...but hey, Fargo is the promised land and life has never been happier! I am so content!! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for each of you- have the most beautiful week!!


Sister Robinson

And it came to pass that the Sisters of Fargo experienced a fullness of joy, unto the bursting forth of both their stomachs and their souls...

Hey-oh, my dear family and friends!! It has been the greatest week of all the great weeks- life is just so good!! So much loveliness all around!! If the subject didn't give it away, it's been beautiful...and we've perfected the art of Book of Mormon speech, haha! There'll be an excerpt from the plates of Robinson as this email progresses on, don't worry, but our language has truly never been more dignified. Huzzah for Israel!!

Although we're still going to do some daily report, because I get too excited and just want to tell you everything, we're going to kick off this most delightful email with some weekly highlights- SUCH a good weeeeeek!!!

1. Sis. Dresser did our hair. I have highlights and layers and I'M STILL FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT BUT IT'S COOL Every once in a while a find an uber blonde streak and my life feels a little hopeless, but then I go for the bun and all is made right again. It's a tad stressful, haha. I think I like it? I'll attach pictures and you can help me decide.
2. SISTER LIEN IS PRAYING OOOOOOFFICIALLY ABOUT A BAPTISM DATE AND AHHHHHH, my joy is so full concerning the salvation of her soul. We'll discuss more, don't even worry.
3. The members in Fargo are lit'really the greatest people on the planet. Sis. Clark and I have been planning more effectively and working more closely with the members in this beautiful work, and we have seen SO MANY miracles. It's been blissful!! One noteable miracle was our Saturday night lesson with the Lester clan and our dear Bro. Daudier- AHHH, it was absolute perfection. Heavenly Father is so good to us!!
4. We returned to the beloved food pantry and AHHH, it remains the greatest place on earth.
5. SISTER WHITE IS PROGRESSSSSSSING!!!! More on that later!!
6. SISTER JULIANA IS PROGRESSSSSSING!!!!! We helped her download Gospel Library and she's been listening like a mad woman ever since- AHHHH, such bliss!!
8. We may have snuck into Costco and bought ourselves some chicken bakes following a crazy random Saturday flash flood. #noregrets
9. Sis. Billings is the DREAM WOMAN. Not really a highlight, just a gospel truth...but it still deserves a spot on this most beautiful list. GOOOODNESS, I adore her!!
10. Sundays full of more food than I can even consume and the creation of the plates of Robinson and Clark to make an account of the dealings of the people of Fargo and the servants of the Lord in the land of Fargo, in the eighth year of the reign of Obama.

Yup, it's been the greatest. Best week of all the weeks!! Such a good week, in fact, that I've found myself pondering in great detail the dealings of the people of the land of Beulah and the servants of the Lord in that portion of the vineyard (ha, we're also trying to be more dignified, lol) and how truly blessed I am to be a missionary in the great land of North Dakota. I am truly in Zion, man oh man!!! My love for North Dakota is reaching unparalleled heights- this is truly the greatest place on earth.  I can't believe that a year ago, I didn't understand why God would send me to the uber lame North Dakota...and now I honestly can't imagine myself without this perfect place allowing me to become the person I needed to be. As I sit here in this gorgeous Fargo library, wearing my beloved Faye sweater and rocking my North Dakota earrings, my heart is full to bursting- I am the luckiest missionary in all the world!! North Dakota is my place!  

Oh man, I am just so happy these days. Fargo is the best! Missionary work is the best! The Atonement is real! Thank goodness for missions that allow you to rely absolutely on the Savior, and that allow you to become completely converted to this incredible gospel. The church is true, my friends!!

Okay, getting all kinds of excited, haha. Let me tell you about our beautiful week, now that I've chatted away for a considerable chunk of time! We kicked it off with a perfect pday, full of shopping and emailing and getting our hair did with Sis. Dresser- such a party! We let her kind of go crazy, and just follow her heart...and it was so fun. I love Sis. Dresser so much!! I've missed that beautiful woman lately! We chatted about the gospel through it all, trying all the while not to stress too consistently about my dear hair...but it was the greatest. 

Gettin' our hair did!
The glorious end result. :)

We actually finished up our pday by going to a Bible study with our dear Sis. Dresser, pure bliss, and helping Juliana download Gospel Library- and she straight up clapped for joy, man oh man!!!  It was one of the happiest moments of my whole mission, and she's been listening away to the Book of Mormon everyday!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!! Goodness, such a tender mercy. We saw her again yesterday, ate some fufu, and watched Pres. Monson's conference which she again clapped with joy and told us that she knows he's a prophet of God- JULIANA IS ACTUALLY PROGRESSING, AHHHHHH!!!!

On Tuesday, we had a beautiful lesson with our dear Sis. Lien in the Disher's home- perfection!!! We chatted about the Plan of Salvation and some of her concerns, and landed a return appointment for Thursday...and on Thursday, we had an ABSOLUTLEY GORGEOUS LESSON, AHHHHH!!!!  She told us that she knows she needs to be baptized, and that she wants to be baptized as soon as she can be...AHHHHH!!! We committed her to pray about July 2nd and July 7th as dates, and she is just so ready. I'm determined to see that dear friend of ours baptized!! It's coming!!!!!

We also visited the adorable Sis. Moore on Tuesday, such a blissful time, and she committed to meet with the Bishop and go to the temple- AHHH!! It's going to be sweeeeeet!!

We saw the gorgeous Sis. White and Sis. Richards, and (as previously mentioned), SISTER WHITE IS ACTUALLY PROGRESSING, AHHHH!!!!  We left them with Plan of Salvation pamphlets to read last time, and Sis. White read it all and actually taught us about the Plan of Salvation- it was such a beautiful sight! I could've wept!! She also asked oodles of super profound questions, and we were able to resolve some of her concerns...such a great lesson. Shoutout to Sis. White for being such a rockstar...and for progressing like a boss, hollah!!! She's the greatest!

Wednesday also brought us to the home of our super chill new investigator, Sis. Lucia Dossen- such a tender mercy!! We were going through the ward list and trying to meet all the members we don't know yet in our area...and Sis. Dossen is the daughter of one of our less actives! We taught her the Restoration and landed a return appointment and marveled all the while at the goodness of missions and the craziness of what we do everyday- it's the greatest thing!! So many amazing experiences!!

We returned to the food pantry on Thursday, which was absolutely gorgeous...but it did set us back weekly planning wise, haha. We've been desperately catching back up and finally did last night...stress-FUL!! Goodness, I love the food pantry. Greatest place in the world.

We also taught Sis. Lien on Thursday, such a beautiful time, and ate broccoli and quinoa casserole with the too cute Adams- it was a heavenly evening.  

Friday was gorgeous, mostly because we kicked off the day by lunch dating with the adorable Brobergs- BEST FRIDAY EVEEEEER!!! It was so fun to laugh and chat with my dear Sis. Broberg, and to meet her whole fam, and to hang with Bro. Claypool, and AHHH, it was just magical all around. I love Sis. Broberg so much!! She is the greatest person around! 
The best!

We also district meeting'd away on Friday and visited some of our dear friends- like the Cudney clan, yahoo!! We finally did the First Vision with their sweet family, and Sis. Cudney just looked so happy...she knows this is true!!!

And then it was Saturday! We saw Sis. Koon and Sis. Billings and Sis. Bighetty and drove through a literal river following a crazy flash flood to get was a crazy day!! We ended it all by teaching Bro. Daudier with the Lester family- greatest lesson OF ALL TIMMMMME!!!! It was so good that my mind was caught in a Kevin Kady reverie, and I read for a season old journal entries regarding my dear investigator of eons ago...such a good lesson. The Lesters testified like pros and Bro. Daudier absolutely fell in love with them- it was perfection. We're going to teach him next week in their home and AHHHHH, I can't even wait!!! It's going to be beautiful!!!!

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful day, man oh man. Church was perfection, with gorgeous talks on fathers and Relief Society lessons on true greatness- pure bliss!! We cataloged the events of our Sunday in the newly written plates of Robinson and Clark, and they read, "In the eighth year of the reign of Obama, the Sisters of Fargo were much fatigued for want of food. For behold, it being the Sabbath, their provisions did wax low, and they did pray with much faith that the Lord would provide for them subsistence. And it came to pass that the Lord did hear their cries, and did answer their prayers, insomuch that their fellow sisters in the Lord did call upon them and did feed them until they did not want for food in the least; yea behold, their bellies were full unto bursting, and they durst not eat for fear of death. And thus, the Sisters of Fargo did come to know of their infinite goodness of the Lord their God, and did no longer fear, for their Lord gave unto them food enough to never want again. And thus it is written."

Some Juliana food from our Sabbath feast. Man oh man.

Basically, we ate obscene amounts of food and life was pretty blissful. We even had more fufu! I thought I might be sick, but the Lord, in his infinite goodness, did not allow sickness to enter my breast, and did protect me in my hour of tribulation.

Such a delightful Sabbath, haha!!

And also, while on this epic adventure of eating all the food and marveling at the goodness of the Lord, the super sweet Sis. Feilzer (our second dinner, man oh man!) gave us a glorious magazine with North Dakota native Josh Duhmael's face on it...ah, it's pure bliss to behold. The Lord is so good to us!


Oh man, such a great week. The greatest week!! It's been amazing, and this coming week is going to be even better- hallelujah for missions! And for North Dakota!!

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do!! You are the best. Have the most beautiful week!!

Sister Robinson