Monday, May 30, 2016

Spirit Members, Food Pantries, and FUFU (it's not what you think, haha!)

Hey-oh, team! It's been another glorious week in Fargo- life is the best these days!! Before we get into all the daily reporting, we've got some transfer news to report...dun dun DUNNNN!! I'm safe for another transfer, hallelujah, but some of our choice homies are headed out- my heart is all broken over it all! Elder Jarman is going to Dickinson and Elder Maxfield is coming in his place, Elder Brush is going to Minot, Elder Nielson is going to Rugby...AND WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER SET OF SISTERS IN OUR WARD, YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I'm straight up JAZZZZZZZED, because living by sisters is truly the dream- we're going to have fresh besties!!!! 

But anyway, this week has been a crazy one- so much has happened!! I feel like the subject will come with time, as per usual...but one marked event of the past week was our newfound love of the glorious song, "Mountains to Climb". It's a classic!! We also found our spirit members, the Lesters, ate more crazy African food, found the service opportunity of MY DREAAAAAMS!!!, and taught the masses- such a blissful week!!! 

We kicked it off with a blissful pday, full of a lunch date to Panda, commencing the journal hunt (and finding the next perfect journal- it has butterflies on it, yahoooo!!!), and chilling at the church- such a good day!! We spent our evening trying the masses and teaching Michael with Sis. Parker- it was so sweet! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and it was pretty perfect- Michael is a gemmmm!!! 
We also bought some p-day watermelon. :)

We had a suppppper crazy Tuesday, running around to see all the people- the best kind of day as a missionary!! We started off by meeting our dear Ansie from eons ago at Hornbacher's, the Safeway of Fargo, and drinking some smoothies with her- it was a beautiful time. We read Alma 58:11, which remains the fave of all time, and chatted with her about missionary work...she's still not sold on us teaching her, but we did get the exclusive invite to eat scones with her on her porch- life is still good, haha! 

We tried some people, ate some lunch, and headed off to teach Sis. Koon- I love her so much! We chatted about repentance and the temple, and met Christopher, the adorable five year old she just started babysitting. When we came in, Christopher told us that we looked scary because we were so white- ahh, it killed me! We're too white, haha!! 
We love Sister Koon!

We taught Kebbah after that about the Book of Mormon- she's doing so well!! We read the Intro with her and Moroni's Promise, and chatted about baptism and was a sweet lesson! She's the coolest!! 

We saw oodles of potentials following that adventure, stopped by Juliana, met a super cool Catholic lady named Jenny, ate some dinner, and had two beautiful lessons with our two faves- best night ever! We chatted with Bro. Daudier about the Book of Mormon, and he straight up told us that he knows he needs to read in order to overcome his doubts- the coooooolest!! He's the best! He's headed to Vegas for the week, so we won't see him again until this coming Friday...BUT, Bro. Roberts is coming with us and it's going to be GLOOOORIOUS. I'm jazzed!!! 

We ended our Tuesday with the wonderful Sis. Lien- I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH, AHHHHH!!!!! We chatted about the Plan of Salvation and answered some of her questions, and gave her "The Testaments" to watch as a fam- she's the greatest!!

We also, during our season of trying the masses, met the super cool Oretha street contacting- it was the coolest!! We ended up coming back on Wednesday and teaching her the Restoration- YAHOOOO for rogue new investigators!!! She's from Liberia and met with missionaries over there...and she's so prepared! I'm absolutely obsessed!!!

We had a crazy Wednesday- nothing went quite as planned, haha! We helped Bro. Kranto move his mom first thing and took a blissful media hour following that adventure. We ate some lunch and baked some corn bread muffins...because we had to meet the Elders and rearrange our areas right after, man oh man! We didn't have any eggs so we used honey instead (because they're both sticky, hahaha) and offered them to the Elders so they would let us keep Horace- and they had mercy on our souls, yahoooo!!! 

After our meeting, we taught the super cool Oretha and tried the masses before heading over to the Merrill's for dinner- they're the coolest!! It was such a blissful time!! Bro. Merrill reminds me endless amounts of Chad, and it was just the best. I love finding bits of home in Fargo- and just in North Dakota! So much goodness here!! 

We ended our night by hightailing it to Enderlin and teaching our fave Bro. Friederichs- it was sweet! We did FHE with his fam and reviewed the Plan of Salvation- it was amazing to watch him teach his kids and AHHH, he's so close. I love him!! 

AND THEN, it was Thursday! We had the GREATEST Thursday of all time, because we did service at the Food Pantry- it's my new favorite place in LIFEEE!!!! We got an early morning call from the beloved Bro. Claypool asking if we could help out, and we sprinted off following our ward coorelation and lunch- AND IT WAS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!  It's a ton like my fave Bishop's Storehouse from homebase, and I just felt so fulfilled serving there- and we got to hang with Elder Swensen and Elder Brush, always a party! We're definitely going to chill there more, because it made even weekly planning more enjoyable- I just have such tender feelings in my heart for food pantries!! 

We weekly planned like pros and busted through it all following our sojourn in the blissful food pantry, and went to Sis. Dresser's for dinner- best Thursday ever!! WE ate Subway and chatted about the Word of Wisdom- it was so sweet!! She also converted us both to Beth Moore, the super adorable Bible lady or was great! She told us about how Beth suggests to bless God everytime you're satisfied (which we've been doing a lot lately, haha) and that a fresh humbling is always good- she's the coolest!! 

We tried Bro. Jallah after that, who totally buzzed us in and didn't answer...probs just to spite us, but it's chill. I'm not upset about it. 

Friday was also a beautiful day- and totally crazy!!! We first thing helped the adorable and lovely Sis. Odegard take down some decorations in her classroom- she's teaching 2nd grade instead of 1st next year and was desperate for some help. And it was such a party! I kept having crazy flashbacks to the times we all chilled in Lindsey's classroom- shoutout to the coolest clan around, my dear Loftstroms!! It was such a good way to spend our morning- Sis. Odegard is just the bestttt!!! 

We lunch dated away with the Sisters after that, and headed over to district meeting- it was great! We reviewed Zone Conference and set some goals, nothing too crazy...and THEN, as we were leaving, we found out that there was a tornado warning afoot and that we had to hang ten for the time being- CRAZZZZZY!!!  We just chilled for considerable amounts of time at the church until the storm passed- definitely the craziest weather I've seen on my mission so far, man oh man! Whatta adventure!! 

We ate some food following all that craziness and taught Sis. Moore and the Cudney clan- such a beautiful evening!! We chatted about the Sabbath day with Sis. Moore and committed her to live it, and taught the Cudneys about praying often (after reading Alma 58:11 with them, of course)- AHHHH, I love them all so much!!!!  The Cudneys are just totally my people, and my heart just oozes with pure love for them...goodness, I am so grateful to be their missionary!! Michael, the oldest of the Cudney clan, is obsessed with I won him over by talking oodles about Issaquah Salmon days and general Washington life- ahhhh, such a good night. ANNNNND, they committed to pray as a fam- PURE BLISSSS!!!! 

Goodness, such a good Friday!! Our Saturday was a tad rough, with loads of cancelled appointments in the morning times...but THEN, we had a beautiful Resto lesson with Sis. White and Sis. Richards, visited with Sis. Billings (the love of my young life), practiced our song for Sacrament (gah, I need to learn to say no), and dined with the lovely Lesters- it was THE BBBBBBEST!!! The Lesters are the greatest- and I've never met them before this very dinner! Such a tender mercy! Sis. Lester is from Uganda, so we chatted oodles about the general coolness of that and ultimately decided that they are THE GREATEST PEOPLE OF ALL TIME. It's just the truth! They gave us oodles of referrals and are so completely converted to the gospel- AHHH, my favorite kind of people!! Bro. Lester is also a beautiful soul, born and raised in the great North Dakota- you know we took pictures with both of them and sang a glorious and unapproved rendition of "Dancing Queen" the whole way home- so much love in my heart for the Lesters!!! 
The wonderful Lesters!

We ended our Saturday by seeing our dear Sis. Juliana and teaching her about temples- and getting the exclusive invite to eat lunch with her on Sunday, yahoooo!! So, after our blissful season at church (BROTHER KRANTO CAME, HUZZZZZAHHH!!!), we headed over to her place and ate some fufu- it was crazy! Fufu has the texture of play-doh, truly a young Sis. Robinson dream, and it takes on the flavor of whatever it's served our case, super spicy chicken. I seriously cried it was so hot!! AHHH, it was bonkers. We also totally ate with our hands, which was the weirdest and coolest experience- I even have a video to prove it all, haha! Add it to the list of crazy mission experiences!! 
Scary African food!

We also saw the beloved Sis. Koon on Sunday, and the Elders came by to give her a blessing- it was the greatest!! I love her so much! She told us that we need to get her a gospel art book, haha, and that she's going to teach us how to make African food- stay tuned next week for the exciting food to come!! I'm pretty much serving in Africa, haha!! 

Welp, that's been my week!! It's been crazy and beautiful- hallelujah for no transfers in my future!!! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do- keep being awesome!! I adore you!! 

Sister Robinson 

A Fullness of Joy- a magical week in Fargo!

Hey-oh, team!! It has been the GREATTTTEST week- so many miracles to report, man oh man!! Lately I've just been feeling so dang grateful to be a missionary, to have the joy that only comes from this incredible's the best! In my gratitude journal this morn (I can practically see the sustained eye roll from all my past comps, haha), there was quote about the peace that comes as we choose to be grateful, a quiet joy that pervades our lives- and I totally feel that in my life. My joy is complete and life is meaningful...I simply adore being a missionary!!

And also, before we settle too deep into the weekly email, I've got a glorious scripture to share with you- such a missionary, lol. I read it just this morning during personal studies and it pierced me to the very core- it's just the truth! It's Alma 58:11, and it says, "Yea, and it came to pas that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us ; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him". Beautiful, no? I'm mildly obsessed, because my mission and this very week has been defined by peace spoken to my soul and the granting of great faith. Because I have been visited by the Lord in my afflictions and been given the hope of deliverance. Because, as we live the gospel, this scripture becomes a reality- this I know to be true! I'm living the Alma 58:11 life, my friends!

But anyway, let me tell you about our week!! It's been such a good one! We kicked it off with Zone Conference last Monday, where the super fly and amazing Elder Martino of the Seventy taught us how to get referrals and work with members and baptize nations- exactly what I needed! It was a beautiful time! We got two referrals just from Elder Martino chatting it up with the ladies from our ward serving lunch- he's the real MVP of life!!

We spent our Monday evening making a post- Zone Conference game plan of how to implement all the crazy and inspired training and trying the masses- such a good Monday!!

We pday'd away on Tuesday- best pday of life, man oh man!! We did all the usual things, went out to CHIPPPPOTLE with the Elders for lunch, RODE THE FERRRRRIS WHEEL, and explored an adorable downtown Fargo store...AND BOUGHT SOME PRIME NORTH DAKOTA EARRINGS, AHHHHHHH!!!! MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!! I'm wearing them as we chat, of course, because they're maybe the best thing that has ever happened to me in all my days...AHHHHHH!!!!! I HAVE NORTH DAKOTA EARRINGS THAT FIT PERFECTLY ON MY LOBES AND LIFE IS JUST TOO GOOD!!!
Adorable Fargo store!


Man oh man, SUCH a good day!! ANNNNND, it only got better after that most glorious preparation time! We ran off to teach the glorious SISSSSSTER LIEN after eating some dinner, and Bro. Claypool came along for the adventure- IT WAS PERFECTION!!!!!! We taught her the Law of Chastity and followed up on her Joseph Smith praying... AND SHE TOLD US THAT SHE KNOWS THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  There's still a little bit of something holding her back, but she's SO CLOSE, man oh man! Life is SO GOOOOOOD!!!! Bro. Claypool was totally the perfect member to bring, and they just chatted forever about their conversion and their love for the gospel and how different it feels to learn about this church- SHE KNOWS IT'S TRUE, YEEEEHAW!!! I love her the most!!!

We also ran by Bro. Daudier's following this most beautiful lesson and gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet- prepping up for our Thursday lesson in the Cook's home, yahooooo!!!

Wednesday was a beautiful day- we kicked it off with a glorious Sis. Shell lesson about conversion and the Book of Mormon... ANNNND, SHE COMMITTED TO COME TO INSTITUTE NEXT WEEK, YAHOOOOO!!! PARRRRTAY!!  Our new life goal is to get EVERYONE to come, because the Ralieghs are beautiful people and everyone needs to know them. And also, because institute. Haha. BUUUT, she's coming! She also said she would read from the Book of Mormon on the daily, and I just adore her so much! She's the best!!

We also taught Bro. Friederichs on Wednesday- such a beautiful lesson!! We met him at the Boatman's, and we chatted about the Book of Mormon and read 3 Nephi 14 with was sweet! We committed him to start reading the BoM again, this time with his wife- I am so jazzed for him! His answer is going to come...I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES!!!!

SUCH a good Wednesday! Between our morning Sis. Shell times and our evening spent with Bro. Friederichs, we scheduled an appointment with Sis. Moore, visited with our dear Sis. Billings, left a note for a potential from the Elders, tried a few less actives, took a media hour, and continued to plan Zone Conference implementation...busy day, man oh man! On our way back home for the day, we got a text for a media referral named Tina...who we immediately called and landed and appointment with, yahoo!! Michael, the potential we left a note for, also called us up and we scheduled a time to meet with him on Thursday...and he's NOW ON DATE FOR THE 25th OF JUNE, YAHOOOOO!!!! TENDER MERCIES OF THE LOOOOORD!!! We taught him the Restoration and he knew it all already because he's met with missionaries for a few years...and so, naturally, we chatted about baptism...YAHOOOOOOO!!!

I think Michael was the highlight of our Thursday- he adorably brought chairs out into the hallway of his apartment building so we could meet with him, haha! The best!! We also planned away on Thursday, had lunch with our dear Sis. Bighetty, chatted with the Zone Leaders about Zone Conference, planned a little more, and ran off to dinner with Sis. Dresser- such a beautiful day!!

Sis. Dresser invited her nonmember friend Deb over for dinner, and we ended up teaching her the Restoration over Chinese food- THE DREAAAAAM!!!! Sis. Dresser taught most of the lesson and I thought my heart might burst outta pure joy and elation- Sis. Dresser is the BEST!!!! We also got the grand tour of the Dresser home, complete with a MOVIE THEATER in their basement- Dad would've died, man oh man!! It was glorious!!! All their DVDs are displayed in fancy bookshelves that light up when you open them, and there's fancy twinkling lights all, it was a beautiful time. I just love Sis. Dresser SO MUCH!!!!

We ended our most glorious Thursday by teaching Bro. Daudier... IN THE COOK'S HOME, AHHHHH!!!! ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!  We were planning on teaching him the Word of Wisdom, but we ended up reviewing the Plan of Salvation and focusing on the three kingdoms- it was perfection! The Cooks are the GREATESTTTT!!! I'm loving lately watching our investigators be astonished by the members, Alma 12:1's the best thing ever!! The members are truly the ones who astonish the investigators- we're just here to keep the convo on track, haha! It was simply amazing, and Bro. Daudier came to understand the Plan of Salvation in a way that he never would've been able to even in his own home- teaching in the homes of members is truly the DREAAAAAM!!!!

And then, suddenly, it was Friday- fastest week of all time!! We kicked it off early with a Sis. Moore lesson about missionary work- it was so sweet! We committed her to pray and give a Book of Mormon away, and to begin reading the BoM again...she's the best! We lunch dated away with the Sisters after that, and then finished up weekly planning- thank goodness for district meeting-less Fridays, haha!

Once done with planning away, we tried the masses and checked out the local food pantry for volunteer options...and dined away with the Dimas clan! We taught them Plan of Salvation and headed back out into the night to try more peeps- and we ended up with our dear Cudneys, yahooooo!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! We chatted about family history and Sis. Cudney told us all about her crazy cool Coca Cola collection...which I totally should've taken a picture of but honestly didn't think about until this very moment, haha. It was the best! I just love that family oodles, and I am so grateful to be working with them- we've gotta get them back to church! They're just the coooolest!!!!

Saturday was also beautiful- it was a party all around! The highlight of the Saturday life was the time we took Bro. Roberts, our dear ward mission leader, out teaching to Bro. Kranto...AND IT WAS AN PERFECT TIME, AHHHH!!! Bro. Kranto randomly met a member at work, who chatted with him about the gospel, and now he's totally committed- whatta tender mercy!! We taught him about the priesthood and following the prophet, and he said that having a prophet on earth today is "beautiful"- I love him so MUCHHH!!!! Bro. Roberts cranked it out hardcore and it SUCH an awesome missionary- we're officially resolved to take him everywhere with us!! It was the best!!

We also saw our dear Sis. Koon on Saturday, and ate more chicken feet with her on's becoming a regular thing, haha!  AND, we made a glorious appearance at the graduation party of Sis. Lien's son Dillon...WHERE WE FINALLY MET MAMA LIEN, AHHHH!!!!  It was a blessed time- she's the cutest 80 year old around!! We're totally going to start teaching her- stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!!
(hanging ten with Favor.) 

We had a perfect Sabbath as well, during which we dined with the wonderful Odegards and taught them the Gospel- in total ward missionary unity, yahoooo!! I equate it absolutely with our newfound pday lunches and blossoming bestie relationship- I have such profound charity for the Elders in our ward!!! It's my fervent prayer that nothing too crazy happens as transfer times come around...we're truly the team dream!!!

We also taught Sis. Juliana on Sunday- I love her so much!! She was pretty tired, so we just reviewed the Restoration and focused on the priesthood- it was sweet!! We committed her to pray about Joseph Smith, and we chatted for a bit about how we receive answers to our prayers- such a beautiful lesson!!!! She is the greatest!! ANNNND, Bro. Daudier, Sis. Dresser, Sis. Moore, and a rogue potential Matali came to church yesterday- the dreaaaam!! Matali just came with a friend and was totally rocking some green lipstick- we're going to start teaching her, YAHOOOOO!!!! Such a good week!!!

Man oh man, whatta beautiful time! So much joy to be found in the Fargo life!!! I hope you all have a glorious week- I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all you dooooo!!!

Sister Robinson

A cute selfie. :)

Charity Never Faileth...and it's also the bomb diggety. :)

Hey, team! I realized as I awoke yesterday to run off to a glorious Zone Conference that I never gave you the requisite p-day switch warning- happy Tuesday pday, haha! I'm the worst! But alas, it's been a really good week, super crazy all around- we ate the weirdest food and had the weirdest days and it was all pretty beautiful- I'll tell you all about it soon enough! I just love being a missionary, my friends! And, with another Zone Conference under my belt and another General Authority visit to brag about the rest of eternity (Elder Martino for the winnnn!!! ), I feel highly more capable of doing this crazy thing expected of me. Baptisms are a coming- it's inevitable!! Although it's a weird Tuesday email time and I'll save the deets of yesterday for our next week chat, I've gotta give you a little sneak peek- for Zone Conference prep, we studied up on charity...and it has changed EVERYTHING!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!  I obvs love my mission tons and love the people I serve, but I don't have that pure Christlike love for them...because that's something you have to continually pray for and develop! But, this week, I've been praying for it like a mad man and LIFE IS SO MUCH SWEETER, MY FRIENDS. AHHHH. Disappointments don't sting as much, beautiful lessons are even more profound, and the work I'm doing matters more because I'm motivated by my love for the Savior. I'm telling ya- everyone needs to pray for charity!! It makes every ounce of difference in LIFFFFFFFFE!!!!!

Oh man, I should probs also tell you about my week...I'm just so exicted about charity, haha!! It's truly the greatest thing of all time...and the ultimate act of charity is the Atonement! SO, as we access the power of the Atonement through obedience to the commandments and living the gospel, we experience the pure love of Christ...and have a desire to share that with everyone! And then everything is just better!

Okay, I promise I'm done for a sec, haha. So much charity in my heart to pour out to your computer screen!! But, let me also tell you about our crazy week.. We kicked it off with a glorious pday, full of shopping and running random errands and eating lunch with Sis. Disher and chilling at the church with the Fargo crew...and eating dinner with Sis. Dresser!! It was so sweet! We ate pizza and chatted with good ol' Craig about life and was a total party. Sis. Dresser had to run off to a hair emergency (like you do when you're a hair dresser) and we were mildly abandoned with Craig and Braydn...but it ended up being really great! Craig is just the best! He loves his family so much, and really just wants our BFF Sis. Dresser to be happy- such a good seed! After our prolonged convo with the Dresser clan, we tried some potentials and tracted a bit before calling it a day- successful Monday!

And then, it was time for Tuesday. We started off my BLADINNNNNNG away for exercises, during which we met our first blading potential- whatta dream!!! His name is Tyler, and he's actually a professional hockey player...and he totes complimented our blading abilities! He's the best! We've run into him a couple more times since then and have an ultimate end goal of baptizing him, of course...I'll keep you updated!

After our glorious blading times and study times, we ran off to help Sis. Bighetty unpack- total party! She also fed us a fancy pot roast lunch, complete with brownies and Nesquick...she's a total Fargo fave!! I love her so much! She also loves us, just because we're missionaries and we love her- eternal besties!!  We shared the Plan of Salvation while eating gooey and delish brownies, and it was just the coolest- Sis. Bighetty is the DREAMMM!!
Sister Bighetty!

We taught Sis. Moore following our most beautiful lunch date, and it was also the sweetest- I just adore Sis. Moore!! We chatted about the Holy Ghost and personal revelation, and she also asked us some questions about D&C...because she casually finished it, no big deal. She's the coooolest!!!!  I love that Sis. Moore of ours so much!!

We went on an epic less active hunt after that, and found lots of people that aren't so interested...and a super sweet lady that is, yahooooo!! It's always funny to me that one good thing as a missionary makes everything else okay- we're just the most optimistic of all people! Somehow, meeting the crazy cool Lyssandra made an afternoon of unfruitful less active searching fruitful- there's goodness to be found in everyday!!

We tried some potentials (including Mario, the mildly adorable man from Croatia who actually isn't interested...tragedy!) after that and then ate some dinner before visiting Sis. Billings- partay! I love her so much! We stopped by Bro. Daudier and chatted about baptism for a sec (our main homie is SO close, AHHHH!!!) and also stopped by Sis. Juliana and taught her the gospel- such a good Tuesday night!! Juliana made us drink oodles of peach mango juice (and has the precious habit of calling us "baby" all the time- it makes my heart melt, AHHHH!! How I love African women!!) and told us about her concern of being baptized tiwcie- she feels like it makes me first baptism seems like she didn't have enough faith. We committed her to pray about it...AND (spoiler alert, haha) WHEN WE CAME BY ON SATURDAY, SHE TOTALLY HAD, AHHHHH!!!! SHE'S THE BESTTTTT!!! She told us that answers from God take time, like you do when you an incredibly wise lady from Ghana, and that she knows she needs to keep meeting with us until she gets her answer. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! It's the craziest, because she fell off the face of the earth when I first got to Fargo and we thought we were going to drop her...BUT SHE'S BACK AND AHHHH, my heart is just so full. Tender mercies of the LORRRRRD!! (Or, as my fave Sis. Clarck says, tm. I adore her!!!)
We love Juliana!! 

Ah, Juliana. She's the best!! But anyway, haha, Wednesday was another crazy day- the highlight of it all was the time we randomly felt like we should try Sis. Koon after a morning of trying the masses and taking a media hour...and she 110% prayed us there. Whatta pro!!! She got a new mattress and wasn't sure how to move it into her bedroom, so she had been praying all morning for help...WHEN WE SHOW UP, AHHHH!! Prayer is so real!! We helped her move the mattress (and move the old one to her garage- total pros over here!) and taught her about the Ten Commandments...and THEN, she gave us a Tupperware full of CHICKEN FEET AS A TOKEN OF HER GRATITUDE. AHHHHHH!!!!  I had every intention of just never eating it, haha, but Sis. Clark is a better person than I am and made us eat some for dinner...and it was actually surprisingly delish. We may have also gotten some blizzards to wash it down with, so that helped the situation...BUTTTT, I totally ate CHICKEN FEET and it wasn't entirely unpleasant! Sis. Clark photographed the whole experience for your entertainment, don't even worry. Such a dream!!
Cookin' away...
The finished project. :0

We also visited Sis. Dresser on Wednesday (again, after trying the masses unsuccessfully)...IN HER SALLLLON!!! It was so sweet, man oh man! I love that Sis. Dresser of ours! She was totally cutting away someone's hair when we stopped by, but she introduced us and we chatted with her about the gospel- SIS DRESSER IS THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!!!! Seriously who I want to be when I grow up!!

Thursday was such a crazy day- and it all started with an early morning (but post-studies, don't worry) lumber hauling service project- such a party!! We weekly planned away after that, during which I got a letter from the elusive Sis. Finlinson and we tried our best to maintain focus...not a fave, still. Haha. BUTTT, we ran off midway through the endeavor of weekly planning and ate lunch with Sis. White and Sis. Richards and helped them set up their family history accounts...and then went back to planning. Gotta love Thursday!!

Once planning came to an end and we ate some dinner, we ran off to the church to teach our fave, SISSSSSSTER LIEN!!! AHHHHH!!!  Sis. Zollinger came along and IT WAS MAGICALLLL, man oh man! We taught her about following the prophet and priesthood and auxiliaries, and Bro. Claypool randomly stopped by midway through the lesson and shared his conversion- THE COOOOOLEST!!! The Spirit was just so strong, and Sis. Lien went straight from our lesson to the Relief Society indexing activity- she's just the BESTTT!!! We weren't able to go with her, and I was super nervous the rest of the night as we tried our peeps and planned away...but it was so perfect. She's just the greatest, and I love her with all the energy of my SOULLL- I adore that Sis. Lien of ours!!

We also, upon our return to homebase on Thursday night, got a random call from an unknown number...that happened to be an RM with a referral for us! THE DREAMMMM!!! Good things are coming on that front- her name is Kalli and she lives just outside of Fargo...I'll keep you updated!!! Such a tender mercy!

We exchanged away with Detroit Lakes on Friday and I hung with my dear comp of months past Sis. Luker- it was such a party!!! I love her so much!!  Reunited and it felt so GOOOOD!!! We chilled so hard and chatted while tracting and trying away- she's just the greatest!! It was so fun to serve with her again! It's amazing how much we've both changed in just two months...she's a new woman!
The best!

AND, on Saturday, we had interviews with our dear Pres. Hess- I love that mission president of ours SO DANG MUCH, man oh man!!! He's just the greatest!! We saw him oodles these past couple of days, with interviews and Stake Conference and Zone Conference...and Sis. Clark and I have officially decided that he and Sis. Hess should move to Fargo and just constantly hang with us. They're my favorite people of all time!

Oh man, Saturday was another crazy day. We taught Sis. Koon once more, this time reading Alma 36 with her and reviewing the Ten Commandments...and get the exclusive Sunday dinner invite, holllllllah!!!  When we went on Sunday, she fed us the spiciest mystery meat known to man- and we ate the whole huge plate! I thought I was going to die, but I care about maintaining our friendship with Sis. Koon too completely...the sacrifices you make, haha!  I think we're officially besties with our dear Sis. Koon- I love her so much!!
Love her! 

We also saw the dear Bro. Daudier on Saturday- we were going to see him on Thursday but he got super sick and was still not feeling too hot on tragedy. We shared Phillipians 4:13 with him and told him to get better by relying on the Atonement, haha. The best!

AND ALSOOOO, Sister Lien totes came to church on Sunday for Stake Conference- SHE'S THE DREAMMMM!!!!  Elder Martino, my new hero, came up to her and shook her hand and told her his conversion story- AHHHHH!!! AH AH AH AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GOOOOODNESS, he's the best. He also casually asked her if she has a baptismal date yet, and I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Stay tuned for all the Zone Conference deets- it was truly a glorious and mind-boggling time!!

Oh man, such a crazy week! So much to email about! I'm officially pooped, haha! But, I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for each of you- thank you for being so amazing! Have the most beautiful of all weeks! I love you the most- as much as Sis. Koon chicken feet, haha!!


Sister Robinson

A rogue Mystery Machine!!