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Transfers, Month Marks, and SISTER LIENNNNN: The Blissful Fargo Life!

Gooooodness, it's been the busiest and craziest and coolest week of all time- and I thought last week was bonkers! I feel like, right when I'm feeling content, Heavenly Father reminds me that I have so much more to learn and so many more ways to grow- no room for being complacent in the gospel!! This cray week, full of beautiful lessons and fresh companions and so many goodbyes, has just further reminded me that the Atonement is real, and that we can do all things as we rely on Christ. Even take over an area and navigate Fargo! I'm learning that living the gospel allows you to become someone you never imagined- it allows you to change beyond recognition. I never expected to be the person I am today, and I can't wait to see who I continue to become as my mission goes on. I think nine month marks just make you all kinds of sentimental, haha! I find myself musing consistently on the Atonement and using every second I have to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength...I blame it all on Sis. Broberg, man oh man!

But anyway, other than the general craziness of this week, life has been so good! I'm hanging these days with Sis. Clark, who is seriously the greatest, and I am just happy. Life is just so good! Being a missionary is just so good! Nothing makes me happier than doing this incredible work, than serving with everything I've got, than sharing my testimony and becoming more completely converted myself. I realized this week, as I pondered this first half of my mission, that I've truly become my first convert- I love the gospel in a way I never have before. It's simply the truth, and living by its precepts brings a true and real happiness- a joy that cannot be matched!

Oh man, you know it's going to be a long email when Sis. Robinson gets all tangent-y in the intro, goodness gracious. My love for the gospel and my testimony of its truthfulness are just going crazy town amounts- I've gotta share it!!

I promise too that I'll tell you about my week, haha. Getting all kinds of side tracked! We kicked off our week with a lovely p-day spent with out dear Moorhead sisters. We went out to lunch at Space Aliens, a crazily decorated restaurant that we've always wanted to go to. Such a party! We spent our day with Sis. Haubner and Sis. Richins, my favorite people ever, and mourned their inevitable departure. As much as I know that transfers are an essential part of mission life, they're still the worst. Ever.  At least we got one last beautiful p-day together!

Space Aliens with my faves- the best!   

We ended our Monday with a gorgeous Sis. Dresser lesson about the addiction recovery program and MAN OH MAN, I just love her so much! The best!  She remains my fave for life- she just gets it! It was so fun to chat with her about the Atonement, about how real it is and how it truly gives us the power to overcome all things. It's the real deal, my friends!

Tuesday was crazy town all around- we started off with a lesson with Sis. Shell, where we watched Pres. Monson's talk and committed her to pray about him being the prophet. It was so sweet! She's the coolest! She gave Sis. Broberg and I both adorable little homemade blankets- such a gem!

the fancy blanket Sis. Shell gave us    
We taught a couple sweet lessons throughout our Tuesday while also running around like crazy people to get everything finished up before Sis. Broberg headed home...can't live in denial anymore! AHHHH!!  We had to pack away and finish up My Plan and get everything in order...goodness, it was crazy! Amid all the crazy, we met Sis. Lien for a late lunch at Olive Garden- I love her so much!! AHHHH!!!  I also love Olive Garden so much, so it was blissful all around. Everyone should take us out to eat!! We chatted about life and taught her about the Word of Wisdom and studying the scriptures as we Olive Garden'd away- such a beautiful visit with the world's coolest investigator!!

We dined at the Raleigh's on Tuesday night- goodness, I adore them so much! They fed us yummy burritos and convinced Sis. Broberg to sign up for institute while we ate- cutest people ever. So much love in my heart for the Raleigh clan!!

We finished up our Tuesday by visiting Sis. Billings and Sis. Koon- it was perfection, man oh man! Sis. Billings is just my favorite person ever- she cracks me up like no one else! And Sis. Koon, can't help but adore her. She had buckets of kids hanging out with her, and it was mildly crazy...but so good! Such a party! I love Sis. Kooooon!!

me and my BFF Favor    
We ran around like mad women on Wednesday as well- I still can't fully comprehend that Sis. Broberg went home. It just doesn't feel like real life!! It was bizarre to journey with her on her farewell tour and be the official photographer- none of it felt quite like real life. Transfers- especially of the going home variety- are just the worst! Not a fan!  

But alas, it was still a good day. Everyday is a good day if you have the right attitude and rely on the Savior! We lunched with Bro. Claypool after a morning spent planning and packing- I love Bro. Claypool so much! He's the greatest!! I love how complete his conversion is, how you can truly see the fire of the gospel burning in his eyes. It's amazing! He's amazing!

We ran off after lunch to try the masses and tract for a spell- it was sweet! Few things beat running around and talking with everyone- and living each day of your mission to its fullest! We ended up at the hospital, where we prayed with Bro. Amos (who was in a deep and hilarious slumber, haha) and taught his friend, Rick Ojeda! It was so sweeeet!! We read Helaman 5:12 with Rick and scheduled a return appointment- huzzzzah for an unexpected new investigator!!

We ended our Wednesday by teaching Sis. Johnson about the Atonement and teaching Bro. Friederichs at the Boatman's- such a good lesson!! We had this crazy game plan of breezing through the last of the lessons, but we ended up having a really powerful discussion about Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the gospel- the Spirit is just so real!! The gospel is just so real! I love those moments where the Spirit just slaps ya' in the face and you're truly reminded that this is all the truth- that this is the work of Heavenly Father that we do as missionaries! It's pretty incredible!

Oh man, and then it was Thursday. We started off our day by running to the church and saying goodbye to all the people- how I'm going to miss my dear companion! I'm truly a changed woman because I was able to serve with the incredible Sis. Broberg- we took a glorious last picture with my hair all wet to commemorate that fact, haha!  She just means the world to me- I can't believe it's already been a transfer of Fargo life! I can't believe (still!) that my sweet comp is home! AHHHH!! I love her so dang much- you know I had a fat list of things to fill her in one today! It's so crazy how much you can learn from someone, and how much someone can change your life if you let them. I'm still realizing all the things Sis. Broberg taught me- she's just the best! My heart is absolutely achy for her!
a super sweet mirror message from Sis. Broberg- I love her the most!!!    

I spent the day with Sis. Harrington, passing out Books of Mormon and teaching the masses. It was such a beautiful day- we freaked out together about the craziness of transfers and taking over areas. Gooooodness, I can't believe how fast time passes on missions! It's simply bonkers!

Hanging with the adorable Sis. Harrington    
We picked up our new companions on Thursday night...crazy, crazy! I already adore Sis. Clark- we've decided that we're pretty much the same person, which is pretty sweet. We say the same things and are both learning to be more's almost ridiculous how similar we are! She's just the sweetest person ever, and loves with her whole heart...this is going to be a great transfer! I'm jazzzzed!! It's always a little weird to get a new companion, but I feel like Sis. Calrk and I found our groove pretty fast...we're soul sisters!  The only thing that made it okay to not have Sis. Broberg around was immediately having the super cool Sis. Clark- she somehow made it okay. Still hard, but okay. Transfers are just too rough!
Sis. Clark and I (soul sisters, I'm telling ya!)   

We spent our evening dining and talking and trying and tracting- and teaching Bro. Daudier! It was so sweet! We gave him a French Book of Mormon and scheduled a return appointment for Saturday...and (spoiler alert!!) HE TTTTTOTALLY CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY, YEEEEEEEEHAW!!!  It was the sweetest thing ever- and our lesson on Saturday was pure perfection as well!! AHHHH!! We brought Sis. Cook along and taught him the gospel and he flat out asked what he needs to do in order to be baptized- AHHHH!!!! And, he adorably told me at church that I have to move my mission to Las Vegas when he moves down there over the summer- I love that man so much!!!!

But anyway, getting ahead of myself. We spent our Friday planning away and going to district meeting- world's greatest district meeting of all time, man oh man!! We talked about following the Spirit and giving your all to your mission- Elder Prescott, one of our super cool traveling missionaries, profoundly said that we are given two talents on our missions, our white handbook and our tag, and it's our duty to do all that we can with those gifts. SNAP.  My mind was blown- I'm more determined than ever to use those talents effectively!

And also, Friday was...MY HUMP DAYYY!!! AHHHHH!!!  I can't believe that I've been out for nine months- AHHHH!!! I think it mostly freaks me out, because I don't ever want my mission to be was probably good for me to watch Sis. Broberg go home and to realize that missions do actually end- I've gotta use every second I have! AHHHH!! Aunt Lithia sent an adorable little package and I freaked all the day long- I just don't feel like I should be nine months out! That's so many months!!!

month mark goodies (BFF necklace from Sis. Finlinson- I love her so dang much!!)    
hump day!
Sis. Clark eventually convincing me to take the traditional nine month picture...I felt foolish but it's a gem, haha. Nine months left, man oh man! Not ready for that!!!    
BUUUUT, because I had such a realization because of my hump day that I need to work even harder and be even better, we had the craziest weekend of all time- yahooooo!!! We taught all the people- Sis. Koon! Sis. Michael! Bro. Ojeda (our new investigator/BFF of Bro. Amos!!)! Bro. Daudier! Sis. Cudney and clan! The Andrades! The highlight of the weekend, though, was that time SISTER LIEN CAME TO CHURCH AND STAYED ALL THREE HOURS AND LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Probs the happiest thing of my whole mission, man oh MAN!! We also met with her before church (and brought the adorable Sis. Zollinger along, yahoo!!) and taught her about missionary work and read Alma 36 with her- AHHHHH!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!! (three because THAT'S HOW GOOD IT WAS, PEOPLE!!!) Goodness, it was just the greatest thing ever. I am truly obsessed with that Sis. Lien of ours- it feels too good to be true!!

Oh man OH MAN, such a gorgeous and blissful week in Fargo- life as a missionary is just the greatest! This is truly the Lord's work!

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for each of you- special shout out to Sis. Broberg for being the best! Real MVP of this email! Thank you for all you do, my dear friends and fam! Have the world's greatest weeeeek!!


Sister Robinson

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