Monday, May 30, 2016

Spirit Members, Food Pantries, and FUFU (it's not what you think, haha!)

Hey-oh, team! It's been another glorious week in Fargo- life is the best these days!! Before we get into all the daily reporting, we've got some transfer news to report...dun dun DUNNNN!! I'm safe for another transfer, hallelujah, but some of our choice homies are headed out- my heart is all broken over it all! Elder Jarman is going to Dickinson and Elder Maxfield is coming in his place, Elder Brush is going to Minot, Elder Nielson is going to Rugby...AND WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER SET OF SISTERS IN OUR WARD, YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I'm straight up JAZZZZZZZED, because living by sisters is truly the dream- we're going to have fresh besties!!!! 

But anyway, this week has been a crazy one- so much has happened!! I feel like the subject will come with time, as per usual...but one marked event of the past week was our newfound love of the glorious song, "Mountains to Climb". It's a classic!! We also found our spirit members, the Lesters, ate more crazy African food, found the service opportunity of MY DREAAAAAMS!!!, and taught the masses- such a blissful week!!! 

We kicked it off with a blissful pday, full of a lunch date to Panda, commencing the journal hunt (and finding the next perfect journal- it has butterflies on it, yahoooo!!!), and chilling at the church- such a good day!! We spent our evening trying the masses and teaching Michael with Sis. Parker- it was so sweet! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and it was pretty perfect- Michael is a gemmmm!!! 
We also bought some p-day watermelon. :)

We had a suppppper crazy Tuesday, running around to see all the people- the best kind of day as a missionary!! We started off by meeting our dear Ansie from eons ago at Hornbacher's, the Safeway of Fargo, and drinking some smoothies with her- it was a beautiful time. We read Alma 58:11, which remains the fave of all time, and chatted with her about missionary work...she's still not sold on us teaching her, but we did get the exclusive invite to eat scones with her on her porch- life is still good, haha! 

We tried some people, ate some lunch, and headed off to teach Sis. Koon- I love her so much! We chatted about repentance and the temple, and met Christopher, the adorable five year old she just started babysitting. When we came in, Christopher told us that we looked scary because we were so white- ahh, it killed me! We're too white, haha!! 
We love Sister Koon!

We taught Kebbah after that about the Book of Mormon- she's doing so well!! We read the Intro with her and Moroni's Promise, and chatted about baptism and was a sweet lesson! She's the coolest!! 

We saw oodles of potentials following that adventure, stopped by Juliana, met a super cool Catholic lady named Jenny, ate some dinner, and had two beautiful lessons with our two faves- best night ever! We chatted with Bro. Daudier about the Book of Mormon, and he straight up told us that he knows he needs to read in order to overcome his doubts- the coooooolest!! He's the best! He's headed to Vegas for the week, so we won't see him again until this coming Friday...BUT, Bro. Roberts is coming with us and it's going to be GLOOOORIOUS. I'm jazzed!!! 

We ended our Tuesday with the wonderful Sis. Lien- I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH, AHHHHH!!!!! We chatted about the Plan of Salvation and answered some of her questions, and gave her "The Testaments" to watch as a fam- she's the greatest!!

We also, during our season of trying the masses, met the super cool Oretha street contacting- it was the coolest!! We ended up coming back on Wednesday and teaching her the Restoration- YAHOOOO for rogue new investigators!!! She's from Liberia and met with missionaries over there...and she's so prepared! I'm absolutely obsessed!!!

We had a crazy Wednesday- nothing went quite as planned, haha! We helped Bro. Kranto move his mom first thing and took a blissful media hour following that adventure. We ate some lunch and baked some corn bread muffins...because we had to meet the Elders and rearrange our areas right after, man oh man! We didn't have any eggs so we used honey instead (because they're both sticky, hahaha) and offered them to the Elders so they would let us keep Horace- and they had mercy on our souls, yahoooo!!! 

After our meeting, we taught the super cool Oretha and tried the masses before heading over to the Merrill's for dinner- they're the coolest!! It was such a blissful time!! Bro. Merrill reminds me endless amounts of Chad, and it was just the best. I love finding bits of home in Fargo- and just in North Dakota! So much goodness here!! 

We ended our night by hightailing it to Enderlin and teaching our fave Bro. Friederichs- it was sweet! We did FHE with his fam and reviewed the Plan of Salvation- it was amazing to watch him teach his kids and AHHH, he's so close. I love him!! 

AND THEN, it was Thursday! We had the GREATEST Thursday of all time, because we did service at the Food Pantry- it's my new favorite place in LIFEEE!!!! We got an early morning call from the beloved Bro. Claypool asking if we could help out, and we sprinted off following our ward coorelation and lunch- AND IT WAS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!  It's a ton like my fave Bishop's Storehouse from homebase, and I just felt so fulfilled serving there- and we got to hang with Elder Swensen and Elder Brush, always a party! We're definitely going to chill there more, because it made even weekly planning more enjoyable- I just have such tender feelings in my heart for food pantries!! 

We weekly planned like pros and busted through it all following our sojourn in the blissful food pantry, and went to Sis. Dresser's for dinner- best Thursday ever!! WE ate Subway and chatted about the Word of Wisdom- it was so sweet!! She also converted us both to Beth Moore, the super adorable Bible lady or was great! She told us about how Beth suggests to bless God everytime you're satisfied (which we've been doing a lot lately, haha) and that a fresh humbling is always good- she's the coolest!! 

We tried Bro. Jallah after that, who totally buzzed us in and didn't answer...probs just to spite us, but it's chill. I'm not upset about it. 

Friday was also a beautiful day- and totally crazy!!! We first thing helped the adorable and lovely Sis. Odegard take down some decorations in her classroom- she's teaching 2nd grade instead of 1st next year and was desperate for some help. And it was such a party! I kept having crazy flashbacks to the times we all chilled in Lindsey's classroom- shoutout to the coolest clan around, my dear Loftstroms!! It was such a good way to spend our morning- Sis. Odegard is just the bestttt!!! 

We lunch dated away with the Sisters after that, and headed over to district meeting- it was great! We reviewed Zone Conference and set some goals, nothing too crazy...and THEN, as we were leaving, we found out that there was a tornado warning afoot and that we had to hang ten for the time being- CRAZZZZZY!!!  We just chilled for considerable amounts of time at the church until the storm passed- definitely the craziest weather I've seen on my mission so far, man oh man! Whatta adventure!! 

We ate some food following all that craziness and taught Sis. Moore and the Cudney clan- such a beautiful evening!! We chatted about the Sabbath day with Sis. Moore and committed her to live it, and taught the Cudneys about praying often (after reading Alma 58:11 with them, of course)- AHHHH, I love them all so much!!!!  The Cudneys are just totally my people, and my heart just oozes with pure love for them...goodness, I am so grateful to be their missionary!! Michael, the oldest of the Cudney clan, is obsessed with I won him over by talking oodles about Issaquah Salmon days and general Washington life- ahhhh, such a good night. ANNNNND, they committed to pray as a fam- PURE BLISSSS!!!! 

Goodness, such a good Friday!! Our Saturday was a tad rough, with loads of cancelled appointments in the morning times...but THEN, we had a beautiful Resto lesson with Sis. White and Sis. Richards, visited with Sis. Billings (the love of my young life), practiced our song for Sacrament (gah, I need to learn to say no), and dined with the lovely Lesters- it was THE BBBBBBEST!!! The Lesters are the greatest- and I've never met them before this very dinner! Such a tender mercy! Sis. Lester is from Uganda, so we chatted oodles about the general coolness of that and ultimately decided that they are THE GREATEST PEOPLE OF ALL TIME. It's just the truth! They gave us oodles of referrals and are so completely converted to the gospel- AHHH, my favorite kind of people!! Bro. Lester is also a beautiful soul, born and raised in the great North Dakota- you know we took pictures with both of them and sang a glorious and unapproved rendition of "Dancing Queen" the whole way home- so much love in my heart for the Lesters!!! 
The wonderful Lesters!

We ended our Saturday by seeing our dear Sis. Juliana and teaching her about temples- and getting the exclusive invite to eat lunch with her on Sunday, yahoooo!! So, after our blissful season at church (BROTHER KRANTO CAME, HUZZZZZAHHH!!!), we headed over to her place and ate some fufu- it was crazy! Fufu has the texture of play-doh, truly a young Sis. Robinson dream, and it takes on the flavor of whatever it's served our case, super spicy chicken. I seriously cried it was so hot!! AHHH, it was bonkers. We also totally ate with our hands, which was the weirdest and coolest experience- I even have a video to prove it all, haha! Add it to the list of crazy mission experiences!! 
Scary African food!

We also saw the beloved Sis. Koon on Sunday, and the Elders came by to give her a blessing- it was the greatest!! I love her so much! She told us that we need to get her a gospel art book, haha, and that she's going to teach us how to make African food- stay tuned next week for the exciting food to come!! I'm pretty much serving in Africa, haha!! 

Welp, that's been my week!! It's been crazy and beautiful- hallelujah for no transfers in my future!!! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do- keep being awesome!! I adore you!! 

Sister Robinson 

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