Monday, May 30, 2016

Rollerblading, Beulah Reunions, BROOOOTHER DAUDIER, and Mother's Day: The World's Greatest Weeeeek!!!

OH MAN OH MAN, it's been the greatest week of all time- the subject gives it all away, but whateves. It's the truth! Life is magical in Fargo!!

First thing, the most important thing, WE GOT PERMISSION FROM GOOD OL' PRESIDENT HESS TO ROLLARBLADE, AHHHH (as long as we wear helmets, haha)!!!! We got blades from our fave Fargo Elders, Elder Nielson and Elder Stapley, and helmets from our dear Sis. Dresser...AND WE SPENT OUR GLORIOUS EXERCISE TIME THIS MORN BLADING AROUND TOWN, YAHOOOO!!!!! I didn't even fall once, yeeeeehaw!!! I also didn't super blade yet- I'm a blader in training by the pro Sis. Clark- but I did get some on point speed walking in blades in, haha. I'm a natural! Our current game plan is to slowly train me up to become the rollerblader of my dreams and then proselyte around town with them- CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE!?!?! Two of the coolest Sisters around, comin' in hot!!

So, that's some of the most exciting developments of the week prior, and the details of this glorious news will come out as we move forward with this email- it's going to be a good one!!!

We kicked off our magical week with a magical p-day, as per usual, full of car inspections and buying HARRY POTTTTTTER stamps and running around town- it was such a great day!! Yahooooo for p-day! We also spent a good chunk of our afternoon chilling at the church with our peeps and eating fancy pancakes- Elder Stapley is forever the fave!

We ran off to dinner immediately following our p-day shenighans at the Walker's, such a pleasant time, and did a season of planning before trying Sis. Johnson- and she let us in, yahoooo!!! We read 1 Nephi 1 with her and committed her to keep on reading away- she's the best! It was super Spirit guided and beautiful- my favorite kind of lesson!! Such a good Monday!

And then it was Tuesday, man oh man. Such a crazy day!! We started it off with studies, as per usual, and ran off to teach Sis. Shell, one of my fave less actives around- it was such a sweet lesson!! We talked about the Book of Mormon and committed her to read from it and pray- she's the besssst!! She also adorably gave Sis. Clark a blanket, because she's the sweetest lady known to man, and life was just so good. The only bummer Sis. Shell wise is that she doesn't let us meet with her once a week yet- only every other...but we're working on it. One day, one day!

We hung for a spell with the super cool Mandy, who is staying with her dad in our ward for a couple weeks on vacay...and is waiting for her call, yahooooo!! We took her out teaching a couple times this week and it was simply blissful- Mandy is the coooolest!! She's from Haiti and speaks French and has the CUTEST accent of all time- I'm in love!!  We picked her up and tried Bro. Kranto with no luck, and ended up tracting out the town with her- it was so sweet! We met a super nice JW lady named Stephanie, who told us about her ministry in Nepal and we're pretty much besties by now. No big deal. We even asked her for a referral, and she let us know that she would teach them about her religion first- AHHH, Stephanie would be the coolest Mormon!! It's my secret prayer that we run into her again and convert her. That'd be the dream!!
Us and Mandy! 

We lunched away after all that adventuring, tried some less actives, said hello to the adorable Sis. Koon, and went tracting for a was so good! We met an adorable puppy named Murphy and a super cool nine year old named Wyatt whose fam we're totally going to start teaching- mark my words!

AND THEN, we ran over to Sis. Lien's and had a BEEEEEAUTIFUL lesson with her- yeeeehaw!! Sis. Cook came along and we chatted about temples and family history.. and she was totally wearing a head to toe flamingo outfit. AHHHH, I could've died outta pure joy!!  SHE'S THE BESTTTT!!!! She even had flamingo shoes and earrings- goodness, I adore her so much!! She loved the temple, of course, and remains the coolest person I've ever met. The best!!! I love her so much- baptism is inevitable, my dear friends. I feel it in my BONNNNES!!! It was just the greatest lesson ever, as are all lessons with her, and we left her place with hearts so full of love- she's forever my favorite! She is just so much of the reason I'm chilling in Fargo these days, and I love it so much.  She is the dreammmm!!!

We ate some more food after that, and ended our night by helping Sis. Dimas plan her daughter Brisa's baptism, doing a bit of street contacting and meeting Jason, a buddy of the dear Bro. Roberts, AND doing the epic and highly anticipated rollerblade exchange- YAHOOOOOO!!!!  So, the backstory first- Elder Nielson and Elder Stapley volunteer at a thrift store once a week and the owner gives them oodles of free junk to say thank you, so they offered to pick us up some blades...AHHHH!!! We gave them our shoe sizes on Monday, they volunteered on Tuesday, and we spent the better part of our dinner hour making and decorating a fancy cake to give them as a token of our gratitude- such a beautiful time!! We also took a requisite tripod picture of it all, because it was too perfect not to- AHHHH, #blading!!!!!!!  SUCH a perfect Tuesdaaaaaay!!!!

And then it was Wednesday, man oh man. We media hour'd in the morn and rolled over to Sis. Michael after that- it was sweet! We taught her about the Restoration and she mostly taught us, which is forever my fave- such a good lesson! I adore Sis. Michael!

We tried a couple more less actives and potentials after that, with no real luck, and decided to tract for a bit...AND IT WAS MAGICAL, MAN OH MAN!!! First door we knocked, we met Pat, a super nice Catholic man that ended up letting us teach him some doorstep Resto and taking a Book of Mormon- AND SCHEDULING A RETURN APPPPPOINTMENT, AHHHH!!!  It was a blessed time!! Every door we knocked on that perfect street took a Book of Mormon and chatted with us for a while- it was simply gorgeous. Tracting is sometimes the greatest, haha!!

We talked with Sis. Tokpawhiea after all that magical tracting and chatted with the ex-husband of a less active we want to start teaching...and then, we ran off to CHHHHIPOTLE for dinner, yahoooooo!!!!  Sis. Broberg is the real MVP here, because she blessed our lives with a Chipotle gift card of the heavens and LIFE IS SO GOOOOOD!!! YAHOOOO!! We even got guac- such a perfect dinner hour!!!

AND THEN, to end our glorious Wednesday, we had a beautiful lesson with Bro. Friederichs at the Zollinger's- it was perfect!! We answered his questions about the Plan of Salvation and the temple, and taught him the Law of Chastity- he's the best!! He super honestly told us that he doesn't quite have an answer yet, but that we'll be the first to know when he does- I love him so much!! AHHHH!!!  He just brings profound amounts of joy to my heart and to my soul, and I am so grateful to be teaching him. The best!!

Onto Thursday!! We did some ward coorelation in the morn, planned for a spell after that...AND MET SISTER LEE AND SISTER CLINE FROM MY BEULAH DAYS FOR LUNCH, AHHHH!!!  They were in town for a concert, so we coordinated and met up at Pita Pit- such a glorious time!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!! We laughed  and chatted about the good ol' days in Beulah and they came bearing beautiful gifts of earrings and pillows- they are the greatest people ever!! It's so cool to realize just how much people have influenced you, and then to chill with said people over pitas. I am truly the person I am because of Sis. Lee and Sis. Cline and all the gorgeous Beulah times we spent together. Huzzah for Beulah reunions!!! It was the greatest lunch date of all time!!!
The best!

My cheesy new pillow- I love Sis. Cline and Sis. Lee!! :) 

We planned for the rest of forever after that beautiful time, and ate dinner with the Mitchell's- they're the best!! We ended our night by teaching Bro. Daudier about the priesthood and baptism...and he straight up told us that he knows this is the truth and he now needs to convince his family- AHHHHHHH!!!!  He even told us that he wants to get baptized with his wife (who lives in Vegas so it's a tad current vote is that Sis. Broberg move over there and teach her, haha)...HE'S THE COOOOOLEST!!! AHHHHH!!!!!  Man, I adore him.
Love this man!

We also did a quick Sis. Lien stop by on Thursday night, post-Bro. Daudier lesson, just to drop of some books and tell her love her- it was the best!! She was wearing her nightie and she told us that we made her whole day- I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! Forever the fave!!!

And then it was Friday- so much happened this week, man oh man! We started off our Friday with an early morning district to prep for our upcoming Zone Conference with Elder Martino- it should be a party!! We lunch dated with our dear sisters afterwards, and then ran off to a lesson with Sis. White and Sis. Richards-- it was so sweet!! They gave us fancy homemade chocolate pudding and we taught them about temples and family history...perf! They're the coolest!! I really just love a sweet old lady, haha!

We weekly planned for a season after that, ate some dinner, and taught our fave Sis. Dresser- it was beautiful!! Sis. Peterson came along, and we talked more about the temple and committed her to prepare to go...yahooooo!!!! She's do dang close, with only Word of Wisdom holding her back- I just love her so much!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!  She means the world to me, that Sis. Dresser. We also skyped from her place on Sunday and my fam got to meet her- pure bliss!! I love when the people I love get to meet the people I love. YAHOOOO!!!! She's the BESTTTT!!!

And then it was Saturday- another gorgeous day!! We started off at Sis. Koon's, where we talked baptism and confirmation and helped her move stuff to her garage. She adorably asked if I'm leaving soon for home like Sis. Broberg, and I told her that I still have eight months left on my mission- AND SHE CLAPPED AND SMILED THE BIGGEST SMILE, AHHHH!  I didn't quite have the heart to tell her that I probably won't be in Fargo the whole eight months, because it was so precious- SISTER KOON LOVES ME AND I LOVE HER AND LIFE IS JUST SO GOOOOD!!!
Me and Favor- the best! 

We stopped by Sis. Billings after that, who agreed to let us teach her the lessons even though she's the coolest and most converted person ever- yahoooo!!  We're going to do lunch dates with her on Saturday and teach her the lessons while eating- I AM SO JAZZZZED!! We kicked it off by going to Noodles and Company together and it was pure bliss- I love Sis. Billings so dang much!!! She;s the greatest woman EVERRRR!!!!
We love Sister Billings!!

We spent the remainder of our Saturday teaching Bro. Kranto/convincing him to keep meeting with us (ahhhh!!!), helping Sis. Bigghetty move in (and eating pizza with her, yahoo!! She also made us kool aid, and it was pretty blissful. I love kool aid!!), teaching Sis. Juliana (YEAHHHHH!!!), and teaching Bro. Daudier with our dear friend Mandy- such a good day! Bro. Daudier's lesson went really well- we taught him the Plan of Salvation and committed him to keep a gratitude journal (because he's a negative Nancy, dontcha know) and pray about the sweet! I love him a lot! He also totally came to church yesterday- AHHHHH!!!! HE'S THE BESTTTTT!!! Which is why he got the coveted place in the subject- only for the best!

And then it was time for the Sabbath- and it was a total delight! Seeing my sweet fam was a definite highlight- I just love them so much!! Total homies!! I've got the cutest fam around, and it was so good to talk and laugh and pray with them- credit to Sis. Clark for that last and magical one! Such a perfect time!! It was just so good to talk with them and AHHH, they're the best. I love 'em!! I am just so grateful for the knowledge that I have that families are eternal, and that all we have to do is live the gospel to receive that incredible blessing. We 
are lucky ducks!!
Post skyping joy! :)

Welp, that was my week! It was such a good one- and this next one will be gorgeous as well, I guarantee it! Thank you for all you do, and have the greatest weeks around! I love you all so much!! This gospel is true, and I know that with all my heart- I am so blessed to be a missionary! Keep on keepin' on, my friends!


Sister Robinson

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