Sunday, May 15, 2016

Choosing Happiness and Recognizing the Good: Fargo's the BBBBEST!!!

OH MAN OH MAN, this week has been such a good one. I feel like I say that every week, but it's especially true this time around. Life is just so good as a missionary in Fargo- we're living the dream!! PROMMMMMISED LAND, my friends!!!  I just feel so blessed and so lucky to be right where I am, chilling hard and loving life with the amazing Sis. Clark- I am so happy. Life is so good! God is so good! I feel like I'm becoming more and more aware of just how much I needed a mission to become the person that I'm supposed to be, to understand the power of the Atonement and the reality of the gospel, to grow in love and comprehension...missions are just the greatest, dontcha know!  Thank goodness that prideful ol' me listened and embarked on this crazy adventure- it's been the greatest thing I've ever done!

But anyway, this week has been the best. So much goodness! So much mission love! So much sunny weather, haha! It's just been one of those miraculous weeks where your heart feels close to bursting- so many amazing things to discuss today! Whatta dream! I'm still ponderizing what cheesy subject this email'll come to me, I'm sure!

We started our week off with a glorious pday, full of the regular shenanigans and crazy rounds of dodge ball at the church. Like you do. It was such a good one- the lavender Clorox wipes have officially made their comeback in Fargo, yahoo!!! Living the dream!

We dined and ran off to teach Bro. Kranto- it was so sweet! We brought Sis. Raleigh along and read 1 Nephi 1 with him and his family...I just love that man so dang much. He's a good one! His wife isn't officially investigating yet, but she's sat in on the last couple of lessons...I'm feeling optimistic! Good things are coming!

We ended our beautiful Monday by trying oodles of people and meeting Bro. Jallah's cousin, was crazy cool!  So, update on Bro. Jallah before we get going. I've been casually avoiding it because it breaks my poor sensitive heart...but we haven't seen him since that beautiful lesson at the Parker's where we got him on date for the 30th of April. Everytime we try him he's not home/doesn't want to meet with us- the adversary is just so real.  It makes me weepy to consider, but I know that he will find the gospel again when the time is right. I feel it with every fiber of my being!

But anyway, we were able to teach Patience about the Restoration and schedule a return appointment- yahooooo for a rogue new investigator on an unsuspecting pday!!

And then, it was Tuesday. Such a beautiful day!! We started off with studies, and ran off the see Demetri, one of our super cool new was sweeeeet!! We read Alma 32:3 with him and committed him to pray about the Restoration and come to church...and we scheduled a return appointment, the real deal! It was so cool!!

We ran by and introduced Sis. Clark to good ol' Sis. White after that, and ended up watching Pre. Monson's conference talk with her and committed her to pray about him being a prophet- the coolest! Unexpected other lesson, huzzzzah!!

We lunched for a spell after that and ran back out to visit Sis. Billings, my all time fave. I just love her so dang much! We helped her unpack and move some things around her apartment and chatted about her conversion all the while- she's the coolest woman ever. She has leukemia and relies absolutely on the Savior- she knows that it is all in His hands. Basically, I want to be her when I grow up. We even took a glorious selfie with her to prove it!

We taught Alison and Marty Howard after all that adventuring- it was so sweet! We met Alison a while back tracting away and she told us to come back...and then we got all busy and never had time. The horror! She was all mad that we haven't been back, which was pretty cool, and we ended up teaching her and her husband about the Restoration and nailed that return appointment- the dream!! They're the cutest people of all time!! Yahoooo for two new investigators- I am so jazzed to teach them!!

We dined at the Dorsey's, who I simply adore, and ran off to try Bro. Ojeda at the hospital- and Bro. Claypool came along! It was the greatesttt!!! I love Bro. Claypool so much, man oh man! We ended up not being able to teach Bro. Ojeda, but we chatted away with our dear Bro. Claypool about his conversion and general coolness as we waited for the was seriously the best. He's the best!!

We tried a few people after that adventure and stopped by the Peterson's, a super cool family who lives in our area but I've never met- and we got that FHE invite, yahoooo!!! We went over for dinner yesterday and shared the Restoration with their family- I'm totally obsessed! They are the bessssssst!!
Turns out, Sam is the best selfie taker around- he even got their dog Sasha in the picture! Whatta pro!!    

and us and our newfound fave fam of all time, the Petersonnnnnns!!!!
I especially love the one where Sis. and Bro. Peterson have crazy faces, haha...not sure what went wrong there
But anyway, magical Tuesday all around!! We headed into Wednesday with the highest of hopes, because our Tuesday was so beautiful...and it was another wonderful day! I'm learning from my mission that it's all about attitude- you've got to choose to be happy! It's the secret to life!!

We ran around all day on Wednesday, trying the masses and visiting our dear Sis. Robideau and media houring away and teaching the Moore clan- it was such a good day! I was totally exhausted by the end of it all, which is the true sign of a day well spent...exhaustion means you're working hard, haha!!

Thursday was also a good one, full of weekly planning and hanging with Sis. Raleigh. We got a text early in the morn from Sis. Billings, asking us to visit her in the we called up Sis. Raleigh and asked her to come along! It was perfection, because Sis. Raleigh is the classiest lady known to man and loves everyone with an unobstructed passion- Sis. Billings and her become the best of friends and swapped contact info, yahoooo!!! Watching my friends become friends is seriously the greatest joy of all time- it's the best thing ever!!!
Us and Sis. Raleigh- I love her so much!

We realized, as we ran off to homebase, that we needed to teach Sis. Sis. Raleigh tagged along with us to her lesson as well! Whatta party!! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and Sis. Koon rocked adorably in her chair all the while- such a perfect time! I love that Sis. Raleigh!!
the whole teaching gang- Sis. Michael, Sis. Koon, Favor, and us- with photo cred to our dear Sis. Raleigh    

We planned away for the remainder of our day, and then ran off to our Bro. Daudier lesson- it was so goooood!! We brought Sis. Cook along and we chatted with him about church and prophets and reviewed the Restoration- he's just the coooolest!! He was raised Catholic but never really believed in the Pope, so he looked on at us during the lesson and tenderly asked, "Do we believe in the Pope?". Gooooodness, BEST MOMENT EVER. AHHHH!!!  He's just the sweetest man- teaching him is one of my favorite things in life!!

We had a gorgeous Friday as well- this week was just the greatest ever!!! We had a beautiful district meeting, all about continuing to progress as missionaries and allowing the Atonement to work in our lives- the coolest!! We also met a crazy cool new investigator, Sis. Young, who lives with Demetri and Anthony- it was sweeeet!! We taught her the Restoration and committed her to read from the Book of Mormon and pray, come to church, and be which to all said yes!!! THE DREEEEAM!!! We're going to teach her again this next week- I AM SO EXCITEEEED!!!!

We also had a lovely dinner with Sis. Dresser- it was so sunny that we ate KFC in her fancy backyard and it was just the greatest thing ever. I will forever regret not taking pictures of it!! It was the best! We also taught her about tithing and fast offerings and invited her to come out teaching with us to Sis. Lien on the morrow...AND SHE SAID YES, AHHHH!!! We met up at Sis. Lien's on Saturday morning and proceeded to teach her about tithing and fasting- Sis. Dresser is just the coolest ever!!!!!! I love her so much! And Sis. Lien loved her too, naturally- how could you not?! That lesson was totally the highlight of our Saturday- it was the perfect fellowship and the perfect lesson and AHHHHH, perfection all around! Sis. Lien and Sis. Dresser are both just so converted to the gospel and I simply adore them both- and they totally bonded over their love of missionaries as we ate fancy braided bread...THE BEST!!!! AHHHHH!!!
Us and Sis. Dresser (our total BFF, dontcha know)    
SISTERRRR LIEN!!!! (I felt as though it was time for all my people to meet my current person- isn't she the cutest?!)    

We also taught Sis. Johnson on Saturday and dined with Sarah and Rachel, super cool recent converts from ever!! We ate crazy delish African food and chatted about the Restoration- such a good Saturday!!

Sunday was pure bliss, the most delightful of Sabbaths- we taught the Cudney clan the Restoration (my new faves, yahoo!!!!) and dined with the Petersons and taught Sis. Koon and scheduled an appointment with Bro. Kranto- we were busy bees!! The highlight was totally the Cudney clan lesson...or maybe our Peterson dinner...or maybe our Sis. Koon lesson...or maybe the beautiful church times with SIs. Dresser...SO MUCH GOODNESS ON THE SABBATH!!!!!! It was just beautiful all around, my dear friends!! I always wish there was more time to elaborate on our wonderful weekends- I just get so hung up on everything else, haha. Too much goodness! 

Welp, it was SUCH a good week!!! I'm even more jazzed for the week ahead- there are always more miracles to come!! I hope all you beautiful people have a wonderful week as well- you are all my favorites!! Thank you for all you do- I love you the most!!

Sister Robinson

a cute car selfie    

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