Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mastering the Art of Poaching and Repentance

Oh man OH MAN, it's been a crazy town week!! We have got so much to discuss, my dear team! First we'll tackle the subject at hand...poaching and repentance, haha. So, poaching is a term used exclusively by us city going missionaries- when a companionship enters the area of other missionaries and teaches investigators in said other area, that is a poach. It varies from mild to severe, depending on how much you teach them and how apt you are to hand them over. Usually, I'm a pretty decent person and I pass of these poaches without too much of a fight...but then, we met Kebbah. Yup, it was all a poach. I feel bad admitting all this, but honesty is the best's been a rough road of justification and denial, really. BUT, at Elder Stapley's birthday party (which we'll get to in due time, don't even worry), we chatted it up with the too cool Elder Daley and got called to repentance on our poaching ways and handed our dear and beautiful Kebbah over to her actual missionaries. We're more resolved than ever to be good people, yahoooo!!

But anyway, this has been a great week- repentance is real! The Atonement applies to everyone, even poach-y sister missionaries!  I feel like I'm slowly learning how it actually works, and how we can actually change- it's all about having a game plan, I'm discovering! When you've got a solid game plan and then crank up the fervent prayers, life is good. Game plans for days! There's oodles of baby things I totally disdain about myself, but don't know quite how to fix...BUT, get a solid game plan of how you're going to do up in there and life is just good. You experience true and lasting happiness!! You feel much like my favorite emoji, haha!

Goodness, I get so sidetracked these days. I just have too many thoughts of my heart to share with the masses!  I'll tell you about my week now, haha. Gotta stop chatting!

We kicked off our week with a beautiful pday, full of helping the Williams move and chilling with our dear Detroit Lakes sisters. They're the best! We also said oodles of goodbyes to our fave departing Fargo homies, and took the requisite awkward goodbyes pictures all around- I miss my friends! The cool part about missions is that life moves on, and that you make new friends with every new transfer- life is so good!!

We spent our pday evening teaching the masses- it was so sweet! We saw Sis. Juliana, our BFF, and taught her about the Restoration...she's not quite getting it but I LOVE HER SO's tricky. I just want her to progress with all the energy of my SOUL!! We saw her a couple more times this week and saw glimmers of hope here and there...but it's still tricky. Juliannnnnnna!!! The cause of so much stress in my life!!! I just have too much love in my heart, it would seem. That's my constant issue in life!

Also, more funny African food with our sweet Juliana. We love her. :)

We also chatted with our fave Sis. Tokpawhiea, and she let us know that she'll be MIA for the next month or two...ugh. Tragic! We finished off our night by tracting for a sec and meeting a super nice Catholic lady that loved us until we told her that we're missionaries, haha. It's chill.

And then, it was Tuesday. For some reason, our Tuesday was rougher than usual...but it all ended up okay! We started it off by going to see Sis. Shell, our recent fave...and her uber Catholic husband answered the door and told us not to come back. The tears were close to the surface, my friends! We ended up calling up Sis. Shell a couple days later and all was made right once more- she let us know that we could still meet, hallelujah!

But, the times before calling Sis. Shell were a little disheartening. We took a media hour out of pure sadness and loss of confidence and dropped a gospel art book off with our dear Sis. Koon before eating some lunch. And then, we saw Sis. Bighetty, who just makes everything better, and ran off to teach Kebbah- not all was lost! It turned out to be a most beautiful day- to quote the words of our dear Beth Moore, a fresh humbling is always good!

We taught Kebbah about the Plan of Salvation- AHHHH, it was so perfect! She just gets it!! We used the cute little visuals, which remains forever my favorite way to teach it, and she totally loved it. Tender mercy of the Lord!! We left her with a pamphlet to read through and 3 Nephi 11 to prep up for the gospel- she's just the best!! I have total confidence that the Elders will be good to her!

We ate waffles with the Mitchells on Tuesday night and AHHH, it was blissful! Sis. Mitchell made homemade coconut syrup and I seriously could've cried tears of joy. I adore the Mitchells!! We shared the gospel with their too cute fam, and got some sweet referrals- the Mitchells are the real MVPs!!!

We finished off our Tuesday by hightailing it to institute and learning from our dear Raleighs- it was so wonderful! We met a couple of potentials while there, and got the scoop for Cody Lien- he's going to come next week, YAHOOOOO!!!  We tried a couple of less actives after all that adventuring and headed in for the night- such a crazy Tuesday!!

Wednesday was SO BEAUTIFUL, man oh man. So much goodness!!! We kicked off the day with a PERFECT early morning lesson with our dear Sister Lien- AHHHHH!!!! We brought Sis. Peterson along, which turned out to be exactly who we needed, and we chatted about the Word of Wisdom and keeping the Sabbath day holy and baptism... AND SHE TOLD US THAT SHE KNOWS THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH AND THAT SHE NEEDS TO BE BAPTIZED, HUZZZZZZAH!!!!!  The only thing holding her back these days is Jefferson (Davis, hehe), her super Lutheran husband...she's super nervous to even tell him that she needs to go to church every week! We went over the baptismal interview questions with her and she knows everything is true...but she feels like she can't commit to coming to church every week because of her family. UGH. When this concern of all concerns finally surfaced, my mouth was probably ajar and I was probably sobbing because YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE AND YOU JUST HAVE TO TELL YOUR FAM THAT...but Sis. Peterson took the wheel and suggested that we all fast together about her baptism and her family- AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure I'll have more to report on the Sis. Lien front next week, but I can honestly say that peace has again entered my soul concerning our dear Sis. Lien and I know it's going to work out. She's going to be baptized, I guarantee it!!! We also saw her again on Friday- we had a gorgeous Dairy Queen date full of cotton candy blizzards- and she told us that she knows she'll be baptized one day but can't commit to anytime soon.... Fasting brings miracles, though! Life is still great!!

Man oh man, such a crazy way to start our Wednesday, haha. We tried Sis. Johnson after that adventure and ate some lunch before heading over to teach Michael...who casually moved to the Elder's area, man oh man. Don't worry, we handed him over after teaching him the gospel and have a good feelings talk about it all- people need to stop moving, goodness!

We taught Sis. Moore about tithing after that, and it was so good! I love that Sis. Moore so much!! She was wearing pants this time around, haha, and it was a really sweet lesson. AND, she totally came to church on Sunday! YAHOOOOO!!!!

We taught Oretha about the Plan of Salvation after that- it was perfection! She's getting it!! We also discussed the craziness of African food, and she let us know that its spiciness helps you to stay regular- HAHAHA!!!!  She gave us some spinach chicken/cow skin soup with rice as a parting gift...that was actually super delish! Yahooooo for Oretha!! We committed her to come to church and it didn't quite pan out...BUT, we have big plans to bringing Sis. Michael along and converting her unto the Lord- it's going to be a party!!

The adorable Oretha! :)

We tried a few people following our beautiful Oretha times and then headed over to dinner with the dear and beloved Bro. Claypool- IT WAS THE BEST, MAN OH MANNNNN!!!! I love Bro. Claypool so much!! We ate fancy grilled chicken and a variety of homemade salads and HE OFFERED TO BAPTIZE OUR DEAR SISTER LIEN, AHHHHH!!!! IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHERRRRR!!!!!

We finished off our Wednesday by trying a couple more people and heading in- successful day!!

Thursday was pretty blissful- WE GOT OUR SISTERS, YAHOOOOO!!!! We spent our day prepping up for their arrival- cleaning their apartment (because Elders), weekly planning in high anticipation, and greeting them at the church- SUCHHH a blissful day!!! We dined at the Disher's once the whole gang was assembled- it was crazy town!! We ate crazy delish lasagna and homemade cheesecake and we shared the First Vision with their beautiful fam- such a good week for members, goodness gracious! I just adore the Dishers- such total conversion! Fargo is just the greatest place on earth, I'm convinced!!

We saw Sis. Dresser following our monster eight missionary dinner and scheduled a time to meet her friend with her next week whose son just passed away- SIS. DRESSER IS THE BESTTTTT!!!! Totally obsessed with that dear woman!! We also tried Bro. Jallah and met a super adorable and cute African woman- such a great Thursday!

And then, it was Friday! We saw Sis. Lien in the morn, as we discussed, and lunch dated away with the Sisters- such a party!! I love having oodles of sisters around!!! I am ultimately obsessed with Sister Elzinga and Sister Bennett- the cutest!! I sincerely regret not taking crazy amounts of selfies with them this past week, next week!

District meeting was also perfection on Friday- Elder Swensen is just the best! Yahoooo for good trainings!! We had to sprint outta there at top speed once it was over to see Oretha with Sis. Odegard...and she wasn't home! We raced off to see Kebbah luck! It was a tad discouraging, but we were able to chat it up with the amazing Sis. Odegard- I sincerely adore that woman!! She's headed next week to Alaska for a cruise, and they port from Seattle- YEEEEHAW!!! Goodness, so much Seattle pride in my heart. It's the best place!!  She's going to Safeco field for a baseball game, and GAH, it was just fun to talk home with her. She's the best!!

As we were gearing up to leave, Kebbah came back home- crazy!! She didn't have time to meet with us, but we scheduled an appointment for Saturday- and it was perfect!! We brought Sis. Parker along and taught her about the gospel...AND SHE COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED ON JUNE 25TH, AHHHHHH!!!!!  Fullness of joy, I'm telling ya!! Even though we won't finish out teaching her, I still feel partially responsible for her baptism- and really, she was initially our media referral. So it's all chill, haha.

We ran over to the Robert's after that for ward coorelation and dinner- it was so perfect!! I love the Roberts so much!!! It was just so good, full of yummy grilled chicken and more cheesecake- the members here are so dang good to us!!!

We finished off our night by hightailing with Bro. Roberts to the church to teach Bro. Daudier- it was sweeeeet!! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and went over the baptismal interview questions with him- our main man is getting clooooose!!!! We ultimately decided that he needs to read the Book of Mormon on the daily and he totally agreed- and he came to church on Sunday, yahoooo!!! He's CLLLLLOSE, I can feel it!!!!

Oh man, such craziness all around! I'll give you a speed round version of Saturday, because I'm running outta time and motivation...BUT, we taught Sis. Koon and Kebbah and Juliana and ate crazy African once more and had dinner with our dear missionaries friends at Huhot for Elder Stapley's birthday. It was truly a party!! We found oodles of random gems in our apartment and cutely wrapped 'em up for our fave Elder Stapley- such a joyful birthday!!  Yahooooooo!!!! It was there that Elder Daley, whose serving in 1st ward, scorned us for poaching and we've since repented. The Atonement is real!!

Crazy African food!

We also had a beautiful Sabbath...AND WE GOT A NEW BISHOP, HUZZZZAH!!!! His name is Bishop Blank, and his counselors are Bro. Mitchell and Bro. Gray- it's going to be beautiful!!! I am so jazzed!! We visited our dear Sis. Billings yesterday and saw Juliana once more...and had another crazy eight missionary dinner at the West's!! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!!! I love the Wests with all the energy of MY SOUL, donctha know. They're the best!!!! They fed us steaks and strawberry shortcake and we shared the Plan of Salvation with them and AHHH, it was perfection all around. Such a beautiful Sunday!!

Welp, that was my week! It was such a party from start to finish- Fargo life is THE life!!! So much happy contentment!! I hope you all have the most beautiful week- I love you all so much!!!


Sister Robinson

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