Monday, June 27, 2016

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

Oh man OH MAN, what a week it's been in Fargo land! Life is all kinds of crazy, as per usual, and we're back into the swing of the STL life- yahoo for MLC! And ZTM! And just the general stress of zone leadership! I feel like Heavenly Father blessed me with such a pleasant and delightful last transfer, full of laughter and joy and living in denial about my ridiculous amounts of responsibility...and now it's all coming back in spades. So many Sisters, so little time!

But alas, even with the reality of zone leadership hitting once more, life was still so beautiful this week. A definite highlight was carpooling with our dear Zone Leaders, Elder Guymon and Elder Maxfield, to Bismarck and back, and listening to Elder Guymon repeat in his best lady voice the subject at hand- AHHH, it would just kill me!  We've officially decided as the dream team to make the ever applicable, "You is kind, you is smart, you is important" our zone motto for the coming transfer- I just wish you could hear Elder Guymon say it, haha! He puts a little extra emphasis on that last "important", and it ends up being more like, "imPOORtent"...gah, it cracks me up every time. Such a tender mercy amid a pretty stressful week!!   

So, there you have it. Subject at hand explained, little bit of chatting before I get into the actual report- time to kick it off, I suppose!  We started the week off with a beautiful pday, full of the normal errand running and shopping and Johnny Lingo watching...but we also went to SKY ZOOOOOOOONE, a glorious indoor trampoline place- it was PERFECTION!!!! We jumped away, and my deep and profound love for trampolines was again realized- man, it was a lovely time. I adore trampolines with all the energy of my soul!!!

We ended our pday by being most productive- it was beautiful! We chatted with Bro. Kranto with the dear Bro. Roberts about the sacrament, such a sweet lesson, met a crazy cool part member fam, the Klamms, and talked with Bonnie (the crazy cool Catholic wife) who is absolutely my new fave, and managed to teach two rogue others- it was a crazy evening!! We taught Oretha first, just a quick doorstep chat about the gospel, and Marie Clark next, a super sweet investigator that we haven't seen in eons, about the Plan of Salvation...such a perfect Monday!

And then, it was Tuesday. We started the day off by seeing our dear Sis. Moore and teaching her about the Word of Wisdom- total party! We chatted with Sis. Koon after that, read some Enos with her and she decided to name her grandson Enos because of it all- goodness, I adore Sis. Koon. Such a beautiful soul.
Also, rogue cute baby at Sis. Koon's. The best!
Favor was there too. Love her!

AND THEN, we ate some lunch and sprinted off to Bismarck- crazy, crazy! We rode over there with Elder Guymon and Elder Maxfield (as alluded to earlier in this email), and giggled obscenely the whole way over- it was such a beautiful time!! I just adore our Zone leaders these days, and it was a most delightful ride with them. Elder Guymon especially cracks me, up, as evident from the subject at hand- he's just a total hoot!

Ridin' to Bismarck!
Once to Bismarck, we ate at the mission home, reunited with my dear Fargo besties (SISTER RICHINSSSS!!! SISTER BAADSGAARDDDDD!!!!), and headed over to the temple...GOOOOODNESS,  it was such a blissful day!!! It was so good to see everyone, that remains my favorite part of being an STL, and the temple was just perfection- this gospel is just so true! The covenants we make in the temple are REAL, and they allow us to more fully access the power of the Atonement. It's like taking the sacrament through a firehouse, really. I love the temple so much! Favorite place on earth- especially when my dear friends are there with me! It was especially beautiful to chat with my fave Sis. Shutt in the celestial room- we always seems to be struggling with the exact same things as missionaries and I just adore her. Being a missionary is just the greatest!

Seeing the faves! :) 

The whole temple group- the best!

We spent the night with the adorable Hallidays, and the Williston sisters stayed with us- such a party!!! Sis. Shutt and I chatted forever about life and missions and AHHH, it was just such a tender mercy to talk with her. I love her the most!!
The cute sleepover group 

We MLC'd away on Wednesday (and ate fancy pancakes with fancy homemade syrup for breakfast, so delish) and headed back to Fargo once it all came to a close- such a great MLC this time around! We counseled about the recent struggles of the mission (dignified language keeps coming up- I've got so much repentance to do, man oh man!) and working with members and obedience, and my heart just overflowed with profound love for my dear Pres. Hess- he is truly the mission president I needed!!

Once back to homebase, we planned away for ZTM, tried a few of our faves, and called it a night- such a crazy time!!

We had a crazy town Thursday following our crazy town Wednesday- man oh man, I am just so pooped! We planned away in the morn, ran off to ward correlation, planned a bit more for ZTM, and taught Sis. White and Sis. Richards- goodness, such a crazy day!! We chatted about the Restoration with our two cuties, and taught about the priesthood and auxiliaries- it was so sweet!!

We taught the beautiful Sis. Lien following that lesson, and Sis. Disher came along- such a gorgeous time!! We chatted more about baptism, about taking a leap of faith...and she told us that she'll be ready in the fall for baptism.  AHHHHHHH!! We committed her to talk to her husband about baptism, and to pray about a date...but she's pretty set on waiting it out. My heart was pretty broken, but Sis. Disher saved us all and testified boldly of following the commandments and choosing the harder right. GOOOODNESS, it was perfection. Sis. Disher is the real MVP!!!  Sis. Lien admitted that she's felt crazily anxious since making her decision, and Sis. Disher straight up told her it's because she knows what she needs to do and she's not doing it...#truth. Man oh man, so much praying for our dear Sis. Lien these days!! The deepest and most profound desire of my heart is to see her baptized, and I just don't know if it's going to happen...I'm optimistic!!

We ran off to dinner at the Blank's after all that adventuring and heart wrenching, and it was a beautiful time...AND, we're going to get Sis. Lien over there for a lesson!! YAHOOOOO!!!! I think that will help her progress as well- and she is super open to trying it out! Goodness, she is such a wonderful woman. Fearful with just cause, but wonderful nonetheless. I adore her with all the energy of my soul!! 

We planned away for ZTM after dinner, roleplayed away and stressed profusely...and then it was time to actually give our training, AHHHH!!!  I was crazily nervous, because training missionaries is lit'really the scariest thing ever...but it went really well!! The Elders gave a great training on being prepared, and combatting the tactics of the adversary, and Pres. Pickrel guest stared and gave a lovely training on working with members...and then we trained on the Atonement! The Spirit was so strong through it all, and everyone shared their experiences with the Atonement- it was amazing. The Atonement is so real! I think the fact that I was able to give a coherent training to a room full of missionaries and that I felt like myself through it all is a testament to the reality of the Atonement, haha. I felt like Nephi in Helaman 8:11, constantly "constrained to speak more unto them"- lately, I've had the habit of word vomiting with the Spirit whenever I feel prompted. I feel like it's not even me speaking, but that I being compelled by the Holy Ghost to talk. Being consecrated is a real thing- the Spirit can truly speak through us!!
Our cute zone leadership!

We ate some Qdoba after our training to reward ourselves, haha, and weekly planned away. We stopped by Sis. Koon to wish her a happy birthday and to drop off the classic "Mountain of the Lord", which she adored...goodness, I love her so much!! She fed us some beans with mysterious chunks of fish afloat, and life was just so good. Sis. Koon is the best!!

The mystery meat in question...

And Sister Clark's reaction to it. Lol. :)

We tried a few other of our people and ended up meeting Earl, who grew up near the Aaronic Priesthood restoration sight and had oodles of questions for us- it was sweet!! We actually stopped by again last night and dropped off a Book of for Earl!!!

Saturday was a CRAZZZZZY day- the best kind as a missionary!! We tried oodles of people and finished up weekly planning and it was just such a good day. We got back in with the Klamms and chatted with the adorable Bro. Klamm about family history- they are the cutest people!! I think they're going to become Fargo faves for sure- I'm already in love! They fed us watermelon and we talked in their fancy breakfast nook...goodness, it was precious. The Klamms are adorable!

We also taught Sis. Koon about the Atonement, and read some Alma 7 with her- it was sweet! She really wants us to teach her how to read, and she told us that she knows Christ will give her the ability to learn and will give us the ability to teach her- I love Sis. Koon so much!!!! It's the truth!!

We ate dinner with the too cute Sis. Bighetty on Saturday night and it was such a blessed time- Sis. Bighetty is one of my favorite people ever!! I adore her with all of my SOULLL!!! We ate oodles of food, including crazy good coconut cake (I thought of Mammy all the while, haha)- she takes such a good care of us! We left her place with mountains of leftovers and so much love in our hearts- she's just the greatest!!
We ended our Saturday by seeing the adorable Juliana and chated about the Sabbath day and the Sacrament and committed her to come to church on the morrow...and she totally didn't come. It was heartbreaking!! One day, one day.

We also attempted to catch an adorable baby bunny after our lesson with Juliana but never got up the nerve to just do it...Elder Swensen has since given us bunny catching tips and we're more determined than ever. We're going to catch ourselves a bunny one of these days!!

Sunday was a total delight, of course- max productivity! We saw Sis. Robideau and met Paul, Oretha's husband, and chatted with our dear Cudney clan and scheduled an appointment with Sis. Johnson and generally ran was a great day! For some reason, girl's camp was weighing heavily on the minds of Sis. Clark and I, so we spent oodles of our car time singing camp songs and swapping camp stories. Such a blissful day!!

Welp, that was my week! It was good one, a tad stressful but ultimately delightful. This next one is going to be a good one, I can already tell!! Hallelujah!

Thank you for all you do, team!! I love you lots! Have the most beautiful week!

Sister Robinson

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