Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Transfer Stress

Happy Monday, my peeps! Oh man, this email is going to be minorly sad...just because we're kicking off week six and we're both feeling the transfers stress. UGHHHH. I've given Sister Luker fair warning that I'm due from some serious nervous breakdowns as we await what transfers will bring...I don't think she super believed me until this morning, haha. I just hate it, man oh man. We had the most amazing week, with incredible lessons all around...but the reality of transfers keeps poking its icky head into our lives and UGH UGH UGH I hate it so much. We'll get the scoop on Saturday, and I'll let you know next Monday...and let's all pray that nothing happens. Transfers lit'really makes me a crazy person- yahoo for a sweet comp that has learned to deal with my constant shenanigans! Guys, I'm freaking out. Big time freaking out. Right when I think I'm good, the pure and unfeigned anxiety kicks back in and OH MY GOSHHHH I MIGHT LEAVE BEULAH NEXT WEEK. 

Fair warning, this crazed level of stress is going to pop in and out of this weekly report, lol. My game plan is to just dodge it at every possible instant, but it's going to rear its ugly head. UGH UGH UGH UGH.  But alas, this was our best week in a while! Life is pretty much back to normal, no more holiday craziness to make the work weird- so good! It was a different level of crazy, with random amazing things happening left and right and just coolness all around. I'm talking a big talk- maybe I'll actually tell you what happened, haha!

Last Monday was CRAZYYYY town! We did our norm p-day errands in record time, and headed out after lunch to the ENCHANNNNTED HIGHWAY (it has a normal amount of n's in real life, I just added a few more for dramatic emphasis)!!!! Sister Towe brought us dinner when she picked us up, because we didn't have enough time to go on a wild adventure AND eat dinner with their fam- gotta be missionaries, ya know. It was such a good time! The Enchanted Highway is this random stretch of road (about 30 miles long) on the way to Dickinson that is lined with huge metal sculptures. I've always wanted to drive down it, but I've put that random bucket list item on my after mish list...until Sister Towe worked her scheduling magic and made it happen! YAHOOO!!  It was crazy fun, and I was so grateful we got to see it all with the Towe clan. What a dream! My fave was this huge grasshopper one, complete with an adorable hay fence. It was just so cool- and so North Dakota!

Such a party!

Once back at home base, we ate dinner (homemade chicken noodle soup, so delish!) and headed out to be missionaries. We tried everyone and tracted for a spell before heading back in- and having the most stellar nightly planning of my life! Yahoo for Preach My Gospel and making crazy things happen!

As a result of our intense and beautiful nightly planning, we had an amazing Tuesday! We kicked off the day crazy early by running off after personal study to help Becky pack up her house- it was sweet! It was nice to just casually talk with Becky, and remind her that we love and adore her. Man, I love that lady. We headed back in after that to finish up studies...and our maintenance guy from the apartment came in and insisted that we need new hardware in our tub. We had kinda awko studies after that- never super fun to have a random guy chilling in you bathroom as you roleplay, haha- but at least we have fancy new hardware!

On our way outta the apartment, we checked the mail...and I got a randomly perfect Hope letter! It was pure bliss! Man, I love that girl. She begged her mom to find my address, and she wrote me all about her Japan adventures- and she stuck a piece of Japanese candy in the envelope! Pure bliss. I love having friends on missions and getting random mail from them! Nothing beats it! 

After tracting around Hazen and trying all the people, our first lesson of the day was Bro. Lee- it was so sweet! It was perfectly spirited guided and amazing all around, yahoo! We taught about God is our loving Heavenly Father, and he testified to us about his relationship with God- and how he has come to understand His infinite love! It was just incredible, and I know that we never could've taught like that without the Spirit. We marveled for a sec after that lesson just how true this gospel is, and just how amazing it is to be right where I am. Nothing beats teaching by the Spirit!
me and Chase Lee (he never wears clothes- one day, that poor boy is going to be mortified that he took selfies in his undies with the sisters, haha)    

We sprinted over to Tiffany's after that, where we FINALLLLY taught her the Restoration, oh man. It was mildly crazy, with kidlets running around everywhere, but Tiffany was so zeroed in on our message. It was bonkers! Turns out, her in-laws are members, and she has lots of random thoughts about Mormons...but she's never really known what they believe in! The Spirit was just so strong, and I know that Tiffany was feeling it hardcore. I just love teaching the Restoration, because the Spirit is simply undeniable! Amazing, amazing. Man, I love being a missionary! 

We dined at the Cline's, and ate burgers and sweet potato fries-. It was delish! We laughed stupid amounts and caught up on life- I so missed our annual Cline dinner! It was a delight!

We ended our night by sprinting back to Beulah and trying everyone (a constant activity of mission life, haha) before calling it a night. Great Tuesday!

Oh man, on to Wednesday! It was a bonkers day- nothing went quite as planned! After studies and lunch, we headed out to try the people we had scheduled...and no one was home/available/interested. Yikes! We even, after feeling a tad distraught in Beulah, headed over to Zap and tried some potentials luck. I was feeling in the lowest of spirits, but Sis. Luker remained resilient (like she do) and suggested we give Faye a call. AND, crazily enough, Faye told us to come by! So, randomly and perfectly, we met with Faye! We petted her adorable puppies and chatted about "A Savior is Born"- it was pure bliss! It turned out to be exactly where we needed to be, and it is crazily exciting to be meeting with Faye again. AHHH!! She gave us cherry pie and peach pie (because she casually spent her Tuesday making all kinds of pies- classic Faye!), and life was just good.
Faye's adorable puppy!!  

After meeting Faye, we rushed back to Beulah and had dinner with Barb- such a great time! We got Subway cards from our dear Kim Jensen (throwback Monday!), and we decided to buy us all some Subway for dinner- it was so fun! Barb has been cleaning her house, and she made us a take a bag of random things she doesn't want anymore, haha. It must be nice to have missionary friends you can throw all your random things on! She did make us look through all her old jewelry, and I found some choice earrings to rid her of- such a dream! 

my updated earring collection- go Barb!    
We helped Barb stuff all her blankets in space bags after dinner- space bags are the future!!- and it was just so perfect. I love that Barb! We shared a quick scripture before heading out, and I think Barb is slowly getting interested...and it totally freaks her out. Oh man, I love her so much.

Our last stop for the night was at Gayle's, where we shared another quick scripture and caught up on his cray cray life. Rumor has it that he's going to retire next week...but he never actually ends up doing it, haha. He kills me, that Gayle!

And we're to Thursday! Weekly planning this week was only slightly miserable...because it's week eleven of 12 week and Sister Luker had to be in charge! YAHOOOOO! I was in totaly heaven, and Sister Luker killed it- life was good! Turns out, Sis. Luker is a natural at leading out, which makes me extra nervous for what this Saturday will bring- she's so ready to be in charge! I feel like such a proud Mammy, man oh man. She just gets it, and it's pretty incredible. We also got glorious Sis. Finlinson and Sis. Robison (AHHH!!) during planning that made the process a little less unbearable- huzzah!

Once finally done planning away, we headed over to Hazen and had a super cool lesson with Scott, a former investigator we met a couple weeks ago. We shared a quote from "Great Aunt Rose" and he told us that he may be interested in investigating again- yahooo!! It was pretty sweet...and once we were back in the car, we realized that Barb had called and left a message. We called her back in a panic, and she told us that her water had been shut off for the day and she needed a place to stay...and she wanted to stay with us! Thankfully, she got it all figured out before we called back, but it was pretty amazing to realize that we're tighter with Barb than we would ever imagine! Yahoo!

We dined at the Johnson's, which was a total delight. Man, I love that family! We ate spanish rice and had a late week FHE with their fam and ended the evening with a perfect tripod picture- pure bliss! I adore them so completely! 

us and the Johnsons (man, I love tripods) 
me and Alissa (my bestie, of course)    
We tried a few more people and headed in for the night. Somehow, after nightly planning, we started chatting about cartwheels (yeah, I don't even know)- and Sis. Luker knows how to cartwheel! She's going to teach me- and I think I'm going to be able to do it, trust issues and all! What a party!

We had an INCREDDDDIBLE Friday, oh man! We rushed off early in the morn to Zone Training Meeting in Bismarck, which was totally amazing. Oh man, how I love the Bismarck Zone! It was there, chatting with my faves and casually talking about transfers, that the transfers anxiety begun. Elder Besson, one of my fave Elders serving in Dickinson, is convinced beyond all reason that me, Sis. Shutt, and him are getting transferred- and suddenly, the reality hit me and the freaking out begun. Our much anticipated Target trip was slightly tainted (I feel like that always happens, what the heck) by the overwhelming gloom, and our stop by to the mission office made it all sink in. Oh man. Nothing makes you freak out more than seeing the ominious transfers board through the window of the mission office.  AHHHH. Our car ride to Hebron was a little sullen, and we may have had a good weep about the prospect of getting transferred. Ah man, ah man. 

But alas, once in Hebron we jumped into the work and forgot for a moment about the stress- and crazy things happened! We had a quick lesson with Gordy, and gave Gabe and Issac pictures of Christ, before heading over to the Parsons' and having a killer lesson with their fam! It was amazing! I just adore those Parsons- such an incredible family! We shared a quote from Conference and it was so cool to watch Bro. and Sis. Parsons testify to their kiddos about the restored gospel- the church is just so true!
Adorable Issac pictures with my tag...
me and Issac (selfie-ing it for days)    

We dined at the Coots, which was a total delight, and ran over to Betty's after dinner. Betty is Gordy's mom, and last time we taught Gordy, she invited us in to teach her, too! It was bonkers. We ended up teaching her the Restoration, and we scheduled an appointment for next Saturday when we're back in town- yahoooo!! It was super sweet!

Our last stop for the day was Myra's, Sis. Coots' BFF and referral. We've chatted with her one other time at Sis. Coots' house, but we both felt like we should casually stop by her place and teach her. Oh man, it was so inspired! We taught her the Restoration, and it was incredible. Oh man! I love teaching the Restoration! Myra is just so ready- she already knows that she wants the gospel in her life because she sees the joy it brings into Sis. Coots' life. We're going to see her again next Saturday as well- huzzah for Hebron! It's golden!!

Saturday was bonkers- North Dakota winter has finally descended! It was in the negatives all day, and we were completely frozen. We even sang some "Frozen" throughout the day- and, to quote our dear Bro. Roundy, "It's like we're living in a snow globe!". Man, North Dakota is cold.  

But, other than the crippling cold, Saturday was great! We tried bunches of people (as per usual) and ended up teaching our fave 97 year old investigator Martha about the Plan of Salvation- and she loved it! Man, following the Spirit is sometimes a crazy ride. 

We had a mid afternoon/early evening visit with the Rices, which turned out to be totally inspired. We shared a message about bearing your burdens with hope, and it was exactly what they needed. Sis. Rice just found out that her grandma is pretty sick, and they're planning a trip to Georgia next week to see her- she's struggling. But, what I truly love about the Rices is that they know this gospel brings comfort and peace- and when times get the toughest, they turn to the Book of Mormon and throw themselves into the doctrine there. We answered some of their questions about the Book of Mormon, and I just loved it all so much. I adore that family!

We ate dinner at the Lee's, and it was the bestttt!! We watched "Come unto Christ" and chatted about 12-step with our dear Bro. Lee, and then ate knephlia soup and took adorable tripod pictures- such a perfect night!

us and the Lees 
the last picture of the self timing, Sis. Luker always manages to do some hilarious face, and it kills me every time. I love this comp of mine!!     
Our Sunday was truly delightful- we had a perf Barb visit, a crazy Koehler dinner, an amazing visit with Adrienne (a referral from Bro. Schellenberg who is so freakily ready for the gospel- stay tuned!!), and a late night Gayle stop by. Perfection all around! I only freaked about transfers at Barb's, and with Liberty at church...gah, everyone can sense that something is up and that I'm in denial. We'll just have to wait and see- ahhhhh!!

I love you all so much- you are the best! Thank you for all you support and love! You make all the difference! Have the most amazing week!

Sister Robinson

SUPERRRR cold!! 

and that time Sis. Cline stole my camera during Relief Society and took funny pictures- I love that crazy lady!

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