Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Training and Stretching

Hey-oh, team! This week has been a crazy, way crazier than I ever anticipated. Way crazier than my last week email let on...

Because I'm currently hanging ten in Bismarck. In a trio. Training a little bambino. Life is bonkers! 


So I guess, with all that in mind, this email is the story all about how my life got twisted turned upside down...and I'd like to take a minute (just sit right there) and tell ya 'bout how I became a trainer in a town called Bismarck.  (I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with that in the shower the other day. Good times.) 

It's actually not too crazy of a story, just that President called early Tuesday morn and sassed me a bit and then we hightailed it to Bismarck on Wednesday. And now, I'm attempting to raise up a wee Robinson seed right before I peace out and it's just the best. The craziest thing, for sure, but totally the best. I'm with Sis. Andrus (who dies/heads home in a mere four weeks) and Sis. Larson (the cutest greenie you've ever seen ) and we're "slaying"...Sister Larson word, not mine. Haha. She's seriously the cutest. Just wait 'til you see the pictures!  It's funny, because this whole situation is the last thing I ever expected or wanted- but Heavenly Father totally knows what I needed. Ahhh, life remains beautiful! God is still good, even in Bismarck! 

But anyway, let me tell you about the week. It's been a crazy one, man oh man! We started it off with normal pday shenanigans, full of Audrey movie watching and finding in the night and trying the masses...and freaking out about transfers over dinner with the Orozcos. GAHH, I love them so much!!  I think it was during the bleak pday night that transfers starting getting real- I just felt so uninspired and so out of place...but I was still pretty shocked when President called with the news. Man oh man.  I wept for a minute, frantically wrote cute cards to all my favorite people, and packed like a crazy was a rough Tuesday. We spent the day running around like hooligans and teaching the masses and saying goodbye- we had an early morn lesson with Rollie and it was pretty beautiful. That man is such a good one. We retaught the Restoration and he told us he knows it's all true...and that he wants to be baptized! AHHH!!  Dang flab, I adore that Rollie. It was way hard to say goodbye- he'll definitely be on the wall in due time. 

And Rollie! :)

We also hung ten with the Africans for a season- goodness gracious, the greatest people in the world live in Grand Forks! I'm convinced! Henry scared me on the stairs and made me laugh so hard that I cried...and then I wept outta pure despair.  That Henry means the world to me- I am so grateful that I was able to meet him! He truly changed my life! Sis. Ramirez promised that she would take care of that dear friend, and AJ as well, and Henry told me that he would write oodles...Henry is just the best. AHHHH, I adore that sweet Liberian! 
the best! (he made us switch sides to keep it fresh, lol)

We ate dinner on Tuesday with the beloved Orozcos- AHHH, best people I know!! AHHHHH!!  They're totally family these days, and it felt like leaving home all over again...transfers are seriously the worst. Like, they're way bad. Leaving Grand Forks was one of the hardest things I've done in all my life...but then, I got to hightail it to Bismarck and start a new adventure. And, so far, it's been pretty beautiful. I'm loving the Bismarck life!

I adore Audrey! And the Orozcos!

So, on Wednesday, we said goodbye to Cheska and the Elders and headed out...and we spent the day in oodles of training meetings and then tracting with the newbies and THEN finding out who our new comp was such a party! Sister Larson is my sweet baby, and I am totally obsessed. I'm her momma, we decided, and Sis. Andrus is her dad- kinda weird but super real.  But anyway, Sis. Larson is seriously the cutest thing ever. She's from Mona, UT and she brings my heart oodles of joy- I'm way excited to be a momma again!  I kinda thought this part of my life was over, but it's a good way to finish up...yikes! 
such a cutie! :)

On Thursday, we went to transfer times and I got to see all my faves- it was a lovely time. Sis. Luker is in Dickinson these days, which means she's my STL- yahooooooo!!!!  I am so jazzed. And also, Sis. Boyack replaced me in Grand Forks! Goodness, such good stuff. She's the best.

I love Sister Luker!! :)

So anyway, we got our poop all in a group on Thursday and started making our way through the area book...the joys of washing, man oh man! It's been a bit stressful, but the work here seems prime...and the ward is amazing. Like, one of the best out here. We haven't met too many people yet, just a super cool Liberian lady named Irene who invited us to her wedding, a creepy dude named Dennis, and Nascar loving man named Joe who invited us to his Thanksgiving dinner...and I think we're going to go.  It's going to be a party! We've also met a couple really awesome less active families that both came to church- Bismarck is a good place. I'm still a little tender, a little homesick for Grand Forks and Henry and the Orozcos...but I know I'm where I'm meant to be. Bismarck is a good place!  

So...that's been my week. I still can't really believe that I'm here, so close again to my dear Beulah and hanging ten by President...but it's way good. Life is beautiful and God is good! Sis. Larson is just so green and so excited that everything is just exciting again, even planning and trying and tracting. It's the dream!  I love being a missionary- and a trainer! Life is crazy but good...I think Bismarck is going to be a party. I'm jazzed! Tender but jazzed! 

At an especially rough bit of our planning and trying, we got ourselves some Taco Bell...goodness, I love my companions. They get me. 

Alright, I love you all a ton! My new address is 3103 E Calgary Ave #113, Bismarck, ND 58503...send mail my way, friends and fam!! 

Welp, have the greatest week ever! Thank you for all you do!! I adore you! 

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Sister Robinson 



The Kauffmans!


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