Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Most Magical Week

Oh man OH MAN, this week has been such a magical one. Goodness gracious.  Bless the Lord, I am satisfied!! I'm still moderately achey for the blessed land of Grand Forks, but we're meeting such amazing people here...I know this is where I'm meant to be. With these two crazy comps of mine, haha. It's a party! I think, above all else this week, I've been reminded of the infinite goodness of God, His matchless love and compassion...God is just so good. So many times this week, right when I was ready to give up, we experienced miracles beyond belief and the most unexpected of tender mercies- it's been a good week. The church is true and the work is magical! 

Oh, and's officially winter up here in Bismarck. AHHHH!!  So excitable. We got a good ten inches or so in the night...goodness, I love winter. Such a lovely time!! 


So anyway, let me tell you about our week. SO good!! We started it all off with glorious p-day times, full of eating burritos and shopping at Walmart and napping for a season...such good times. Goodness, I love burritos. 

After p-day came to an end, we dined with the Shrubbs, a delightful couple who work at the temple and converted to the gospel when they were newlyweds- amazing people! The Spirit in their home was unreal, and it was so magical to hang with them for a minute. AHHH, so much goodness in their souls!! 

We tracted for a season next thing, scheduled a few appointments, and finished up our Monday by teaching the Hales- man oh man, I just adore them. Such lovely recent converts!! Donita was working away on her granddaughter's pow wow moccasins when we came by, and Jim was cranking out necklaces for the upcoming craft show- so much talent! I'm just in absolute awe of those two, man oh man. It's amazing! 

And then, it was Tuesday. We tried some peeps in the morn, took a media hour, and did some contacting at the mall...where we met Tez, a way cool new investigator! It was sweet!! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, taught him about the Restoration, and scheduled a return appointment...goodness, such a tender mercy. Yeehaw!! 

We ran off after that to an appointment with a potential named Eric...and ended up teaching Honorine instead, yahoooo!! It was kind of random, because we went to Eric's apartment and Honorine is who actually lives there- and she already had a Book of Mormon! Turns out, Honorine's husband Soshi got a BoM from their member neighbor and have been praying for months for someone to come and teach them about it- amazing! Honorine is from Rwanda and Soshi is from the Congo, and they are just so prepared to receive the gospel. The best!! We taught Honorine about the BoM on Tuesday and then went back on Thursday to teach her and Soshi the Restoration- it was just the best. The Spirit was so strong and they asked gorgeous questions...baptism is inevitable, my friends. Stay tuned for more Honorine and Soshi updates in the coming weeks!! 

After that most gorgeous lesson, we ate some dinner with the Gunns (and took pictures with their adorable daughter, cute!!) and spent our evening trying the masses and doing some 12 week- such a party! Greatest Tuesday!!
cute Tofu!

On Wednesday, we lost our keys for a minute and spent our morn trying to find them...and eventually found them at the Gunn's. Haha. It was a bit of a rough start, but we taught Patience and Jeremiah in the afternoon- and it was amazing!! Patience is from Liberia and Jeremiah is her eight year old prepared! We chatted with them (and Patience's recent convert mom Doris, who's visiting from Rhode Island for a minute) while Patience cut some okra- we totally bonded over my love of fufu and Liberians, haha.  The best!! We found out that Patience was about to be baptized back in the day but wasn't quite ready...but she's ready to learn more and be baptized! Yahooooo!! Jeremiah is super anxious to be baptized as well- so exciting. He's the cutest! AND, Patience also has a four month old baby named Ava...I just about die everytime I see her. AHHHHH!!!  Cutest baby in the whole world. 

We ate dinner with the Southams on Wednesday night- such good people! Love them!! We had waffles and it was just such a magical time...I adore Bismarck. So many good people!! 

We finished up our day by teaching Aiyana and Chris, the Hales' grandkids...such a party! Aiyana is 12 and Chris is 9- such adorable munchkins. Man oh man. We've taught them a couple times now, just BoM reading and general shenanigans. They're great!!

After we taught Aiyana and Chris, we decided on a whim to try some less actives on our list...and we ended up meeting Brianne and her nonmember boyfriend Kevin, yahooooo!!! Such a blessed time. They're pretty much the cutest couple ever, and we chatted with them about personal revelation- such good stuff. They're incredible- so excited to be working with them!! AHHHH!! 

And THEN, it was Thanksgiving!! Yeehawwww!!!  We seriously had the greatest day- my heart is still so full about it all!  We started off by studying away and then running off to Mandan for some service- it was the best. Last week, we tracted into Joe, who sponsors a free Thanksgiving dinner every year and invited us to help out- and it was the greatest!! He was pretty shocked that we actually came, but we learned how to use a fancy dishwasher and served food and chatted with all of Joe's homies about the gospel...such a beautiful time!! Man oh man!  It was just such a perfect way to spend Thanksgiving...and Joe even gave me the recipe for his killer lemon tarts. The best!!  I think I made more lifelong friends through that random service than I ever have before...we even took a big ol' group picture and hugged before leaving. Such a magical time!!

the best!

We weekly planned for a season after that and then ate more Thanksgiving with the Gardners- such a lovely time. They're great!! 

We finished up our Thursday by teaching Honorine and Soshi- the best! I adore those two so completely!!  Soshi translated for us and it was amazing to watch them both come to understand the Restoration...I just adore Africans. Greatest people on earth!! 

On Friday, we ate breakfast with adorable members and went to district meeting and finished up planning away- such good times. We also taught Aiyana and Chris and ate some pizza for dinner...nothing too crazy to report. It was a good day. 

On Saturday, things got real and we got super lost all over Bismarck- haha, it was pretty bad. We managed to teach some lessons in between and Sis. Andrus taught us some family history (I found a name for the temple, yahoooo!!!!) and I ran into Sis. White and Sis. Richards as they walked about the temple- SUCH a tender mercy!!! AHHHHH!!!  Running into faves from the past is truly the greatest part of being a missionary...or at least one of them, haha. I think serving in Bismarck is going to provide lots of blasts from the past- so exciting!! I adore Sis. White and Sis. Richards!!!

And then, it was Sunday. Such a good day!! We went to church and tried the masses and ended up getting back in with Irene- such a lovely lady!! She's moving to Michigan next week and is getting married this Saturday- we all lamented the fact that we met too late in the game. Such a tragedy!!  But alas, we were able to teach her more about the Book of Mormon and answer her questions about marriage and families- and she totally believed and bore her testimony of eternal families! It was amazing!! We're totally going to her wedding on Saturday (she even showed us her dress, yahooooo!!) and then referring her to the missionaries in Michigan...she even asked if we have a branch out there!! Goodness gracious, she is so prepared. Yahoo for Irene!! 

So, all in all, it's been a totally magical week- we're figuring out how to Bismarck! It's the best!! 

I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful for all you do- keep being amazing!  Have the greatest week ever, my dear friends!! 

Love ya!

Sister Robinson 

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