Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Goodness gracious, this week has been a CRAZZZZZZY one. Man oh man! The biggest news of the week is that winter has come- it's been madness over here in Bismarck. Even now, as we speak, it's all blizzardy out and there's no sign of stopping. North Dakota is a crazy place- and it has been a crazy week!!  We were snowed in for a minute, I got to see some of my all time faves from good ol' Beulah, we got our wee investigator Jeremiah on date, we casually crashed a wedding, and I learned more perfectly that the Lord is in the details of our lives- even the random ones, haha! He is truly aware of each of us, and I've come to such a sure knowledge of that while on my mission- we truly are loved. We are remembered- God will never abandon us...even during the crazy winter months, haha. 

But anyway, it's been a way good week. So many miracles and tender mercies to report! We started it off with the usual pday times, running errands and eating Taco Bell and watching "Johnny Lingo"...and THEN, the Assistants texted and told us that, until Wednesday, we weren't allowed to leave our apartment unless to go to scheduled appointments-. I was pretty vexed by the situation, thinking the weather wasn't even that bad...but by the time we got back from dinner (and from exploring the perfectly named "Christmas Corner", a home crazily decorated for Christmas, complete with a ski lift of stuffed animals) the snow was already knee deep and still coming. Yikes!!  By the time we woke up on Tuesday, the drifts were six feet high in some places and we had to shovel our way out of our sliding door and our was crazy. Turns out, North Dakota really is as cold as everyone's been telling me for 16 months. Haha.   It was bonkers, man oh man! We spent our Tuesday and Wednesday shovelling our neighbors out and calling oodles of people and running off all precariously to a couple scheduled appointments- it was seriously nuts. On Wednesday, the city of Bismarck issued a no travel advisory and we found some gems by tracting out our apartment building...but the real learning lesson here is that snow storms are not fun to endure as a missionary. It was a rough time! At least we had the new Christmas initative to share with the masses...check it out, my friends!
crazy snow!

We did, though, teach the super cool Jeremiah on Wednesday amid all the crazy- such a party, man oh man!!  He's one of the most prepared people I've ever taught, even though he's but a wee eight year old...he's a total prophet. We had planned on teaching him the Restoration but he actually just taught us the whole thing and then rebuked us for not starting with a prayer- such a gem!!  Man oh man, Jeremiah is the greatest. I adore him!! 

We also on Wednesday ate the greatest lasagna of all time with the Giffords (random detail but pretty joyful, haha) and indulged in waffle cone Wednesday at TCBY as we did some 12 week- it turned out to be a way good day, even though a bit crazy. Yahoo for Jeremiah and ice cream!!

On Thursday, we were given permission to travel about once more and it was just the greatest- I never thought I would be so jazzed to leave the apartment and do random junk, haha. Such a dream!! 

We started our Thursday off by helping Sis. Hess decorate her Christmas tree in the mission home and then grabbing some lunch with her- so delightful! I love her so much!! 

We did some family history next thing and then commenced our weekly planning- ugh. It eventually came to an end and we ate some dinner before heading off to teach Aiyana and Chris- such gems!! Man oh man!  We read 1 Nephi 4 with them and acted all that drama out- they loved it, haha. Such a party. As we were gearing up to leave, the Hales threw some pie and Coke our way and we ended up teaching them, too...I love those Hales a ton. Such good people!!  We chatted about going to the temple and doing baptisms for the dead and it was just the best. Jim got all real about the priesthood and Donita got all real about bearing her was perfection all around. Such lovely people!!

And then it was Friday- such a party! We had district meeting in the morn and then taught good ol' Patience and Jeremiah. The best!!  We chatted with them about baptism and got Jeremiah on date for December 19th- YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We were so dang jazzed, but then he didn't show to we'll have to move his date back a bit. BUTTT, still way exciting. Man oh man. Jeremiah is just the coolest kid around!! He told us that he has his own choices to make in this life, and that he knows that baptism is part of that path- such a profound eight year old. Like, it's unreal. I could seriously chat with that Jeremiah all day and it'd probably get deep- he probably would be able to answer all the questions of my soul. He's the best!! 

We also ate dinner with Brianne and Kevin on Friday, such a dream, and then taught Aiyana and Chris about the Plan of Salvation...and their Catholic foster mom Tami got a bit heated about it all. Man oh man...thank goodness for Sis. Andrus and consistently saving the day, haha! 

On Saturday, we tried some peeps in the morn and landed ourselves some return appointments...and met some more gems in our building! Such a party!! 
(we also climbed this snow mountain after shoveling our car out. good times. :))

And then, after eating lunch and doing some 12 week, we raced off to Irene's wedding- SUCH a party, man oh man!!!  It was a tad awko, because Irene showed up thirty minutes late to her own shindig and we were left to contact all of her groom's peeps as we waited...haha, the life of a missionary. Never a dull moment!  The good news is that Irene eventually showed and the wedding was great...and we all left with stomachs full of fancy wedding food and a newfound appreciation for the Restoration and the temple- the apostasy was so strong in that ceremony, my friends. SO strong. We are so blessed to have the restored gospel and the power of God on the earth today- it's heartbreaking to think that so many people have no idea what they're missing! We got to tell a few of them though, so it all worked out. Haha.  Such a party!

Parties at an apostate wedding! :)

We tried some peeps after that crazy adventure and then ate some dinner before running off to the Christmas concert- such a party! The Bismarck Stake put it on and and bunches of other denominations contributed and it was such a gorgeous time for all- and my beloved Sister Roundy performed in it!! AHHHHHHH!!!  She was perfect, of course, and seeing the Roundy clan was just the sweetest joy of all time- I love them so much!! AHHHHH. I could've hung ten in that chapel for eons longer, but it was so good to see them for a minute and chat about life. They're just the greatest people I know- thank goodness for missions!! And unexpected family reunions!!  


And then, it was Sunday. Such a good day! We chatted with Patience and Jeremiah and went over the Plan of Salvation (and Jeremiah adorably asked where we could ride horses and unicorns and get free food, haha ), ate more food than we probably should've, and watched the Christmas Devotional- way good night. Way good week!!  God is just so good, my friends...and so is North Dakota. Goodness gracious, I am so blessed to be right where I am. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, how I thought I would never even like it here and now it breaks my heart to think about leaving...I think North Dakota will always feel like home. Even when buried in more snow than my brain knows how to comprehend, haha.  In this perfect little place, I have come to know Christ and my Heavenly Father, I've been transformed and refined, and I've become converted to the restored gospel...and there's still more miracles to experience. My heart is just so full! God is so good!! 

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do! Have the greatest week ever- stay warm, haha!! 

Love ya!
Sister Robinson 

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