Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Hey-oh, team!!! 

It's been another perfectly perfect week here in the blissful land of Bismarck(y marck)- I am truly obsessed with the work here. Goodness gracious, God is so good. We're experiencing so many miracles lately- all of which is just ridiculously humbling. Even at the end of this great adventure, I am aware that I am nothing, that the Atonement is the only thing that allows me to continue to be about this great work, and that God is REAL- that He loves us perfectly, despite all our flaws. I have felt of that love so much this week, and I am so grateful to be His missionary. For some reason, miracles are continuing to pour in and it's just the greatest. Bless the Lord, I am satisfied! 

I think the biggest miracle of the week has been Jess, the greatest woman we've ever met- I am totally in love with her!!!  She's the one I mentioned briefly last email, who came to church last week after her member friend invited her. We taught her twice this week, once on Tuesday and once on Saturday....

And she's on date for February 4th. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I don't think I've ever taught someone so prepared to receive the gospel, so aware of God's hand in her life, so open to receiving revelation...she's just incredible. Jess is the best!! 

There are going to be an overabundance of emojiis in this email, probably even more than normal...sorry about that, haha. It's just been such a good week!!

But anyway, JESS. She's the greatest!! Here's a cute selfie of us following our Saturday afternoon lesson/stroll down the Missouri, after which she told us that she's ready to be baptized and it was just the best. Being a missionary is just the greatest!!

Goodness, I love this lady so much. Teaching prepared people is the greatest!! Everyone, do member missionary work. Dying missionaries all over the world will thank you for your service, haha. 

Man oh man, SUCH A GOOD WEEK. I keep spoiling the best part right at the start, but I promise that there's still oodles of good things to discuss...just had to explain the subject, ya know. 

But anyway, we started this week off with an awkward non-pday was a good time. We helped the Hales make some brunch, taught Jenny and hung out with Jeremiah (such a dream, that kid!!), ate dinner with the Taylors (probably the greatest members I know- I love them so much!!), and went to FHE with Jess and Jenny...a way good day all around. Goodness, Jess is the best. Can't be said enough!!! We had a way good time at FHE, and landed a return appointment with the lovely Jess afterwards- such a gem. I adore her! 

And then, it was Tuesday. We did all the normal p-day shenanigans and also met Barb for lunch- it was the BESSSSST!!!!  She was in town for a doctor's appointment, so we got to hang out with her for a minute...she's just my fave. I love her so much!
It was so good to catch up and laugh and remember the good ol' days- Barb is seriously the greatest woman I know.  

Man oh man, love this lady. She's the best! 

After all our pday adventuring, Jess took us out to pizza and it was the greatest night- I love her so much. We got half cheeseburger and half mac and cheese pizza and that alone changed my life- such good pizza!!

As we ate crazy good pizza, we answered her questions about the church- our conversation was all over the place. It was awesome, though, because she made it seem like she had already made up her mind, that she already knows that she needs to be baptized- she's amazing. The best, even. We left her with a Restoration pamphlet that night and invited her to the Elders' baptism on Saturday morn...she's my fave, man oh man! Such a perfect dinner- best pizza ever!!  

So, imma skip forward for a sec and tell you more about Jess- sorry team. Haha. On Saturday, she totally came to the baptism and LOVED it- she's the coolest!! We went on a walk with her and her dog Loki afterwards, down the banks of the Missouri river...we're so cool, haha. As we strolled, we taught the Restoration and answered her questions about prophets and the priesthood- it was such a good lesson. By the end, she had told us that she'd been praying about Joseph Smith and knows that it's all true- AHHHHHH!!!! She even laughed and said, "I must be a missionary's dream!"- haha, she's just the best. 

As we walked back to our cars, with me choking on a baptismal invite the whole way, I finally got up the nerve to invite her to be baptized. She said, "That's my goal, too!" and Sis. Larson explained that she just needs to come to church three times and take all the lessons. She proceeded to whip out her phone and look at her calendar...and THEN, she looked at us and said, "That means I could be baptized on February 4. Will that work for you?"


We played it way cool, lol, and told her that it would- I am SO EXCITED. Like, I don't even have the words to adequately express how amazing Jess is. And how much of a miracle it is to be teaching her. She's the kind of investigator I've prayed to have my whole mission, and I can't believe she's even real- Jess is the best. I am so jazzed to be teaching her!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! 

Here's that same selfie of us again, just for dramatic effect. Haha. I love this lady so much!!

But, in other news, we also said our goodbyes to Jeremiah this week- I'm going to miss that munchkin. I really do think Rhode Island will be better for him, and that he'll have the support he needs out there...but here are some cute selfies regardless, haha. Love him!! 

Ha, he's such a goober. I'm going to miss him a ton- but at least we got to crank out some sweet recent convert lessons with him before he left. He's such a stud!! 

Sorry that this email is all sorts of scattered- haha, trying to be a more efficient email-er a little late in the game.  The other highlights of the week include going with the Croziers and Hales (the office missionaries) to Space Aliens (such a party!!), teaching Julie and being all around heart broken by her (and having another makeup session with the adorable Tierra- love her!!), meeting again with the too cool Kimberly and teaching her about the Plan of Salvation, and going on exchanges with the Dickinson sisters- it was a way good week.  I hung ten with Sis. Severe in Dickinson for exchanges, and it was just such a good time- I love Sis. Severe a ton. Such a good lady!! It was fun to be with someone that's been out the same amount of time as me, and to freak out together about going home too soon...she's a gem. I adore that Sis. Severe!!!

(Tierra makeup, haha :))

Oh, I almost forgot- we also started teaching a sweet new less active named Gabby- we're so jazzed about it!  She's 13 and hasn't been to church much since her baptism because of her parent's crazy divorce...but she's awesome. I love her a ton! We just got to know her and left her with a Restoration pamphlet...she's so sweet. It's going to be a party!! 

Goodness gracious, I am just so happy. Being a missionary is eternally the greatest thing I've ever done, and I am so grateful for these past 18 months of learning and growing and stretching and being's been the best. I hit my 18 month mark yesterday and it feels more like a dream than's the strangest thing. I'm just glad that the work here is hoppin' and keeping me distracted for a little while...Jess is the best, haha! Nothing else matters!!! 

Welp, I love you all so much- thank you for all you do. I hope you have the greatest week ever!!

Love ya!
Sister Robinson

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