Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Loving the Bismarck life!

Man oh MAN, this week has been such a good one- like, life is so beautiful and God is so good. I can't believe how good the work is getting here...Bismarck is straight up the promised land. I feel so blessed to be here- and so blessed that Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself and knows what I need. I would've never chosen to come here or to end my mission here, but this is exactly what I needed. God is so good! Somehow, with oodles of snow and negative weather and general craziness, we taught more lessons than we have the whole time we've been in Bismarck and found even more prepared people- exact obedience truly does bring miracles! It's just the truth! 

But anyway, SUCH a good week! We started it off with the normal p-day shenanigans, full of emailing and errand running...good times all around. We finished our day up by seeing Juile, our #1 homie- I love her SO DANG MUCH. Man oh man!!  She brings such joy to life- she is just so prepared for the gospel! We taught her almost every night this week, and she's solidly on date for Feb. 4- we're so excited. She's amazing!! Also, her granddaughter Tierra is just about the cutest thing ever- she does our makeup when we come over and her new favorite hobby is praying...and offering us her back-washed juice. Lol. Here's a picture of us, post makeup party- she's my fave!!  She also took this picture of me just chilling...ha, I love Tierra. Such a cutie!

Man, Julie is just the best. She's progressing so well and just absorbs the truth of the gospel- it's incredible. I've never met someone so prepared and so humble- teaching her is one the happiest things of all mission life these days. Thank goodness for daily contact and oodles of Julie lessons!! I'll chat about Julie more as this email progresses on...but now you know that she's the greatest. All on the same page, haha.

On Tuesday, we took an early morn media hour (my plan, ahhhhh!!) and ate some lunch and did some 12 week...and then tried the masses. Rough afternoon, man oh man. 

But THEN, we met with Jenny and all was right again- I seriously adore Jenny. She's the best!! She's less active and just the sweetest lady around...teaching her is another current fave of mine. She radiates goodness and wants to come to church- but she works on Sunday and can't make it. Such a tragedy. We went over temples on Tuesday and committed her to read the pamphlet- and scheduled a return appointment for Saturday. I love that Jenny!! 

We taught Jeremiah after Jenny about baptism and confirmation, just answered his questions and such- love him! He's all scheduled for baptism this weekend and AHHH, I am so excited!! Man oh man!!  He's just the cutest- I've never met an eight year old that's so ready for the gospel. He's the best!!

We chatted with Julie after Jeremiah, such a gem, and THEN got a random call from a member inviting us out to Pizza Ranch- BEST DAY EVER. AHHHHH!!!  We gorged ourselves on pizza and got to know the lovely Palatinos- such good people!!

We finished up our Tuesday by seeing the Hales and chatting about the Book of Mormon- love them! 

And then, it was Wednesday. We did calls and 12 week in the morn and then helped out Elder Hale at the office- it was a party. He's a gem! 

We saw Sis. Gunn next thing and chatted about the temple and THEN saw our all time faves, Ammar and Ali- it was the besssssst!!!! We brought Sis. Gardner along and ate the fanciest food of all time- Iraqi food is my new jam, man oh man!! Check out this beautiful food, my friends. It was the best!! 

We also taught the Plan of Salvation to those lovely friends and answered Ammar's questions about the three kingdoms...but mostly Ali taught us about the pamphlet and it was so cool. I love them so much!! I still can't really believe that we just tracted into them and that they're so ready for the gospel...and that I've now tried even more crazy food while chilling in North Dakota. It's the best!!  We left those two lovely people with 2 Nephi 31 to read and scheduled another appointment for Thursday- they're the best!!

After that beautiful lesson with our peeps, we taught Julie about the Plan of Salvation and had a waffle cone to cap off our night- such a good time. 

Man oh man, ice cream is my fave. I got watermelon sorbet this week and it changed my life...waffle cone Wednesday is the greatest thing. Such a happy time!!
On Thursday, we had every intention of weekly planning...but we got held up at the office helping Elder Croizer take care of monthly miles...and he gave us a truck to thank us. And Grand Junction!  Such a good time! The new Grand Forks sisters needed a car, so we gave them ours and got a truck to drive until the cars in the shop got fixed- best day everrrr!!!  We named our truck Cooper and it was the greatest 24 hours of our young lives-

Dang, so much swag. I especially love the Elder Meacham selfie- he's a homie, haha. Such a party!!

We did a season of weekly planning after all that car adventuring and then ran off to our lesson with Ammar and Ali- love them! We ended up just teaching Ammar as Ali cooked us a fancy snack, but it was really good. We focused on baptism and Ammar is just SO ready...and we committed them to a Saturday night church tour. Yahooooo!!! We also committed Ammar to teach his dad about the gospel, which he did so well...but Ali wasn't really having it when we met on Saturday. The church tour went really well, but Ammar has this look of such longing as we talk...and I think Ali doesn't want him to have the gospel right now. It was way discouraging- but Ammar is awesome. I have such faith in that kid!! I hope that Ali comes around in time, but I think Ammar is going to be our focus these days- I'll keep ya updated. We have another appointment with them on Wednesday and Ammar told us that he knows what we teach is true- things are getting good!!  Both him and Ali testified that they feel the Spirit in the church...I hope they can come next week. Man oh man, I love them so much. Such good people!!

But anyway, after our lesson with Ammar and Ali, we ran off to teach Marsha (a less active) and Kimberly (her eight year old daughter), a referral from the Hales- and it was so good!!! Marsha actually served a mission (in Las Vegas, such a small world!) and really wants her daughter to learn about the church...and Kimberly is conveniently eight- YAHOOOO!!!!  We just went over the Book of Mormon and answered Kimberly's questions- and she straight up told us that she wants to be baptized. She's the coolest!! Hopefully we'll teach her again soon...I'll tell ya all about it when we do. Don't worry.  Also, Marsha totally gave apple butter for the road. Such a gem!! 

After that lovely lesson with Marsha and Kimberly, we taught Julie about the Word of Wisdom- that's going to be her one set back.  Time to pray and fast oft!

On Friday, we had district meeting in the morn and then taught Sis. Red Horse in the afternoon...she's a sweet lady. We tried Jeremiah and Julie and all the usuals next thing but had no we tracted out the town and met some sweet people. It was a good time. We finished up our day by seeing the Hales- and Sis. Larson hung ten for a minute in a fancy pig tent. She's a gem! 

On Saturday, we saw Julie in the morn and read over the Word of Wisdom pamphlet...I love her so much. Man oh man! We were supposed to do some service with her but she got it all done we just hung ten in our jeans as we chatted. Haha, such a good time. 

We saw Jeremiah after eating some food and it was such a good time- I love that squirt! We went over the last of the laws and ordinances and committed him to come to church on the morrow- he's just the coolest. Love him!! He's actually going to get baptized on Saturday and it's so excitable- I can't wait!! AHHHH!!!! 

We saw Jenny next thing, who was casually walking to the thrift store as we strolled up- so we walked there with her and helped her pick out some Valentine's decor...and we totally ran into the beloved Sis. Cline while we wandered- it was the best!! We caught up on life and she chatted with our dear friend Jenny and we snapped a picture before oh man, I love her so much! Such a gem!!

We taught Jenny about the temple next and left her with a Resto pamphlet to read over- she's the best!! Love her! 

During our Saturday adventuring, Sis. Larson picked up a keyboard from one of the senior couples...and she's getting way good! She's been practicing during dinner and at night...pretty much Mozart or something, haha. I just adore her!! 

We taught a couple other less actives next, had our church tour with Ammar and Ali, and ate some pizza for was a good time. Hopefully Ali comes around soon!

On Sunday, I saw my all time fave Sister Lee (she's the best!!) and Jeremiah came to church- such a good day!! We ran around like crazy people after church, making scotcheroos and teaching the masses and figuring out why Julie didn't come to church and watching the YSA Devotional- it was a crazy day, man oh man. Haven't been so ready for pday in a long time, haha!

Oh man, it's been such a good week- I just love being a missionary. It's the greatest thing I've ever done...and I am so grateful to be right where I am. Life is good and God is good- and the gospel is true!!

I love you all so much- have the greatest week ever, my friends! 

Sister Robinson 

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