Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Hey-oh, my peeps!! It's been another perfect week in the land of Bismarck, full of baptism prep and teaching the masses and sharing the good word...and avoiding the inevitable at all costs, lol. I can't quite seem to avoid it altogether, though- I seem to get asked on the daily if I'm trunky yet. 

Man oh man. 

For those of you following along at home, being trunky is missionary slang for having your bags all packed and being totally detached from the work because you're going home in eleven days...but Bismarck is too solid and beautiful to even consider being trunky! And Jess is getting baptized this weekend!!  It got a little iffy earlier last week, with her not being sure if she would be ready and us anxiously awaiting the confirmation she needed- rough stuff. On Saturday, we told her that she'd have to do her baptismal interview on Sunday if she wanted to do the 4th, and she told us that she wasn't quite sure yet...but THEN, at the end of our lesson, she gave us the go ahead to schedule with the assurance that she'd text if she changed her mind before then. I was pretty nervous, but she texted an hour before her appointment to let us know she'd be there- AHHHHHH!!!! She invited everyone to her baptism at church and she's just the greatest woman I have ever met- I am so grateful we're teaching her. And that she's helping me not be trunky, lol. 

But anyway, haha, this week has been such a good one. Miracles all over the place! Oodles of Jess interactions! General goodness all around!  Bismarck is just the greatest place- I am so grateful to be here. God is just so good! 

So, let's chat about the week. We started it all off with the normal pday madness, full of Bismarck wandering and souvenir buying and Taco Bell eating. All the best things. 

We taught Gabbi after all our pday excitement and it was such a good time- Gabbi is such a fave. We went over the Restoration and she just gets it- I really adore that lady. Such a gem!

And then, we headed off to FHE with Jess and Jenny- such a lovely time! We chatted about overcoming our doubts and played some pudding pictionary whilst eating treats...things got a little heated, but it was such a fun time. FHE is the dream! 

On Tuesday, we taught Julie in the morn and took a media hour...good times. I finished up My Plan (because I had an interview all about it with Pres on Thursday, way stressful) and then we headed off to eat some lunch and see the Hales- they're the best!! They're progressing towards the temple lately and it's just the sweetest- I love them so much! 

We taught Jenny in the afternoon hours and AHHH, I love her so much. Our recent fave thing is to paint our nails as we chat about the gospel- nail parties for days!! 

Yeah, nail parties are the best. And so is Jenny! We went over the Plan of Salvation with her on Tuesday and the Gospel on Friday...and she totally read the Book of Mormon reading we left her with, yahoooooo!!! We ended up, on Friday, answering a lot of her questions about the temple and it was just the best- all our peeps are working towards the temple and I'm loving it!!

We ate with the Southams on Tuesday night and Jess came along- it was the beeeeest!  Their four year old son Max totally fell in love with her and it was the cutest thing- and we taught the Plan of Salvation and Gospel afterwards and it was so good. Teaching Jess is straight up a dream- I love that lady so much!!  It was during all this loveliness that Jess first opened up to us that she might not be ready by the fourth and that the stress of the week began- because we didn't have another appointment with her until Friday! Amateur hour over here, man oh man. But alas, we left her with Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom pamphlets to read over for Friday and then we had the most beautiful and non-awkward convo about it all on Friday- it was SO good. Like, best Law of Chastity/Word of Wisdom lesson of all time. She just taught us and testified left and right and realized by the end of it all that she is ready- AHHHHHH!!! 

Also during our Friday night "Guinness and sex" talk (haha, she's the cutest person ever) we scheduled two appointments for Saturday- I love Jess so much!! AHHHHH!!!!  She is just the greatest- and spending Saturday with her just about made my life. 

But anyway, haha, it was a way good Tuesday. Gettin' all kinds of ahead of myself today!

On Wednesday, we had a crazy worldwide missionary broadcast full of schedule and key indicator changes...movin' and shakin', man oh man! The biggest change is that we have two extra hours of pday (huzzzzzzzah!!) and that we have an extra hour in the morning to get's been so nice. Goodness gracious. I'm a little vexed that they changed it all up right when I'm on my deathbed, but it's cool. At least I get to revel in it all for a minute. Haha. 

We also on Wednesday had another impromptu dinner with the Palanitos at Pizza Ranch (the beeeeest!!!), checked up on our main but deathly ill homies Ammar and Ali, and taught Julie (and her gay son!) about the Doctrine and Covenants...a way good day all around. Crazy but so good! 

We finished up our Wednesday by teaching Marsha and Kimberly about the Gospel- such a good time! I love those two so much! The Hales came with us and it was just the best, mostly because less active Marsha testifies to her daughter and it's so cool. Teaching them is a dream! 

And then, it was Thursday. We weekly planned and I had an interview with President about My Plan...high stress, man oh man. He read every word I wrote and we chatted about it all- made me all kinds of sweaty! But, he had mercy on my soul and didn't condemn me too harshly for my lame future plans...he's a gem. Haha. 

We ate dinner on Thursday night with Sis. Gunsch and then tried the masses afterwards...little bit of a slow day. At least we were able to finish all our weekly planning! And, the sunset was way pretty on Thursday. So there was that too, lol. 

AHH, I love North Dakota. Such pretty skies. 

On Friday, we finally taught Jess again- love that lady! She was the highlight of the day, although we also ate dinner with the sweetest fam ever, the Ulvesteads...I really love them. Such good people- North Dakota natives and such cute accents all around. My fave! 

And then, it was Saturday- such a good one! We started it off by eating lunch with Jess and Sis. Harmstead- such perfection. Sis. Harmstead is a convert and it was just the best- she spoke such peace to Jess' soul concerning her baptism and helped us testify of tithing...she's pretty much a miracle worker. Totally adore her! It was total perfection all around. 

The only downfall of this lovely lunch date is that we got stuck in the snow trying to park on the side of the road...snow covered ditches, ya know.  By the grace of God (and a couple really nice neighbors with trucks and tow ropes) we escaped and were able to see the rest of our peeps- North Dakota is such a crazy place. 

Snow is just the worst, I'm learning. We're definitely not friends- but I'm way grateful for people who know how to deal with it and maneuver our car out of ditches. Haha.  So much unexpected excitement! 

After that gorgeous lunch date and the subsequent car drama, we chatted for a minute with the Hales and invited Patience to church...she's so awesome, man oh man. She was fluffing up her weave when we stopped by, and it was the craziest thing- she says you have to do it to bring life back to it. Normal stuff, ya know. 

Blurry picture, but I think it's kinda artsy or something...just wanted you to get a little taste of our Patience lesson. Haha. Such a good time! She committed to finish putting her hair on so she could come to church...but then, she didn't show. Total tragedy.  She's still awesome though...she told us as we chatted on Saturday that she knows she needs to get closer to God- it was pretty cool. She's a gem! 

And then, after all that excitement, we headed over to Bro. Johnson's for dinner with him and Jess- such a dream!! We ate fancy Dorito casserole and taught Jess about the sabbath day...and Bro. Johnson spoke even more peace to her soul concerning her baptism. Man oh man, our members are just so cool. I love them a ton!  Jess totally wouldn't be progressing without the goodness of all the members here- #blessed. 

It was just the best dinner appointment ever, basically. Jess is the coolest. 

On Sunday, we pretty much had the best Sabbath day of my life- so much goodness!!  Jess got interviewed and we communed and I casually ran into Bro. Wieland- AHHHHHH!!!!! That alone made my whole life, man oh man. I adore that man so much! It was just the best ever to see him right before I leave for good...he's my fave. Such a good man!! 

Here's a picture of the blessed reunion- don't mind my uber squinty eyes, haha. Love this man!! 

Goodness, such a lovely Sabbath! God is so good! 

After church, we scheduled oodles of appointments with Jess for the week, told the masses about her baptism (she adorably invited the whole of the ward and everyone is so jazzed for her- it's the cutest!!), and had her try on a jumpsuit...


I still can't really believe it- I feel like I made the whole thing up in between appointments with her. She's just the dream! She promised we'd be eternal pen pals and told me that she's not going to get married unless I'm there- I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to meet her. Like, I am the luckiest missionary in all the world- I don't know how I've been so blessed. I feel more than ever like Alma, like I am so aware of my weaknesses and imperfections but Christ is still giving me the strength I need to continue pressing forward...being a missionary is just the greatest. I'm so jazzed to tell ya all about Jess' baptism next week- AHHHHHHH!!!!! 

Welp, I love you all a ton- thank you for all you do! Have the greatest week ever!!

Love ya!
Sister Robinson

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