Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm leavvvvving, on a transfer train...

Hello, my dear peeps! It's been a crazy week in good ol' Beulah- things are getting shaken up to the max! As expected by the masses, we got a dreaded call come Saturday morning...and I'm headed off to Fargo! To be a Sister Training Leader! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! The farewell tour has already begun, and my head hasn't fully accepted the reality of it- AHHHHHHHH!! I can't believe I'm leaving my dear baby area, and I can't believe I'm going to Fargo...the biggest city of the whole mish! Just when I thought I was used to the glorious small town life, full of fresh milk and eggs, Heavenly Father rocks my wee boat and sends me away. But hey, if I've learned anything from these last seven months, it's that Heavenly Father knows each of us better than we could ever anticipate, and that Fargo is where He needs me at this time. I'm jazzed to see what my new life is going to be like- I'll report next Monday!!  (no one's freaking out, lol)

But anyway, it's been a blissful week nonetheless. I kinda felt this guy coming from a transfer away...I was just shocked outta my mind about Fargo and the STL life. I thought for sure I was headed over to Nebraska or some random South Dakota city to train's going to be a total adventure, that's for sure! And, we now have the distinct opportunity to selfie with THE woodchipper- all my random dreams are coming true! 

I promise that I'll eventually get to what happened this week, haha. I've just been DYYYYING to tell you about this news since Saturday- I've gotta give you all the deeeeets!! My new companion (back down to just one) is Sister Broberg, and she's headed home after this transfer...Pres. Hess said something about getting trained with a firehouse and taking over the area and the STL life after these six weeks- ahhhhh!!  I think I'm going to forever act like I didn't hear him say that, haha. Stressful times are ahead, team! I should probs also explain Sister Training Leader times...basically, it's like a Zone Leader for the Sisters. I'll be going on exchanges with all the other sisters serving in the Fargo Zone and giving rad trainings at Zone Meetings and generally acting more together than I actually am- what an adventure! The quiet assurance that God qualifies who He calls has been a good one's the truth! Even though I am just a wee 19 year old with generally crazy person tendencies, He sees me for what I can become- it's pretty nice of Him, I think. Even though I'm mildly stressed and already sick of goodbyes, I know it's for the best. Adventure is ahead, for sure! 

Slowly talking myself into it, haha. Other than the crippling reality of leaving my dear Beulah and saying goodbye to my fat list of newfound eternal besties, this week was beautiful. Even with that fact is was beautiful! Such a great week in my dear and favorite (for now!) place of life! 

We kicked off with week with a Monday spent in Bismarck for Zone COnference- it was a lovely time for all involved! Before even leaving home base, my sweet comps gave me cute little presents to celebrate SEVEN MONTHS in the mish!! Can you even believe it!? Time is a flyin'! Sis. Boyack got me a beautiful Cinderella ornament (because Cinderella is my spirit princess, of course) and Sis. Luker got me fancy heart shaped measuring spoons- the perks of having two comps!  

Zone Conference itself was a total party, full of catered lunch from OLIVE GARRRDEN and perfect trainings all around. We went to Target and Barnes and Noble afterwards, leaving with beautiful new thank you cards and a journal- yahoooo!! 
Our cute zone!  

We got back to Beulah with just enough time to check the mail (we've always got time to do that, haha) and find a glorious package from Jeannie and Clint- of adorable salt and pepper shakers!! WHAT A DREAMMMMM!!  We headed out to teach Gayle after a moment spent in awe, and stopped by the Roundy's afterwards to pick up a letter from Liberty- that had a referral!! My baby is such a missionary!! 

Tuesday was crazy town, man oh man! We took part of our pday today and the rest we used up on Saturday to go to the Branch temple day- and we ended up teaching SIX LESSONS!! IT WAS MADNESS!!!! Even with emailing and laundry times, people! It was truly bonkers- a six lesson Tuesday!! We kicked it off with email times and headed over to Barb's for lunch, where we ate homemade mac and cheese and taught Scott about the Book of Mormon- it was so sweet! We even gave him a reading assignment (3 Nephi 11, of course) and it was juts the coolest. Whatta homie!
making mac and cheese with Scott (notice the fancy Space Needle noodles)    

We sprinted over to Hazen after that, where we taught Scott #2 (Selena Scott, ya know) about the nature of God and Alma 42. He's not budging on the fact of evolution, and we tried to explain that believing in the Creation doesn't dismiss the possibility of evolution...but I think that Scott finds faith ignorant. The frustrating truths of teaching Biology teachers, haha. 

We taught Tiffany as well on Tuesday, and read Moroni's Promise with was sweet! She said she would read some before we come back, and intently looked on as we testified- perfection! I love that Tiffany!

Falicity Rumple 
and a tower of kidlets on my shoulders (the things you do to distract kids during lessons, haha)    
We dined with Jeff and Jane at the Country Kettle- turns out, the key to success is having meals with investigators, haha! It was such a delightful time, full of chatting about life and reading Moroni's Promise...what a crazy time! Jeff is just so ready for the gospel, and it often blows my mind that we casually met him tracting one time. So amazing!! I love that Jeff so much- Heavenly Father has totally been preparing him!!

We also had crazy lessons with Maria and Adrienne on Tuesday...who happen to know each other? It was kinda bonkers. Maria was amazing, said she would come to church and meet with us in member's homes and consider baptism...and we haven't been able to get a hold of her since.  One day, one day! But, seeing her gave us the idea to stop by Adrienne, so it all worked out in the long run. Huzzah for random stop bys that end up being perfect!

Wednesday was just as crazy as Tuesday- it's been the craziest and also most awesome week!! We started off our Wednesday with a sweeeeet Bro. Lee lesson after the morning routine- such a party! We chatted about Paul and committed him to read Mosiah 4- it was perfection!

We had a quick Bobby lesson after that, just stopped by to schedule an appointment and shared a scripture. We asked him to read Alma 32 before we try him again, and he said he would...but we've been so busy lately that we haven't been able to see him! What a trip! We're hoping to see him today...because he wants to say goodbye before I leave? It's been weird with transfer times, all the people that suddenly pop outta the woodwork and claim undying love. So many unprovoked and unwanted man hugs as of late, haha! 

But anyway, sweet Bobby times. We chatted with Ashley after that, and watched "The Will of God" with her- it was a party! Gotta love that Ashley! We also had a quick Martha stop by before dinner, just set some expectations and asked her to read 3 Nephi 11. Such a dream!

We dined at the Whitley's and it was blissful. Such a gorgeous fam! We caped off the night with dessert at the Rice's, where we perused old fam pictures and chatted about "The Will of God". Such a beautiful Wednesday!! 

Thursday wasn't a total bust, even with planning...haha. We had a couple mid-planning lessons that lessened the awful...and I also got a letter from HOOOOOPE!!! YAHOOOOO!! It was a total party, even if we had to plan. Haha. 

Midway through planning, we sprinted off to Hazen to visit again with our dear frenemy Pastor Rich. He was still absolutely unpleasant and told us once more why we're wrong...we won't be going back again, haha. We ended planning at Dairy Queen, to console our wounded hearts after that lesson. It was great!

We dined at the Bertoch's, total bliss, and had a glorious late night visit with our dear Barb- I love her so much! She let us know that Pastor Frank should've treated us with more respect and we chatted about the Atonement- such a beautiful night!

We had a beautiful Friday as well, starting off with a beeeeeautiful media hour spent watching "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration"! It's the greatest movie of all time, I've decided. Such bliss!! The good vibes coming off that glorious movie kept me sane through a day of freaking out over transfers...AHHHHH!! My dear comps threw food my way all day...turns out, my love language is actually obscene amounts of delicious food. I should've known! 

We visited Gordy on Friday, who casually told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true...WHAT THE WHAT!? It was crazy town and totally unexpected...but Gordy is totes progressing and I don't even know how it happened. Random but beautiful! We also visited Gayle, where we ate chips and queso while freaking out as a group about transfers. Such a lovely time! 

We dined at the Wieland's on Friday night, kicking off the weekend o' Wielands on the right foot, haha. We ate with them on Friday, rode to the temple with them on Saturday, and rode to church with them on Sunday. Such a blissful time of Wieland loving!

We ate ham and mashed potatoes and and crazy delish apple dip for dessert- it was delightful! We chatted about the temple (apparently, every temple has a theme? We've decided that Bismarck's theme is wheat, lol) and life and transfers and it was such a perfect evening. I love my Wielands!!

We temple'd on Saturday and lived our best life all around- such a dream! It was so sweet to get soul crushing transfer calls and immediately sprint our booties to the temple- such a blissful Saturday! We ate with the Lees once back to homebase, and ran by the Roundy's after that to say goodbye to Bro. Roundy, Porter, and Justice, who headed off to Mexico early yesterday morning. Not my fave way to kick off the farewell tour, but it was still so perf. I know that the friendships I've made here are going to affect my life forever- and that leaving for good ol' Fargo is just going to help me appreciate all that I have learned and all who I've loved in Beulah. It was crazy sad to say goodbye to some of my faves of life, but I'm going to visit that dear second fam of mine one day soon and it'll be like I never left. It's only sad for a moment- thank goodness that the gospel is forever!

home from the temple selfie (such a perfect day!!)    
Sunday was also full of goodbyes, with random food thrown our way at every opportunity. Barb and Scott cooked us lunch (and Scott gave me the world's heaviest book on Marines, so I could remember my Marine) and gave us oodles of homemade beef jerky and cookies, Jeff threw peanut M&Ms my way (and added his name to the weirdly long list of transfer induced forced hugs, AHHHHHH), and the Clements made delish enchiladas and banana splits (and said that they can't wait for me to meet a nice man to spent my life and eternity with, AHHHHHHHHH)- I think I gained a good twenty pounds yesterday alone, haha. Such a party this week is going to be! 
the Scheers and I    
Barb, me, and Scott (being adorable, even though Scott hates pictures, haha)    

and me with the Clements- the farewell tour has begun!  But alas, still a beautiful week!! 

Oh man oh man, whatta week. WHATTTTTA WEEK!! It's just crazy that by the time we chat again, I'll be over in Fargo...AHHHH!!! It's going to be an adventure!!

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful to each of you! Thank you for all you lovely emails and letters and words of encouragement- I adore you all!!


Sister Robinson 


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