Monday, February 8, 2016

There is Sunshine in my Soul todayyyyy and Choosing to be Happy

Oh man, what a crazy, beautiful, awesome, lovely week! I think everything is just about back to normal here in Beulah! Yahoo! I think it takes about two good weeks to really get used to the changes transfers bring, but we're back up to the normal amount of weekly lessons and Branch lovin' is at an all time high- couldn't ask for anything more! It's been such a good week, in fact, that I'm not even sure what subject to give this email...but hey, I never really know, haha. Hopefully it'll come to me as a type away- we shall see!

So yeah, it's been a great week. I started off my new journal on Monday (journal #...any guesses? Any thoughts? Sometimes emails are annoying because I would really love some feedback right now, lol...journal #6 of the mish! I'm flying through journals- what a party!!), which always makes for a good week- let's get into it!

Monday was perfection all around, man oh man. I can officially say we've mastered the art of a blissful p-day, which brings unfeigned amounts of joy to my soul. Goodness, how I love a beautiful p-day! We emailed and thrifted and ran random errands (I even bought stamps, like a responsible and budget-using adult! I got the fancy Valentine's day peonies and cheesy floral ones that spoke to my soul- ten of each, what a deal! The post office lady totally recognized me, and we chatted for a spell about all the new varieties- man, I love the Hazen Post Office! It's a dream come true!) and wandered, as usual. 

We spent a nice chunk of time in Hazen drug, which I can now say with authority is my favorite store. We all bought cheesy little souvenirs, and it was truly delightful. We were just browsing around when I found my spirit bird- yup, I bought a ceramic bird from my local small town drug store. These are the opportunities that you have to bounce on! It didn't have a price on the back, and I hesitantly approached one of the workers...and she was so happy to see us! She said that she thought it was the missionaries walking around because we were all together, haha, and let me know that Donna (my fave cashier, dontcha know) would give me a good deal on my fancy bird. And she totally did! It was so sweet- what a delightful place! 
We've got my fancy new bird (who I've lovingly named Antoinette, of course)    

We also, of course, did the usual thrift store wander and got our car wash- we're such responsible adults! We dined at the Rice's, and had a perfect FHE about prayer with them- goodness, I adore that fam! We also brought along our fancy new recipe boxes and wrote down all our Rice fam faves- it was truly blissful! What a perfect night!

Tuesday was also great- this week was just so good! We all woke up a little under the weather, but realized pretty quick that nothing beats being sick in a trio, haha! We giggled about our general grogginess all day, and we're all back to full health nowaday-- just a random sick Tuesday! Somehow, we powered through the common cold and busted out crazy amounts of missionary work- thank goodness for the Spirit!

We kicked off our day with the morning routine, and ran over to Barb's for an early morning, post-studies lesson- it was perfect! We taught her the Plan of Salvation with the cute little visuals, and it was just so sweet. Barb still doesn't think we're right...but she's super interested in our beliefs about heaven and how we get there...hmmm. So, we'll keep teaching away and she'll keep acting like she's not totally interested- and we'll all know the truth! 

We came back to homebase after that, ate one of our delish Reidhead pizzas for lunch, and headed back out for the day. We first saw our dear Sis. Stillson, my fave 94 year old, who was so hilariously sassy! It was great! We sang for her (after she said to us, "One of you needs to take charge and pick a song to sing to me"...oh man, she's the best!) and shared our favorite scriptures. I also made us take a group tripod picture, of course, and she told us to run by her daughter's house and check up on her before we left town- and we totally did! 

We love Sister Stillson! 
Sis. Maupin's been feeling a little under the weather lately, too, (it's going around Beulah!) and we chatted with her for a while about that...and then her less active husband came down and joined us! Yahoooo!! We shared Omni 2 and talked about humility and the Atonement- it was so great! Goodness, there is so much love in my heart for the Stillson/Maupin clan! We left their place with oodles of random can goods and a pack of tootsie roll pops- what bliss!!  It was perfection!

We ran over to Hazen after that, and tried Bobby and Scott...and ended up over at Tiffany's! It was great! We've taught Tiffany quite a few times, but have narrowly dodged the mildly awkward setting of expectations...and we all knew that was what needed to happen in this lesson. And, even though there were kids everywhere and general chaos all around, we cranked it out and told her about baptism- and she was totally into it!!  It was such sweet relief to tell her that we are here to help her decide if she wants to get baptized, and have her not be totally wigged out. Yahoo for the Spirit! It's the saver of days and awkward lessons! 

We dined at the Cline's on Tuesday night, as usual, and ate tacos, such perfection! Sis. Cline even bought avocados and I was in heaven- all it takes is avocados, apparently! We headed outta their place with enough time to try all our Beulah faves before calling it a night- what a perf Tuesday!

Oh man, Wednesday was SO GOOOOOOOD!! Especially when compared to the horror that was last Wednesday, man oh man! It was just the greatest day of all the great days-- a five lesson Wednesday, even! 

We started off the day with wonderful studies (which truly makes for a wonderful day, I'm learning) and running by Ashley's. We chatted with her for a while, mostly about her newly dyed and looking so cool pink hair and her new boyfriend. It was great! We lunched after that and went over to Gayle's- where we casually taught Plan of Salvation and it was perfection! Gayle was also in the funniest mood ever- he offered us drinks and then told us to help ourselves, because, in his words, "I'm not serving your butts!". What a party! Goodness, I adore that man!

We ran back to homebase for a spell after Gayle's lesson to fill up water bottles and use the restroom...and there was a perfect little package waiting for me my our door!! Yahoooooooo for amazing fams and Valentine's day packages full of fancy new watches, stamps, and general joy- total bliss! We all relished in that beautiful packed package and the unimaginable joy it brought to my heart! Such a glorious time!

We headed on over to Hazen after our package reveries, where we went by Scott's- and he had totally been expecting us! It was so sweet- he has a ton of ukuleles, so he taught us all a few chords and we jammed out to "You are my Sunshine" was so applicable! Goodness, it was crazy cool. Turns out, I need a ukulele in my post-mish life!

And, on an unrelated note, pondering back on our wonderful ukulele times with Scott has inspired the subject- yahoo! We also sang that hymn in church yesterday, and it was just speaking to my soul- it's just been a sunshine filled week!

But anyway, Scott is a total homie and we're all obsessed. I've got a knack for the ukulele- whudda thunk?! We also read Moroni's Promise with him and got more vague details of the story of Scott's missionary experience. He didn't straight up say, but we think he may have gotten a confirmation that the church is true and second guessed it...stay tuned for more Scott updates in the coming weeks!

We dined at the Lee's, and it was such perfection. Goodness, what a beautiful Wednesday! We ate fajitas and talked about prayer...and Bro. Lee told us that he feels hope coming back into his life since he's been praying again!!! He's hopeful again that the church is true and that he will get an answer- it was so sweet! I love that man!

We tried some people around Hazen and Beulah after dinner, but nothing was feeling quite...and then, I had this crazy impression to go see the Reinhardts. We haven't been over there since October, back when I was in that crazy trio of days long past...and Dale was not the nicest man. When Sis. Finlinson came back, we both decided to leave them be for the time being...but man, I was feeling it! We went on over and chatted with Dawn about...hope! It was perfect and also crazy, because Dawn reminds me so much of my BFF Hope from good ol' BYU- bonkers! So much hope on Wednesday! Dawn laughed for a long while that I was still around, and said that she needs to feel hope in her life right now. We shared scriptures left and right and hugged all around- it was so sweet! She told us to come by more often, and it was just amazing. Thank goodness for the Spirit! Dawn hugged it out with me and said all whispery in my ear, "I know God sent you here today". Goodness, it was the greatest. Go Dawn!!

We came back to home base and, as we were walking in, we ran into Tony! We shared a scripture with him about hope (of course!) and said a quick prayer- what an amazing Wednesday!

Thursday wasn't nearly as crazy as Wednesday, but I still was coasting on the good vibes- and planning wasn't even miserable! I think a random FOURRR LETTER mail day helped with that- shout out to Linda, Sis. Finlinson, Sis. Phillips, and Aunt Kathryn for making my Thursday the most pleasant of days! 

After we planned forever, we headed out to tract some Beulah! We met Wilfred, a super nice Catholic man that let us chat about Christ and pray with him- yahoo for porch lessons! We walked around his neighborhood for a season and ended up heading on over to Golden Valley, where we tracted some more. We also ran by Arnelle's place, a referral we got from Sis. Istilart eons ago and randomly met at the library, and we actually gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was so sweet! She has a lot of questions about what we believe, and it was pretty amazing to answer most of them just by listening to the Spirit. Yahoo!

We dined at the Dunkley's- such a delight! I love that family so much, man oh man. We had crazy delish pork tacos and talked about their unfortunate curse of their cars breaking down in the most inconvenient of locations, so hilarious! We also took the most adorable of all tripod pictures, and it was just the perfect night. My heart is full of Dunkley love! 

us and the Dunkleys!!    
Friday was also wonderful, as I'm sure you were expecting. We studied and ran off to Dickinson with our sammies all packed away in their tins. Our first stop was Walmart, where we bought more stickers (Toy Story!) and also food, haha. We've got our priorities! 

District meeting was so good, all about following the Spirit and conversion. Our Zone Leaders were random guest stars, and it was a lot of fun! Elder Riding also helped us put on our fresh license plates, so that was super nice of him. He's a gem! We got frosties on the way outta town (because we wanted some ice cream and that's all we can afford, lol)- pure bliss all around!

We had a quick stop in Hebron, where we saw Gordy and Betty. Gordy is doing well- we just shared a quick scripture and committed him to read the Book of Mormon. He doesn't have a smart phone, but we pooled our resources and found them all on CD and even got our hands on a CD player! No stopping the power of missionaries!

We taught Betty the Plan of Salvation, and she loved it! We committed her to pray about it, and she told us that she already knows it's true- the Spirit is an amazing thing! And also, Betty is so cool. Goodness, I love that lady so much! She doesn't have much of a belief system regarding life after death, and she just got it- so prepared!

We ran back to Beulah after that, dropped our groceries, and headed over to the Roundy's for our last supper with my dear Liberty before she leaves for the California Carlsbad mission! It's so weird to be sad someone is leaving on their mission on you're on yours...but it's a real thing! My heart was pretty sad throughout dinner, but we ate delish food (crème puffs for dessert- the Roundys remain my soul mates!) and played Apples to Apples- it was blissful! The only thing we didn't do is take our highly anticipated tripod picture...but we came back on Sunday night to say our real life goodbyes and take it! Yahoooo!! 

us and the Roundys!!!   
and one last selfie with my dear Liberty- we're soul mates!! 
And, random side note that I've been thinking lots about since our Roundy last supper and subsequent hug and picture sesh with Lib...sending someone off while you're on a mission yourself is so bittersweet and joyful. I bet it's a lot like watching your investigator get baptized- you have a total awareness that nothing you did made it happen, but your heart is so full of joy that you got to be a part of it and watch it happen. It's been so amazing to meet Liberty and send her off on her mission- what a beautiful friendship! I thought I was going to be so sad to see her go, but I know that we're destined to be BFFs foreves, and that this isn't the end of anything- pen pals for life! Goodness, I am just so proud of her! Thank goodness I'm in Beulah!

Saturday and Sunday were also pretty perfect- lunch with our dear Istilarts, blissful mail from Jeannie and Clint, a perfect Barb lesson about Abinadi (and leaving her place with oodles of random things, wallflowers and homemade salsa included), an amazing Lee dinner, a late night Jeff stop by and expectations setting, a quick porch lesson with Bobby following a glorious Sabbath day, dinner with the wonderful Scheers, and a last minute tripod picture/goodbye sesh with my dear Roundys. Such an amazing week!

Welp, I'm about out of time- but I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do!


Sister Robinson 

a gorgeous Beulah sunset    

a random pamphlet we found once the snow melted    

getting all the mail-packages all around!! Goodness, what an amazing week!     

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