Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hearts Full of Love and Valentine's Day

Oh man, it's been the craziest of crazy weeks! We're officially been trio'd for a month this week, and it's just the weirdest thing. This transfer is going by with lightning speed and it's wigging me out! But alas, we had a magical celebratory time, full of a double month mark (because my dear comps came out at the same time, how adorable!) and a glorious Valentine's day- I'm in love! I'm decided officially that Valentine's day is my second favorite holiday, because it's all about love and nothing will ever beat out Christmas. And, turns out, Valentine's day brings oodles of unexpected and delightful mail! Whoda thunk!?! My heart is just so full, and I'm feeling absolutely content and joyous- it's just been a beautiful week!

Gotta love the random explanatory paragraph that always sneaks its way into my emails, haha.  It's the only way to justify my cheesy beyond cheesy subjects! I shouldn't feel the need to, because this week has been really great! So much has happened! Crazy times for all the days! I think I'm going to do that thing where we all act like it's Monday and ignore the fact that it's actually Tuesday- ain't no body got time to write about Monday as well! And, fair warning, next week is going to be another weird Tuesday p-day because of Zone Conference...but then two weeks down the road we'll be back to norm! Huzzzzah! 

Okay, on with the email! I'm getting all tangent-y and weird today, because I love you all and miss you and want to just chat all day...but we gotta get to the crazy stuff that actually went down this week! It's been a beautiful one, but I'm slightly overwhelmed to crack open my journal and remember all that actually happened- this is going to be a wild ride! All I know is that my heart is profoundly more full of love than even I, loving to a fault, Sister Robinson is used to. I could burst at any given moment! 

Monday was pure bliss, as per usual, with just the general p-day adventuring and thrifting. We even found crazy but surprisingly delish black cherry cola cherry cordials (because we're fancy ladies, dontcha know) that filled our day with more joy than anticipated. I love a good p-day! We cleaned the apartment like pros and checked the find the highly stickered and delightful letter meant to go to my sweet familia back in the box because it had too many puffy stickers on the envelope, haha! The day of reckoning has finally come! It was pretty hilarious, and I was only sad for a sec until I realized how truly funny it is. I stuck that sucker in a fresh and only minorly stickered I'm such a rebel!

We dined at the Rice's on Monday night, and I gave the FHE lesson- high stress! We chatted about the Book of Mormon and hope, and it was really sweet. I've been realizing, as we've testified away about the Book of Mormon this week, that I've understood that amazing little book so much more while on my mission- that I've become more completely converted to this gospel by that simple daily study alone. I'm hanging out in Mosiah lately, and it's just amazing- and I'm getting it in ways I never have before! All those weird questions about the actual storyline I've had forever are actually getting's just the greatest! I'm such a strong proponent of daily scripture study- it truly does make a difference!

But anyway, beautiful dinner with the Rices! We ate fish tacos (the leftovers of which are getting ranker and ranker by the day...I can only eat so many delish fish tacos!) and took adorable tripod pictures- I love them so much! 

Yikes, I totally just did some fancy typing magic and sent that first little bit- looks like you're going to get mass amounts of Sis. Robinson emails today, haha! Let's all just ignore that and move on, lol. 

We tried all the people after our Rice dinner, even tracted for a spell, before coming back to homebase and commencing nightly planning. Such a beautiful day!

Tuesday was equally beautiful (somehow, that word has become my adjective of the moment- I don't even know)! We studied in the morn and headed out to see our dear Barb. She was running off to Bismarck, so we chatted for a sec with her and Scott, took some adorable selfies, and headed back to eat some lunch. 

We taught Bobby after our blissful lunch hour...and it was AMAZING!! We chatted about the Book of Mormon and committed him to read and pray...and then he offered the closing prayer! It was such perfection and I thought I might die of joy as we all kneeled together and prayed. He totally prayed about us, and nothing brings me more joy than an investigator praying for you. GOOOOODNESS, it's a beautiful time!

We hightailed it over to Bro. Lee's after our glorious Bobby times, and he TOOOOOTALLY read the Book of Mormon!! It was seriously the greatest- and I'm learning a thousand times over that nothing you say makes a difference in the lives of your investigators. It's the Spirit that does the converting, and you just have to be humble enough to bring the Spirit and pray that they will be touched. Suddenly, when it becomes more about humility and less about your abilities as a missionary, miracles like Bro. Lee and Bobby happen. It's just incredible!

We also taught Tiffany on Tuesday and invited her to church...but come Sunday, no show. I think she's ready but it's still uncomfortable to do something you've never done day, one day! Falicity and Hailey did give us Valentines, though, so I think we're in! 

Tiffany's super cool tattoo (turns out, she's just as cool as I always suspected!)    
We dined at the Kraft's, and it was delish. We had lasagna and chatted about Bro. Kraft's's the coolest beard I've seen in all my days! He's a little shy and quiet, but as soon as we got him talking about his beard, he was totally animated and excited. Adorable! Gotta love those Krafts!

Wednesday was also crazy, man oh man! It was just a day of tender mercies, and it was the greatest of all the days. Saturday is a close contender, but Wednesday may be the greatest day winner this week. It was just perfection!

We kicked off the day with studies, and headed out at ten to take a media hour- pure bliss! I watched Johnny Lingo, naturally, and Tabitha Dunkley came running up to me right when you see the gorgeous-all-along Mahana with a craft to give me- pretty much the greatest moment of my whole mission! I've decided that I'm going to watch Johnny Lingo as often as possible, because it brings unparalleled joy to my heart. It's the best movie ever!

In the midst of our lunch hour, while journaling away, we got a knock on our door and found two perfectly timed Valentine's day packages, one from the Luker fam and one from my dear Heumann family! It was a blissful time all around- shoutout to Lithia and Tim for being the greatest and adding even more magic to our Wednesday!
the dear Heumann package!    

We taught Ashley after our package reveries, and it was great! We watched "Mountains to Climb" and chatted about the good! We had a quick Dairy Queen break after our Ashley times, because her life is full of drama and we needed a little breather, haha. I got a Red Velvet blizzard, and IT WAS AMAZINGGG!!! Such a good blizzard! It was all cream cheese-y and perfect- I'm in love!

crazy blizzard times
We taught Martha after our quick DQ break, and just shared a quick scripture with our fave 97 year old. She's so cool, man oh man. We ran over to Hazen after that and tried all the people before heading to the Wielands for dinner- such a dream!!

Goodness, I love those Wielands. They remain a fave! We ate chicken casserole and had a beautiful late week FHE about Valentine's day- so much love in my heart for those gorgeous people! Bro. Wieland expressed multiple times his genuine concern about my tired mug, and I assured him that we're just crazy busy- it's the truth! General exhaustion is the true sign of a successful missionary! We laughed lots and ate delish sugar cookies- I love that fam!!

We randomly tried Adrienne after dinner, expecting to be shoo'd away...but we ended up answering her questions about missionary work and setting expectations. It was so sweet!

Thursday was a little sad compared to our week as a whole...just planning and generally crabby Sis. Robinson. The usual. We dined at Dairy Queen, because Sis. Cline was going to feed us but had to head outta town last she gave us some moolah and told us to party hard. We had just enough for three chicken strip meals at our favorite eatery- it was pure bliss! That was the highlight of our Thursday, because we didn't have much success trying people that night. Wah wah. 

a DQ selfie over chicken strips    

We got back to amazing times all around on Friday, which started off with lovely studies about love and riding with Sis. Whitley to Dickinson. Such a party! Walmart times and district meeting were great (I finally found the whiteout I like, huzzah!!), and sweet four year old Olive Whitley gave us a cute little Valentine and bag of kisses once we got back to homebase- so adorable!

We dropped our groceries and got so much glorious mail-- I got a card with a PRINCESS PUZZLE from my dear Sis. Finlinson AND a perfect Valentine's card from my wonderful Grandma!! It was a beautiful time...and Sis. Boyack got the fanciest of all Valentine's packages from her was full of candy and pears, from some fancy people website! So much package bliss this week! 

We had a quick Bobby lesson about prayer and overcoming addictions before heading out to Center and eating with the Towe's- it was glorious! I love that fam!
the cute pineapples the Towes gave to us after dinner (the one with the long stem we named Flint Lockwood, lol     

Saturday was the craziest day, man oh man. We decided to trek out to Hebron and see all the people after wonderful studies, we packed lunches and drove. We took a car lunch hour, jamming out to "Redeemer" all the while, and first saw Betty- it was amazing!

We had decided to explain the Book of Mormon a little more to Betty...turns out, she's been reading it consistently and already knows it's true! What the what! I was pretty shocked, but we read Moroni's Promise with her and parts of the Introduction- it was so sweet! Yahoo for crazy Betty times!

We ran over to the Parsons' after that, where we taught the First Vision and they testified about how prayer has affected their lives. It was pure perfection, and we were also able to answer some of the girl's questions about the Plan of Salvation. I love that family so much!

We ran back to homebase after our crazy Hebron times that ultimately weren't as crazy as we anticipated and found two more glorious packages waiting by our door! What a crazy week of mail! Sis. Boyack got one from her fam, full of chocolate and tea (which is just so adorably her, man oh man), and I got one from Jeanelle!! I totally wasn't expecting anything, and I practically died when I saw the return address!!!! Such a wonderful surprise!!!! It was full of belated Christmas presents, and my joy was just the most full ever- I love me some Jeanelle mail! When I opened the candy cane Joe-Joes, I seriously started crying. It was mildly ridiculous, and my companions probably thought I was crazy...THEY ARE TRULY HEAVENLY AND I NEEDED THEM IN MY LIFE!!! There were also such goodies as Star Wars mascara, various fancy stationary, a fresh pack of EMOJI STICKERSSSS, nail polish, and adorable Valentine's day Jamberries.  So, conclusion is that Jeanelle is the greatest human being of all life, even if her Christmas package became a Valentine's package. I still love her! 

Me and Jeanelle's perfect package- pure bliss! 

And also, the Redford's Christmas present was slipped in the bottom...OH MY GOOOOODNESS, SUCH PERFECTION!!! I never knew I needed a personalized notepad with Brad Redford's face...BUT I TOOOOOOTALLY NEEDED IT!!  I love to that it makes no sense to everyone else, but it kills me everytime I look at it- such a dream! 

But anyway, we headed over to our Lee dinner in the highest of spirits, and it was a blissful time! We taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and committed to come to church for all three hours- AND HE TOTALLY DID. GUYS, IT WAS AMAZING. We also read Mosiah 5:2 and chatted about conversion, and it was so sweet to testify that the gospel truly changes our natures and our hearts- it has definitely changed mine! I am a different person that who I came out as, and I am so grateful for that. The gospel makes you better...all you have to do is let it! 

We also a quick Gayle visit before picking up our milk and eggs and chatting with our dear Roundys about unicycles and temples. Such a beautiful Saturday!

Our Sunday was also a perfect time- Happy Valentine's Day! I was minorly disappointed that the Branch didn't bring their Valentines a-game and make Sacrament all about love...but Sis. Wieland brought red velvet cake to Relief Society and balance was restored! That woman is a total dreamboat, man of man. 
adorable Sis. Wieland cake in Relief Society    
My valentine from Sis. Luker (yup, she totally bought Inside Out Valentines! I love her so much!)    
fresh V-day snow    

We also saw Barb on Sunday, and exchanged Valentine's cards all around- all my dreams are coming true!  Scott even made us all cards, and it was so tender. He stamped a classic "Friends Forever" in each of our favorite colors- such attention to detail! I love that crazy man! 

We dined at the Black's, who are quickly becoming a fave- they're just the cutest people ever! We had Sunday roast and they bought us each little boxes of chocolate- and you know I made them take a tripod picture with us, haha!

We've got us and the Rices (one serious and one adorable, haha)
Our beautiful and lovely week ended at our dear Jeff's house- it was truly amazing! We taught him and his wife Jane about family history and God's love...and they invited us back next week and want to schedule a dinner- YAHOOOOO!!!! Two new investigators and so much love in my heart- what a perfect Valentine's day! 

Oh man, such on point emailing this week! Expect for the bit when I emailed a little too early, lol. It's just been a beautiful time, and I'm jazzed to see what this next week brings! It's already been amazing!

I am grateful for each of you, and I love you so much- thank you for all you do! Have the greatest week!

Love, Sister Robinson

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