Monday, February 8, 2016

Love is An Open Door...of Communication!

Oh man, what a week! It's been a whirlwind all around- one of those weeks that flies by without your consent. Crazy things happened everyday, and my heart is just so full of Beulah, really, nothing has changed.  I just love Beulah with all the energy of my young heart, and it makes everything more enjoyable. We didn't have a perfect week, but being a crazily obsessed person makes it all so wonderful. Goodness, I'm loving the mission life! The trio life is also treating me well- we have a new fave game of discussing famous trios and assigning ourselves during our long car rides, haha. So far, we've tackled "Frozen" (I'm Anna, Sis. Boyack is Elsa, and Sis. Luker is Olaf, of course), "Harry Potter" (I'm Hermoine, Sis. Boyack's Harry, and Sis. Luker's Ron, naturally), and "The Avengers" (not quite a trio, but I'm Captain America, Sis. Boyack's Natasha, and Sis. Luker's Hulk). It's a total party! And, without saying anything too crazy, we've all got a good taste of the different personalities at play here, haha.

And also, on an unrelated note, I realized that my email didn't have a subject last week-! I'll get to this week's inspired subject in due time, but, for all of you sweating buckets on my behalf (ha, all of you, I'm sure), last week's email subject should've been: "Living the Trio Life!" or maybe, "Finding the Real Me: North Dakota Cross Stitches and Apple Containers". Yup, definitely the second one. 

But anyway, it's been a great week! I'm learning that perspective truly is everything, and that bad days/weeks/transfers are only bad when you let them me. It's all on your shoulders, people! It's so easy to be happy, but it has to be a choice everyday. Choose happiness! It's pure bliss! 

I'm getting off track all around! Let's focus, haha. We kicked off the week with good ol' last Monday, such a total adventure. We emailed and ran the normal p-day errands- Sis. Boyack is a thrifting natural! Sis. Luker and I were a little antsy to throw someone new into our pday weirdness, but it was so fun! We started at the Beulah rummage sale, where Sis. Boyack found a fancy North Dakota mug and Sis. Luker found a popcorn maker (more on that later, lol), and then went to the usual stores- Beulah drug, Family Dollar, and Shopko. We got matching sammie tins (or sandwich containers, for everyone that isn't me) and found gems all around- such bliss! We ran over to Hazen, threw our clothes in the wash, and wandered around a couple more stores. 
sammie tins! (such unity- mine is also "Frozen", of course)    

At Hazen drug, Sis. Luker finally gave in and bought this adorable recipe box that she's had her eye on forever...and it gave me the courage to run back to Beulah drug after our laundry was done to buy the one I've had my eye on forever! YAHOOOO!! It's pretty much the perfect ND souvenir- mine has adorable sunflowers on it and I'm going to write down all the fave recipes I acquire on the mish. Such perfection! If you can't tell, I'm insanely jazzed about my recipe box! It's a dream come true!

We also had to wander around our fave Hazen thrift store, during which Sis. Boyack found a second ND mug (we've decided that she needs a mug for every area, haha) and randomly found a fancy picture frame of her plaque scripture! It was fate if I've ever seen it!
Sis. Boyack's thrift store find    

We dined at the Rice's that night, which was total bliss. They've been outta town for a couple weeks, and I didn't even realize how much I missed them. I missed them so much! It was a perfect dinner of homemade chili, and we tried a couple people afterwards with not much luck- but still, such a wonderful Monday!

Tuesday was awesome, man oh man. It started off beautifully, with us calling around to get permission to go to the Branch Temple Day on February 27th and totes getting it to happen! Huzzzzzahhhh!! I'm crazy jazzed, and it just happens to land on transfer calls day- no where I'd rather be if we get a call! 

We ran off to Barb's after studies, and it was bliss all around. We shared the crazy story of finding Sis. Boyack's plaque scripture (Philippians 4:14) at a random North Dakota thrift store, and Scott gave us some Curious George "snack packets" (or fruit snacks, for those of you who don't speak Scott) for the road. It was great!
Barb's adorable Sunny sleeping away as we chatted    

We ate chili leftovers for lunch, and headed off to Hazen afterwards. We stopped by Scott first (we tracted into him a while back and he's met with missionaries in Utah)...and he totally converted us to ukuleles and pet birds. We shared some lame scripture, and left realizing that he should probably be the missionary, haha.

We taught Bro. Lee a crazy cool lesson- he's been praying!!! We watched "Patterns of Light" and talked about receiving answers- it was perfection! Man, he's changing and IT'S AMAZINGGGGG!!! I am so constantly grateful to be one of his missionaries, and to see constantly just how the Atonement changes our lives when we let it. Man oh man, it's amazing! I was just totally overcome with insane missionary pride that he's actually praying and letting the Atonement work in his life- nothing beats it! 
Sister Chase Robinson (he wore a shirt so that he could wear my tag- I'm mean I don't let him put it on his undies, haha)    

We contacted a few referrals and tracted for a spell before dining with the Clines. We ate ham casserole and left their place with a fancy "Frozen" comic book (that has since become our communication manual, dontcha know) and a referral- huzzzzzah!! 

We tried Bobby after dinner and put our newfound communication manual to the test- turns out, being in a trio is all about learning how to communicate. Just when you think you've mastered the art, you get a new comp and everything is different. It's crazy but super inspired- communication is just the key to loving your comps! That was really the theme of this week (see the subject, haha)- with weird "Frozen" analogies and prolonged feelings talks, you two can have improved communication within your trio! 

Our Wednesday was yet another experiment in communication- it's always the bummer days that bring out the feelings in us all! We kicked it off with the morning routine, and scheduled a couple appointments while trying the masses. We lunched on the rest of our chili while Sis. Boyack baked up delish homemade brownies- the bad mojo was just in the air! We tried all the people and ended up taking a media hour. I spent mine watching a totally depressing short film called "The Mailbox"- oh man, it killed me! Sis. Finlinson wrote about it in her email last week...turns out, not the best thing to watch on an already sad Wednesday. 

We tried the rest of all the people in Beulah, wandered around Zap, and ended up trying a referral in Hazen from the Clements- their next door neighbor/pastor. Man oh man, not a fave. He was a nice man, and the lesson started off nice enough...until he started asking us his "questions" that he already knew the answer to and proceeded to bash our beliefs-- Sis. Boyack and Sis. Luker handled it like pros, and I left a tad emotionally scared- turns out, there's a good reason I'm in North Dakota! Pastor Rich is from Massachusetts, and I was slapped in the face by the fact that I am too nice and sensitive to handle mean people. Gah, not a fave. But, even though it was a crazy experience and my pride was wounded, we all remarked in the car that our faith left unscathed. Yahoo for the Spirit and sincere testimony! If nothing else, I know that Rich felt the Spirit felt our conviction...who knows what will happen!

We took a quick potty break at the Johnson's (man, they're my fave!), tried a few more people, and headed off to dinner with the Schellenbergs. We had chicken curry and chatted about our weird day- I just love that family so much! Bro. Schellenberg gave me a crazy good talk, "The Challenging and Testifying Missionary", and I realized that my general sensitivity and overabundance of love is pungent, haha. I do have the hardest time testifying boldly and following the Spirit, especially when it's uncomfortable...but I've been reading Bro. Schellenberg's talk constantly and following the Spirit at every opportunity- and I can see myself changing even more! Yahooo!! Just when you think you're at a good place, Bro. Schellenberg pops into your life and throws a talk your way. But, funny side note, since I've been paying more attention to being a "challenging and testifying missionary", I've rediscovered that, as we follow promptings, we receive more. No duh, I know...but it's been sweet! 

But anyway, beautiful dinner with my faves! We ran by Tiffany's afterwards and chatted for a spell through her screen door- all her kidlets are sick and she didn't want to infect us, haha. We said a quick prayer with her and sprinted back off to Beulah, where we ended our weird Wednesday with a glorious Gayle lesson. Goodness, I adore that man!

Thursday was pretty darn blissful by comparison, even for a weekly planning day. Such a party! We had crazy good studies in the morn, and proceeded with on-point by crazy long weekly planning. We all know it's my fave, but it wasn't too miserable...until we got to comp inventory and realized we hadn't really talked about things of consequence. We've been coasting on random day-to-day frustration chats, but not the in-depth, soul bearing levels of comp communication...and I got the sweet reminder that love is so much easier when you understand those you're trying to love. It was just perfection, and we all left filled with love for each other- love is an open door of communication, my friends! 
my cute comps    

We ate dinner with Amy and Mike, who hosted for the Towes because they live about 3 million years away from civilization. It was sweet! Amy and Mike are Catholic, but we ate soup together and chatted about Christ- common ground is the dream! It's going to be a regular thing, and I am so so jazzed! Such fun!

We took some requisite sunset pictures before heading off to the Crane's, where we taught Hailee about the gospel and committed her to get baptized when she knows it's true- thank you Bro. Schellenberg and your perfect talk! Our last stop of the day was Jeff, who we chatted with about the Plan of Salvation and testified of Christ...being a challenging and testifying missionary is the bomb diggity! 
the pretty sunset we tracked down on Friday night    

Our Friday was also awesome, complete with a perfect pre-Dickinson Barb visit, a lunch date and ride to Dickinson with Sis. Koehler, an amazing district meeting, and perfect times at Walmart...complete with a 300 pack of "Frozen" stickers for $2! Sis. Boyack bought the same pack (because, hello, it's our life), and Sis. Luker went for the Spiderman pack- such comp unity! We headed back to Beulah after that, found our February Ensigns in the mail, and headed off to dinner with the Roundys!

Man oh man, how I love the Roundys! It's been a long while since I've geeked out about them, but the deep and profound love is still there! It was renewed ten-fold as we ate corn flake crusted chicken and twice baked potatoes- goodness, such good food! We chatted about how I'm a lover to the core (leave it to the glorious Roundys to see my true self, even when I'm still in denial about it), and we chatted about enduring to the end. Man, it was so cool. I love them so much!

We tried a few people after dinner (Wes and Maria included- no luck!), and headed back to homebase with full hearts and love all around- such a good Friday!

Saturday was crazy town, man oh man. We had feelings talks all around (trios, ya know) and ate lunch with the Lee fam- so delish! We taught Bro. Lee about finding answers to prayer through scripture study- it was so sweet! He committed to reading the Book of Mormon everyday- I'll keep you updated! 

We headed over to Golden Valley, tried some referrals, and tried our hand at harvesting. The elders brought it up during district meeting, and it's basically just mega inspired tracting. You start it off by praying to know where to go, and you pray every step along the way until you have a couple houses that you feel good about. Oh man, it rocks! We picked a street after praying and jumped out, praying all along the way...and we met Patty, a super solid potential! We talked to her for a good 45 minutes about her experience with the church and her love of our doctrine, and we taught her the Restoration and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon! It was so sweet! She invited us back next weekend, and we're going to bring Sis. Dunkley along- total bliss! 

As we were walking away from Patty's house, her neighbor beckoned us over and chatted about church with us- it was so cool! He wasn't super interested, but he did let us know that his name is Frank Bitterman and he's running for city council- he's got my vote! 

We headed over to Halliday after that, contacted some referrals, and stopped by Sis. Denise Leach's place. She's having a rough time lately, and it was a super inspired stop by- I love being a missionary!

We jumped back in the car, stressing because we were running late to dinner...when the Reidheads called and let us know that they were stuck in Bismarck for the night and that they would bring food to our place around eight. It was crazy how perfectly it all worked out- yahoo for inspired Saturdays!

We spent the remainder of our pre-dinner evening heading back to Beulah (and buying some root beer in Dodge- we had a hankering!) and trying all the people. We came in at eight, got the text from the Reidheads, and headed down to pick up our food...and the heavens opened! The Reidheads went to Sam's Club and bought it all- it was insane! They got us three frozen pizzas, fancy fetticine alfredo, a huge salad, apples and oranges, peanut butter, a 24-pack of juice, string cheese, a fancy block of cheese...and A FIVE POUND JAR OF HONEYYYY!!! It was truly heavenly- turns out, the way into a missionary's heart is obscene amounts of Sam's Club food! I should've known. 

 rooooooootbeer selfies! 

Our Sunday was truly delightful- Sis. Boyack and Liberty spoke, and it was puuuuuure bliss!! My two faves killed it, and it was awesome all around. We also got in with Wes (finalllllllly!!!) and Ashley and taught crazy cool lessons all around- gotta love Sunday! We (and by we, I really mean just me, haha) also perfected the feelings song, created to engender a peaceful environment whilst chatting about feelings. It goes, "Feelings...feelings! We all have them what are they?" It's a classic!

Welp, we're just about outta time...but I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do- have the most beautiful week! 


Sister Robinson

and the crazy weather this week- everything is thawing!

 "Finding Dory" cereal at Walmart- it's actually a thing!! (you never know what's real and what's not when you're on a mission, haha. I was half tempted to buy it, but I resisted)    

our popcorn maker (Sis. Luker and I have been on the hunt for one for a while- we always want popcorn during planning! She found one for $2 while thrifting, and we bought popcorn at Walmart- total bliss!!)    

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