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Happy Lessons, Random Souvenirs, and Girl Scout Cookies: The Makings of a Glorious Week- February 23rd

Hello, my dearest friends and family! Thanks for bearing with me through another weird p-day...balance shall be restored once more next Monday, I promise! I think we're going to do that thing where we all ignore that it's actually Tuesday because ain't nobody got time to email about all last week AND yesterday (spoiler alert: we had the greatest Zone Conference of all time! It was pure bliss! Stay tuned for more Monday!...because this last week has been crazy town busy! Yahooooo for all the busy weeks! 

And also, fair warning, next Monday when I email away, I'll have transfer news to report- AHHHHH!!! I met with Pres. Hess yesterday (who totally was added to my list of eternal besties, dontcha know), and he vaguely implied some things...we'll see what this Saturday brings! I'm both crazy nervous and super excited...we'll see, we'll see! 

But anyway, onto the daily report! It was a glorious week, full of good vibes and happy lessons, Bismarck excursions and Girl Scout cookies, tripod pictures and the constant acquirement of random North Dakota souvenirs . If only that adorable sentence wasn't too long to be the subject, haha. I'm improvised and took a couple key points- huzzah for subject inspiration early on in this adventure, lol! Such a wonderful week! 

Last Monday was such a weird and beautiful day- p-dayless Mondays are always the craziest time! We ended up seeing the Furrs and Scott before eating with the dear Schellenbergs- such a party all around! It's juts kind of weird because we never even know who to try on Mondays...but the random holiday provided ample opportunity to see the Furrs, and it was total perfection. We chatted about God's love, and my fave six year old (almost seven, huzzah!) Devoe let us know that, "You never know what you're going to be mayor of". He wasn't super into the lesson today, but we left with a myriad of hilarious Devoe originals- we learned lots about dinosaurs, weights, and his mean speech teacher! 

We ran over to Hazen after that and met with Scott. His fancy pet bird Selena was as judgy as ever, and we chatted away about Jacob 3:1 and 2 while I looked on longingly at Selena. Scott picked up on my subliminal (or not so much, haha) hope that Selena would casually land on my finger...and HE MADE IT HAPPPPPEN!!! So, I'm officially besties with a fancy bird named Selena- all my dreams are coming true!! 
We've got the regal and judgy Selena on MY HANNNNND!! 

Dinner with the Schellenbergs was gorgeous, as expected. They are such a beautiful fam! We had baked potatoes and Sis. Luker was in total heaven- adorable! My comp is obsessed with potatoes because's both precious and unnerving, haha. Such a lovely dinner nonetheless!

We chatted away last Tuesday- we commenced with the normal pday shenanigans after emailing time ended. We wandered (as usual)...and I found a GLOOOOOORIOUS North Dakota bell!! Turns out, I'm a total old lady at heart- it's gorgeous! How can you not pass up a randomly soul-encompassing thrift store find of that magnitude!? It is everything I didn't know I needed- my desk has never looked better! 

my fancy bell (such a solid thrift store find!)    
We ate at the Cline's after our deligthful day of p-day'ing, and it was a blissful time. Chili dogs for days! I had a weird moment where I realized that chili dogs will forever remind me of home- so delish! We sprinted off to a Bro. Lee lesson after our delightful Cline times- pure bliss all around! 

We asked Porter Roundy to tag along, and we chatted about overcoming trials through the Atonement- perfection! Bro. Lee and Porter are pretty much soul sistas (yes, I know they're actually men...but soul brothas sounds stupid. So, we're making do.)- we totally watched a bromance begin to form! AND AND AND AND, Bro. Lee TTTTTTOTALLY read Jacob 1 and 2- YAHOOOOO!!!  Whatta rockstar! I think Porter may be a constant to come with us to Bro. Lee times- it was the greatest! Such a good end to such a good pday!

Wednesday was rather crazy- we were such busy bees! We started off our day with a Barb and Scott visit...wherein we gave Scott a Book of Mormon and committed him to read and pray! WHAT THE WHAT!? It was so perfect- totally one of those moments where it's not you at all. Amazing! Barb even nodded along as we testified, and I think she may be undercover reading it- only time will tell! Barb also gave us random metal wheat decor for our wall, fancy Stampin' Up sticky notes, oranges all around, and a printed copy of her testimony- such a whirlwind! it was a total party!

We visited Sis. Stillson after our glorious Barb visit and an equally glorious lunch hour. She mostly interrogated me about transfers- leave it to random 94 year old woman to feel change in the air! It freaked me out, but it's a reasonable concern...AHHHHH!!  Other than that, Sis. Stillson is as awesome as ever- I love that lady!

We had a media hour before heading over to Hazen and meeting with Tiffany- such a dreamboat! After being minorly freaked out by some choice members over inviting her to activities, we stepped in and casually became friends again, yahoo!! We painted nails with Falicity and Hailey and curled their hair and all bought Girl Scout cookies- you gotta do what you gotta do to prove you aren't actually creepy, haha! And, I've ultimately decided that Lemonades are my fave Girl Scout cookie- they even beat out Thin Mints!! When you buy your own Girl Scout cookies in an attempt to appear normal, go for the Lemonades- they're delish! 
painting nails with Falicity    

We ate at the Johnson's for dinner on Wednesday night, and it was truly glorious. We've decided that Sis. Johnson is a total Cinderella- such a princess! We ate chicken, bacon, ranch pasta and chatted about true conversion- it was a beautiful time all around! Sis. Johnson gave us each a box of our fave Girl Scout Cookies...Lemonades for dayyyyyys!! 

We tried a few people after dinner and ended up running by the house of that mean pastor from weeks yonder. We scheduled an appointment forever in advanced for last Thursday, but we needed to reschedule...but Pastor Rich was off doing paster things, like you do. So, we instead chatted away with his in-laws, Doug and Lorraine. Such nice people! They gave us a nice book called "The Soul Winner's Guide", all about answering your congregation's questions while a pastor in exchange for a Book of Mormon- such a party! Doug is especially open and wonderful- he's basically Ray from "The Princess and the Frog", haha. Such a great man! Such a random lesson!

Thursday was also bonkers- even for a weekly planning day! We sprinted off the Hebron first thing after studies and ate lunch with Sis. Coots- AND MYRA!! She made us each scarves AND I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE OF PURE JOY, AHHHHH!!  Needless to say, I've worn mine consistently for the last few days- I can't believe she made us scarves! WHAT A DREAM BOAT!!! We also taught her more about the Book of Mormon and set solid expectations about baptism before leaving her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and taking a tripod picture. SUCH A BEAUUUUUUTIFUL LUNCH!!! 
MYYYYYRA and her gorgeous scarves (I LOOOOOVE HER SO MUCH!!)    

our post-nightly planning use of our Myra scarves, haha. 

We weekly planned in record time- turns out, weekly planning on the go with no distractions is the most effective thing EVER!! It was blissful! We taught Gordy after planning, and we gave him a CD player and BOM CDs- huzzah for the awesome Branch helping us out! It was precious, because Gordy handled them like solid gold and was so grateful- it was the most tender thing of my life!

We contacted a couple of referrals before heading over to dinner with the Billmans, where we ate fish and chips and dessert'd on the fanciest Minnie Mouse cake of life. While eating the cake and talking away about living a Christ centered life, Tyler showed up with HEBRON BRICKS FOR US ALLLLLL, AHHHHH!! It was a truly glorious moment- one I've been thinking of since helping the Phillips move eons ago! 

Basically, the Phillips had this adorable little brick that said "Hebron Brick" on it, because Hebron makes bricks and such. Sis. Phillips told us that the school went on a field trip and they brought her back one...and after doing some investigative research of our own (because we were awe struck and knew we needed one), we found out that the city of Hebron gives them out to the families that move in. So, we asked Sis. Billman to help us figure out where they sell them...turns out, they give them out for free and WE EACH GOT ONE. Yup, all my dreams ARE COMING TRUEEEEE!! 

So, to say the least, the Billmans are my new best friends and I love them with all the energy of my heart. Hebron bricks, people!!

We had a quick lesson with Jeff and Jane after our Hebron excursion, during which we talked about the Book of Mormon and gave them each a copy. Huzzah! ANNNNND, they scheduled a time to take us out to dinner next week- WHAT THE WHAT!? It's going to be a total party!

We went on exchanges on Friday and Saturday, so I peaced out and headed off to Bismarck after out blissful district meeting and Walmart trip. It was party- I chilled with Sister Steiner and we took Bismarck! Nothing too crazy happened, haha. Good times all around!
Our cute district!

Upon returning to Beulah, we stopped by the Kraft's...who gave us more Girl Scout cookies! YAHOOOOO!! I lit'really have a pack of Lemonades in the freezer- so many cookies! Sis. Kraft also showed us around her farm, because bunches of babies were just born- it was adorable! We saw their new calf and each held a baby bunny and a chick- pure bliss! Baby things are the best!!

We dined at the Lee's on Saturday night, eating homemade Chinese food of every variety and having a total party all around. The Towes came over as well, and it was crazy good. Such a blissful evening!

Sunday was totally amazing, complete with glorious Branch Council, teaching Valiant 8 and 9, and going to choir practice- who even am I?! It was such a good day of church, and we still taught Jeff and Barb between dinner with the Humpherys and dessert with the Roundys. Such a delightful Sabbath!

us and the Humpherys (America's most beautiful fam, I've decided)    
Welp, that's about it for my week- it's been a good one! I'm jazzed to see what this next one far, it's already been awesome!

I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do! Keep being amazing- I adore you!! 


Sister Robinson 

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