Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Moses Obsession and Spiritual Weeping

Hello, my favorite people!! It's been another gorgeous and delightful week here in Grand Forks- life is beautiful and God is good!! I'm currently listening to Elder Holland's talk during Priesthood session and am ever and absolutely obsessed with Conference, man oh man! We are so blessed to have the words of living prophets and apostles at our fingertips- we are the luckiest people in the whole world!! So, my dear friends, keep soaking up the glory of Conference and listen away to all your faves again- my recommendations are Elder Holland's talk (duh, lol), Elder Bednar, and Elder Davies...goodness gracious, such goodness all around! 

Alright alright, onto the subject at hand! Although Conference has me in a flurry of gratitude and love for living prophets, I've also currently been obsessed with Moses, who I have come to believe is the coolest man of the Old Testament...he's the best!! I've been reading Exodus these days, and my life will never be the same. Moses is the main man! He got a solid six references during General Conference- never doubt the power of faith, my friends. We've been jamming all week to the "Prince of Egypt" soundtrack and spent our pday watching that most beloved feature film...AHHH, I love Moses! I've been telling everyone about the coolness of Moses these days- we'll be teaching the Restoration and I'll say, "You know Moses, how he parted the Red Sea? That same power he held is back on the earth today. We have a prophet who can work those same miracles!" AHHH, Moses. Study him up, my people! It'll change you for good!! 

But anyway, haha, it has been such a crazy and magical week. We've seen miracles and testified of Moses and swapped Moses insight with all our favorite people...such a good week, man oh man! 

We kicked it all off with Monday, full of pday shenanigans and "Prince of Egypt" watching. Motion picture masterpiece! Once pday came to an end, we sprinted off to the church and taught Linda, my current fave- I adore her so much!! We taught the Plan of Salvation and she accepted it without blinking...she has so much dang faith. Teaching her is one of the most humbling experiences of my mission- she has been so prepared to receive the gospel and I am sincerely obsessed with her. We taught her again on Friday, and Sis. Smith came along...and, as we taught the gospel, Linda just wept. The Spirit was undeniable and her eyes were filled with hope and love- being a missionary is truly the greatest thing! I think Linda is going to be baptized- it's inevitable! Anyone who weeps in a lesson is destined to be a member, I do declare!

We finished up our Monday by eating some pozole with the Orozcos and getting Cherry Berry with the Ah Pucks- best night ever, man oh man!! 
The Ah Pucks are the best!

On Tuesday, we taught Joe and Cheska and Chalis and AJ- such a good day. We also did a midday Dale stop by to swap Moses insight, helped Sis. Hutchison clean her house, and ate dinner with our beloved Ah Pucks...and ended our day with some spearmint tea at the Orozco's. Ultimately, it was a beautiful day- God is good. Our path is guided!

The great Chalis!

I think the coolest bit of our Tuesday was teaching AJ- we had brought Audrey over to teach Henry, and AJ ended up casually making a cameo at the end of Henry's lesson...it was crazy! He brought with him his Muslim friend, Ebenezer, and we read with them about Christ's baptism- which created quite the scandal for all the other Africans sitting in, haha. Henry testified like a pro, Audrey sat in awe, and we tried to get the lesson back on track...with no avail. Sundaymah, Henry's adorable wife, even butted in and testified of prophets and prayer- and, at one point, testifed that Moses was a prophet because he knew for sure of God and Christ, haha! It was a crazy time for all involved- but Ebenzer scheduled a return appointment and we found ourselves a new investigator, yahooooooo!!  

And then it was Wednesday. We had apartment inspections with the Staceys, and taught Rodeen in the afternoon times...ah, she's the best! We all narrowly avoided chatted about baptism times and talked instead about following the prophet and General Conference- it was a lovely time. She made us some bran muffins and we chatted away about her current life drama...but I worry that she's slipping a bit. UGH. We have an epic game plan of chatting this coming week with her about baptism on Oct. 22...but we'll see what happens.  I'll keep you updated on the Rodeen front!

We contacted away following our lesson with Rodeen, went to dinner with the Kauffmans at GRAND JUNCTIOOOOOON!!!! and taught Cheska in the evening times...such a good day. While eating with our beloved Kauffmans, Sis. Tucker and I were appointed to be in Sis. Kauffman's Halloween party committee...and we decided that we're going to be nuns for Halloween, haha.  It's going to be the best!!

Our lesson with Cheska was a gorgeous time- I love her so much! We chatted about the Book of Mormon and watched Elder Holland's "Testimony of the Book of Mormon"- such good stuff!! Jerris bore powerful testimony, and it was such a perfect time. We got ice cream afterwards and my heart was full unto bursting- AHHH, love them!! 

On Thursday, we weekly planned away and taught Linda and ate dinner with the gorgeous Orozcos- we're seriously thinking about moving in, haha. They're the best!! 

We contacted away after dinner and met some crazies at the mall...and then, we hightailed it back to the Orozco's to watch Women's Conference with Cheska- such a party!! The Spirit was so strong, and Cheska got a bit weepy over it all...such a good sign.  Making people weep is my fave, man oh man! Cheska headed out to Dickinson on Friday for the weekend, so we also said our goodbyes and hugged away- I've missed that lovely investigator of ours! She'll be back today, and we've got a lesson already scheduled for tonight...ahh, love her!! 

And then, it was Friday. We had district meeting in the morn and spent our lunch hour cutting Audrey's hair...ha, it was a party! After lunch, we tracted and contacted away and then ran off to the Africans'- where we met Buster, a new Liberian to be friends with! We taught him the Restoration as he gutted a fish (with fish scales flying everywhere, haha)...and he politely let us know that he wasn't too interested. BUTTT, he offered the closing prayer and said, "Dear Heavenly Father"...I think the man has more potential than he would like to admit!! We've seen a couple more times since that fateful Friday meeting, and I think he'll be an investigator soon enough- Africans can't resist the word of God! 
(a sister picture after district meeting :))

After that crazy encounter with Buster, we headed over to Joe's to teach Rolly- such a party! We went over the Gospel, and focused on baptism...and Rolly got all kinds of weepy, yahoooooo!!! Love that man! He shared his testimony of the Atonement and we committed him to be baptized- and the Spirit was undeniable. Amazing! Rolly said he would pray to know if he should be baptized, weeping all the while about the promise of being clean again- it was a beautiful lesson. I adore that Rolly! 

We ate dinner on Friday at the Smith's- and Henry came along, yahooooo!! We ate crazy delicious food from Madagascar and taught the Restoration...such a good dinner appointment. I love those Smiths!! Such a lovely dinner!

On Saturday, we anxiously awaited transfer calls...and they never came in. We were pretty psyched, a bit confused...and THEN, we got on to email today and found out that we just got skipped, man oh man. SOOO, Sister Tucker is heading out to train in Sydney, Montana and I'm getting Sis. Ramirez...AHHHHHHH.  At least Conference weekend was still gorgeous, and life is still beautiful- imma miss my Sister Tucker, though! 

Ah man, life is crazy. But alas, Conference was truly beautiful and absolutely untainted by transfer news...haha. I loved it all, loved the focus on Christ and the Atonement- such good stuff all around!! We watched Saturday Conference with Dale and Sunday with the Orozcos- I highly recommend watching Conference with your blind homies if you ever get a chance, lol. Dale's the best!!

We love Dale! :)

(also Audrey went to prom and we came to take pictures with her. hehe!)

We also taught AJ again on Saturday, because he randomly showed up in the middle of Henry's lesson- the best!! We watched a bit of Conference with them, with Buster working his magic and making the TV work for us...it was a party! AJ is the coolest!!

On Sunday, we watched more Conference and partied so hard- our first order of business after soaking in all the Conference majesty was seeing Joe, of course. We watched Pres. Monson's talk with him, committed him to find his purpose in life, and helped him put in his dentures- ha, it was the best! He called us today and told us that, after watching Women's Conference, he's found his purpose- I adore him so much!! 
I love Joe!

We contacting away on Sunday night as well, and miraculously hit our weekly contacting goal just as on time- the best! As a mission this past week, we contact 1,548 people, yahooooo!! Best mission in the world!!

Ah man, such a good week! Times are a-changing once again, but God is still good and He is truly aware of each of us. Have the greatest week ever, my friends!! Thank you for all you do! 

I adore you!

Sister Robinson 

matchin' with Audrey! :D

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