Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Compelled To Be Humble

This week has been another beautiful one- not quite as lovely and perfect as last week...but still pretty miraculous. I'm learning all over again that slow weeks are just as humbling as crazy amazing ones, and that we as missionaries are consistently compelled to be humble- that's the only way we can become better! The only way we can be something more! I feel like Paul these days, when he writes in 2 Corinthians, "Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then I am strong". It's the real deal, my friends! Heavenly Father puts us in situations (makes us serve missions, man oh man) that cause us to be humbled, and then, because we are humble, He can help us to change. Over these past 14 months, my life has been changed beyond comprehension because I've been compelled to be humble...here's to four more months of humility! 

But anyway, haha, let me tell you about my week. It's been a good one! We kicked it off with a pretty normal pday, with the normal shenanigans and Audrey chill times...the best!  Right after pday came to an end, we raced over to Olive Garden to eat dinner with the Hollidays- pretty much the greatest dinner EVEEEEER!!!  The Hollidays are just the best, and Olive Garden is eternally my favorite place to eat...it was the greatest all around. Martha, our new fave less active, even came- it was such a party! 

And then, we stopped by Joe's and watched Pres. Monson's talk with him before heading over to teach Cheska- love her!! We taught her everyday this week again, and it's going really well...ah, I just love her the most. She's such a wonderful woman!!  She's still not 100% sure what to do, but we chatted about personal revelation on Monday night and watched "Patterns of Light"...it was a lovely time! I like the way Elder Bednar discusses revelation in those videos, but I always think more in puzzle pieces- that every answer I receive, every Spirit poke I'm given, is adding pieces to my puzzle, until one day it's complete and I can see the whole picture. 

On Tuesday, we exchanged away with the Bemidji sisters- the best!! I hung ten in Grand Forks with Sis. Bennett and it was just the greatest. We partied so hard and saw so many miracles- gotta love exchanges! ANNNNND, the Bemidji sisters went to Bismarck over the weekend for Women's Conference...and they brought back a new car for us, YAHOOOOOO!!!!!! His name is Tanner, the Nissan Rogue, and he's probably the fanciest car I've ever been in. The dream!! Having a car again is the greatest thing ever- thank goodness for Bemidji sisters and trips to Bismarck!! 

So, once back to Grand Forks, we first thing ran off to teach Linda- it was the coooooolest!!!  Linda's the one we met while street contacting, who showed up to church last week all unprovoked...man oh man, she is so prepared!!  We shared the Restoration with her and she immediately knew it was true- she even told us as we chatted beforehand that she wishes there was more books than just the Bible, because all the Christian churches read from the Bible and teach different doctrines- AHHHH, she just gets it!! She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray about what we taught...and we have another appointment with her tonight. It's going to be beautiful! I am so jazzzzzzed!! 

We also taught Shawna about following the prophet on Tuesday, talked about prayer and Enos with Cheska, and ate dinner with the Ah Pucks- such a good Tuesday! We finished up our night by teaching my main man Henry- love him!! He's doing so well, soaking up all he can and testifying left and right about the temple...he's just the best. I love that man so completely!!  Such a good seed. Our current game plan is to go do baptisms on Nov. 5th...AHHHH, I am just so excited!! Love him!!!

On Wednesday, so much craziness happened. Such a good day! We taught Cheska in the morn times about fasting and tithing and committed her to fast to know if she should be baptized- it was such a powerful lesson. The Spirit was so strong, and Cheska is just so prepared- I'm almost sure that she already has her answer. She just gets it! 
good ol' Cheska...and Parker, haha! :)

We had interviews with good ol' President Hess after that gorgeous lesson- ah man, I just adore President. He's my fave!! He makes me so weepy and it's always the greatest thing when we get to chat. I told him about my recent epiphanies regarding humility, and we talked for a long time about true conversion, about understanding that this work is not ours- slowly but surely, I have become more truly converted to the gospel because of my humility. I'm still not 100% there, but I'm becoming the person I know Christ needs me to be, and it was so lovely for my sweet mission president to tell me that. It was just the best! 

And then, we ran off to teach Tanisha. She opened the door and almost dropped us...when I asked if there's anything we can do to help her, haha. She stopped herself mid-door slam and asked if we could bring a vacuum...so we headed back to home base to grab a vacuum. One our way back, we saw this random lady running- and Sis. Bennett recognized her from her time in Fargo! We ended up knocking on her door and scheduling an appointment for later that night- such a crazy experience. Our path is truly guided!! 

We taught Tanisha after all that craziness and then ran off to dinner at the Kauffman's...and then, we chatted with Ivy, Logan, Madison, and Zack, Sister Bennett's homies from West Fargo- such a cool experience!! Ivy is less active, and Logan, Madison, and Zack are her roommates...and they all agreed to meet with us again as we testified of the reality of the Atonement- yahooooooooooooo!!!!! Three rogue new investigators, yeeeeeehaw!! Such a good night!

On Thursday, we exchanged back- love that Sister Tucker of mine!  It was really good to get back together and get back to changin' the world...and weekly planning, haha. We did just a tad of it on Thursday and then finished up on Friday- such a party! 

So, instead of weekly planning away on Thursday, we dropped off an Amharic Book of Mormon to our dear and beloved Almaz and contacted for a season at the park, where we met a mildly interested man named Arthur...it was a party. 

impromptu Almaz visit- such a dream! :)

We ate dinner with our beloved Orozcos on Thursday, and ran off afterwards with Audrey to teach Cheska- the best!! We went over the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, and Cheska loved it all...it was such a lovely time. I adore that Cheska! Such a good lady!! 

ANDDDDD, on Thursday, I turned 14 months old- AHHHHHHH!!!!  I'm not quite sure where the time went...man oh man, I'm getting old! 

On Friday, we went to district meeting and weekly planned for a season...and then, we taught Cheska. Love her!! We brought Sis. Ah Puck along, such a perfect fellowship, and we answered her questions about the Word of Wisdom and read some from the Book of Mormon. Such a lovely lesson!  On our way out, Cheska gave us each a popsicle for the road and it was just the best. I adore her!!

We also taught Harry on Friday, such a party, and tried our peeps...little slow, but overall a good time. 

And then, it was Saturday! We taught Teddy and Almaz about the Book of Mormon in the morn and had a crazy rest of our day...man oh man, such a party! Almaz has been reading away in her Amharic BoM and is starting to know it's true- YAHOOOOO!!!! Teddy still has a lot of doubts, but we read Ezekiel 37 with him and explained the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph...and I think we blew that sweet Ethiopian man's mind, haha. It was the first time in all my days that I could explain that scripture effectively and it was so cool. We're going to take a bit of a break from our Ethiopian homies, give them a chance to read and pray...but I'll keep you updated. Love them!!

We  taught all the people at the mall following our lovely lesson with Teddy and Almaz- such a good day! We met one woman, Vicky, who came down for the day from Winnipeg...and she was just so prepared to receive the restored gospel and the BoM. It was awesome!She was probably the cutest lady I've ever met...hopefully missionaries in Winnipeg will be able to get in contact with her!! 

We also taught Cheska on Saturday night- the best!! We were going to meet her at the church and teach her just before Women's Conference...but Cheska ended up running late and our plans changed a bit. Out of the blue, the Orozcos invited us all out to dinner and recorded Women's Conference for us to watch afterwards- such a tender mercy!!  So, as a whole team, Cheska included, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings (our b-dubs, as Audrey would say) and chatted about the Bible and BoM over wings...it was just the best!! I adore the Orozcos so completely. If you ever want to make a missionary's day, surprise them with dinner. You'll win their eternal admiration!  Goodness, the Orozcos are such wonderful people. My faves!!

ha, such a good time!

After dinner, we headed back to the Orozcos and watched Women's Conference and taught Cheska- it was the perfect night. We're even going to take advantage of the recorded Women's Conference and watch it again with Cheska on Thursday- the besssssst!!!  Such a perfect Saturday!!
I love the Orozcos so so much!

On Sunday, we went to church and all of our people came too- the best!! I sat between Martha and Henry, with Cheska sitting by the Orozcos and Sue hanging ten with Sis. Tucker...such a lovely time! There was a perfect guitar musical number of "I Heard Him Come", which made me all kinds of weepy- it was pure perfection all around. We even stuck around after and went to a baptism for Kole Ingram, an adorable eight year old- and Cheska came, too!!  It was such a delightful day! We taught Cheska after all that adventuring, just read Alma 32 with her and talked about developing faith...such a lovely time. Such a lovely Sunday!! 

Welp, that was my week! It's been a crazy one, full of miracles and love...and next week will be magical, too!! It's already been a perfect Monday! 

I love you all so much, my dear friends! Have the greatest weeks ever, keep being the coolest- you're the best!! I adore you! Never forgot how much you are loved! 

Sister Robinson

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