Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fifteen Months Old!!

Oh MAAAAAAAN, this week has been another crazy one! Life is insanity these days!! For starters, Sis. Ramirez and I turned 15 mission months old this weekend and our main lady Linda is praying about a baptism date and AHHHHHHHH MAN, life is gorgeous!! God is good!! I'm a bit sleeper than I thought I could be, a little out of it after 15 months of running around with a tag on..but MAN, life has never been more happy. It's funny- I feel like I've never had it harder, I've never been so hopeless, I've never been more ready to call it quits...but I've also never been more aware of who I am, of what I want in life, of how true this beautiful gospel is. That age old scripture in Matthew is absolutely the truth- "He (or she) that findeth his life shall lost it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it". I feel like, over these past few months I've come to realize just how real that is- I'm here as a testament that true purpose is found as we give it all up, as we offer our whole souls as a sacrifice to Christ...that's when the magic happens. I still don't have it all figured out, I'm still figuring out all the bits of myself...but I know who I am so much more completely- and I trust myself because I trust the name on my tag. It's been quite the journey, and it's not quite over yet...but my life has been changed forever more because of these fifteen months. Huzzah for North Dakota! And for missions!! 

Ah man, I'm getting all off track...let me tell you about our week!! It's been magical and beautiful and I am so content. My heart is once more full unto bursting- one of these days it may actually burst, haha! 

But anyway, let's do this thing. We kicked this week off by pday-ing away- such a party!! We did the usual things, nothing too crazy (other than the time our go to car wash didn't work and we had to awkwardly back out of a forever long car wash entrance, haha)...but THEN, Audrey had this gorgeous idea of making Halloween treats during our pday times- the best!! We made fancy rice krispies while watching "Tarzan" and then spent our evening running around Grand Forks and throwing treats at our favorite people...man oh man, it was such a happy time. We even found a cheesy gospel-y quote and preached the word as we went about our shenanigans- such a good Monday. The best! 
party! :)

On Tuesday, we partied way hard and it was such a good day. We planned away in the morn times and ate lunch with our dear friend Rodeen- the best!! She made us fancy fish and potatoes and bought a big ol' thing of grape juice because she knows it's my fave- she's just the greatest woman I know!! We chatted with her about the temple over our delish meal and it was such a lovely time- I adore Rodeen. She's headed to Fargo this week and it continually breaks my heart...but I realized whilst eating lunch that she's going to be a part of my life forever. It's inevitable! 

We headed over to Dale's after that, where we taught Cheska- it was the best!! I was a bit nervous, but it was a magical time- Dale used his blind super powers to discern her needs and helped us figure out her concerns...man oh man, Dale is a total magician. It's outta control. Such a beautiful lesson. She admitted that she knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God but that she doesn't understand the relevance of Joseph Smith- we can work with that! We taught her again on Wednesday and she told us that she wants to be baptized...NEXT YEAR.  It broke my spirits a bit, but I think it'll all work out...ugh. Cheska. 

But anyway, after that gorgeous lesson with Cheska, we headed over and helped Sherah clean for a minute- love her! We ate some dinner after that, and contacted for a minute at the mall...and we met this lovely lady named Bridget, yahoooooo!! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and prayed with her and it was such a cool experience. I have such high hopes for that Bridget- such a good woman!!

We finished our Tuesday up by teaching AJ- SO GOOOOOD!! We watched the baptism of Christ and taught baptism and confirmation...AND SET A DATE FOR NOVEMBER 26th, YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Goodness, I am so jazzzzzzzed!! He's just the best- so prepared, so much goodness surging through his soul...teaching him is such a delight. Huzzah for AJ!! 

And then, it was Wednesday- such a party! We taught Cheska first thing, and then ran over to see Linda- such a party! We thought for sure we would have a casual doorstep lesson, but she ended up letting us in and feeding us zucchini bars- she's the best!! She showed us the quilts she's been working on, her recent cross stitch project, her new dresses...basically, she showed us her chickens. We talked about her Book of Mormon reading, which is going crazily well, and chatted a bit about baptism- it was a gorgeous time. I adore Linda!!

We ran around town after that, seeing Sis. Buttars and trying the masses- such an adventure!  We met a super cool lady named Jillian while tracting, and we taught her the Restoration- mega potential, my friends!! It was so sweet!! 

We ate dinner on Wednesday at Five Guys with our beloved Kauffmans- the best! We finished up by teaching our main man Henry, all about gospel- I love that man so much. He's the greatest!!

And then, we raced off to Devils Lake and exchanged away- such a party!! I hung ten in Devils Lake with my #1, Sis. Shutt- AHHHHH, I adore that woman!! We had such a lovely exchange, full of teaching lovely lessons and chatting about our missions- it was the best. Reunited and it felt so good! 


We exchanged back on Friday morn, right before district meeting...man oh man, it was such a good time. We went to our respective district meetings and then went back to work in Grand Forks- such a good day! We had lunch with our dear friend Martha at Pizza Ranch- ahhhh, I have missed her!  Her life has been crazy lately, so we haven't chatted with her in quite some time...but it was such a lovely lunch. We chatted about the Atonement over pizza and it was such a perfect time- I adore that Martha Stewart (hehe!)!! She has such a gorgeous faith, such a desire to become Christlike- I love her a ton. Such a good woman!!

so good to be back! :)

After lunch, we weekly planned for a season...and THEN, we ran off to teach our dear Linda, huzzah!!! She read Alma 32 and took notes and we chatted about the Holy Ghost...and she told us that she feels the Spirit so much more since meeting with us. We talked about baptism, she was seeming all kinds of hesitant...so we busted out the baptismal interview and she told us that she knows it's all true- AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! We asked what's holding her back, and she admitted that she's nervous about being volunteered to be a missionary- so we talked about callings and how it all works...and, suddenly, she realized that she's ready to be baptized. That she needs it in her life. It was straight up incredible. She committed to pray about a date, and we committed to do the same- AHHHH, Linda is amazing!! The investigator of my dreams!! 
I love this woman so so much!!

For the rest of our Friday, we were just on cloud nine. Really, for the rest of the weekend! We ate dinner with the Buttars and went tracting and nothing felt impossible- it was just the best. Linda is the best!! 

On Saturday, we taught Rollie in the morn and checked the mail during lunch- to find a Halloween package for Sis. Ramirez and a Barb card for me, YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! Best day ever. It's funny how good mail makes everything good, and how you realize how that everything is alright because the mail is perfect. #sendmoremail #sos #shamelessplug 

But anyway, we also taught Aloysius and Henry and AJ on Saturday and dropped Travis and went to dinner with the Orozcos- it was a beautiful day. 

(and helped Henry cut some chicken feet. nbd.)
On Sunday, all our peeps came to church and life was gorgeous- Linda stayed for second hour and LOVED it, huzzzzzah!!!  Such a good Sunday. We taught Henry and Joe on Sunday as well, and generally rejoiced in the craziness and glory and perfection of the week- it's been a long and crazy and lovely week. God is good! Life is beautiful!
and crazy Sabbath day African food! :)

Thank you for all you do- I love you all so much!! Have the greatest week!! 

Sister Robinson

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