Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fear No Man!

Hey-oh, team! This week has been another crazy one...man oh man, miracles all around! I think it should be officially stated that Grand Forks is simply the best- I feel like the luckiest missionary in all the land! I am in constant awe of the pure goodness of Heavenly Father, of His infinite love for each of us...He truly does hear and answer our prayers. I've been trying lately and praying lately to be fearless, to be bold, to be braver than I am- and I've felt such power flow into my life as I've done so. There's this crazy letter, written by a missionary eons ago about his crazy trainer, and it has be all inspired to be a better person and a better missionary...but anyway, in that letter, Elder Riccardi (the crazy trainer) says to himself in the mirror every morning before going to work, "Fear no man!"- kinda cheesy, haha. BUT, I've been finding myself saying that more and more lately, trying to gain the strength I desire and the courage I need- and, slowly but surely, I'm becoming fearless. It's the best! My heart, as it talks about in 2 Nephi 17, is being moved, and letting faith take control...and, because of all that, miracles are pouring into this little section of the vineyard. Fear no man, my friends! It makes all the difference in the world!! 

So, it's been a beautiful week. We've taught and testified and dispelled fear left and right...and I am truly happy. My heart is full, even unto bursting! 

We started this most beautiful week off with the normal p-day shenanigans, such a party, and hung ten with the Orozcos to finish it all up- the best!! We watched "The Best Two Years" and ate Jimmy John's and found the strength within ourselves to have a gorgeous Monday...and then we proceeded to have the craziest Monday evening of all time!! Huzzah for Israel!! 

We first saw Rodeen once our pday came to an end- love her!! She made us chili and we talked about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity...she kept telling us that she's too old for that stuff and I kept laughing obscenely every time she said it, haha- it was just the best. Rodeen is the best!! We chatted a bit about baptism, and she let us know that she officially got her apartment in Fargo and is moving on the 26th...so I think her baptism will end up happening in Fargo. The good news is that Fargo is just a second away (kinda, lol) and that she's so prepared- just needs to read her scriptures a bit more and stay for three hours of church. So close!! 

We saw Linda next thing- the best!! We went over obedience and the Ten Commandments and left her with 2 Nephi 31 to read...I just adore Linda. She is so prepared!! We're still working hard to figure out who her fellowshipper should be, but she is so dang solid. I am consistently in awe of the fact that we're teaching Linda, that she remains so interested through all our tomfoolery- she's just the greatest. Totally obsessed!!

And THEN, we taught good ol' AJ about personal revelation and it was so beautiful. He told us that he's been praying to know if he should be baptized but hasn't really been reading or going to church...and it was cool to watch the pieces connect for him, for him to realize that it takes a bit more to receive answers. Love that AJ! His friend Aloysius also sat in, and became a new investigator- yahooooo!! 

We finished up our Monday by teaching Cheska, the love of our life...man oh man, such a crazy Monday! We brought Jerris along with us and went over the Plan of Salvation and how Joseph Smith received the revelation he did- so good! Cheska totally believes that the Plan of Salvation is true, but she's not sold on Joseph Smith yet...so we're working on it. She's the best- it's been amazing to see her change and really want to know. Love her! 
(also, her and Audrey had a dance party post lesson and I almost exploded over their cuteness.)

On Tuesday, we hightailed it to Bismarck and MLC'd away- such a party. We had oodles of ice cream and I hung ten with all my favorite people and it was a glorious time for all. My favorite bit was the temple, of course...ahhh, nothing beats it! The peace felt there is incomparable, and I am so grateful to go- it's truly the best place on earth, dontcha know. Slowly, MLC is becoming part of my life and not some crazy thing I fear endlessly- back to the whole fear no man thing, I suppose! I'm realizing too, five transfers into all this leadership business, that I am actually good enough, that I have something to offer, that I am capable of being an STL...better late than never, haha! So, the conclusion here is that MLC this time around was so pleasant, so delightful, and so stress-free...it was just the best. I think I'm figuring it out, huzzah!! 

Once back to homebase on Wednesday, we rushed off to the Africans to teach Safee...but he wasn't home. BUTTT, AJ was and he let us teach him- the best! We read through 3 Nephi 11 and talked about baptism- such a good lesson. He's still not ready to be baptized, but we talked a lot about it and answered his questions- it was a good time. Love him! 

On Thursday, we planned oodles for ZTM and had a few gorgeous lessons- the best!! We taught Rodeen after a morning spent planning with the Zone Leaders, and Bro. Smith came along- it ws pure perfection! Bro. Smith was pure perfection!! We ate cupcakes and taught about receiving answers by church, prayer, and scriptures...and Rodeen adorably testified of the truthfulness of the church, and told us that she always feels the Spirit when she goes- AHHHHH!!!  It was such a lovely and tender moment. I adore that lady!! She admitted that she could be better at reading, and Bro. Smith came up with the genius idea of giving her a weekly ponderize...and it was changed her life for good. The best!! She's a ponderizer now, and it's the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. And to us, by association. Haha. 

After Rodeen's gorgeous lesson, we tracted and planned a bit more and ate some Qdoba for dinner- my soul was achy for a burrito after all that planning, haha. The best!

We finished up our night by teaching Ebenezer about the Restoration (just another African, haha) and reveiwing the Holy Ghost and receiving answers with Cheska- such a good time. She adorably told us that she feels the Spirit the most when Jerris testifies- I love her so much. Cheska is the best!! 

And then, it was Friday. We spent our morn finalizing ZTM and then rushed off to the church- and it was a party!! The Assistants made a cameo and I was a bit sweaty over it all...but it went well, haha. The Spirit saved my butt! 

We raced off after ZTM to teach our dear Linda- the best!! Sis. Hutchison came along, and we went over 2 Nephi 31- Linda took notes as she read, yahooooo!!! We discussed baptism and the Word of Wisdom and it was just beautiful. She told us that she doesn't feel quite ready, that she wants to wait at least a year before being baptized...! I think my disappointment was tangible...but I have the feeling that everything will work out. I'm convinced! 

We also saw Joe on Friday, my fave, and ate dinner with the Orozcos...at BWW, huzzzzzzah!!!  I think that place will forever remind me of my favorite fam, man oh man. The best!! I just love them so much, and I am so grateful for them- I feel so lucky to know them. Best people in the whole world!! 

We taught Safee after dinner, just went over the Book of Mormon and read the Introduction together- I love that man so much. He's the best!! He taught us the whole Restoration and it was just the greatest- Safee is the best!! We also totally matched, haha, so we took some pictures and it was a lovely time. Henry and Aloysius got home in the middle of our lesson, and seeing Henry is always my fave- love him!! 

AND, Safee and I were totally matching- such a dream! :)

On Saturday, we tracted oodles and tried the masses and taught Cheska about the Book of Mormon and ate Cold Stone with her and Parker and it was just craziness all around. Such a good day! The best part, though, was our late night African adventure- the best!! We headed over there to teach Aloysius and AJ and Ebenezer and instead found Henry and his new friend Augustina cooking away...so we helped them cook for a minute (and got laughed at as we cried over the onions, haha) until the team showed up. Eventually, they did...so we taught Augustina, AJ, Aloysius, and Ebenzer about the Restoration, with Henry filling in the gaps for us and testifying like a pro through it all- it was the coolest!!  Augustina insisted that we stay for dinner afterwards, so we ended up eating crazy Liberian food from a huge community bowl...and it was straight up delicious! Best African food I've ever had!! AJ wouldn't let us eat the chicken feet, such a tender mercy, and it was just such a party...I had no idea a mixture of cassava leaves, peanut butter, a fancy grinded up combo of peppers, onions, and garlic, and oodles of mystery meat could prove so delish...but man oh MAN, it was so good!! I ate lots, and it was such a party. Being a missionary is crazy town!! 

Crazy African food! :0
On Sunday, we went to Stake Conference in the morn- and Linda came along, huzzzzzah!! Such a party. We sat next to each other and she whispered her profound thoughts by way and it was just the greatest- I love that lady SO much!!!  She's my absolute fave. The best!! 

We also taught Pat (who's moving this week, such a tragedy) and Joe on Sunday, ate dinner with our beloved Orozcos (the beeeeest!!!), chatted with Rodeen for a minute, ate the leftovers of the crazy African food with Henry (during which he told me I should be a business manager when I grow up and that I look beautiful with my glasses and not so much without, hahaha- Henry is my fave!!), and generally rejoiced in the goodness of God- such a perfect Sabbath!! 

Welp, that was my week! Crazy, beautiful, full of lovely Liberian friends and delicious food...it's been a good one! My heart is full! 

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do!! Have the greatest weeks!! 

Sister Robinson

My dead shoes :(

a perfect sign! :)

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