Wednesday, August 3, 2016

God is Good!

Oh man OH MAN, whatta week it's been!! We've laughed, we've cried, we've face palmed...and ultimately, we've been reminded of the goodness of God and of His infinite mercy. There's this Nashville Tribute song that has been my total jam this week that goes, "God is good, yeahhhh, God is good. We've come so much farther than we thought we could"...gah, so applicable to my current life! Nashville Tribute truly sings the songs of my soul, it would seem. I can honestly say, one year into this adventure as a missonary, that God is indeed good, and that I truly have come so much farther than I thought I could. Cheesy to admit, haha, but so incredibly true. I never imagined one year out, never thought I would honestly make it that far, had no idea where I would be or what I would be doing...and it's so much happier and sweeter and harder than I ever imagined it being. I am happy, God is good, and life in Grand Forks is beautiful. ONE YEARRRRRR, AHHHHH!! 

But anyway, haha, this week has been a crazy one. Beautiful and miraculous, of course, but so totally crazy. My life is just crazy, I think! For starters, we've got this Tuesday p-day going because the entirety of the gorgeous Grand Forks Zone headed to Bemidji, Minnesota yesterday for an day service project of hauling trees that fell after a huge storm last week. Crazy, crazy! It was a total party, and the Devil's Lake sisters (my beloved Sis. Shutt and Sis. Steiner,) are hanging ten with us today- it's been the greatest! God is so good, I'm tellin' ya! 

Fancy Bemidji!

Also, Sister Shutt reunion in fancy Bemidji! Yahooo!!

We kicked off this crazy week with last Monday, dontcha know, during which we pday'd away Grand Forks style...meaning we all played an intense game of frisbee golf and ran the usual Monday errands. It was a glorious time! We finished up our night by having a fancy dinner at Subway (hallelujah for birthday gift cards!!) and trying a few of which, Emily, let us schedule a return appointment for next week, yahooooo!!! It was a sweet night. 

And then it was Tuesday. We planned away in the morn for our MoTab broadcast, went to lunch with our dear Elders, Elder Payne and Elder Frisby, and planned some more on how to get the ward more jazzed about visiting teaching...such a party, haha! We taught Shawna amid our planning and adventuring, a super chill less active that is way too cool for us, and it was pretty sweet. Sis. Tucker warned me a bunch that she was going to be super rude and snotty, but she ended up being most pleasant...we taught Plan of Salvation and committed her to pray daily. She's a gem! 
Meetings with Elders!

We also visited oodles of members on Tuesday to chat of visit teaching, one of which, Sis. Orozco, gave us dilly bars in the heat of the hottest day eva- tender mercies of the Lord!  This week as a whole has been ridiculously hot and humid- I'm living in the tropics, practically! North Dakota is hot, people. Don't anyone tell you otherwise! 

We ate dinner with the Kauffman's on Tuesday night, so adorable, and finished up our day by trying more potentials, scheduling oodles of appointments, and getting drenched from random torrential down pour. Whatta weird Tuesday, haha! It was time to head in anyway, so it all worked out, and we planned away for the morrow in our matching footies. Sis. Tucker and I were made for each other, I'm realizing! 

I love this girl a lot. :)
On Wednesday, we partied so hard...and mostly tried our best to keep the weird Tuesday vibes outta our week, haha. We went to lunch with my beloved Sis. Bighetty- I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH, AHHHHH!!!! It was so lovely to see her and chat with her about the beautiful Fargo- I miss my hommmmmme!! Sis. Tucker is helping Grand Forks become beautiful, and to really feel like home...but man, it was rough stuff to see Sis. Bighetty again.  She promised that I would find someone to adopt me in Grand Forks, haha, because I'm so friendly and lovable- she's just the best. Plus, I got raspberry Sprite from the fancy coke machine, so it was all okay in the end. 

We visited our friend Joe in the nursing home, a super cute less active, to wish him a happy birthday, took a media hour, and tried the masses with our dear Sherah before ultimately trying out hand at some mall contacting. I'm not so good at it, haha, but Sis. Tucker is a pro and she's training me up to kill it. I'm slowly learning the art, lol! 

We ate with Bro. Ah Puck on Wednesday, my newfound fave- he's the beeeest!! He's from Hawaii but is going to UND for Aviation...because, randomly, UND has the best program in the US for Aviation, dontcha know. Everyone who goes to Grand Forks for school goes for that program, practically. It's bonkers!! It's a pretty cool place, I'm learning. Bro. Ah Puck cooked us delish Hawaiian pork and mac salad, and my heart practically exploded with joy. Such a lovely time! He's the coolest man around...ahhh, Grand Forks is good. God is good! 

And then it was Thursday. I got all my poop in a group (or just finally unpacked all the way, haha) and we weekly planned like pros- it was a good day. We spent the morning calling all the potentials in the area book and scheduling appointments with the masses, and we went out with Sherah in the afternoon to try all the people and tract for a spell- it was sweet! Sherah just makes everything better, I'm learning. She's the greatest woman I know!  We, while adventuring around and talking to everyone, met an minorly awful Baptist lady in a park...and she was chill-ly eating sushi and being too cool. I should've known that it was bad news, but we approached anyway and AHHHH, it was the worst.  Institute was a total tender mercy that night, haha.
Grouped up poop!

On Friday, I turned one year old- AHHHHH!!!! We had district meeting and ate oodles of food with our missionary besties (Wendy's for lunch, Texas Roadhouse for dinner, froyo for dessert...the makings of a perfect day, lol!) and randomly taught two other lessons while contacting at the mall and walking around town. It was so sweet!! One of them, Dre, is the coolest guy around, definitely destined to become an investigator. I'll keep ya posted!! 

And we totally ended our night at Cherry Berry with the beloved Bro. Ah Puck- he's the greeeeeatest!!!!  I just love food, it turns out. The besttttt!!! 

We had such a lovely Saturday, man oh man. Even though it was a bit rough, even though we're doing such much finding, this week really has been lovely. God is so good, my friends! 

We kicked off our Saturday by teaching our too cool recent convert Harry- and Dale came along for the ride, yahoo!! Dale is practically the coolest man around, my fave blind recent convert in all honesty, haha- as we taught away, I kept thinking of how much Dad would just die over the hilarity of Dale. It's my new dream for their paths to cross, haha! All my faves need to be besties, I've decided.  We taught Harry about the Sabbath day, solid lesson, and then he didn't show the next day.  Tragedy!

We ate lunch with Sherah after our lovely lesson, contacted a bit in the mall (ultimately deciding that too many people chill in the mall on Saturdays, haha) and walked around was a solid afternoon. No crazy miracles, just normal meeting of cool people and giving out Books of Mormon...UNTIL THAT NIGHT, MAN OHHHH MAN. It was such a perfect Saturday night! We took Sherah out to teach Chalis Williams, our new fave less active, about the Restoration, and than we tried the masses and ended up tracting an apartment building...AND FINDING THOMAS, THE OFFICIAL MVP OF THE WEEEEEEK!!! He's the best, man oh man, and we taught him the Restoration right there on his doorstep- my personal favorite thing ever as a missionary. We even prayed with him and scheduled a return appointment- ROGUE MEMBER PRESENT AND NEW INVESTIGATOR, AHHHHHHH!!!!! It was practically the coolest thing ever, not gonna lie. Such a beautiful Saturday!
I love Sherah so much. :)

On Sunday, we went to church (and Chalis totally came, AHHHHHH!!!), ate dinner on base with the too cute Heckerts, watched the MoTab broadcast, and tracked down Harry with Sherah. Goodness, Sherah is the best. Totally obsessed!!  It was a good day- we even found ourselves some solid potentials, yahoo!! Life is good in Grand Forks- a bit tough, sometimes crazy, but overall good. God is good and life is good because of that!  

I love you all so so much! Thank you for being so lovely, for making life so beautiful. Have the greatest week ever, my dear friends! I adore you!!


Sister Robinson

Pretty sunflowers :)

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