Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Heart Full of Love and Burritos

Oh man oh man, happy Fourth of July!!! I can't believe this most crazy of crazy days has come, that I'm actually a grown woman feels so weird! I'm 20!! I think any holiday as a missionary is just weird, but birthdays especially- still have to do the work of the Lord!! I'm pleased to announce, however, that it has already been a most magical day, full of early morning kidnapping and a pancake breakfast prepared by the dear and beloved Elder Stapley, present opening pre-studies, and oodles of plans to eat food and shop at Target. It's going to be a magical time!! My heart is already just full to bursting with love- I am so blessed to know and love each of you! Thank you for making today so beautiful! 
hehe, I love birthdays. :)

Also on the agenda for today is burritos, of course...they're my soul food! We may go Qdoba BUT we did discover this week a place even better...AHHHHHH!!! It should be a great birthday, haha!! Burrtios are the secret to happiness- and also the Atonement, probably. That's also involved in general life happiness. 

But anyway, lol, this week has been such a glorious one. Life is so blessed in Fargo! We've seen oodles of miracles, ate crazy amounts of African food, road tripped it to Bismarck, taught our gorgeous people, and generally experienced a fulness of joy- being a missionary in Fargo is just the greatest thing ever. That's it! I am so blessed and I love it here so much and my heart is so full. Life is blissful! The gospel is true!! 

We kicked off our week with a most beautiful pday- so much adventuring!! We ran the usual errands, went to the Fargo Visitor's Center and SAW THE WOODCHIPPER, AHHHHHH!!!!, went to a crazy adorable African store to buy some fufu, and wrote letters while watching the newly approved "Little Mermaid"- it was the greatest day! I still can't entirely believe that I finally saw the woodchipper...a total realization of Fargo dreams! I remember long ago, when my beloved Roundys commissioned me to see it whilst in only took four months, haha! Dreams really do come true, eventually!
The Visitor's Center


Man oh man, such a blissful Monday. We finished up the day by eating dinner, trying the masses, and teaching our adorable Sis. Lien- I love her so much!! Her husband, Jeff, was home as well, and he sat in our lesson- IT WAS SO SWEEEEET!!! He asked lots of questions about what we do as missionaries and we read together in Matthew 6 as Christ calls His apostles on missions- such a beautiful time! Man, Jeff is totally going to start investigating. I can feel it in my BOOONES!!! 

And then it was Tuesday- another beautiful day! We saw Sis. Moore first thing, and chatted with her about the sacrament and church, and ran off to see our main man Bro. Kranto- he's the coolest!! We read Alma 36 with him and taught about baptism...and he committed to pray about it, hollah!! He's just the best. We just teach the best people!! 

I love Sis. Moore!

After those two gorgeous lessons, we ate some lunch and finished up packing...and then we were off to Bismarck!! We drove forever and chatted with our dear zone leaders and ate dinner with all our friends- goodness, MLC is such a party. We went to the temple that night, always the greatest thing ever, and the Spirit was just so strong. The temple is truly the house of the Lord! I got to sit by my dear homie Sis. Richins this time around and AHHH, life was just so good. I adore her so completely!! Greatest woman I know!! Pres. Hess told us later that the temple president, Pres. Osguthrope, turned to him before the session started and said, "These missionaries don't even know how powerful they are". Goodness, it was just amazing. I love the temple!

Wednesday was full of MLC times, nothing too crazy to report...other than the fact that we got called up to do a role play in front of all the mission leadership, AHHHHH!!! Somehow we endured to the end and busted it out...but it was seriously one of the most stressful moments of all my life. Not a fave!! 

Once back to homebase on Wednesday night, we ate some dinner and saw Sis. Dresser- she's the greatest!! We chatted about the Book of Mormon and answered her questions and it was just a beautiful time. I adore her so completely!! 

On Thursday, we planned away for ZTM and generally stressed about our training- zone leadership is a stressful thing! We ultimately decided (while eating some shaved ice to elevate the stress, haha) to train on the power and authority of our calling as missionaries and how to be a consecreated missionary. We were discussing and planning how to make that happen when, out of the blue, our BFF Bro. Claypool gives us a call and asks if he can help us give our training- he's the greatest! So, our day was saved by the best man ever, and our training was beautiful because Bro. Claypool started it off for us. Heavenly Father is just too good to us!! 

We also taught Sis. Lien at the Disher's on Thursday- such a beautiful time!! We read the Family Proclamation together and chatted about how to talk to her family (specifically her husband) about the changes she needs to make in order to join the church. Sis. Disher was a total pro through it all, testifying boldly about marriage and family in ways that my unmarried missionary self can't quite do. It was gorgeous and so inspired! Yahoo for blissful member home lessons!!

We saw Juliana as well on Thursday, such a magical time, and chatted about prayer and trusting God. Juliana is just the cutest woman around! 

And then, it was Friday. We kicked the day off with ZTM, high stress, and it actually went really well! I feel like I've finally mastered the art of being myself as a missionary and an STL, so life is significantly less awful- it's a beautiful thing, haha! Our sweet little zone participated and life was just so good. We also ate burritos afterwards, so that was pretty great. At dinner on Thursday with the Czieps, they recommended that we try Pancheros, that it's truly the best burrito joint around...but I wasn't too convinced. I'm a lover of Qdoba!! But, we went to Qdoba and their card machines weren't we compromised and went Pancheros instead- AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! They make their tortillas fresh and they use a fancy little tool to mix your burrito insides and AHHH, the heavens truly opened as I ate that burrito. Next time you're in the mood for a burrito (so like, later today), head on over to Pancheros and taste the goodness therein. Your life will forever be changed!! 
Post ZTM burritos, of course! :)

Featured also in our Friday was a gorgeous visit with our beloved Sis. Billings, who gave us each precious trinkets from her Marine Corps stint in Japan, a glorious lesson with the Wilcox fam, an adorable part member family, about the Restoration, and an impromptu Bible study with Sis. Tokpawhiea- such a good Friday!! 

My cute trinkets- I love Sister Billings!

On Saturday, we lived our best life and ate all the African food- such a party, haha!! We started our day off right with Sis. Koon, who really taught us how to fast properly (three days, no talking...and it's the best way to find a husband) while also teaching us how to make African food. I now officially have a recipe for African chicken with okra served with fufu- life has never been better, haha!! A bit of the magic of African food has been dashed, but it was still a party. Gotta love Sis. Koon!! We also made plans for us to visit her in Liberia, and she told me that my very presence will make the masses come to church- I love her so much! Whatta perfect compliment!!
So much African food, man oh man! 
Sister Koon and I (with me looking like a giant and a suspicious tub of oil in the background, lol)

After that teaching and cooking and eating with Sis. Koon, we ran off to meet Sis. Bighetty at Dairy Queen- so much food! We had a brief season of planning after that, wherein we also rejoiced in the lack of African women feeding us for a sec...and then, more African women fed us.  We met Sis. Zarwu, the nonmember wife of the super cool Bro. Zarwu, who gave us rice and beans while we taught her the Restoration, and we dined with Sara, who fed us even more African food- I thought I might explode!! Thank heavens for fast Sunday, haha!! 

We had a most delightful Sabbath yesterday, with a glorious time at church and teaching Juliana about the priesthood (and committing her to pray about baptism, yahoooo!!) and dining with Sis. Robideau and visiting Sis. Billings and teaching Kayla, a new investigator that the Elders were teaching- such a beautiful day! I feel like our Sunday always gets a little overlooked because I just lack motivation...but I promise, it was a glorious time. Kayla is probably the coolest person I have ever met- she's been meeting with missionaries for about a year but doesn't turn 18 until next every missionary set before us has been waiting and waiting- but the time has come! She's amazing!! I'm so excited to be teaching her!! 

I love Sister Robideau!

Oh man, such a good week. My heart is truly full of love- and burritos, haha! And also the lingering effects of so much African food!  Life in Fargo is just the greatest!!

I love you all so much- thank you for all you do! Have a most magical Fourth of July!! 🎆🎆 I think those are fireworks, haha!

Sister Robinson 

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