Wednesday, August 3, 2016

By the Grace of God

Oh man OH MAN, what a week it has been!! I'm officially in Grand Forks, sorta kinda settled and such...missions are just pure insanity!! It's so crazy that, just when you've got it all together and life is pretty content, Heavenly Father throws you off into the unknown wilderness of Grand Forks to fend for yourself. The good news is that Grand Forks is ADORABLEEEE.  Like, I had myself convinced that Fargo was the cutest place around...I don't know what I was thinking!! The only places that rival Grand Forks in general cuteness are Beulah, of course, and my beloved town of Horace...but it's a close third in the race of cute ND towns. Man, life is good even in Grand Forks! It's different and new and a bit scary, but God is good and life is still blissful. And Sis. Tucker is my new favorite person. I am so blessed! I'll give you the full scoop in due time, don't worry...but, the sum up here is that the gospel is true, even in Grand Forks. It's the greatest!! 

Alright, intro over. This week has been a crazy one, full of goodbyes and packing and teaching amazing lessons and generally rejoicing in the goodness and grace of God. Sis. Clark and I have been finding ourselves saying, "by the grace of God" pretty constantly because we spend inordinate amounts of time chilling with adorable African woman who say adorable African, by the grace of God, this week has been lovely and magical. I think I've written at least twenty times in my journal, "God is good!"- it's just the truth!! God is so good, so merciful, so lovely...and really, He is so aware of each of us. He knew I needed to be right where I am, even though I didn't really want to be right where I am- He takes way good care of me, even in my stubbornness. I do adore Him! 

But anyway, man oh man, let me tell you about the week! It's been a magical one! So much has happened, so much goodness to be shared...but, for starters, my new address is 2750 S. 40th St. #206, Grand Forks, ND 58201. I still can't believe it's actually happening, that I'm actually in my THIRD area and with my SIXTH is just crazy. It's moving too fast lately!  I can't believe it'll be a year this week of being a missionary!!! 

Oh man, getting sidetracked today! My head is just so full, it would seem! We kicked off the week with our normal Monday shenanigans, plus a stop to the gorgeous downtown Fargo for some strolling and shopping. I love Fargo so much!! 


We ate dinner on Monday with the beloved Cooks, some of my Fargo faves, and we giggled the whole time about life and missions and AH, they're jsut the best. We taught Kayla on Monday as well, just about the Gospel- she's the best!! I adore her so completely! She told me that I'm her spirit animal and I almost DIIIIIED- Kayla is forever my favorite person!! We did a couple goodbye stops to cap off the night, at Sis. Koon's and at the Zollinger's- Fargo has truly been so good to me. So many lovely people to thank and take pictures with!! 
Dinner and goodbyes with the Cooks

The lovely Zollingers!

Oh Tuesday, we taught Sis. Moore and ate lunch at was a lovely day. We ran by members throughout our adventuring as well, throwing cards to the masses and taking all the pictures. The highlight of our Tuesday was seeing Sis. Robideau- and getting a casual member home lessssssson, YAHOOOOOO!!!! Her aid Myrissa was there and we totally taught her the Restoration, with Sis. Robideau testifying like a total pro throughout- it was the coolest thing ever. Sis. Robideau is the greatest woman I know!!! I totally want to be like unto her when I grow up, man oh man. She's the best! 

We also taught Sis. Dresser on Tuesday- gah, I just adore her so much! We went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday (best croutons of ALL TIME, AHHHHH!!!) and watched "Reclaimed" and chatted about repentance- it was so lovely. Sis. Dresser is also the greatest woman around! Pretty much everyone in Fargo is, haha!! 

Sister Dresser- I love this woman so much!

And then it was Wednesday. We partied hard on Wednesday, said goodbye to more beautiful Fargo friends, and taught some of our most gorgeous people. It was such a lovely day! We taught Sis. White and Sis. Richards about covenants, such a lovely lesson, and saw all our our Horace faves, and had a lovely dinner with the Lien clan- ahhh, life in Fargo is so good. Life in general is so good!! All my favorite people crammed into one perfect day- did I ever mention how much I love Fargo, haha? I LOVEEEE IT!! Sister White and Sister Richards and Sister Lien all fill my heart with such sweet joy and love- AHHH, I am such a blessed missionary to know them. My life has been forever changed my their beautiful influence! 
The sweet Robinsons!

Our dinner with the beloved Lien clan was one of the hardest farewells of the season- I have come to love them all so dang much!! It made my heart so weepy and distraught to say goodbye, but I know they'll be a part of my life forever...AND THAT ONE DAY I'LL SEE MY DEAR FRIEND BAPTIZED, AHHHHHH!!!  It's inevitable, I'm tellin' ya!! Before too long, I'll find my way back to the beloved land of Fargo and all will be well with the universe. It's going to be a beautiful day!! We chatted about it all throughout dinner, which consisted of pasghetti hot dish and strawberry shortcake for dessert- we are so spoiled!! Life is so good!! We also discussed our deep and abiding love for Napeleon Dynamite with our beloved Sis. Lien, and it was such perfection. She's the greatest woman I know!!! 
My dear Sister Lien

We finished up our night with dessert at the dear Bro. Claypool's, another total fave, and a quick lesson with Kayla- such a lovely Wednesday!! 

Brother Claypool

On Thursday, we picked up Sis. Tucker from the church in the wee morning hours and spent the day in a trio waiting for Sis. D'vas, my was crazy!! We visited Sis. Billings and had lunch with Sis. Bighetty, dropped a fritter off for our dear Sis. Dresser, taught Kayla (because Sis. Tucker taught her while serving in Moorhead and it was so glorious to reunite them!!), and finished packing...and then I was off to Grand Forks with the gorgeous Sis. Tucker!! AHHHHH!!  I did get to meet Sis. Luker's greenie, Sis. Spendlove- MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!!! -before hightailing it our of Fargo- such a tender mercy!!

One last Kayla lesson!
Sister Harrington! 
Saying goodbye to Sister Clark ):

Once in the adorable Grand Forks, we headed to institute- taught by my absolute faves, the Raleighs!!! Heavenly Father is just so good to me!!  We've spent these last couple of days meeting all the cool people in Grand Forks, inviting members to the upcoming MoTab performance for Pioneer Day, and generally loving life. Sis. Tucker is already a fave, hallelujah, and life is still blissful. I miss my people in Fargo, especially when Sunday rolled around...but Heavenly Father is blessing my so completely with lovely new experiences and people to learn from. I've met already some of the greatest people of all time, including a recent convert of two months named Sherah and another amazing convert named life is being changed all over again! I am exactly where I need to be!! Life is good, God is good, and by His grace, I'm happy in Grand Forks. I'm excited to see what this new adventure brings!!
Sister Tucker and I :)

One of the best things that has happened in this little blurb I've been in Grand Forks is meeting and teaching Elby- he's the best!! Sis. Tucker and Sis. Hansen met him just last week, and we called him up to schedule something up...gah, I'm already obsessed. Totally part of the reason I'm in Grans Forks at this time!! We answered some of his questions and taught him about the Restoration, and he told us that he's on a search to find the truth...basically, he's the coolest man I know.  I'm so jazzed to teach him again this next week- life is good here in Grand Forks! Teaching Elby is going to be a total party, I can already feel it!!
(one last picture. ya know.)

Oh man, what a week it's been! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do. You're the greatest people around!! 

Have the best week, my friends! I'll talk to you soon!


Sister Robinson 

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