Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life is good.

This week has been SO GOOD. I feel like Sister Luker and I are figuring it out, that we're teaching in unity and blowing up Beulah, and that life is just good again. My last week email was a little melodramatic, and I'm proud to admit that I'm slowly adjusting to my new life as a trainer. I don't feel like gagging when I call myself that anymore, so that's really progress! Man, it's just been good. We've taught amazing lessons and had good talks and just got to know each other better- and I'm realizing that's the real secret to success in a companionship. It's all about just loving each other and seeing each other the way Heavenly Father sees us. Makes all the difference, people! Go home and just love everyone. That's the take away this week. When it's hard and when you feel prideful and stupid (basically, when you have a Sister Robinson moment, haha), just look for things to love and things to be grateful for. Keep a gratitude journal. Smell the flowers. Rejoice in that fact that it hasn't snowed in North Dakota yet, yahoo! Life is just good, and we are all so blessed to be ALIVE! 

Alright, I'm done being cheesy. It's really been a good week, if that intro paragraph didn't give it away. I'm learning to let go and let God (Barb's catchphrase, dontcha know), and it's the best. I highly recommend it. But anyway, let's chat about this great week.

We started off with p-day last Monday, nothing too crazy to report. We emailed and did our laundry and went shopping before heading over to the Lee's to make some fancy Norwegian potato pancakes. They're called letsphia (spelling totally wrong I'm sure- I'm useless without google!), and they were delish. It was this whole crazy process, and we only came over for the rolling out and cooking process- it was a party! 

We headed back to our apartment after that, cleaned for a spell (I'm a recent convert to lavender Pinesol- thanks Sister Finlinson! So luxurious!), and then headed over to the Martinez fam for dinner. It was a blissful appointment, complete with trying their massage chair. I feel a little weird about it in retrospect, but she offered and I just jumped without a thought. Deep tissue massage, people! You can't just pass that up!

We ended our Monday with a crazy all the missionaries bridge call, because there's a lot of things changing in the mission and they want us to be prepared. It's all good stuff, and I'm grateful that President Hess is willing to be a mover and shaker...just crazy. It'll be great, it'll be good.

Tuesday was exchanges, yahoo! I stuck behind in Beulah with Sister Mansell and Sister Luker headed up to Bismarck to chill with Sister Steiner, and it pretty wonderful. Really, I just love Sister Mansell. We're so alike, and I feel like hanging out with her is like looking into a magic mirror. It's my future! I like, don't even have a problem with that. She's a total rock star. We kicked off the day by meeting halfway between Bismarck and Beulah and trading comps before morning study. We headed back, studied together like pros, ate some food, and peaced out of that apartment. 

We started off our day by teaching Luv on his doorstep- it was sweet! Sister Mansell just goes for it, and I love that about her. I would've been all awk and make Luv feel weird about us not being able to come in without another sister...but she just taught right there and avoided the awk like a pro. She's a pro. We tracted for a spell before heading over to Britany's...ugh. Britany. She told us that she doesn't believe in the idea of peace, and that she doesn't really think peace is attainable. She's at peace with herself but doesn't feel complete peace- it's because you're not living the gospel, golly wolly! It was still a solid meeting, and we talked about the Atonement and the spirit was definitely there...I just hope that she does something about it eventually. I don't know, I don't know.

We did some contacting and met some crazy people (always the best) before going over to Becky's. We helped her shred up clothes for her rag rug, and I discovered that ripping up old pairs of jeans brings me a lot of joy and purpose. It's just so relaxing! We chatted about 12 step casually while ripping, and it was sweet. We talked to Luke about the Sabbath day, and I'm getting more and more convinced that his baptism is going to work everyday. It's still kinda crazy, and we still might push it back...but he's ready. It's so amazing to teach someone so ready for the gospel. I just love that Luke!

We dined at the Whitley's and headed over to Ariel's with my fave Liberty- and it was a great lesson! We re-explained the Book of Mormon and taught him about baptism...and he said that he would be baptized once he knows it's true! Yahooo! Now he just needs to keep some commitments, haha. He told us that he would read the Book of Mormon everyday- we'll see, we'll see.

We had a great Wednesday, kicking off the day by re-exchanging and getting back to norm. We chatted the whole car ride back, and it was just good. The minute you resolve to love someone, things get better. It's crazy but true. And, lately, Sister Luker and I have both been more resolved to just love each other and get to know each other. It's making all the difference! We had great studies that morning, and then we headed out to an Ashley lesson. 

We shared Ether 12:6 with Ashley and talked about faith...but she's still not convinced that she wants to meet with us. I think, more than anything, Ashley is super lonely. Like, lonely beyond lonely. She likes us coming over because she likes having people to talk to, and because she likes the way it feels when we come over. Hopefully, fingers crossed, she'll read the Book of Mormon this week and start progressing. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Agency is just the pits.

We headed over to Halliday after that, where we tried a few people and tracted for a spell before heading over to Faye's. Oh, Faye. The love of my young life. The reason we use up all our miles on going to Halliday. Faye. Last week, there was all this drama and she didn't want to meet with us...so we brought Sister Thueson with us, prepared for all kinds of crazy questions. But, turns out, Faye just thought Warren Jeffs is our prophet (#ewww )- easy peasy! Man, I was sweating but we were able to talk to her about the spirit and trusting our feelings, and it turned out to be a sweet lesson. Faye, no matter her doubts, knows the spirit and knows what truth feels like. It's pretty amazing to watch her just know when people are good and that all we really have is the spirit. She's just a boss.

We went to dinner at the Thueson's after that, and it was so good! We had an adorable FHE with their fam and it was just a good time. We left Halliday in high spirits, and it was just a good day. Ashley! Faye! Yummy navajo tacos with one of my faves!

Thursday was SO GOOD. Usually, Thursdays are my least fave because planning is just the pits, but it was actually really nice today! We planned in record time and spend a few hours trying people, tracting, and scheduling appointments. It was sweet! In the heat of the day, with nothing much to do, we felt like we needed to see the Rowe fam. They moved here recently from Utah, and they've been on my mind lately- and it was exactly where we needed to be. Sister Rowe just needed us to come by and give her some love and comfort, and it was such a cool experience. I forget sometimes just how inspired this work is. Being a missionary is just the best! You get to be the Lord's tools (yo Dad, you're a tool) and do the work He can't do- it's amazing!

We headed over to the Rice's for dinner after that, and it was just perfection. I always felt like Sister Finlinson and I just couldn't reach those Rices...turns out, they just needed Sister Luker in all her quirky glory. It was sweet! We shared Moroni 10:3-5 with them, and it was just the best. Pure perfection! They all shared their personal experiences with prayer, and we ended the evening by eating yummy cake and playing a beautiful game of Headbandz (I dominated, obviously. Ain't nobody taking me down at that game!). All in all, great Thursday!

Friday was just pure bliss. We rode with the Dunkleys to Dickinson, and those hilarious girls all call me, "Robinson" these days. I love it so much. I got shotgun on the way there, and Sister Dunkley told me how her and her husband met- I just wanted to sob. SO SWEET! It was like watching "Sense and Sensibility". Those sublime levels of joy. AHHH, I just love the Dunkleys!

We had a great district meeting- totally new district with transfers, ahhh- and I really like our district leader, Elder Dillender. He's just a hoot. It's going to be great! We headed to Wal-Mart after that and bought all the necessities...plus snowman thank you cards and a journal. I have my priorities! I'm slowly coming to terms with my insane love for Wal-Mart. I always wanted to be a little too classy for that store, but the mish is changing me. Wal-Mart is the bomb! All the things you need plus pretty paper and cute cards! It's just such a happy place.

We drove back to Beulah after a beautiful Wal-Mart trip, with just enough time to drop our groceries before heading to dinner at the...any guesses? It was at the Dunkley's! What a glorious day! We got there a tad early with the intention of doing some tracting, when we got this random call from someone we tracted into during exchanges! It was crazy! We ended up teaching Randy the Restoration over the phone before dinner- totally bonkers! Being a missionary is just so cool!

Dinner at the Dunkley's was just the best. I love that family so so much! They're just a total pile of happiness. We laughed and talked favorite movies over dinner, and Brother Dunkley and I bonded over our mutual love of "Super 8". Basically, Bro. Dunkley is super cool and I have somehow been grandfathered into the cool club. I think it's because of my super cool movie buff parents that cultured me well as a young sapling. Such a tender mercy!

Saturday was yet another beautiful day. We did the morning routine before trying Michelle, who the Elders taught earlier this year and we've never been able to get a hold of. She was heading off to lunch, but I think she's interested. We shall see, we shall see. We tried a few more people in Beulah with no luck, so we decided to do some tracting in Golden Valley. We hit just a couple houses and surrendered to Halliday- it was calling our name! 

We first met with the Youngs, and it went super well. We shared Ether 12:6 (the scripture of the week, it seems) and talked about faith. It was sweet! Yahoo! Lauren even brought her fam to the Branch Party on Saturday night, and you can tell that she really does want it. She's not 100% sure what she wants, but she's trying to be active. She even invited us to an eventual dinner, yahoo! It was just good. My faith in Lauren grows with every meeting!

We ran over to Faye's after that, where we chatted about the Holy Ghost and having faith and baptisms for the dead. It was sort of cray cray, but it was always so guided by the Spirit and exactly what she needed to hear. It was perfection. Following the spirit is the only way to teach, I'm learning. It just doesn't work any other way. I was feeling like we should bring up the temple...but my logic was flipping out hard core...but sometimes you've gotta just roll with it and pray it comes out the way it needs to. And, today, it was amazing. I love Faye!

We headed back to Beulah after that, checked our mail (the heavens opened and all the mail poured out, yahoooo!), and high tailed it over to the branch party. We ate tacos in a bag (another North Dakota classic- a bag of doritos with taco meat and toppings piled inside) and did cute Book of Mormon activities- it was so fun! 

We ran by Ariel's to remind him about church after the partay and then headed over to Brother Lee- it's been three weeks since we've met with him! AHHH! But, despite all my nervousness, it turned out perfectly. It was a great lesson! We talked about prayer and reading the Book of Mormon and invited him to come to church...and he totally came! AHHHH!! I think he's actually going to do it this time, like really and truly. I'm feeling confident beyond reason and it's so exciting! Good things are coming for that Brother Lee, I can feel it! It was such a great end to a beautiful Saturday.

Oh man, one more day to go. Sunnnndayyyyy! It was such a great Sabbath, such a delight. I've found myself praying on Saturday night for a delightful Sabbath (yup, total cornball. I don't even care) and it makes such a difference. I'm just more grateful and more humble and more willing to make it a delight. And it truly was wonderful! We had a great day at church, studied for a spell, and did some contacting before dinner. I love days where I truly talk to everyone about the gospel- nothing makes you feel more like a crazy missionary! We walked around neighborhoods and enjoyed the amazingly warm November weather and met some incredible people- it was just a good day.

We ate dinner with the Roundy's, my absolute faves, and it was the greatest. Liberty painted my nails white and we shared a sweet scripture and life was just good. Our last stop for the day was Becky's, where we chatted about the Atonement and Sister Luker bore sweet testimony- I just love my comp! She's rock solid, a total natural, and I am so grateful that I get to train her. I feel like she's actually training me, but whateves. It was just a good meeting and a delightful Sabbath.

And now, here we are! Yet another glorious p-day, and another great week ahead! I love you all so SO much, and I am grateful for all you do! Thank you for the mail and the emails and the support- I couldn't do this crazy thing without you!

Sister Robinson 

Headbandz with the Rices   

Walmart is gearing up for CHRISTMASSSSSSS (50 days as of last Friday- time is flying!)    

tacos in a bag at our Book of Mormon fiesta! 
me and Liberty being nail twins. It was a great week!     

Me and Tabitha (total BFFs)    

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