Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chilling in a Refiner's Fire

Hey-oh mi familia! This week has been crazy town and a little bit of a bummer, but we've seen so many tender mercies and so much guidance from Heavenly Father. Even when it seems like everything that could go wrong does, He has our back. And really, not so nice weeks allow you to learn so much more than the great and perfect weeks do. We still taught meaningful lessons and still found success...but it was just kind of slow. I don't know. I'm learning, though, from bummer weeks like this one, that there is so much improvement and progression that I need. I think I need crazy weeks so I can remember how imperfect I am, haha. I get thinking that I've got it all figured out, and then weeks like this hit and progress comes. I'm just chilling in a refiner's fire, but it's cool. Whateves.

In unrelated news, I'm wearing my short sleeve Faye sweater with embroidered flowers and butterflies- I feel like a million bucks! I haven't got up my confidence enough to rock this sweet old lady sweater, but I slipped it on today and never looked back. Weirdly enough, it is totally me. I feel like my best self in these shoulder pads and purple trim. I think this will be the outfit I pop outta the airplane about 14 months. Just you wait. It's going to be glorious!  
My Faye sweater that I'm repping today- it's the best! 

But anyway, we kicked off the week with a beautiful pday, full of emailing and laundry and cleaning- it was just good. We even browsed Beulah drug and Sister Luker was so chill as I stressed over birthday cards. Ugh, two November birthdays is too many. I love ya, Beck and Em...but seriously. Should've planned that one better, Mammy. 

It was just a nice p-day. I wrote obscene amounts of letters (I think I totaled 11- I go big!) before heading over to the Nottingham's for dinner. We ate soup and found out that Porter got his call- so we ran over to the Roundy's and acted all chill. We wanted them to want to tell us, ya know? So we strolled in, and I had pictures I needed to give to Liberty...and Brother Roundy asked how our day went and we said that it was fine...and I was DYING. Roundys, we are BFFs! I should've known first thing, homies! Eventually, Brother Roundy spilled the beans- Canada Toronto mission, leaving March 23! YAHHOOOOO!! I am so jazzed for him. SO JAZZED FOR HIM!! He's going to be the greatest missionary, I can just feel it. AHHH!! 

We tried Michelle and Barb after that with no luck, and ended up organizing miles for the month, story of my life. I feel like we're always (or I am, whateves) stressing about miles, but I think we've finally got it all figured out. So, successful pday!

Tuesday was good as well, with crazy amounts of success. It was one of those days that feels like nothing is happening until you get in for the night and start looking at all you did. It was sweet! I just love days like Tuesday. We started off with the morning routine and an impromptu Britany stop by...but she was headed off to Bismarck. So, we hightailed it over to try a referral in Hazen named Bobby- and we scheduled a return appointment! Yahoooo! We chatted with him on his porch...and he may be a tad crazy...but he's been reading the Book of Mormon and he got onto and requested missionaries to come by. So, regardless of his crazy, we've got a new investigator that really wants us to teach him! We'll take it! He may have a suspended license (things got pretty real on that porch, I tell you what), but he's super ready for the gospel. We're teaching him tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes next week. Fingers crossed!

We headed over to Courtney's after that for lunch- it was glorious! Sister Coots came too, and we had rice casserole and banana cream pie while chatting about sharing the gospel with her fiancé. It was pretty perfect. She gave us a winter candle (she's my fave) AND a long lighter, because she remembered how Sister Finlinson was trying to teach me to use a short lighter to light candles and I would always burn my thumb nail, haha, so she bought me my very own long one! I just love that Courtney Dobson so much. She's getting ready to move to Arizona for the winter, and it's breaking my heart. I don't want her to leave! But, I made her sign my bye bye book and we took a picture together...even if I'm strongly opposed to her moving. What even is Beulah without my dear Courtney and her candle presents?! WHO AM I WITHOUT HER?! Only time will tell. I'll just invite her to my wedding and stuff, and force her to be my friend forever. I think that's my game plan with everyone here. Force them into a lifelong friendship with me, lol. I'm super normal.
me and Courtney (forced BFFs and also real life BFFs)    
our candle and my lighter (yahooooo!!)    

We headed back to Beulah after lunch and stopped by our sweet Sister Stilson. We headed over to Barb after that, and it was just perfection. We shared a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with her, and she said she would read it! Yahoo! When we gave her a Book of Mormon, she took it and told us that she wasn't going to read it. What I both love and hate about that Barb is how honest she is- but she took that pamphlet and told us that she would read it! It's going to be great! 

We ate at the Rice's (who are quickly becoming a fave- step aside, Roundys!), and I am so loving the weekly Rice dinner. It's a dream come true! We had lasagna and cole slaw (delish!) with better than anything cake for dessert. We played Uno and taught Sister Luker "Mormon Boy"- it was just a good time. We're going back next Thursday to eat, and I am just so jazzed. I love those Rices!
better than anything cake leftovers (my dream come true)    

Our last stop of the day was the Moorheads. We chatted with Becky for a spell about TV shows (she loves "Arrow", of course- I always knew she was cool) and it was sweet. We had a lesson with Luke about the commandments, and it went really well! He just gets it, and I love teaching him. He's the best! We headed back to home base after that, where we found about 3 million hand, toe, and body warmers- and, oh man, toe warmers are luxurious! I am such a fan! I just use them all during morning studies, so we're going to be pretty cold when we actually need them...but I'm loving it!

Wednesday was good- so much service! Normally, the lack of mail on random holidays like Veteran's Day would make me forlorn- but it was just a good day! We started off with the morning routine and tried some people in town before heading over to Halliday a tad early. We visited Lauren (nothing too profound, just trying to casually share a scripture while kids were going crazy in the background...not our finest moment, haha) before heading over to Sister Tonya Leach's to help rake some leaves. I realized/remembered through all our crazy service how much I adore doing service! It's the best! I may just love it for the jeans, but it's one of my faves. Maybe I just have a deep passion for raking leaves. That's probably actually it. I'll be a professional leaf raker when I grow up.

We had to peace outta raking early to go to a Faye lesson, but Sis. Leach gave us hot cocoa and thanked us profusely for our help- she is such a doll. I want to emulate her in every aspect. She's the dream! 

We did a quick costume change in the car, grabbed Sis Thueson and hightailed it over to Faye's. Faye is just the greatest. Sis. Thueson shared an amazing scripture, and Faye got super real with us about her concerns. We decided unanimously that she needs a little break from us until things calm down with Kevin. She knows it's true, but Kevin isn't there yet...and it's bringing crazy contention into their home. So, we're calling her and texting her and praying that Kevin's heart will be softened- and it would be sweet if all you homies would do the same! Faye is so ready, but she can't move forward without Kevin's I'll keep you updated. We're hoping for some miracles. 

We headed over to the Phillip's after that, where we helped them pack up and get ready to peace outta here. It's pretty stupid that all my faves (or really, my two faves) are moving at the same time. We should've staggered it for my sake! I just love the Phillips. We chatted and wrapped their trinkets in bubble wrap, and it was just nice. And also, pizza. I really love the Phillips and pizza. I'll help anyone move if pizza is involved, I'm learning.

Thursday was the start of our downhill descent, ugh. Weekly planning is juts my least fave. We planned forever and headed over to Pick City to try some less actives. We've never been there before, and we didn't really know what to expect...but everyone we wanted to try has moved. It was still an adventure, and now we can say with authority that there is no work to be done in Pick City, haha. We went back to Hazen after that and ate dinner with the Bertoch family, who just moved in from Alaska. They reminded me so much of the Jacobs- three little boys and general craziness- and it was such a tender mercy. 
Cute Pick City decor (still not a fan, even if it's kind of adorable) 

We tried Ariel after dinner with no luck, and scheduled a tad more to end our night. I seriously hate planning. I thought maybe I would get over it as a trainer, but no such luck. It remains the worst.

Friday was totally crazy! We had a ride to Dickinson ready to go...but they called and cancelled last minute so we had to speed calculate miles and figure out if we could go. Tender mercy upon tender mercy, we had enough! So, we jumped in the car and headed over to Dickinson, where we had a nice Wal-Mart trip and got Sister Luker her fat winter coat. District meeting was great, and we all sort of had weird weeks, so it was nice to just all mourn together about dropped investigators and appointments falling through. We drove back to Beulah after that and headed over to teach Luke.

We talked about temples (and I was a tad nervous), but it was great! Luke is just the best, really and truly. I don't know what we're going to do yet, because his scheduled baptism date is coming up crazy quick and his fam still isn't super ready...we'll see, we'll see. 

We dined at the Schellenberg's, and it was so nice. I love that family! We left with curry leftovers and three referrals, yahoo! We came back to Beulah after that, tried the referrals, got some gas, and called it a night. Little bit of a bummer day, but it's chill. Somehow, Wal-Mart makes it all okay. 

Saturday was a little random, so many appointments fell right through. But, we just listened to the Spirit and ended up tracting in Zap for a spell and meeting super prepared people. It was sweet! We went to Halliday to say our last goodbyes to the wonderful Phillips (Wyoming doesn't even know what's coming!) before hightailing it over to Hazen to eat dinner with the Lees. 

We ate chicken fajita omelets at the Lee's (so good. Basically, everything should be covered in cheese sauce) and shared 1 Nephi 17:13. It's funny that Brother Lee could talk all day about the blessings that come from keeping the commandments. Hmm. Hmmmmm. Maybe you should do something about that, Brother Lee. HMMMM. Maybe one day he'll do something. He did come to sacrament meeting, but he's just there to appease his wife. I think, in his own crazy time, he'll be ready for the gospel...but I don't really know. I hope so, for sure, but I'm slowly losing faith in Brother Lee and his desire to change. We'll see what happens.

Sunday was so good. It was another lame day of contacting and figuring out what to do, but we did stop by Gayle Wieland! Yahoo! We haven't chatted with him for a while, but we found out that he asks Brother Wieland about us and already knew that Sis. Finlinson got transferred! What a cutie! He just adores us, obviously. We're going to eat Thanksgiving with him at the Wieland's, and I am so jazzed! It's going to be great! We left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and he said he would be ready for the quiz next time we come by. I just love that man! 

We ate dinner at the Towe's, and it was so nice. It was just a nice Sabbath, nothing too crazy (other than Gayle, helloooo!) to report. 

Welp, back to Monday! Even though it was a little bit weird, it was still a nice week. Good times and good vibes all around! And, I always get ridiculous amounts of mail on bad it's not all bad. I think Heavenly Father knows that mail just makes me stupidly happy (that was my subliminal message- send me mail!). I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sister Robinson

CHRISTMASSSSS in North Dakota (go big or go home, it's real!)    

and month mark ice cream (and maybe my favorite picture of the two of us to date. It's hilarious!). So, even though it wasn't perfect, this week was good! 

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