Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Soup Season and Johnson love

Yahoo! E-mail time! This week has been a roller coaster ride- I don't even know what the subject of this email should be yet! Pure craziness! Shenanigans all around! I'll ponder the subject as we go on...I'm just not sure yet. We shall see, we shall see. Hmm. Anyway, this week was been so good! SO GOOD. 

Monday was great, just norm pday business (complete with our fave car wash- yahoo!) and then dinner at the Johnson's. They are a fam of four girls, so we were instantly BFFs, Brother Johnson reminds me so much of Dad- it was a total blast! We stayed for maybe a little too long but laughed the whole time and had soup. GUYS, IT'S SOUP SEASON! MY HEART IS SO FULL OF JOY!! We had soup multiple times this week, and that's probably why it's been so good. I just love soup. I love soup almost as much as I love the Johnsons! Bro and Sis Johnson are both converts, and Bro Johnson actually got tracted into by sister missionaries- and was baptized three weeks later! What the what! Their daughter McKayla is expecting their call any day now, and it was just so fun to talk about missions and calls and being excited to go. Bro Johnson served in San Jose, and we had similar experiences when we opened our calls. I just love when you meet someone on your mission and the Spirit nudges you, letting you know that they are part of the reason you are here. I totally felt like that at the Johnson's, and it was pretty sweet.

After dinner, we picked up Sister Schellenburg and headed over to the Pipinger's. This was our first meeting with them, and it went so well! Sis Pipinger was raised in the church but never got baptized, and they first started talking to the missionaries earlier this year. Bro Pipinger was very forthright with us and let us know that the choice to join the church has to be 100% his own, so we chatted about reading the Book of Mormon and gaining that testimony. It was just awesome. Sis Schellenburg was a total rock star. She was busting out scriptures and throwing down testimony- and the Pipingers just loved her (of course. Who doesn't love Sister Schellenburg?). I'm pretty obsessed with those Schellenburgs, and it was a match made in missionary heaven. I was just in bliss during that beautiful lesson. We have another one tonight, and it's going to be great! Yahoo!

Oh man, Tuesday. Just when you think you're comfortable, that you can handle this whole mission thing...days like last Tuesday happen and you remember that this mission is so much bigger than me and my progression. We started off the day with the morning routine and a glorious lunch of pancakes (All praise Sister Lee!). We first tried tracting and were feeling uninspired, so we stopped by Britany Loghry, a less active that just moved back into the area. She was actually going to come to dinner on Monday but had to cancel, so we grabbed her info from Sister Johnson and high tailed it over there- and she is so great! She's had a crazy life, but is such an amazing person with such complete faith in Christ. You probably guessed it, but I love her so much. She has a three-month-old son named Noah, and his dad passed away about 2 weeks ago. So, Britany is struggling. She wants to get back in the groove of church, but her life is kinda crazy. We gave her a Book of Mormon with our faves marked and we're going to hang with her again real soon. 

We did a Barb stop by after Britany, and finally gave her a Book of Mormon! Yahoo! She isn't super sure about it yet, but she loves us and loves that we stop by- good things are going to happen! She refuses to pray with us, and Sis Finlinson has this hunch it's because she's worried about the answer she'll recieve. Here's the thing- Barb does not ignore God. It's not her style. She'd have to act, and that freaks her out. We went back on Wednesday and washed her windows, and I just have a feeling that Barb is going to pick up that Book of Mormon one day and dive in. It's going to be great!

Our next stop was Becky and Luke Moorhead, where things got so crazy. We've chatted about Becky a little, but I'll remind you guys. Becky is one my fave inactives, and she has two boys, Camren and Luke. Camren was baptized about two years ago and hasn't really been to church since, and Luke us about to turn nine with no baptism in sight. We taught about the Restoration, fully expecting to invite them to church...but we get into it and Luke asks, "When can I get baptized?”. The nervous sweats start coming, because we've talked crazy amounts with President Thueson about this very moment- and you can't turn to his mom and tell her, "Well, once your mom comes back to church". It's sticky. So, we thought about rushing and doing it next Saturday and thought even more about picking a date in November, but we all decided to just wait it out and focus on Becky. Luke is excited, and I'm excited to eventually plan his baptism, but it's not quite right yet. Eventually. We talked with them again on Saturday and discussed the importance of baptism, but my heart still kind of hurts about the whole thing. One day we'll have a crazy baptism story, but not in September (wah wah). I think we were all in it for the wrong reasons, but one day Luke will get baptized and it'll be amazing. 

We dined at the Dunkley's on Tuesday night- how I love those Dunkleys of mine! Sis Finlinson and I decided that they're just living "Pride and Prejudice" over in the Dunkley's home, but maybe like, when Elizabeth has her little family. Sis Dunkley is just wayyyy too cool to be Mrs. Bennett. She's obviously Lizzy. It's a no-brainer. In other news. Tabitha was super moody and hilarious. She yelled from her room upstairs, "I'm angry today and don't want to eat dinner yet, but Sister Robinson is still my best friend!". She's three- and the fourth daughter. A Goob through and through. They made stir fry with fries for dinner- so good!- and I found myself musing about how grateful I am to be right where I am, surrounding with people like the Dunkleys even when dealing with bigger than me situations like Luke. Such a good dinner.

Wednesday was another day of craziness, and we started off at Barb's, cleaning her windows. It was quite the treat to wear jeans and chat with Barb. She's just a sweetheart. She gave us cute little homemade Christmas present decorations, and she showed us around her garage. It was like Kevin Kady was showing us his chickens all over again. It was sweet. We tried potentials and investigators in Beulah after that before heading to the Wieland's for dinner. 
Barb's decoration! 

Oh, my sweet Wielands. Life is going well with Beulah's favorite family. We had pork and chatted about the Book of Mormon, and it was just nice. Our last stop for the day was Gayle, who we just talked with for a sec on his porch. He's not quite ready for the gospel yet, but he's getting closer...slowly but surely. We’ll keep stopping by every once in a while- and we actually left him with a prayer for the first time! Progress! He's just such a good man, and I hope that he one day listens to all these crazy missionaries.

Thursday! Nothing too crazy to report from Thursday, just weekly planning and dinner at the Warren's- where we had taco soup! I'm getting a little antsy for winter, just because there is going to be so much soup about. OH MAN. Bring on the snow and the soup!

Friday was yet another crazy time. Our district meeting got cancelled because of transfer craziness, so we ended up spending a good chunk of the day tracting in Beulah and scheduling appointments. Around three (after a quick DQ stop- it was a weird day! Don't judge me!) we headed over to Glen Ullin to try some potentials there. We didn't get in contact with anyone, but it was so adorable over there that it made it okay. After we got some gas and admired the picturesque little town some more, we were off to Hebron.

We had this grand idea of stopping by Hebron on our way back from district meeting and taking the city down- we even scheduled dinner out there- and it all sort of backfired on us. It ended up being a party in Hebron. I think it's the cutest city in our branch, and we haven't been out there since we first got to Beulah. We took some cute pictures and contacted a few people before meeting with the Pooles, a cute little member family we've been meaning to meet with. They have two sons, Malikiah and Henry, who are two and four, and it was so good to finally get to know them. Turns out, they have pet rats and it was the grossest. Both their mama rats just had babies, and now they have eleven gross little ones. I'll send some funny pictures of my reaction. They're golden.

Malikiah and his gross baby rat
Me posing and freaking out over even grosser big rats    
We dined at the Parsons' and it was good time. Nothing too crazy to report, just a nice dinner with a super solid family. We headed back to Beulah after that and tried a few more people before calling it a day. Such an interesting Friday!
the Parsons girls and their huge pumpkins

Saturday was just good. No crazy schedule switches, just good ol' Halliday day. We started off with the Cooks, who fed us soup for lunch as we chatted about family history. We're going back next Saturday to eat some lasagna (for lunch! Yahoo!) and talk about getting back to church. It's going to be a partay! Faye was our next appointment, and she is doing so well. She's been reading the Book of Mormon (like a boss, of course) and she told us that she knows it's true. YAHOOOOO!! Kevin isn't so convinced, but we're excited! It's getting close with Faye, and I can't wait to see what happens! She says that she has this lump in her throat and has questions, but she's not quite sure what they are yet. We scheduled an appointment for Wednesday and can't wait to get back there and teach her more. She's just the best. We left her place with a bag of clothes that she doesn't need anymore- I just adore Faye. She's so incredible. 

We tried a few more people before heading over to the Lee's for dinner- where we taught a killer lesson with Brother Lee! Yahoo! We taught about personal prayer and coming to a knowledge of the gospel through the Book of Mormon- and he is super excited to read the Book of Mormon and try it out! He's been praying about the church forever, but now he's got the way to get answers. I don't know that Bro Lee is going to be ready anytime soon, but I do know that it'll eventually happen. He's just such a good man, and I know that he loves this church. We'll see, we'll see.

Our last Saturday stop was the Wasem's, this crazy cool part member family we've been trying to meet with forever. They just happened to be home and excited to see us- Yahoo!! We chatted about their past experiences with missionaries, and Bro Wasem told us that he was feeling forced into baptism and stopped talking with them after that. So, we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He let us know that, when he does know this is the truth, he will be baptized. They are such a good family, and I was so excited to finally get to know them and chat with them. 

Sunday was great, nothing crazy to fill you in on. Just more trying and scheduling and dining. We ate with the Axtells, and it was just a nice day.

And here we are, Monday! Pday! The bday! It's been a crazy week- maybe even the craziest of crazy weeks (I thought of a subject! Yahoo!)- but this week should be another great one. Thank you for all the mail and emails and love! I love you all so much, and I am so grateful for all you do! Have the best week!

Sister Robinson

and my face with said cute Hebron bridge

a pretty sky

Peter the potential's bull dog (who 100% peed when we came to visit, he was so excited to see us)

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