Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two Months Old!

What can I say? I've had a crazy week!

Monday was pretty great- normal pday adventuring and dinner at the Warren's. We had a lesson scheduled after dinner that fell through last minute L, so it was a pretty chill day. We spend our evening nailing down appointments and visiting a few potentials in town. Nothing too crazy, but the beginnings of a pretty insane time. The good stuff is coming, I promise!

Tuesday was a good one- happy two months to me! Most of my journaling from Tuesday consists of wigging out that I've already been out two months. Time is flying by! I feel like it was just my monthaversary, and that I also just got in the MTC. Missions are the weirdest, because days feel like forever and weeks and months fly by. I'm just living in a time warp is all. No big deal. We started our day with a Sister Stillson visit, who is one of our faves for sure. She's who I want to be when I'm 94. We shared a quick message and she invited us to lunch later in the week- yahoo! Such a party!

We headed over to Britany's after that- I love Britany! Noah is doing well, so adorable and chill. We left Britany with a Book of Mormon last week with no expectations, and she has been reading it everyday! Yahoo! She wants to come to church but doesn't have a skirt, so you know we hooked that girl up. We're always getting random clothing articles, so we'll find her a skirt. We talked about the spirit, and she told us that she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time when we cam eover last week- J!! I am just so excited for her progression, and I love seeing the light of the Gospel come back into her life. It makes being a missionary so worth it- worth the prospect of winter, worth the crazy shenanigans of your older sister, worth all the exhaustion. Nothing beats the joy of missionary work. 

We did a Barb run by after that, during which she showed us the cute cards that she has made while we chatted about church. While we were pday adventuring, we came across Barb's fancy cards in the Hazen thrift store- she donates her cards to local rummage sales! What an amazing lady! So, now that we confirmed that the maker of these cards at the thrift store is indeed our Barb, we'll be purchasing some soon enough. It was a nice meeting, even though I'm not convinced that Barb is at a place right now to accept the gospel. She trusts us and cares about us, but she's stubborn to a fault. I feel like good things are coming for Barb, but I'm not sure about the timetable. We shall see, we shall see.

We ate dinner at the Schellenburgs, who I just adore. Remember the curry of a couple emails ago? Remember the amazing Pipinger lesson? Yeah, we all love Sister Schellenburg. She's just the best. She made us the best lentil and butternut squash soup! So good! It was like fall in a bowl, and we're still loving the leftovers. We decided on our way back from that beautiful dinner that the Schellenburgs are definitely pretty high on the list of cute Branch fams...if not #1. I just love them!

Our last stop of the Tuesday was Lisa and Devoe Furr, that crazy random part member fmaily that we met tracting a few weeks ago. We taught about the gospel and it went really well! It's still the strangest situation, with us looking at Devoe and answering Lisa's questions...but somehow they're reading the Book of Mormon and progressing. I don't even know. We headed back after the Furr fam, pondering how two months of such busy days has past by. It's just so crazy to think about. 16 to go, what the what! 

Wednesday was so good! We started with the morning routine and an area call, and Elder Jones (our new district leader) is already a fave! My faith in our district was renewed- we're still going to be the best district around! Yahoo! We headed over to Halliday after our pleasant chat, where we first met with Sister Gervers. She's a less active we've been trying to get in with forever, and the stars finally aligned today. She's just amazing- so honest and sincere about her past, making our job so much easier. She was super defensive when we first came in, telling us all about why she's not going to change...until she realized that we weren't there to condemn her. And then suddenly, she let us share a scripture and talk about church- and we left her with a Book of Mormon! Oh man, such a good meeting. I feel like visiting her is going to be a total party- I'm excited!

We headed over to Faye's after that, with Sister Thueson tagging along. We wanted to teach Word of Wisdom, but we ended up answering a lot of her questions about the gospel and the priesthood. She asked for a blessing J and my heart is just so full of Faye. I love that lady! I know that she's gaining a testimony, slowly but surely. It's pretty amazing to be a part of that. We left her a Word of Wisdom pamphlet to prep for our next visit- little bit nervous for that one, not gonna lie. It'll be great, it'll be great. We left her place with two more huge bags of clothes- Faye is just the best!
and us and Sister Thueson at Faye's. It's been a good week!

We went to the Thueson's for dinner and it was such a party. We helped cook tacos and debriefed Faye's lesson- good time all around. They are just such a good family, and I know they're part of the reason I needed to serve here. We headed back to Beulah after dinner, straight to our old fave, Kevin Kady.

We haven't been feeling good about our sweet Kevin for the last few weeks. We actually haven't met with him since that magical Sunday visit a few weeks back. But, his truck was parked out front and we knew what needed to happen- but it still hurt when it all went down. He answered the door and explained that he has been so busy with work lately and only has Sundays off...and then Sister Finlinson asked the dreaded question- "Do you want to schedule another visit?". I knew it was over by his downcast eyes, but he explained that this is causing a rift in his family and it's not what he wants right now. I think it would've hurt a little less if he didn't look so disappointed, too. We consoled ourselves with some late night Dairy Queen and going through Faye's clothes. Kevin Kady dropped us like a newborn chicken, but I feel like his story isn't quite over yet. I'm sad that we're not the missionaries to do it, but one day it'll happen. I have misdirected faith in that. It was a nice day, despite the bittersweet ending. 

selfie-ing while trying on Faye clothes    
Thursday was actually pleasant, huzzah! We went to lunch mid weekly planning with Sister Stillson and fam, and it was so delightful. I highly recommend befriending an adorable widow and letting her take you to lunch. Nothing beats it! It made the drudgery of weekly planning somewhat delightful, and we actually found a few potentials while going through the area book! What a pleasant planning! We stopped by Sally's and left a cute note before going to Brother Lopez. We gave us more fancy glass bottles of Coke and, in a crazy turn of events, he committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! Yahoo! This random investigator we never really considered is progressing! We're going back today, and I am so jazzed. SO JAZZED! He taught us how to open bottles with the bottom of a lighter, such a cool guy. I still can't do that fanciness, but what a pro for trying to teach two sister missionaries. 

We dined at the Crane's, and it was totally delightful. They fed us smothered burritos and we left their home with oodles of leftovers. It was such a dream. We talked with them about being reunited as a family through religion, and we're going to ask Hailee (their 14 year old daughter) to take the discussions next time we go over there. I don't want the Cranes to think we're weenies, because I can't lose the prospect of more smothered burritos. It's too much of a burden. But alas, missionary work is a little more important than delicious food. They also have this adorable puppy Raj that I am obsessed with. They're just cool and I just love them (obvs, is anyone even surprised?). Two bags of leftovers, people! TWO BAGS!

Our last stop for the day was Becky, and it was another amazing visit. I simply adore Becky- it was so great to talk with her. She's getting on track to quit smoking and I'm bursting with missionary pride because of our sweet Becky. She showed us the rocks she has collected and polished- Becky showed us her chickens. Maybe we needed to meet Kevin Kady just so we could perfect that phrase. Anyway, such a good time with Becky. Such a good day, especially for a Thursday!

Friday was our first district meeting with our new district, and it was delightful! Elder Sego, from my MTC district, and his new comp are in our district! Yahoo! It was such a fun meeting, and our district is still the best around. The Dunkley's lovingly volunteered to drive us to Dickinson, and little Tabitha (three) calls me "Robinson!" these days. It's my new fave. We had a great Walmart run (where I bought Rainbow Sherbet Fruity Pebbles, the cereal of my dreams), and we were greeted in Beulah by an exploding mailbox! The joy! It was totally delightful. We read our mail and organized our groceries before heading to the Rices for dinner.
my sweet Tabitha    
Our exploding mail box! 

Oh man, the Rices! They fed us pork ribs and we chatted about the priesthood. The Phillips (one of my fave families- Brother Phillips and I both have a passion for the Amish and nonconformity and are therefore kindred spirits) were invited over too, and they shared the strongest testimonies of priesthood. It was amazing! The Rices were baptized last Feb, and we're trying to get them on track to the temple...but the priesthood kinda needs to happen before anything else. We're working on it, we're working on it. It was such a cool dinner, and I was so grateful that the Phillips just happened to be there and totally saved the day. It was pretty sweet. 

We tried to track down some investigators and potentials after dinner and got a couple appointments scheduled before heading in for the night. Good day!

Saturday was busy busy busy! We Halliday day'd after the morning routine and first met with Faye- and talked about the Word of Wisdom with Sister Leach! It went super well! We answered her questions and she committed to live it! Yahooooo!! I thought she was going to put up more of a fight, but she knows this is the truth- I am so excited for Faye! We left her with a Law of Chastity pamphlet for next time...it's going to be so good. 

We headed over to Chris and Jordan next, where we read 3 Nephi 11 together and talked about the gospel. Chris kept saying how cool it all is, and I am jazzed about those two. We were really honest about the expectation of baptism and being here to help Jordan find out for herself- and no one ran away in fear! No one flipped out! It was pretty perfect.

We dined at the Lee's before heading to Women's Conference, nothing too crazy to report. I loved Conference! Did you love Conference? I am so excited for this weekend! 

Sunday was nice. We had another Furr lesson and scheduled appointments. It was just another pleasant day...probably because the weather here has been so delightful. I think my mood is totally related to the weather. Winter's going to be fun.

I love you all so much- thank you for helping this week be so delightful! Have a good one!

Sister Robinson 

me and the Beulah water tower    

an off-roading adventure to find a potential    

some adorable hay bales off the highway (again, classic North Dakota)    

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