Monday, December 14, 2015

Tracting in a Winter Wonderland

Snap, already Monday again! This week zoomed by, and it's all kinds of winter-y here! We got a huge storm on Thursday night, and awoke on Friday morning to a winter wonderland, so beautiful. We got about four inches (which isn't much by North Dakota standards, dontcha know), and we're expecting another storm on Wednesday! Merry Christmas peeps! I'm so jazzed- it just feels like December and Christmas and AHHH I am so happy! Like, stupidly happy. I love snow! I love wearing my crazy coat! I love snow boots! I even love driving in this madness (mostly because we just got fancy new tires and they're handling the ice like pros)! It was a nippy 17 degrees when we left the apartment this morning- yikes! But still, not so bad. I've got my wool skirts all layered under my cute ones and I've got layers for days, so all is well. I'm just loving the SNOWWWWW!! 

But anyway, we've had a great week. We partied hard on Monday, and got all of our crazy errands done. I had to buy crazy amounts of stamps (big plans, big plans!) and Christmas-y goodies. We also hardcore thrifted and found the most perfect of perfect Christmas trees! It was such a solid find- $2 and made of tinsel! We're super jazzed about it. We both bought each other a little present and put them under the tree to make it all festive. It feels like Christmas in our little place now, and it's just the best. I'm in love! 
our sweet little Christmas tree    
We headed over to Hazen after our p-day shenanigans to eat with the Schellenberg's- and we got a text from my BFF Liberty Roundy that she got her mission call! YAHOOOO!! So, after feasting on delish calzones with my fave Schellenberg's (and chatting about how Bro. Schellenberg worked for Guest Relations at BYU and met insane amounts of General Authorities, no big deal. Apparently, all the General Authorities have matching cars with little "GA" stickers on the back. Keep you eyes open, people!), we sprinted over to the Roundy's and found out that Liberty is going to the California Carlsbad mission, leaving February 10!!!!!  I AM SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR HERRRRRR!! It's just the perfect mission call, and she was just so oh man, I love that girl so much. She's going to be the most amazing missionary. Now I just have to make sure I leave Beulah after Feb. 10...ain't no way I'm leaving before the love of my young life! We've already decided that she's just going to come home to our house (you're going to love her, I promise) and we're going to live out the rest of our days together. I love her so much! I keep having crazy moments where I realize just how meant to be it is that I'm in Beulah- that I was able to meet and love the Roundy's and the send two of my favorite people out on their missions. How did I get so lucky? 

Liberty's mission calllll!! (I look crazy I'm so excited, haha)    
Tuesday was great, although we had a minorly crummy nightly planning session on Monday that made for a minorly crummy Tuesday. I feel like we bypassed lots of miracles because we weren't as focused as we could've been, but we still managed to crank out three lessons AND Barb gave me a fresh jar of honey!! I ran outta my fancy North Dakota raw, unfiltered honey early this morning (breakfast of champs) and was slightly in mourning about it all day. We ended our day at Barb's, and I was telling her about how I'm a recent convert to honey (North Dakota has the best honey in the world, I'm telling ya!) and that I just ran outta my jar-(I think it was more casual than that, but whatever) and she practically bounced out of her chair to get me a jar of her family's honey!  That was the total highlight of my Tuesday, man oh man. Did you know that you could LIVE OFF OF HONEY?! It's the truth! I don't quite understand it, but it's still pretty amazing! 

So anyway, we tracted lots and met with Bobby and dined at the Cline's all before this honey fiasco. Bobby is doing so great- he read 3 Nephi 11...and just kept reading! Somehow, the gospel is changing Bob's life. It's amazing. He said that the BoM got a little confusing after that chapter, so he started over from the beginning and has been reading everyday. Yahoooooo!! It was such a perfect little meeting with him, oh man. And dinner at the Cline's was also great. We had tacos and I held Chloe for a season...I think I might need a bunny when I grow up. They're so snuggly! And soft! And loving! Chloe always remembers me...Sister Cline has taken to calling her "Sister Robinson's bunny". I'll take it!

Wednesday was a total delight- I even wrote the journal entry in my fancy fine point blue pen! You know that's the true sign of a great day, really and truly. We kicked off the day with a sweet Sister Stilson visit. We scheduled to visit her inactive son in law as well, but we weren't really sure how to make that happen...when the Schwan man came over to get Sis. Stilson's food order and John came over to help her out! Yahoo for crazily perfect timing! So, we ended up sharing "A Savior is Born" with both of them and it was totally sweet. 

We tracted for a season after that, during which we met a nameless delightful lady. She was a little dubious when she opened the door, but we had a really nice chat about family history and left her with "A Savior is Born". And now, she'll only have nice things to say about Mormon missionaries! We ran off to Hazen after that, where we stopped by the Lee's with every intention of cranking out a Bro. Lee lesson...and ended up helping Sister Lee color for primary and scheduling an appointment for Thursday.

 We ate at the Wieland's after that, where we ate pizza (I've realized through my mission that I love Hawaiian pizza- the pineapple always scared me! Turns out, it's totally delish. But, in good ol' ND, your cut your pizzas in squares and not I can't even give you an accurate estimate on how much I ate. Probably lots) and chatted about the gospel. It was great! I just seriously adore those Wielands. They make my heart happy and my Wednesdays so blissful. I wish we could always just eat at their place, man oh man. We got a picture introduction of everyone in the family, coupled with the reminder that we are required to stop by and mingle on Christmas. So excited! We took a mildly awkward tripod picture (Bro. Wieland just laughed and laughed and laughed when I pulled that sucker outta my bag, haha) and life was good.
us and the Wielands    

We chatted with Wes Winmell after that, a less active member that we've been trying to contact for eons. He's living with his nonmember girlfriend, and he gave us the total scoop about her and the best way to contact her. It was such a crazy time- super cool all around! We headed back to our place after that, and were greeted by a glorious Christmas package from Lithia and Tim- 'twas glorious! There's a present for all the 12 days of Christmas, and it's been the best! I LOVE CHRISTMASSS!! It came a little before 12 days actually started, but we were strong and waited it out until yesterday! Yahoo for self control!

Thursday was a little blah, weekly planning and all. BUT, in the middle of planning (and right when I was about to give up and resign to an unplanned week), a random package showed up at our door and AHHHHH, Jeanelle send me KATE SPADE BANANA EARRINGS!! It was so beyond glorious, and my heart was so full of love and thanksgiving. Once I opened those perfect little earrings up, I pulled myself off the ground and threw off my blanket and finished planning. Sometimes, you need a randomly perfect package of beautiful earrings so you can endure the rest of weekly planning. I'm wearing them right now- I'm obsessed!!

Our Thursday was just magical after that- how could it not be with banana earrings to keep me company?! We taught Bro. Lee a killer lesson, invited the Cranes to the Christmas party, and dined with the Rice's. Oh man, such total love for the Rices. They're the greatest! We left their place with a full chicken pot pie (Sis. Rice made two just so we could have one to take home, such a dreamboat!) and homemade hot cocoa. Life is beautiful in Beulah!
pot pies with the Rices    
Sister Luker and the Rice girls looking adorable!!    

And, as per usual, we're running short on time. Nothing too crazy happened on the tailend of our week. We went to Dickinson on Friday (where we met our new district leader, Elder Wright, and had a killer meeting! It's going to be great!) and dined at the Rogers', good times all around. We tracted like pros Saturday and Sunday, and met a random less active member in Zap right before the Christmas party. Saturday was bonkers because nothing went quite as planned...but we were always exactly where we needed to be. The Christmas party was great! Sister Luker and I shoveled the walk (a true North Dakotan, calling sidewalks walks!) before the partay and are considering starting our own non-profit. Let us shovel your driveway and then we can teach you about Jesus! I'll keep you updated on how that goes, haha.

But anyway, great week all around! I can't believe we've got one more p-day until Christmas- December is flying by! I am so grateful to be in the service of my Savior this Christmas season. It's hard to be away from home, but I know I'm where I'm meant to be. Next time we chat, it'll be the 21st!!! YAHOOOOO!!! It's almost CHRISTMASSSS!!


Sister Robinson

that time we tracted for a spell in Stanton and it was adorable- we're going to make our way out there more often!    

my first Christmas package of the season! So much joy!!!     

Our cute tree post package    

and a huge catalog of all our snow adventures! The icicles were what really freaked me out- so long! It's quite the winter wonderland in Beulah! 

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