Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Oh man, what a great week! It's this weird in between fall and winter weather here, and everyone (and their mom) is winterizing- raking their leaves, making sure their camper doesn't have any water in it, and generally freaking out about how winter is coming. IT'S COMING. Everyone here has crazy conspiracies about how to tell if it's fixing to snow, what the weather will look like when things are about to go sour- all the natives have it down to a science. By the Wieland’s estimations, there should be a good snow before Halloween and then it'll start for real for real the week before Thanksgiving. So, that puts us with a storm either this week or next- AHHH! Hopefully this winter is a mild one, hopefully it just never snows. That'd be ideal, haha. I'll keep my homies posted, don't you worry. If it does snow, you'll be the first to know!

But anyway, it really has been a good week. On p-day, we were crazy productive- we emailed and got our tire fixed (it was flat- there was a screw in it! While we're hanging out in this parenthetical, getting your car fixed as a missionary is the craziest thing. We waltz into Goodyear and ask to get a time scheduled- and that our church has a contract with them. We come back, they fix our car during the scheduled time, and then they call our people to get payment information. It's mildly crazy, but hey- the perks of being a missionary!), did a little bit of winterizing ourselves by being some fancy gloves and socks, and did our laundry. Man oh man, I love a busy p-day! 

We went to dinner at the Cline's, where we experimented big time and made a chicken alfredo lasagna- it was crazy good! Highly recommended! It was such a party, oh man. After dinner, we decided to give Barb a try. Barb's son Scott was home for the week, and we were able to meet and chat with both of them. It was a really nice time! I just love that Barb of ours. She's doing well, just winterizing like a pro. We scheduled a time to go back and help her out with leaves, prayed with those two crazy cats, and headed back to home base. Such a nice day! 

On Tuesday, right in the middle of personal study, Scott Dittle (Barb's son from Monday night) called us up and thanked us for coming by! What the WHAT! He let us know that we really are making a difference in Barb's life, and it was just cray cray. He's in the Marines, and he let us know that if he ever need anything his phone is on...24/7. He took a dramatic pause just like that, too. So now, we've got ourselves a hit man, always a necessity while in the field. It's comforting in the weirdest of ways, ya know? It was a strangely nice way to kick off our Tuesday, for sure for sure. 

We, after recovering from that bizarre phone call and getting through our studies, did some crazy cool finding and met with Ashley. It was an amazing lesson- yahoo!- and we committed her to pray and build a relationship with God. It was only an hour this time, holla holla, and she said the closing prayer! We just taught by the spirit, and I often forget how amazing that is. We shared scriptures and set the expectation of baptism without being crazy loons about it- progression all around! I am so jazzed to see what happens with Ashley. I feel like she has been so prepared to hear the gospel and accept it into her life. Working with her is such bliss. She's just a dreamboat! 

Oh man, totes forgot to talk about something even crazier than the daily report- I got to drive on Tuesday AND Wednesday! YAHOOOO!! All my mission dreams that I didn't even realized existed are coming true! So, here's the dealio- Sis Finlinson had to go up to Bismarck Tuesday afternoon for this crazy meeting (invitation only, whateves), and I had to hold down the fort here in Beulah. The driver is assigned through the mission office, so we had to call up Monday and explain all this craziness to them, and they temporarily assigned me as the designated driver for Tuesday and Wednesday. SO, there you go. We're slowly getting to the drama that was my life alone in Beulah, but alas, we're not quite there yet. 

After Ashley's meeting, we did a quick Sister Stillson visit and headed over to the Moorhead's. We taught Luke about following the Prophet, and I feel like he is actually going to be ready to be baptized on November 21. I feel hopeful! Luke is just doing so great, and it's making Camren start doing what he knows he should be doing, which is so sweet. I just love those two boys, and I wish Becky would see the influence she has on them. Oh man, oh man. 

After Luke, we headed out to meet Sister Shaver and SISTER SHUTT at the freeway! I got to hang with my favorite MTC comp while our actual comps carpooled to Bismarck! I knew vague deets about it before getting there, but we parked and got out to meet them...and Sister Shutt and Sister Severe popped out! OH MAN! We were in a crazy trio of MTC buddies for 24 hours, and it was glorious. Sister Severe wasn't in our district or zone or anything, but we did meet each other for a sec in the mission home and she's the greatest. The car ride back to Beulah was the best eva, full of laughter and crazy stories from our areas and the joy of being reunited with the love of my MTC life. And also, driving. Driving is pretty sweet. I'm such a grown up!
my crazy trio!! 

So, we got back to Beulah, tried a couple people, and headed over to the Roundy's for dinner- such a delight! The Roundys are just my fave forevermore, and during dinner they said I remind them of ELDER WISEMAN. I know, I know, this name bears no meaning to all your wonderfuls, BUT Elder Wiseman is the Elder Smith of Beulah. The most beloved of all Elders to ever serve in this area and the ideal by which to measure all other missionaries. AND I REMIND THEM OF WISEMAN. Well, actually, Brother Roundy said, "We have been discussing it a lot, and we think you have potential to become the next Wiseman." I almost started sobbing right then and there- it was the best moment of my young life. I'm still dying about that. AHHHH MAN, I'VE GOT WISEMAN POTENTIAL!! AND, to really make a good night pure perfection, sassy Brother Roundy gave us a referral! What the WHAT! You know we're going to bounce on that name and make crazy things happen! 

But anyway, dinner was wonderful. The Roundy’s loved my lovely comps and they let us borrow a cot for the night- the Roundy’s are the real MVPs of the whole mish. It's just the truth! After dinner, we headed over to Dale and Don, and it was the craziest lesson. Dale was "investigating" the church but actually having missionaries over to hunt beavers and watch movies with them- yikes. They've got really weird expectations of missionary work and no real interest in actually learning from us...but if we ever need a break from the work, let them know! Yikes, yikes, yikes. I was pretty happy when our time was up and we could drive back to home base. During our drive, Pres. Thueson called and asked me to give a talk on the 25th! Yahoo! It should be a total party. 

Wednesday was so much fun! Being in a trio of greenies is just a party, I've learned. We took Beulah! We drove around town! I didn't flip the Jeep! It was just a magical day of being a missionary. We're the dream team, obvs. No stopping the newbie magic when three of us are involved! 

We started off the day with the morning routine and decided to go see Paul, who we tracted into last week. It was the coolest lesson! Paul is from India, and is living in North Dakota for a year t get work experience. He was raised Hindu, but he has a testimony of Jesus Christ and really wants to find a Christian church to go to. He told US that he wants to get baptized when the time is right, oh man. It was pretty amazing. He said the closing prayer, and it was just sweet. Good things are coming for Paul, and I am super jazzed to keep meeting with him! What a randomly amazing experience! 

We lunched (on leftovers and strawberry milkshakes!) before heading out to Halliday. We stopped by the Entzie's at Bro. Roundy's suggestion...but they live way out in the boonies and I wasn't 100% that we actually found their house...so we're going to try again when Sis Finlinson is the driver. I don't trust dirt roads, too much stress. I was like a solid 65% that we found their place (really not confident at all), but no one was even home. We'll try again soon enough. 

After that adventure, we continued on to Halliday and had a most productive meeting with Lauren. It was sweet! We shared Ether 12:27 and talked goals- and she wants to get sealed to Candon! YAHOOOO!! She, in typical Lauren fashion, was super honest with us and it was so good. I love when people are real and let us help them make crazy things happen. Good things are coming for Lauren, and I am so jazzed to be her missionary! It was SUCH A GOOD MEETING. 

We headed over to Faye after that, where we shared "I Will Not Fail Thee Nor Forsake Thee"- it was pure perfection. She totally loved it, of course, and was so excited to share it with Kevin. W went back over on Saturday to crack the marriage nut, and we're making headway! Yahoooo!! I'm still not 100% about Canada and marriage and all that crazy stuff- no real opinions there- but we can help her fill out paperwork and make things happen. That's what we're all about! So, Faye is doing great. I just love that lady, dontcha know! Sis Shutt and Sis Severe adored her, of course, and they both said that we need to get her baptized. Homies, tell me something I don't know. The good thing about Faye is that she really does want it and she really does know it's true. Ah, Faye. Whatta party.

After our beautiful Halliday lessons, we headed down to Richardton and met back up with our real life comps by the Abbey. Yup, nuns are a thing in North Dakota. I have a lot of questions, too. 
two Abbeys! 

We hugged it out and took a few more pictures to commemorate our crazy 24 hours together...and then it was over. It was perfect while it lasted, and we drove to the Axtell's for dinner with a tad bit of sadness in our hearts. What a beautiful butterfly day of Sister Robinson being the driver. But, it was nice to get back to the norm and be the official backer again (wah wah). BUT, Sister Finlinson did bring home two "Redeemer" CDs, and we're OBSESSED. President Hess approved this specific CD and hymns...and it's amazing! Go get it, make it a part of your lives, and think of your fave missionary. It's the greatest! 

Thursday was a crazy day! We started off with the morning routine and spend a good chunk of our day weekly planning (#ugh). I had some delicious Swedish Fish imported from the Perkins fam that kept me sane, but man, how I dislike weekly planning. We had a delightful lesson break for halftime, and Sis. Axtell came with us to visit a referral from Paul. It was so crazy- a trailer full of Filipino college students, living here for work experience like Paul. It was pretty incredible, because we were able to teach them the Restoration and they all took a Book of Mormon and wanted us to come back! Yahoo! Four new investigators! The spirit was so strong in that lesson, and Sis Axtell was able to help them understand in Tagalog- it was perfect! Their names are Kat, Eileen, Marie, and Gretcia, and they are such amazing people. It was kind of a crazy lesson, but Kat said the closing prayer and I am excited to see what happens! It's going to be so fun!

We headed back to home base after that lesson to finish up planning before heading to the Crane's. Hailee is just amazing- she sneakily got everyone out of the house because she's nervous about what her less active parents would say...and we found out that hasn't even told them yet- what a sticky situation! But, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she does really want to learn more...we've just gotta figure out how to make it work. Hailee really is incredible, and you can tell just by the way she looks at us that she wants to know. Man oh man, we just can't be sneaky about it. Honesty is crazy important, people!

Friday was great! We carpooled with Sister Whitley to Dickinson, had a perfect shopping trip, and went to district meeting. We talked about setting expectations and making it clear what your purpose is as a missionary (which felt especially applicable after our crazy Hailee lesson)- it was really great! After our meeting, Sister Whitley dropped us in Hebron and we took it on foot today! It was actually a lot of fun, and we tracted and street contacted as we walked to Gordy's. I'm still not sure how productive it is to teach Gordy, but Gabe and Issac are so excited to learn about Jesus...and I think Gordy understands more than he lets on. The lesson was fine, and Gordy committed to pray as a family. I think he's a long term project- one day he'll accept the gospel, but I'm not sure that it'll be anytime soon.

our sweet little district fam. 
We dined at the Billman’s- such a delight! Their house was built in 1907, and it is crazy adorable. It was fun to finally see their home and eat with them there. We had fancy cake with yummy frosting before they lovingly drove us back to Beulah, such a nice drive. Getting to know the Billman’s is proving to be greatest. What a wonderful fam! 

After the Billman’s dropped us at our place, we had just enough time to ditch our groceries and head over to Brother Wasem- OH MAN, OH MAN WHAT A PERFECT LESSSSSSON!! I was anxious all day that he would cancel, and we were still a little nervous driving to Hazen. We got there and met up with President Thueson (we took our Branch President to a lesson, how cute are we?), still feeling a little iffy as we knocked on the door....but alas, he answered and we had the greatest lesson ever! It was so amazing! We read Alma 36 together and talked about testimonies and how to pray in order to get a specific answer- Pres. Thueson is just a rock star. Brother Wasem is actually in real life progressing and searching- and we had crazy sister missionary-branch president unity, definitely taking that crazy cat to more lessons! The spirit was just unreal, and Bro. Wasem is SO CLOSE. AHHHHH!!

After that crazy lesson, Pres. Thueson treated us to some Dairy Queen and we all freaked out about that amazing experience together. It was the best! I obviously got a cherry dipped vanilla, the usual, and it was the perfect end to a great Friday!
Selfie at DQ with our favorite branch president! 

Saturday was great as well! I'll speed through the deets to conserve our precious last moments together. We helped Barb winterize after the morning routine and then headed out to Halliday, where we dropped off Book of Mormons at the Leaches and Thuesons (and shared gross grapes with the Thueson girls- Brynlee and Taylor would eat the inside and Nikelle took care of the skins, lol. Made me miss my crazy sisters!) before heading over to Faye. We just talked about marriage and taking care off business, and then we headed over to Hazen. We chatted with the Pippingers and scheduled a time to meet again (yahoo!) before going to the Lee's for dinner.
Winterizing with Barb    
US AND BARB AREN'T WE SO CUTE (alternative title: the time we taught Barb how to selfie)    
the adorable Thueson girls- eating their icky grapes and being the cutest    
me and an adorable Halliday bridge    

Oh man, the Lees! We had burgers and talked about prayer, and it actually went really well! Progress all around! Bro Lee instigated Family Home Evening and they've been praying together everyday- such Lee fam pride! Good things are coming! We left their house with a big box of homemade canned food, and it was just a nice day.

We ran the whole show on Sunday- Sis Finlinson gave a talk, we helped in Sharing Time, and we taught Relief Society! Feeling the branch love! It was crazy town, but we had a lot of fun. Nothing too crazy happened yesterday, just some tracting. 

Alright alright, here we are! I've had a great week of winterizing and becoming the Wiseman within, and I love you all so so much! Thank you for all the support and the mail! Same diff though, really. Missionary support=oodles of mail. Let's all keep that in mind, haha.


Sister Robinson

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